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The Soft Moon – Criminal – (Sacred Bones Records 2018)

The new Soft Moon album is titled Criminal and came out through Sacred Bones Records on February 2018.

Luis Vasquez founded The Soft Moon in Oakland, California, in 2009 and has released the albums The Soft Moon (2010), Zeros (2012), and Deeper (2015), before Criminal.

He takes things a step further by creating an industrial goth album in order to release all his repressed emotions and explore trauma and child abuse through a dystopic soundscape.

There are many Nine Inch Nails references which I like very much and I can trace Gary Numan elements in some songs but everything works fine.

He manages to catch your attention from the very first notes of the opener “Burn” and fills your veins with a dark and the cold feeling of loneliness.

On “Choke” he sings “Take your time/Crush me right / Take your time / Crush me right” while the rhythm puts together the atmosphere of a ritual. A human sacrifice is going to take place…

I can’t pick just one track to listen to on the album, Criminal…I have to listen to the whole album…

You give something when I give nothing” are the lyrics that open the slow-paced “Give Something“.

Vasquez is more… vocal on this album, compared to his previous ones…

You’re the cause of my problem” carries a feeling sharp like a razor on “Like a Father”, and when Vasquez sings “how can you love someone like me” on “The Pain” with its heavy goth bass and the repeated guitar riff, there is a tension that takes the song to another level.

It Kills” and the instrumental “ILL” follow in the same industrial sense before “Young”, one more track influenced by Trent Reznor’s band.

Born Into This”, with its up-tempo mechanical beat and the distorted riffs. will take us to “Criminal”, the track that closes the album.

A reverbed guitar opens “Criminal” and as Vasquez sings “It’s the way I cross the line/It’s the way I open / It’s the way to my decline / It’s the way I’m broken”, distorted sounds add the final dark touch to a great album.

I find “Criminal” to be the most mature album of The Soft Moon.

It might have the influences that I mentioned above but they all work very well and help the artist express himself in his studio in Berlin and make this album a whole.

You can order your copy HERE

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Spray – Anthologised by Cherry Red (Banoffeesound 11 May 2018)

British duo Spray gear up for new single ‘Anthologised by Cherry Red’

British synth band and self-styled indiepop chameleons Spray have announced their forthcoming single ‘Anthologised by Cherry Red’, which is slated for release on May 11.

Founded in 2001, Spray is comprised of Ricardo Autobahn(synthesizers) and Jenny McLaren? (vocals, guitars), both formerly of the Cuban Boys, who took their chaotic technopunk to number 1 on the Festive 50 (twice), recorded one of the best Peel Sessions ever and went head-to-head with Sir Cliff Richard in a Christmas Chart Battle (but ultimately lost). Their hit single ‘Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia’ (a.k.a. ‘The Hamster Dance Song’) sold a million copies, reached number 4 in the UK single charts, landed them on Top of the Pops and, in the words of John Peel, was “the most requested song I’ve had since ‘God Save The Queen’.

In a mathematically constructed list presented by, the Cuban Boys registered as the 30th most popular band in the history of the John Peel Show, ranking ahead of the Inspiral Carpets (31), The Cure (34), Nirvana and The Stone Roses (=tied at 35). BBC producer Mike Engles selected the Cuban Boys’ first Peel Session as one of his top 10 all-time favourites, alongside Nirvana, The Damned and Ivor Cutler.
‘Anthologised by Cherry Red’ came about after a chat Ricardo Autobahn had with a fellow musician. When asked what he was currently up to, he uttered the beautiful phrase “oh, I’m at that stage in my career where I’m being anthologised by Cherry Red”. A lot of Spray’s inspiration and ideas come from everyday comments and this went straight in the band notebook.
“The song is not a critique of Cherry Red as we’re actually big fans of the label. It’s more a straightforward story song about a fading rock band finding success in their twilight years,” says Jenny McLaren. “It’s also an observation about the state of the music industry. If the business is based on catalogue reissues, where are the catalogue reissues of the future going to come from?”
Spray’s music is influenced by Sparks, The Buggles, DEVO, Pet Shop Boys, the KLF, Chvrches, and The Big Moon.
“This is spiky, new-wave electronic pop with a sense of humour. But we take our sense of humour very seriously. We aim for big choruses and funny lyrics, disco beats and deafening synths,” says Ricardo Autobahn. “We try and write songs about things that aren’t normally written about in pop. There’s enough songs now about love and cars, we try and go beyond that”.
Following the demise of the Cuban Boys, Autubahn and McLaren formed Spray, turning their attentions toward synthpop and releasing their debut album ‘Living In Neon’ in 2002 on U.S. indie label Ninthwave Media. This was followed by ‘Children Of A Laser God’ in 2006, which included their smash cover of Lisa Lougheed’s ‘Run With Us’ (also ‘The Raccoons’ theme song).
Spray was the secret weapon behind the UK’s 2006 Final at Eurovision for Daz Sampson ‘Teenage Life’, having written and produced it, as well as singing the treated vocals for that track. Ricardo Autobahn and Daz Sampson would also collaborate on a dance version of ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ under the name Rikki and Daz, recording it with the legendary Glen Campbell himself and filming its expensive video in the Arizona desert. This track went top 10.
Spray also recorded a novelty track as the Barndance Boys called ‘Yippie I Oh’, which became a top 30 hit. Under the moniker The Attery Squash, Ricardo’s track ‘DEVO Was Right About Everything’ was remixed by Devo themselves. More recently, Spray recorded music with anarchic BBC star Hacker T. Dog.
Ricardo Autobahn writes music for TV and radio, which can be heard from BBC4 to ITV2 and from Australia to the USA. He also plays keyboards with Welsh punk pop legends Helen Love, also known for their collaboration with Joey Ramone. ?

Throughout all of this, the duo has continued to record their verbose off-kilter indie-disco synthpop. Later on this year, Spray will release their fifth studio album, whilst undertaking their first live shows. ‘Anthologised By Cherry Red’ is the first material to be released, reflecting the band’s archetypal sound – a celebration-of-all-things-pop tinged with cynicism, despair and the band’s ironic humour.??

Spray ‘Anthologised by Cherry Red’ will be released on May 11 across all the standard online music stores and streaming platforms.

Vocals, guitars and production by Jenny McLaren
Synthesizers and production by Ricardo Autobahn
Additional backing vocals by Phil Fletcher
Recorded at Spray Studio in Liverpool, England
Mixed by Morgan Lorentz
Keep up with Spray
Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | iTunes | SpotifyWikipedia

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…And We All Die – Modern Day Privateers (Remixes) 6 April 2018

Post-punk industrial rockers …And We All Die release ‘Modern Day Privateers (Remixes)’ 
Remix-based EP features Bauhaus’ Daniel Ash, Assemblage 23 and Dead Milkmen’s Rodney Anonymous

Post-punk industrial rockers …And We All Die announce the release of ‘Modern Day Privateers (Remixes)’, featuring 10 remixes of the band’s single ‘Modern Day Privateers’, a track that was originally released in 2016 on the band’s debut album ‘And We All Die’. Exclusively on Bandcamp, the band is also including three bonus remixes or ‘outtakes’.

This new release features contributions from Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail, Poptone), Assemblage 23, Rodney Anonymous (Dead Milkmen), Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra), Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith, The Gothsicles, The Rain Within, Gost, and Knifight.

Josh Bonati (Cult of Youth, Forus, Zola Jesus) mastered this full length, while Shawn Knight (Childbite, Superjoint Ritual) designed the artwork. The original tracks were recorded, engineered and produced by Jason Rufuss Sewell of One-Eyed Doll at Nebulost Ranch in Austin, Texas.

…And We All Die is a collective of musicians organized by Raymond Burton Estes. Based in San Antonio, Texas and formed in 2000 as a conduit for collaborating with a diverse group of friends and artists, the original idea was to fuse heavy music in the vein of the UK82 punk rock, hardcore, and industrial bands such as The Exploited, Integrity and Ministry with darker melodic post-punk music by the likes of The Cure, Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy. …And We All Die was also influenced by New Model Army and 108.

Estes and company continue to develop their sound by combining elements of punk, post-punk, hardcore, goth and industrial music into their sound. Incorporating rock and electronica into their sonic fabric, the band effectively creates post-punk songs with the intensity of hardcore and industrial music.

“This song is about any bogeyman or villain that we and society make up. Today, particularly, in Western societies significant portions of the populations have mistrust in public institutions and private corporations, so Modern Day Privateers may appeal to that sentiment. But really, this is not a protest song, it’s a song about bad guys doing bad things and the sense they’re untouchable and not going to stop,” says Raymond Burton Estes.

“We chose to celebrate this song with remixes by some of our favorite artists as it appeals to audiences across genres and means different things to each listener. Selfishly, we wanted a diverse set of remixers to interpret the song in their styles, as it inspires us to examine our sound and explore new approaches to song writing. As fans of electronic music and synthwave, in particular, this remix by Gost exemplifies the shared intensity and similarities between our post-punk and Gost’s synthwave sounds.”

‘Modern Day Privateers (Remixes)’ is available now digitally on the usual online stores and streaming platforms. The special extended version ‘Modern Day Privateers (Remixes) + Outtakes’ is available exclusively via Bandcamp

Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering NYC, New York
Raymond Burton Estes, Executive Producer

Music, lyrics, vocals and bass by Raymond Burton Estes
Guitar and drums by Jason Rufuss Sewell
Recorded, engineered and produced by Jason Rufuss Sewell at Nebulost Ranch in Austin, Texas
Guillermo Murillo and Eric Hueber – Consultants
Shawn Knight, Cover Artist
Darin Johnson, Consultant and Photographer
Fleurette Farley Estes, Photographer
1. Modern Day Privateers (Daniel Ash Remix II)
2. Modern Day Privateers (Assemblage 23 Remix)
3. Modern Day Privateers (Rodney Anonymous Remix)
4. Modern Day Privateers (Ben Weinman Remix)
5. Modern Day Privateers (Ego Likeness Remix)
6. Modern Day Privateers (Mindless Faith Remix)
7. Modern Day Privateers (The Gothsicles Remix)
8. Modern Day Privateers (The Rain Within Remix)
9. Modern Day Privateers (Gost Remix II)
10. Modern Day Privateers (Knifight Remix)
11. Modern Day Privateers (Gost Remix III)
12. Modern Day Privateers (Ben Weinman Remix II)
13. Modern Day Privateers (The Gothsicles Remix II)
Keep up with …And We All Die

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Amusement Parks On Fire – All The New Ends (Saint Marie Records, 13th April digital – 15th June CD, vinyl)

Tracklist: 1. All The New Ends 2. Temporal Rinse 3. Infernal Flame

Amusement  Parks On Fire came to prominence in 2004 with the release of the eponymous  debut  album, conceived and consummated by the then-adolescent founder Michael Feerick and  phonically  actualised on a shoestring with Nottingham cohabitant Daniel Knowles.

Issued on Geoff Barrow (of Portishead)’s Invada label, it was described by the New Musical Express as ‘hedonistic teenage genius‘ .

A live line-up was essentially preformed and extensively performed with the likes of Dinosaur Jr, M83 and dEUS among innumerable other acts of the era.

The unit then retreated to Sigur Rós’ private  swimming-pool sanctuary Sundlaugin in Álafoss, Iceland to complete the venturesome sophomore release ‘Out Of The Angeles’ , during which time they experimented with sleep, food and sunlight deprivation at the insistence of V2 Records.

After several years of international incidence the band crash-landed in Los Angeles in 2009 to make ‘Road Eyes’ with producers Michael Patterson (Beck,  NIN) and Nicolas Jodoin (Arcade  Fire,  BRMC).

Again inspired  by the locale, the collection was intended as ‘a skewed Californian contemporary-classical’, with Alternative Press defining it as ‘sun-drenched,  challenging and gratifying… a  near-perfect album’.

Last year, Amusement Parks On Fire returned with their first release in ‘8.8 years’.

The single Our Goal To Realise  saw the British art-rockers reappear with signature songwriting sophistication and sonic scope.

All The New Ends seeks to further cement their insignia whilst eschewing  genre-tropes and  preconceptions of  form.

Like the expansive concept-singles surrounding their second album ‘Out Of The Angeles’, the  medium-length  format  once-again  provides the  perfect platform to push perceptions and extend expectations.

w/ Misty Coast
13.04 PARIS (FR) – Supersonic
14.04 MAINZ (DE) – Schon Schön
15.04 DRESDEN (DE) – Beatpol
16.04 BERLIN (DE) – Privatclub
17.04 HAMBURG (DE) – Molotow
18.04 KÖLN (DE) – Blue Shell
19.04 GRONINGEN (NL) – Vera
20.04 UTRECHT (NL) – dB’s
21.04 LONDON (UK) – Victoria

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Philippe Petit & Friends – On Top (Aagoo Records 4 May 2018)

Philippe Petit & Friends announce ‘On Top’ LP via Aagoo Records, previews ‘Black Dog’

Philippe Petit is no stranger to the world of music – as co-founder of Strings Of Consciousness and with a large number of acclaimed releases to his name, Aagoo Records present the latest of his works.

‘On Top’ is the second album released as Philippe Petit & Friends, following up ‘Cordophony’. Ahead of the release, they are presenting the lead track ‘Black Dog’. This song features malleable vocals by Charlie Finke, ranging from David Sylvian-esque swooning to Peter Murphy’s cutting delivery and the raunchiness The Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell. With Philippe Petit on electronics, Rafaelle Rinaudocontributes electric harp and Hervé Vincenti handles guitars and percussion.

This album was originally intended to become the third part in a trilogy originated by Strings Of Consciousness, the SOC collective broke up but Philippe continued inviting his friends, musicians and singers to collaborate with him – namely, the ones he felt were “On Top”.

On the first track ‘The Hammer + The Compliant Man’, Philippe, Eugene S. Robinson and Hervé Vincenti give us a tense and at times tender narrative. This plays out like an old radio drama except it’s urgent and you feel somehow locked in.

‘On top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacàn’ comes last on the album, it lives up to it’s title. Known to be the holy city of Teotihuacan (‘the place where the gods were created’), this is close to Mexico City, built between the 1st and 7th centuries A.D. In this track, time seems to slow to a crawl, it feels like a ‘peak’ moment – all clear and beautiful, but like any peak, it gets uncomfortable at times. While not without its harsh moments, ultimately this is a gorgeous, intimate and emotive album.

Petit’s new album should appeal to fans of Machinefabriek, Eugene S. Robinson and Lydia Lunch, a long-time collaborator of Petit’s, who also appears on this album. He has also collaborated with a massive amount of renowned artists, including Jarboe (Swans), Cindytalk, Faust, Murcof, Audrey Chen, Yannick Barman, and PAS, as well as Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Graham Lewis (Wire), Barry Adamson, James Johnston (Gallon Drunk/Bad Seeds/Faust), and many others.

Philippe Petit is interested in soundtracks. Even if he creates original music, he’d rather be introduced as a “musical travel agent” than a composer. Since the early 2000s, he has been performing the world, playing festivals all over Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia & Asia.

“I like to move various glasses, pieces of wood, stones, or percussive objects, as well as taking advantage of vinyl material to fondle released sounds. I deal with electroacoustics because I rely on electricity/amplification to produce, manipulate and work on sound material, but I try my best to explore various genres and make sure that each of my album differs from the previous one, trying to avoid routine and surprising to my listeners,” explains Philippe Petit.

‘On Top’ will be released by Aagoo Records on May 4, but is already available for pre-order via Philippe Petit’s own Bandcamp.

01. The Hammer + The Compliant Man
Eugene S. Robinson – vocals | Hervé Vincenti – electric guitar | Philippe Petit – synths, fuzzed strings, percs, electronics
02. Interlude
Loesha – vocals | Rafaelle Rinaudo – electric harp | Karim Tobbi – acoustic guitar
Lydwine Vanderhulst – strings | Philippe Petit – turntables, cymbalom, electronics
03. BaKalTag
Maja Jantar – vocals | Rafaelle Rinaudo – electric harp
Andy Diagram – trumpet | Philippe Petit – synths, strings, distortions, electronics
04. U & I
Jad Fair – vocals | Philippe Petit – organ, guitar, electronics | Paul Milhaud – guitar
05. [[[_petit_lou_]]] : Interlude II
Lucina Lou – Theremin | Philippe Petit = percussion, guitar
06. Black Dog
Charlie Finke – vocals | Rafaelle Rinaudo – electric harp | Hervé Vincenti – guitars, percussion | Philippe Petit – electronics
07. Charleton Sight
Seth Herbert Faergolzia – vocals | Rafaelle Rinaudo – electric harp
Andy Diagram – trumpet | Philippe Petit – chains, synths, strings, percussion, electronics
08. F. T. C.
Lydia Lunch – vocals | Philippe Petit – cymbalom; electric psalterion, synths, electronics
09. On top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacàn
Heike Aumüller – vocals Bela Emerson: cello | Hervé Vincenti – guitar | Nicolas Dick – e-bowed guitar | Philippe Petit: electronics
Keep up with Philippe Petit
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | MySpace | Bandcamp | Spotify | iTunes
Keep up with Aagoo Records
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Order Link via Aagoo
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CUP – Jitter Visions (Aagoo Records 27 April 2018)

CUP previews ‘Cosmic Brain’ from ‘Jitter Visions’ album forthcoming via Aagoo Records 

Aagoo Records has announced the forthcoming album ‘Jitter Visions’ from New York City-based artist CUP, to be released on vinyl and digitally. The single ‘Cosmic Brain’ is being previewed ahead of this album.

Cup is Tym Wojcik, a Polish-American drummer living in Queens, NY and originally from Houston, TX. Only five months after the release of ‘Hiccup’, psych-punker Cup is back. With ‘Jitter Visions’, his eighth release, he takes you to a place that’s simultaneously new and familiar — in the way that you might feel you’ve been here before, but can’t be sure. A nagging and uneasy feeling. A record that is at times grinding and brash, at times smooth and melodic, like the ebb and flow of a fever dream.
Distorted, simple guitar riffs reminiscent of 80s punk, ‘Help’-era Oh Sees, Slaughterhouse-era Ty Segall, layered with dark synths, bright delayed vocals, and driving rhythms. Lyrics about menace that comes from without, from within, about looking around the world from your own personal head, about being a person with another person, with people everywhere doing things. About changing into the same person over and over again.
With every passing release, Wojcik’s sound becomes more distinct. Fuzz-soaked punk riffs that feel like they should be played faster, stretching and skewing into off-kilter melodies over driving dual rhythms. Songs about the fact of the body, the fact of existing, the challenge of conveying meaning. A background of anxiety throughout: a reflection of our odd world and oddly, incomprehensibly growing older in it.
“I had been messing around with some new tunes for a while, but this record really began when I got my first analog synthesizer and started making wild and odd noises with it. I sat on the couch with it on my lap and headphones on for two weeks and never found the end to the sounds it could make, and I still haven’t, half a year later. The synth made these songs odder, darker, more menacing in some cases, and in others it made them lighter, more airy, waggish. It made me happy, and it also made me angry. I think it made the songs into something new. I hope so,” says Tym Wojcik.
“Cosmic Brain’ is something a friend of mine named himself in a group chat we have, referencing the “cosmic brain” in that expanding brain meme. He’d say all these ridiculous statements to show his superior braininess, and he claimed to know everything about the universe. I thought the concept was interesting and at least moderately funny, so I wrote a song about a cosmic brain, something that both creates and destroys, that excites and depresses. An omniscient type of thing. But it isn’t God.”
Aagoo Records is home to vinyl releases by Xiu Xiu, Darto, Wand, Lucky Dragons, The Use with Rachel MasonPhilippe Petit and more. ‘Hiccup’ is now available on vinyl through Aagoo Records’ website and digitally via Bandcamp.

Cup will be releasing ‘Jitter Visions’ into the world on April 27. The band’s new lineup will be revealed at the release show, which will take place on April 30 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY.


1) Runny Rummy
2) Magic Planet
3) Daydream Machine
4) Eye See
5) Gum Boy
6) Freddie’s Bounce
7) Liquid Grid
8) Caffeinated Lover
9) Cosmic Brain
10) Jitter Visions
11) Inverted Void
12) Spell Limbo
13) Time Attack!
14) It’s Calling For You
15) Wide Eyed

Written, recorded, and mixed by Tym Wojcik, who is Cup. Mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork by Etienne Puaux. Melotron guitar on Eye See and It’s Calling For You by Etienne Puaux.
Animation created by Etienne Puaux. Available on LP & Digital, released by Aagoo Records on April 27, 2018.


Mar. 23  New York – Berlin NYC with ORB (Australia) and Altar Boys
Apr. 30   New York – Record Release show at Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn) with Darkwing, ESSi and Sic Tic

Keep up with CUP 

Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Keep up with Aagoo Records
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Order Link via Aagoo

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Blackout Radio exclusive Interview with author and Bauhaus co-founder Kevin Haskins

The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas goes on air as follows:

The show is aired as follows:
Mad Wasp Radio [UK] – Saturday 8AM – Sunday 11PM – Tuesday 9AM
Wicked Spins Radio [UK]-Thursdays 7PM – 9PM
KOWS 92,5FM [CA-USA]- Tuesday 10PM-12 Midnight
Fasching Web Radio [CANADA]- Wednesdays from 5 – 7PM


01 Soft Science – Undone
02. The Lost End – Self Control
03. Squeeze – Innocence In Paradise
04. The Fall – Brillo De Facto
05. Serpent Power – Golden Dawn
06. Ministry – Public Image
07. SPC ECO – Incomplete
08. Bauhaus – god in an alcove (flexi version)
09. Siouxsie & the Banshees – Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)
10. Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
11. Love & Rockets – So Alive
12. Love & Rockets – Mirror People ’88
13. Tones On Tail – Lions
14. Bauhaus – Passion of Lovers
15. Bauhaus – In the Flat Field
16. Schubert – Trio in E Flat, Op. 100 (Excerpt)
17. Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
18. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
19. Love & Rockets – Sweet Lover Hangover
20. Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye 2
21. Love & Rockets – Ball Of Confusion
22. Bauhaus – Dark Entries (Live At Coachella)
23. New Zero God – Shadow Of Wealth
24. Seatemples – The Burning World
25. Savage Cut with Leyla Josephine – Andy From Finance
26. Dsease – Selfist Darky Tender
27. Permanent Clear Light – One in Five