New Zero God – The Flowers of Romance tribute @ Ilion Plus

04 Dec


For the first time in 20 years, The Flowers Of Romance are back as New Zero God take the stage in tribute to one of the great underground bands whose songs have stood the mighty test of time.

There’ll be some twist-ups and shake-ups as the original songs of Mike Pougounas are brought to new life with Akis Nikolaidis, John Psimopoulos, Michalis Semertzoglou, and Babis Efthimiou working his magic behind the scenes.

Dark En Ciel main man Iraklis Anastasiadis (Tresspass, Atria, GAD) and the electronic duet Incirrina ( George Katsanos and Irene Tiniakou) will join New Zero God on stage for a number of tunes.

Official Web Site



Big Sleep Acoustic (aka Stefan Schwerdtfeger) will open at  9.30 PM.


Doors open at 21:00

Ticket 6€

Full details at the event page

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