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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – 23 February

Mike Pougounas, singer of New Zero God, is the host of weekly radio show Blackout Radio.


The artists you read about on Tribe4mian are featured on The Blackout Radio.

The show goes on air as follows:
KOWS 107.3 FM [California-USA] – Tuesday 10PM-12 Midnight
Wicked Spins Radio [UK] -Thursdays 7PM – 9PM\
Fasching Web Radio [Quebec – Canada] 12 – 2PM

Every Friday morning the show is uploaded on MIXCLOUD.

To listen to February 23rd show click HERE.

Playlist of 23 February is:

01. Unknown Land – Pulse
02. The Vickers – She’s Lost
03. The Danse Society – Awesome
04. The Shallow Graves – Light Blinds
05. Αlso – The End of the Beginning
06. The Underrunners – Acid in the Candy Jar
07. New Zero God – Airport
08. Cabbage – Uber Capitalist Death Trade
09. A Deer A Horse – Backswimmer
10. Casket Girls – Walk The Water
11. HMLTD – Is This What You Wanted
12. The Moonlandingz – Sweet Saturn Mine
13. Divisionists – Say Can You
14. Politburo – Barrington Way
15. Yes – The Clap (Remastered)
16. The Wedding Present – Marblehead
17. Dividing Lines – Resignation
18. Cerulean Veins – Stoplove
19. Caprifischer – In Den Sternen Verschollen
20. Gothic Girls – Whore’s Song
21. I Can Crawl – Abandon
22. The Vets – World in Action
23. The Three Johns – Teenage Nightingales To Wax
24. World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos
25. The Cassandra Complex – Moscow Idaho

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Analogue Wave – Hope (24 March 2017)

Irish Electronic Duo Analogue Wave to Release New ‘Hope’ Single


Analogue Wave is an Irish-based electronic duo, mixing dub and electronica with breakbeats, vocals and synths. After a three-year hiatus, the band have returned to the underground scene with a brand new single ‘Hope’. This is a sonic call to arms in a world spinning wildly out of control, both politically and climatically, with no hope of a positive ending in sight. Imbuing and poignant, this track has a timely message.

Hope is a sonic reaction to both the political and climatic turmoil currently threatening modern life as we know it,” explains vocalist Del Chaney. “It was written under the shadow of the farcical US presidential elections and the current fallout from Brexit.”
Formed in 2012, Analogue Wave have been creating glitchy atmospherically charged musical output for almost five years, leaning heavily on influences such as Leftfield, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Dead Can Dance, Portishead, and those lovely late 80’s Manchester vibes.
The duo consists of Del Chaney (vocals/songwriting) & Andy Sneyd (songwriting/production). They have previously released two full studio albums, their debut release ‘N.l.G.w.V’ in 2013 and their full length sophomore release ‘Casimir’ in 2014. They have also had their music remixed by artists such as Ummagma, InViolet, Grim, Four Point Zero and Temperance, releasing an impressive remix collection‘Alterations’ in 2015.
in late 2013, The Guardian highlighted Analogue Wave as an emerging band to watch, underlining their mix of electronica, dub step, synths and breakbeats. Their debut album was album of the week on RTE 2FM, ranked at number 11 in Dan Hegarty’s ‘The Alternative’ (RTE 2FM) Top 50 alternative Irish albums of 2013, with the ‘Casimir’ album ranked at number 31 on the same list in 2014. They have played live at many of Ireland’s boutique music festivals, live radio studio sessions, some of the country’s best live venues, as well as many impressive underground raves.
The ‘Hope’ single is accompanied by two remixes. The first remix of ‘Hope’ was created by Tuath, an Irish experimental psych/kraut collective, who have twisted the single into a sprawling wave of atmospheric neurofunk, peppered with drum and bass/jungle algorithms.

In the second, celebrated Canadian-Ukrainian dreampop duo Ummagma offer up an invigorating drive-filled dance-inducing remix of ‘Mezkal’. The original version of this track was released on the band’s ‘n.l g.W.v.’ debut album. Opening with remarkable groove, great momentum, this remix stands out in its edgy vocals and tasteful layering, with the tension building and releasing nicely.

‘Hope’ will be officially released on March 24, 2017 digitally via Bandcamp at, followed by the full album release later in 2017.


1. Hope
2. Hope (Tuath Remix)
3. Mezkal (Ummagma Remix)

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The Clash Calling – Kyttaro Live Club – Friday 3 March 2017

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Engines stop running, the wheat is growin’ thin
A nuclear era, but I have no fear
‘Cause London is drowning, and I, I live by the river…

On Friday 3 March the music collective Antibodies is putting together a charity festival at Kyttaro Live Club in Athens, which will pay tribute to The Clash.

Guests are fifteen of the top bands and artists of the Greek scene that will perform in their own way material of The Clash showing their respect to a band that shed the light on a path, for generations that followed.

Bad Movies, Beggar Belief, Dead Dranks, Dirty Fuse, Dustbowl feat Alex K, Jet Black, Panx Romana feat MC Yinka, Tolis Fasois, Haris Αρνάκια & Stavros Εx, The Statycs, Tsiri Band feat Μike Pougounas, Xenofon Razis & Pirates City and Ζωρζ Πιλαλί και η Soufra Band.

The night will close with a video shot during the historic gig of Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, from Sporting Stadium in Athens (30 November 2001).

Doors open: 21:00

Ticket: 6 Euros


Antibodies is a collective of artists that join forces to help refugees and people in need against everyday fears.

Armed with love, humanity, and solidarity, the artists of the collective work as antibodies in the social network.

For more information:

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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – 16 February

Mike Pougounas, singer of New Zero God, is the host of weekly radio show Blackout Radio.


The artists you read about on Tribe4mian are featured on The Blackout Radio.

The show goes on air as follows:
KOWS 107.3 FM [California-USA] – Tuesday 10PM-12 Midnight
Wicked Spins Radio [UK] -Thursdays 7PM – 9PM

…from Thursday 23 February on, the show will also be aired through Fasching Web Radio [Quebec – Canada] 7PM – 9PM

Every Friday morning the show is uploaded on MIXCLOUD.

To listen to February 16th’s show click HERE.

Playlist of 16 February is:

  1. The Fog Ensemble – Things like that
  2. Male Gaze – Krav Maga
  3. Programm – Everything at Once
  4. Synthetic ID – Blind Spots
  5. Blonde Redhead – Sparkle Defeats Us Anthem (Van Rivers Remix)
  6. Katjia Von Kassel – In the Little Rooms (Show me Love)
  7. Mils – King in Love
  8. The Insight – Come On
  9. Devo – (I can’t get no) Satisfaction
  10. Rude Mechanicals – Woldgang
  11. Frank Zappa – Cocaine Decision
  12. New Zero God – Tarrot Card Reader (The Black Venus mix)
  13. Vermillion Fields – I Dread the Days
  14. New Model Army – Vanity
  15. The Last Cry – The Night That I saw You
  16. Luxury Stranger – When The Lady Takes The Blame
  17. The Society – Tears
  18. Eve Black – When The World Breaks
  19. Fahrenheit 451 – Strangers on the Train
  20. Iamtheshadow – Everything in this Nothingness
  21. Ding An Sich – Sleepwalker
  22. Bjork – All is full of love (Plaid mix)
  23. David Bowie – Killing a little Time
  24. Last Dusk – Devil’s Flower
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Various Artists – A Call to Instruments vol.I (Aza Records 2017)

Aza Records is a collective of musicians trying to promote their work and help others do the same.


The following is taken from the official site of the collective…

Dear friends, musicians, lyricists, poets,
entertainers & inspiration lovers.
This is a call to instruments.
This is Aza Records.
A collective of independent bands from your neighbourhood.

The story starts about seven years ago.

At the time, I was singing in cover bands while writing lyrics, in search of a band that would fulfil my artistic needs. My bass guitar was rusting away, in a corner in my room for more than eight years. It was then that I had the first talks with other musicians, friends of mine, to start a project completely new so we could express ourselves more.

We then started The Jesterdays, my first and most beloved band and Metronomic Head Move. We were so optimistic back then, ready to spend endless hours on rehearsing, recording and playing live. But it wasn’t just us. The whole city was moving in a frantic pace, it was like a revolution in my eyes, I haven’t seen anything like that in Thessaloniki since the mid-nineties. More and more bands popping up and making music without the support of record labels, with minor resources and even less promotion, we were fighting the crisis with music, lyrics and creativity.

We cannot close our eyes and pretend the crisis didn’t happen. The music scene in Thessaloniki lost many artists because of the crisis. A lot of people moved abroad, seeking a better future and many bands broke and shattered. But their members kept in touch. The ones left behind, were joining other bands or giving birth to new ones. They even managed to cooperate with musicians that left Greece, through the internet. I used to call that ‘’the Hydra effect’’, you take one head off and two swap and take its place. That’s what happened with Lazy Aftershow in 2012 right after Metronomic Head Move. Lazy Aftershow was something fresh, honest and borderless. An instrumental trio (guitar, drums & bass) working effectively on both composing and self-managing issues and earning very quickly the respect of the local scene.

Meanwhile The Jesterdays were working with other groups, adding friends and fellow musicians on stage and having guest musicians play in their recordings. Both The Jesterdays and Lazy Aftershow shared the stage with bands and artists as Big Sleep, Kappa, Solar Music Library, Lemonade on Stage, Ledge Fortcher, The Family Idiot, Day end, Minor Mine, st Atom Heart, Unshaped Ahead, One man Drop, Vygotsky Circle, The Next Saturdays, Mother Turtle, Sick boys Connection, The Rundays, New Zero God, Adolf plays the Jazz, Mani Deum and many more.

We opened our eyes to the simple fact that there were a lot of great musicians around us and it was to everyone’s best interest if we worked together instead of working on our own.

I was the happiest man ever and I was already talking individually to musicians about the idea of gathering all this music and framing it as one. With no musical borders but with the common goal of promoting and respecting each other.

What were initially whispers were turning into long talks and long talks turned into plans to set up a platform for all those bands to stick together and promote their music. We decided to add even more bands to form a library and a data base for the independent music scene. After performing together and supporting each other throughout the last hard years, the feelings of solidarity between bands were now a given. Without even realising, we had started to self-organise. Now it’s time to do it in a larger scale and involve even more people. We have had agreements and disagreements about many things but the simple fact is that together we are stronger and soon we will be able to support and add more bands to our collective. It’s up to us to promote our music and help others do the same.

Sincerely yours,
Aza the Lazy Jester

You can download for free the first compilation of Aza Records from HERE!

Don’t hesitate to spread the news, these files are made for sharing!

Important note :  “Aza Records doesn’t own the rights of the songs that take place in the artists section of our home site .We are only promoting artists and bands with no commercial use and profit from these activities.All rights belong to their respectful owners…”

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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – 9 February

Mike Pougounas, singer of New Zero God, is the host of weekly radio show Blackout Radio.


The show goes on air as follows:
KOWS 107.3 FM [California-USA] – Tuesday 10PM-12 Midnight
Radio Fréquence Bordeaux [France] -Wednesday 8PM-10PM
Wicked Spins Radio [UK] -Thursdays 7PM – 9PM

Every Friday morning the show is uploaded on MIXCLOUD.

Now, you can listen to last week’s show with new tracks by Trouble Fait, Death Party UK, Captain of the Lost Waves, Black Needle Noise, Ballad Of Geraldine, Silentport, Divisionists, Waterglass, The Underrunners, Calling All Astronauts , Someday, Mayflower Madame, Last July, Luxury Stranger and many more… HERE
Playlist as follows:

  1. Ballad Of Geraldine – What’s the deal
  2. Beyond the Nightmare – Blood Brothers
  3. The Knutz – Where the souls dance free
  4. The Meteors – This is Earwings in My Brain
  5. The Damned – Under My wheels
  6. Severance – Need You back
  7. Fantomes – I Wanna Be Your Dog
  8. Nosferatu – Somebody Put Something in my Drink
  9. Black Needle Noise – She stands on a Storm
  10. Cocteau Twins – My Love Paramour
  11. Waterglass – My Lover’s Eyes
  12. One Hour Before the Trip – Interstellar Neigborhood
  13. Someday – Last Lesson
  14. The Underrunners – Jump Today Not Tomorrow
  15. Mayflower Madame – Self Seer
  16. Calling All Astronauts – Divisive
  17. David Bowie – Lazarus
  18. Ward of Cause – Deconstruction
  19. Last July – Further From Reason
  20. Divisionists – Say Can You
  21. Asphalt Jungle – Planté Comme Un Privé
  22. Silentport – Walking Away
  23. Captain of the Lost Waves – Another Planet
  24. Death Party UK – Hellfire Rock’n’roll
  25. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
  26. Trouble Fait – Christiania
  27. Luxury Stranger – Grounded
  28. Opposition – Innocent
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Neville Staple – Return of Judge Roughneck (Cleopatra Records / Practical Records 17 February 2017)

Original Rude Boy Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three) Announces New Album
On February 17, legendary Specials and Fun Boy Three founding member Neville Staple will be releasing his new studio album ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ via Cleopatra Records. This double LP features brilliant new re-workings of classic Jamaican cuts, some brand new material, and a few gems from Neville’s past, along with a bonus dub album offering serious bass-bin shaking mixes.

Known as The Original Rudeboy, Neville Staple is a Jamaican-born British singer credited with changing the face of pop music not only once but twice. His 35-year career in the music business is well documented, from the early days with The Coventry Automatics, The Specials and Fun Boy Three to collaboration with Ranking Roger in The Special Beat and various other collaborations during his solo career from the 90s until the present day.

About his musical legacy, Neville Staple comments: “The way we brought it was mixing Jamaican music with the English style, which was actually punk at the time. Now most people are into ska, they listen to all the people that we talked about that they might not have listened to before… This has happened again and again with the different waves of ska. I am hearing lots more young bands now also putting their own spin on ska – some with dance music and some with a rock beat. It’s all good. The music just makes you want to dance. Even when singing about tough times, every-day things or bad things, the beat and the rhythm makes you want to move!”

In 2004, Neville formed The Neville Staple Band, releasing the critically acclaimed album ‘The Rude Boy Returns’, with contributions from Clash guitarist Mick Jones and Damned drummer Rat Scabies, with Flipron’s Joe Atkinson on organ. The group also featured former members of the British ska band Bad Manners.
Following on from the 2009 Specials reunion and Neville’s departure from the band in late 2012, he continues to be a forerunner of the ska movement. The Neville Staple Band continually thrilling audiences, touring relentlessly and playing many festivals, including a headline slot on the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury Festival.
As Staple continues his critically acclaimed solo career path, ska’s reigning Rude Boy will be releasing ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ this month. His previous album ‘Ska Crazy’ was released in May 2014, featuring guest vocals from his wife Christine ‘Sugary’ Staple and long time friend, DJ and artist Daddy Woody.
The new album involves members of the Neville Staple Band and guest musicians, including violinist Jessy Greene (The Jayhawks, Geraldine Fibbers), producer Ed Rome and Neville’s wife Christine ‘Sugary’ Staple, who co-produced the album with Neville and Tom Lowry (Planet Studios) with Mike Bennett providing additional mastering. ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ will be available on both CD and in a special limited edition 2LP vinyl package!
Here Neville Staple recreates his famous Judge Roughneck character, who first emerged as part of the ‘Stupid Marriage’ song from The Specials’ debut album on 2 Tone Records. Be prepared for a super ride through classic Jamaican early reggae tunes, ska stomping rhythms and new tracks, fitting perfectly with echoes of 2 Tone and Bluebeat mixed with Trojan music styles. In Part 2 of the album, a full set of bonus dub remixes, takes you on a journey with atmospheric vibes, toasting fun and twisted song versions.
The lead track ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ is a fun ska dance video filled with Judge Roughneck’s take on the world of politicians, bankers and bullies, along with dancing barristers and cocky jailbirds. Shot by Lee Cogswell and Daniel Thompson (production storyline & casting by Christine Sugary Staple, who also features here), the video is shot at various locations in the historic 2 Tone city of Coventry in the UK’s West Midlands. Ironically, the video was partially shot at the heritage building of the historic ‘Coventry County Court’ (now a restaurant called the Establishment), where Neville was once sentenced to borstal (a youth detention center), along with sites at Coventry University’s Moot Room, the local Council Chambers, St Mary’s Guildhall and the Belgrade Theatre.
Neville’s autobiography ‘The Original Rude Boy’ was published in the UK by Aurum Press in May 2009. This amazing story traces Neville’s interest in music in the early ‘60s to his relationship with Pete Waterman (record producer, songwriter, radio and club DJ, and television presenter) and his rise from hell into stardom.
The Neville Staple Band is playing shows all around the UK in late winter and spring in support of ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’, which will be available on Vinyl, CDiTunes and Bandcamp.
1. Return Of Judge Roughneck
2. Bangarang
3. Down My Street
4. Lunatics
5. Crime Don’t Pay
6. Gang Fever
7. Politician Man
8. Maga Dog
9. Run
10. Be Happy
11. Sweet Sensation
12. Enjoy Yourself (Ragtime Lounge Mix feat. Jessy Greene)
13. Maga Dub
14. Crime Dub
15. Roadblock (Slam Door Dub Mix by Ed Rome)
16. Dub Fever
17. Jah Baddis Dubplate
18. Dub Street
19. Bang Bang
20. Dub Crazy feat. Jessy Greene
21. Legal Dub
Feb 10 London, UK – Half Moon
Feb 11  Bedford, UK – Bedford Esquires
Feb 24 Plymouth, UK – The Hub
Feb 25 Coventry, UK – Rialto Reborn
Mar 03 Kilmarnock, UK – Bellfield Tavern
Mar 04 Middlesbrough, UK – The Longlands Club
Mar 24 Carlisle, UK – Old Firestation
Mar 25 Inverness, UK – The Ironworks
Apr 01 Looe, UK – Trelawne Manor Holiday Park
Apr 08 Swansea, UK – The Garage
Apr 22 Northampton, UK – The Roadmender w/ Don Letts
Apr 28 East Kilbride, UK – The Union
Apr 29 Skegness, UK – Skegness Scooter Rally
Jun 03 Hastings, UK – Seaside Treats Festival
Jul 08 Weston Super Mare, UK – Hazy Days Festival
Jul 15 Bridport, UK – Jurassic Fields Festival
Aug 05  Blackpool, UK – Rebellion Festival

Keep up with Neville Staple
Website | Facebook | BandcampTwitter | Soundcloud

Keep up with Cleopatra Records
Website | Facebook | BandcampSoundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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Black Needle Noise with Mimi Page – Swimming Through Dreams (17 February 2017)

Legendary producer John Fryer releases Black Needle Noise single with Mimi Page.


Legendary producer John Fryer, one of the most innovative sonic architects on the music scene, is releasing new music under his new project Black Needle Noise, dubbed “the spiritual successor to This Mortal Coil” by Cold War Night Life. Best known for his production work, he also branched out as a musician as one of only two constant members of This Mortal Coil (along with Ivo Watts-Russell), providing keyboards, strings and synthesizer sequencing for the band, and its offshoot, The Hope Blister.

In 1979, John Fryer started his career at London’s Blackwing Studios (London) and soon began working with seminal bands on the 4AD, Mute, Rough Trade and Beggars Banquet record labels, including Depeche Mode, The Wolfgang Press and Cocteau Twins. His achievement in helping develop the latter’s pioneering ethereal and ambient sound ultimately led Watts-Russell to recruit Fryer as his partner for This Mortal Coil.

He has produced many other groundbreaking artists, including Yaz (Yazoo), Nine Inch Nails, Clan of Xymox, Nitzer Ebb, Love and Rockets, Xmal Deutschland, Fields of the Nephilim, De/Vision and Stabbing Westward, Swans, HIM, Cradle of Filth, Jesus Jones, Swallow, M|A|R|R|S (A.R.Kane & Colourbox), and many others. More recent projects involve Dead Leaf Echo and The Foreign Resort.

Over the past two decades, John Fryer has also produced several film soundtracks, including Seven, Clerks, Johnny Mnemonic, Mortal Kombat, Faust and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. 

The latest Black Needle Noise single ‘Swimming Through Dreams’ features renowned ethereal vocalist Mimi Page, who recently co-wrote and contributed vocals and programming on four tracks from Delirium’s 15th studio album ‘Mythologie,  which debuted at #7 on Billboard’s Electronic charts. Based in Los Angeles, she is also a singer-songwriter and composer of cinematic dream worlds.

This is a hypnotic ethereal track with swirling echoed croons, layered over a bed of textured dreamy electronica.

John Fryer and Mimi met through the album listening party for Delirium last September. After learning that she is a huge This Mortal Coil fan, the two undertook to collaborate. “We wanted to capture a very atmospheric dreamy sound and I think we did that. It was a great pleasure working with her as with all the vocalists on Black Needle Noise.”

Black Needle Noise creates the virtual soundtrack to movies you haven’t dreamt of yet, presenting musical soundscapes, audio alchemy, and sonic sculptures with film noir blues overtones. Nobody should be surprised by the fact that this music brings to mind artists ranging from Cocteau Twins to Nine Inch Nails, all of whom he has produced.

“Black Needle Noise takes you to a whole new level of Shinier, Richer, Darker Noise PoP. This project will just keep growing and growing – there are no rules or boundaries for it. The music will be whatever it will be – whatever comes out of me. It can go in any direction it wants. As long as I keep going, it will keep going”, explains John Fryer.

The project has been low key since commencing last year. “I was going to release the first track ‘Bang Bang’ on my birthday (January 11), but that very morning it was announced Bowie had died, so it kind of knocked me sideways that day”.

Long-time fans of John Fryer’s musical output will be drawn to his trademark sound, and new listeners will love the layered richness, experimental tones, effects and melodies. Informed by decades of sound-crafting, the advent of Black Needle Noise marks Fryer’s continuous and ever-evolving move into the future.

Black Needle Noise is releasing singles one by one towards the next album. Other recent singles feature Jarboe from Swans, Canadian-born songwriter/ guitarist Jennie Vee (she also plays bass in Courtney Love’s band Hole), as well as Omniflux of Puscifer, Kendra Frost of Kite Base, Andrea Kerr of Colt, Elena Alice Fossi of Kirlian Camera, and Zialand, among others.

‘Swimming Through Dreams’ will be available via iTunes and various streaming platforms, and is already available on a pay-what-you-want basis via Black Needle Noise’s Bandcamp page.

Keep up with Black Needle Noise / John Fryer

Facebook BNN | Facebook John FryerBandcamp | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | iTunes

Keep up with Mimi Page

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Someday – This Doesn’t Exist (Seahorse Recordings 10 February 2017)

Someday to Release Debut Album ‘This Doesn’t Exist’ on Seahorse Recordings


Seahorse Recordings presents the new 10-track album from Someday, called ‘This Doesn’t Exist’. Now based in Turin (Torino), this trio is comprised of Daniele Bianco, Michele Fierro, and Fabio Digitali. The first single from this album is ‘Last Lesson’.

This is Someday’s debut album, entailing a search for balance and essentialness that may be appreciated by fans of early Tokyo Police Club and Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, Placebo, Born Ruffians, Hot Hot Heat, and The Stills. The band cite numerous influences, including early Sparklehorse, The Smiths, Joy Division, Placebo, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Paolo Conte and La Crus.

“Our song ‘Last Lesson’ was inspired by a true story happened some years ago, a very common and sad story. What happened made me think that, sometimes, when “something strange embraces you” and you think you are helpless, you just have to wait, nothing else… because maybe the solution is simple but you can’t just see it,” says Daniele Bianco. “”As usually happens with bands, the first album is a both a starting point and a goal… I hope it’s only the beginning because we have a lot of other stories to tell, and some of them are ready for the telling.”

“‘Last Lesson’ came about naturally, as it often happens when music works well… we play, we look in each other’s eyes and we know immediately that the song just works. It sounds sweet and disturbing… like the feelings we often feel,” explains Michele Fierro. “We are very happy because it is like we always wanted it to. Every song has its particular feeling and it sounds like we imagined. We can’t wait to play it live.”

Aptly titled ‘This Doesn’t Exist’, the lyrics from this album speak about what no longer exists, never existed and will never exist. Lead tracks ‘Last Lesson’ and ‘Clean Couch’ are about people or animals that have gone to a better place. ‘Little Choices’ cites that we have no more achievable choices. ‘Shelters and Picture’ note places that are no longer reachable. ‘Jokes’ explores imaginary lives built on a lie, while ‘Maurizio’ tells of lives that have lost something very important. ‘Forgotten’ reveals certainties that are nothing but obvious illusions.

Through this album, the band highlight the trivial occurrences of ordinary lives, with shifting musical trajectories between dark and post-rock (Forgotten, Waitings, Little Choices) to indie pop (Clean Couch, Shelters, Picture), as well as new wave and light psychedelia (Last Lesson, Gliding, Jokes). ‘This Doesn’t Exist’ is full of black and white atmospheres but celebrates the many shades of grey in between.

Someday was formed in Collegno, a city close to Torino (Piedmont, Italy) by two childhood friends – Daniel Bianco (guitar/vocals/lyrics) and Michele Fierro (bass). Initially rehearsing in Michele’s living room and Daniel’s cellar, they began making demo tapes, had several singles on Italian music compilations, and eventually released their debut EP “Flowers in the Cellar” and two singles ‘Divano Pulito’ and ‘Rifugi’ in 2016, produced by Luca “Vicio” Vicini of Subsonica. They were then joined by drummer Federico Segato to form a trio, who was subequently replaced by Fabio Digitali.

‘This Doesn’t Exist’ will be available digitally via key digital music platforms as of February 10 and is already available for pre-order on Someday’s Bandcamp. In late February, it will also be available on CD with distribution via Audioglobe.


1.Clean Couch 03:54
2. Forgotten 03:05
3. Last Lesson 03:40
4. Shelters 02:58
5. Waitings 03:39
6. Picture 04:10
7. Maurizio (Little Star) 02:53
8. Little Choices 04:59
9. Jokes 04:53
10. Gliding 04:11
Music by Daniele Bianco and Michele Fierro, lyrics by Daniele Bianco
Daniele Bianco: vocals, electric guitars, glockenspiel
Michele Fierro: bass
Federico Segato: drums

Additional guitars and synthesizer: Paolo Messere

Recorded and mixed at Eye & Ear Studio (Fiumedinisi, Messina) on July 17-31, 2016.
Produced and mixed by Paolo Messere, assisted by Giuseppe Barbera
Mastered by Paolo Messere
Cover artwork by Simone Valentino
Video directed by Nicolò Roccatello
Keep up with Someday

Facebook | Bandcamp | TwitterSoundcloud | Instagram | YouTube

Keep up with Seahorse Recordings

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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