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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – 9 February

Mike Pougounas, singer of New Zero God, is the host of weekly radio show Blackout Radio.


The show goes on air as follows:
KOWS 107.3 FM [California-USA] – Tuesday 10PM-12 Midnight
Radio Fréquence Bordeaux [France] -Wednesday 8PM-10PM
Wicked Spins Radio [UK] -Thursdays 7PM – 9PM

Every Friday morning the show is uploaded on MIXCLOUD.

Now, you can listen to last week’s show with new tracks by Trouble Fait, Death Party UK, Captain of the Lost Waves, Black Needle Noise, Ballad Of Geraldine, Silentport, Divisionists, Waterglass, The Underrunners, Calling All Astronauts , Someday, Mayflower Madame, Last July, Luxury Stranger and many more… HERE
Playlist as follows:

  1. Ballad Of Geraldine – What’s the deal
  2. Beyond the Nightmare – Blood Brothers
  3. The Knutz – Where the souls dance free
  4. The Meteors – This is Earwings in My Brain
  5. The Damned – Under My wheels
  6. Severance – Need You back
  7. Fantomes – I Wanna Be Your Dog
  8. Nosferatu – Somebody Put Something in my Drink
  9. Black Needle Noise – She stands on a Storm
  10. Cocteau Twins – My Love Paramour
  11. Waterglass – My Lover’s Eyes
  12. One Hour Before the Trip – Interstellar Neigborhood
  13. Someday – Last Lesson
  14. The Underrunners – Jump Today Not Tomorrow
  15. Mayflower Madame – Self Seer
  16. Calling All Astronauts – Divisive
  17. David Bowie – Lazarus
  18. Ward of Cause – Deconstruction
  19. Last July – Further From Reason
  20. Divisionists – Say Can You
  21. Asphalt Jungle – Planté Comme Un Privé
  22. Silentport – Walking Away
  23. Captain of the Lost Waves – Another Planet
  24. Death Party UK – Hellfire Rock’n’roll
  25. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
  26. Trouble Fait – Christiania
  27. Luxury Stranger – Grounded
  28. Opposition – Innocent
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