Mosquito – Interlacing Eternity

03 Dec

(By Fondas Sumerson)

Back in 1998, German Goth Rock legends LOVE LIKE BLOOD released “Snakekiller“, after 3 monumental albums in a row.

With this record, they attempted to enter the realm of “Goth Metal” and present an album that would take goth Rock into the 90’s, adopting elements from the heavier sound that Paradise Lost & Tiamat had established through the years.

According to my opinion they were not quite successful in making an album that would be traditional goth rock in its conceprion and having a metal edge at the same time.

Twenty years later, MOSQUITO, a Greek goth band from Athens-Greece achieved exactly that!

Being in the scene for only 3 years, the newcomers caught the attention of Brazilian label Deepland Records which is proud to release their debut album “Interlacing Eternity“.

But let’s take it from the start… MOSQUITO’s sound is that of a traditional Rock band, without drum machines, electronic loops or any pre-recorded sounds. They use a bass guitar , 2 guitars, keyboards and real drums!

The highlight however, is Lupe‘s vocals.

He is one of the best vocalists in the Greek scene at the moment, with a deep imposing goth voice in the vein of Love Like Blood’s Yorck Eysel.

The great vocals are accompanied by a solid rythm section and an excellent pair of guitarists.

MOSQUITO choose not to follow the usual recipe of the typical Sisters of Mercy sound with an Eldrich-sounding singer.

Their music style is a mixture of old school German guitar oriented goth rock, heavily influenced from bands like Love Like Blood, Dronning Maud Land & Secret Discovery and the “Goth days” of Paradise Lost, Tiamat and Anathema.


The album includes songs that could become club hits like “indirect kiss” for instance, but most of their tracks do not follow a commercial dancefloor approach.

The band is not afraid to experiment…

This becomes obvious especially in the 3 last songs of the album (Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Interlacing Eternity) which are reminiscent of Like Blood’s and Dronning Maud Land’s Proggressive Goth Rock.

Concluding I feel the need to congratulate these youngsters for releasing an album like that in 2017, while the majority of musicians at their age are trying to sound modern and musically trendy!

This is just the beginning… Beware of MOSQUITO’s goth bite!

Buy “Interlacing Eternity” from the band HERE  
or from Deepland records


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