Panophonic – Endlessly (Patetico Recordings 13 February 2018)

15 Feb

Seemingly blending Indie pop, Post Punk, Goth with Shoegaze elements, Philly Indie rocker Tom Lugo AKA Panophonic brings a profound wall of sound to his full length album “Endlessly”

Panophonic delivers an explosive and densely atmospheric wall of sound that defies the mundane sound that permeates in the current generic modern rock scene.

His latest sonically immersive experience comes to life as the playful and emotional new full length album Endlessly.

A longtime staple of Philadelphia’s indie rock scene, Tom Lugo’s dark, heartfelt yet edgy songs and productions are an intricate blend of indie pop songwriting, post punk aesthetics, shoegaze stylings, and gothic tendencies.

The lyrical content is dark and emotive.

He is also known in the underground circuit for the festivals, shows, tours, and constant work that he does to further the scene on the east coast of the US and abroad.

He is the owner of the independent record label Patetico Recordings, the mastermind behind the Popnoise Festival, as well as being involved in a variety of musical projects that include indie rock band Stellarscope, dream pop project MAYU, and more.

Endlessly was almost lost and not released when, after almost a year of recording, Lugo experienced a computer and back-up hard drive crash which left him with only one option; starting the entire process anew.

Never one to let circumstances get the better of him, Lugo rerecorded all of the songs and instrumentation and the end result is one of the best albums he has created.

Endlessly explores the blossoming of a new relationships and the lament of others lost along the way; the balance between darkness and light that lives inside of all of us.

Endlessly is about this new chapter in my life. When I thought that all that was left for me was loss and pain I found new inspiration and a reason to smile again” Lugo says.

Track list:
Naughty games
Summer is at an end
I can’t come home
What can I do? ftg Paul Baker of static Daydream
We have today
Sweetest thing
See you again
Fade away
Because of you

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