anarchistwood – The Nasty Album

02 Mar

The following is a message from English band anarchistwood regarding their new release, The Nasty Album.

Howdy out there in LaLa Land where everyone is a winner!

A quick missive to tell ye faith about our exciting news – the actual bona fide vinyl release of anarchistwood‘s long awaited The Nasty Album. It has been a supremely long time in the making, but you can now purchase a piece of history in the form of dead prehistoric sea creatures squeezed and pressurised and fashioned into a long playing record.


A little background, this album is number THREE in a series of EIGHT. So with the digital release of Sine On, Mr Lovely, that means we are now half way though this anarchistwood project. The two albums make up parts one and two of A Tale of Sex and Death, which some may say are regular motifs in their output. The main body of work was recorded at The Brook Wallington by master controller Andy Brook, who engineered, mixed and mastered both albums.We heartily recommend the services, and you can get excellent food whilst you wait. It has lots chamomile tea on hand for tempestuous moments too. Additional tampering on both albums was squeezed in by the ghost of Erreth Sondabeng at The Labiatory, Tyburn on his way past from jet skiing with Lord Lucan.

anarchistwood on these occasions comprised of Acid Panda on drums & percussion, Campo on bass & Vox, Candiflip Blackwood guitar, bass, percussion, keys, samples, frilly bits & vox, CJ on vox, Kris Caprini – drums, Dr M / Dave Gee on drums, David “the wasp” Kahl on guitar, Diane Goldie singer/songwriter of her own track “something’s rotten”, funkcutter – vox & twat on trumpet, Jenny Runacre vox, Johnny Deluxe vox, Pussy Deadleg on bass, Scarlet Carsen on Drums & Vox, Sexton Ming vox, Sobriety Twist operatic vox, Stanley Bad on fiddle, Tim Bowen on cello.

For those of you who have ordered The Nasty Album online you should also get a download. Please get in touch if this has not worked as there does seem to be a slight problem with the otherwise fabulous bandzoogle platform that we are using. Write back to me, funkcutter, at this address.


You will also note that The Nasty Album is being supplied to you with hand finished art covers which are being released in multiple series of 23. We are now onto the Carmenta Series aka C23, having sold out almost immediately of the random Test Pressings series – TP23. The artwork in question is from our very own freak-about-town punkvert mash-meister Candiflip Blackwood and a worthy contribution to this art and, in particular one centre, is from Evil Curt Nuttenshaver – our artist pal over the ocean in Grate Amurica. Dog Bless them All.

Psychedelic Felicitations,


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