Twilight of the Mortals / Killing Joke Photo Book

19 Apr

Twilight of the Mortals is the new publication from PC-Press. The book is a collection of the incredible work of photographer, confidant, and former post-punk DJ Mont Sherar and the result of his 36-years of love for the band; Killing Joke.

This book documents the period since the original line up of the modern day band after reuniting in 2008 after the untimely death of bassist Paul Raven who had originally replaced Martin Glover (Youth) initially in mid-1982.

This new era until most recent times is presented in a beautifully printed and designed book that comes in both soft and hardback formats, plus a special ltd. edition ‘Analogue’ Deluxe COLLECTORS Vinyl package.

The latter features two 7″ singles on coloured vinyl in a gatefold sleeve designed by none other than legendary, Steven R. Gilmore.

Each member represented by one track each.

These records are classic rarities at pressing, and a collectors dream — limited to 350 copies worldwide.

The book presents 200 plus photos of both the group and it’s individuals, all taken and processed by Sherar from his unique position as a ‘fly on the wall’ photographer with the band over a 7 year period – including the songwriting process of the album, ‘Pylon.’

Printed by Calverts of London on art papers and designed by PC-Press in association with Cactus Design, the book is a riot of colour, energy and intimate images of the band in many different and previously unseen settings.

This one-of-a-kind publication/pressing is for any fan of Killing Joke and its band members as individuals, or avid rare record collector.

Please enjoy with headphones or a decent pair of speakers. 🙂

Here is the new official video that now reflects the updated front and back covers at the summary near the end, posters, Giclee fine-art prints, vinyl 7″ singles, and badges that come with their respective packages.

Note: All 3 versions of the book (Softback First Edition, Hardback Plus First Edition, and Deluxe Collectors Ltd. Edition) come with all 6 badges as reflected in the video.

The Hardback Plus First Edition provides the hardback cover, the badges, plus an additional poster which is the collage of all four band members shown in the top right of the video (A2).

The Deluxe Collectors Ltd. Edition provides all of the above, plus an additional ‘Glicee’ fine art print (A3) that will be randomly selected from a total of several different beautiful images.

This will make each fine art print received per package that much more unique.

Several supporters have participated in helping choose which images these will be – thanks to all for that.

This ‘Giclee’ and its possible variations are reflected in the video via the second print below the poster.

And of course the highlight of it all – the Steven R. Gilmore-designed double 7″ vinyl singles package featuring a contribution from each Jaz, Geordie, Youth, and Big Paul.

You can hear these fantastic tracks by watching the entire full-length version of this video.

Additionally, this version comes encased in a cloth bound box and limited to 350 copies worldwide.

Publisher: PC-Press

Available HERE

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