Lionize – Nuclear Soul (The End Records, September 2017)

17 Nov

Lionize is a four piece hard rock band from Maryland that put out their fifth album in September 2017.

Their previous album “Jetpack Soundtrack” was produced by Jean-Paul Gaster, the drummer of Clutch and was released through Weathermaker Music, the record label that Clutch put together.

This is not the only connection to their fellow Maryland natives though.

The album opens with the charging Hammond Organ of Chris Brooks on “Darkest Timeline”, with the instrument adding a strong flavor to the personality of the band in general.

But the band is more than just a hard rock outfit.

They show their groovy side in tracks like “Election Year” and “Power Grid Blues”, they add a reggae comment with the “Mad Scientist of Sunshine”, they have the anthemic “Nuclear Soul” and the two great Blues tracks “Ain’t that a Shame” and “Let You Down”.

In the 11 tracks of “Nuclear Soul” there are lots of music styles, all of them making this album great and giving the listener some good time.


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Posted by on November 17, 2017 in Rock


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