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The Room in The Wood – The Room in The Wood (A Turntable Friend Records 22 June 2018)

The Room in the Wood announce self-titled debut LP, preview ‘Magical Thinking’

On the trail of their ‘Magical Thinking’ EP, Liverpool-based The Room in the Wood have announced they will release their debut LP in late June via A Turntable Friend Records.. While this album will be released on vinyl as an 11-track offering, the CD and digital versions will include ‘Vermillion Sands’ as a bonus track.

This album was recorded with Steve Powell (Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band) at his Liverpool Arc studio and features contributions by drummers Colin George Lamont (Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan) and Jake Woodward (Peter Perrett).

This is the first time band members Paul Cavanagh and Dave Jackson have worked together since their post-punk band The Room split back in 1985. Reunited under the moniker The Room in the Wood, this past year has seen them write over 30 new songs. Together with collaborator and ace drummer Colin George Lamont, they developed and honed these ideas down to the tracks they are now presenting.

This new material has been an exciting voyage of musical exploration in a new fruitful and prolific tandem. Jackson’s lyrical storytelling combines with Cavanagh’s exquisite guitar-stylings, making for a fine blend of post-punk pop, gritty blues-folk, and velvety ballads, variously influenced by Russian fairy tales, Francis Bacon, dead oceans, swimming pool bridges and unanswered prayers. This is eerie space-folk meets bluesy-glam-punk – an eclectic mix of styles, prioritising melodic storytelling and lots of strum and twang.

The video for the lead track ‘Magical Thinking’ was fully shot in Liverpool, underlining its occult underbelly and the magic possible through one’s thoughts and intentions.

“Magical Thinking is a bit of a tongue in cheek rant about the weird stuff people believe in to get them through their days. Though the lyrics might come from a ‘spiritually unaffiliated’ standpoint, I wonder where we would all be without our collective storytelling abilities, dream logic, mass hallucinations and dogged determination to make 2 plus 2 add up to 5,” says Dave Jackson. 


Dave Jackson has been writting and recording since his teens as part of The Room, 051, Benny Profane, Dust, Dead Cowboys, as Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers, and under his own name with former Shack guitarist John Head. He has recorded and released 10 albums with these various incarnations and notched up seven John Peel sessions with The Room and Benny Profane in the 80s, in addition to appearing on the Whistle Test, Janice Long and Saturday Live.
Jackson has also toured extensively in the UK, Europe and the USA with bands such as The Fall, The Violent Femmes, Aztec Camera, The Lemonheads and The Wedding Present. He currently teaches creative writing at Liverpool John Moores University, having developed his novel ‘Violet City’ as a low-budget fantasy feature film.
Guitarist Paul Cavanagh has played with Chinese Religion, The Balcony, Ludus, The Room, Top, It’s Immaterial, Gloss and Moongoose. He has performed as a solo instrumentalist as Cabin in the Woods and as one of Mike Badger’s Shady Trio. He worked with The Room drummer Alan Wills at Deltasonic Records with The Coraland The Zutons. Paul has also recorded four John Peel sessions and released albums with The Room, Top, It’s Immaterial, Moongoose, as well as critically acclaimed singles with Gloss.
A Turntable Friend Records is an independent record label of the past (1990-1999) and the future (2017-x), currently in its second life. Based in Germany with distribution through SRD (Southern Record Distributors) and Rough Trade, their mission is to keep vinyl alive while casting light on sonic gems of yesteryear and today. 1990s peers of Sarah Records and Slumberland Records, ATF Records always had their own musical identity, with a roster as diverse as Secret Shine, Boyracer (with Even As We Speak), The Claim, The Ropers, the Hellfire Sermons and Lorelei. The most recent releases come from Bradford, Easy and Dose.
The Room in The Wood’s debut album will be available digitally and on Spotify as of June 22. It can already be pre-ordered via the label’s Bandcamp. The ‘Magical Thinking’ EP is out now and can be found across various web stores and streaming platforms.  

On Thursday, May 31 (from 7:30 to 11pm), The Room in the Wood (Paul Cavanagh & Dave Jackson) will offer a live performance of their debut album. They will be joined that night by Campbell L Sangster and guests. 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool
1.    Greedy Stars
2.    Magical Thinking
3.    Raven Girl
4.    False Friend
5.    Grey Wolf Lullaby
6.    Sensation
7.    Sky Pool
8.    Snowblind
9.    Vermillion Sands
10.  Time Machine
11.   Nothing is Real
12.   Snakeways


Paul Cavanagh – guitars & bass
Dave Jackson – vocals
Colin George Lamont – drums & percussion ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12)
Jake Woodward – drums (7)
Andy Wilson – keyboards (1,6,8,10,12)
Alistair Ligertwood – cello (5)
Natalie James & Mary McCombs – backing vocals (1,7,8)
Steve Powell – engineer, co-producer
Recorded at Ark Recording Studios, 3 Birchall Street, Liverpool, L20 8PD   (2017/18)
All songs written by Paul Cavanagh / Dave Jackson
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A Shoreline Dream – Waitout (Latenight Weeknight Records 6 July 2018)

Colorado gaze-rockers A Shoreline Dream announce ‘Waitout’ EP, preview first single

Progressive shoegazers A Shoreline Dream have reunited with the band’s original drummer Gabriel Ratliff to release their new ‘Waitout’ EP via Latenight Weeknight Records, which includes two brand new songs alongside new re-masters of three of their favorite tracks from the past.

While Ryan Policky (vocals, guitar, keys, bass) and Erik Jeffries(guitar) had been releasing one single at a time over the past three years (with a vinyl-only album being the end goal), the duo found themselves breaking out of this mold in early 2018 to reconnect with Gabe. Upon discovering a sonic continuation of their original vibe together in a brand new studio environment, two new tracks have erupted.

Titled ‘Waitout’ and ‘In the Ready Sound’, these songs will be available on the new digital EP, alongside re-masters of some of their most treasured tracks, including ‘New York’, ‘Barnum’ and ‘Projections’, one of the first tracks they wrote together back in 2005.

“The lead single ‘Waitout’ is a reflection of the current state of world affairs, focusing on the need to break away from the stagnation and creating change in our lives,” explains Ryan Policky. “It may be one of the biggest fears of those living in the world today but we do in fact need change, and the song is a rallying cry to remind us all to make it happen”.

With only a few more songs to go to complete their first and only vinyl release, this new EP from A Shoreline Dream not only celebrates the sound that started their “sound at the bottom of a well” music journey, but it also gives fans a taste of the newly re-formed and epic sound swirling through the cosmos.

The ‘Waitout’ EP will be available through the regular online stores and streaming platforms as of July 6, 2018. Previous A Shoreline Dream releases can be found via the band’s Bandcamp.

Ryan Policky – Vocals, Guitar, Keys,
Bass Erik Jeffries – Guitar
Gabriel Ratliff – Drums

01 Waitout
02 In The Ready Sound
03 Barnum
04 New York
05 Projections

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Jon Magnusson’s new EP “Acoustic Dreams” to be released June 1st

Three months after the successful release of “Always a Rebel EP”, Jon Magnusson returns with a new creation.

This time he has peeled of the electronic guitars, drums and all other electronic instruments. Instead he uses a fingerpicked acoustic guitar as the main attraction, supported by some orchestral arrangement, making this EP a step back to Jon’s folk roots and an illustration of his ambition to always try out different artistic expressions.

The EP consists of five songs, two originals and three covers of songs from such different genres as punk, power metal and synth pop.

All three covers has been chosen for having a special location in the artist’s heart and has been tenderly molded in the unique style of Jon Magnusson’s fine fingerpicking and soulful voice.

The EP will at first be exclusively released as digital download in Jon Magnusson’s own website store and later on 2018 to be released on the major streaming services.

To get your digital copy of “Acoustic Dreams EP” or for any other inquiries, please get in touch directly with Jon Magnusson via e-mail

Jon is currently available for interview about any of his favorite topics, from his own music through to the future of the independent music business and community building for artists.

To find out more:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud | Twitter | YouTube

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Lunar Module – Light Years (February 18, 2018)

Lunar Module is the project of Ant Banister (Sounds Like Winter) and Alberto Martinez (Neuropa).

Ant and Alberto have been writing 80’s flavoured SynthPop together on and off for many years, they target their sound very strictly around the New Wave period, the years 79-83, using the authentic instruments and sounds of the time.

Recent events have meant that the two of them are now living in the same city again, and back writing and performing full-time.

Lunar Module have just released a 15 track retrospective album on Bandcamp with old and new tracks and are working on a whole new album due early 2019.

Lunar Module will be touring in central Europe during October with the band Fabels.

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Soft Science – Maps (Test Pattern Records 1 June 2018)

California’s Soft Science resonates dreamy positivity on new ‘Maps’ album

Dream-gaze syndicate Soft Science have announced their new ‘Maps’ album, slated for release on June 1 via Test Pattern Records. These 10 tracks establish the band among California’s leading dream pop artists.
This follows up their double A-side singles ‘Sooner/ Paris’ (including a wistful-blue cover of Northern Picture Library’s (NPL) ‘Paris’ as the B-side) and ‘Undone / I Don’t Know Why I Love You’, which saw the band flirt with sounds closer to My Bloody Valentine and The Primitives.

“The lyrics on ‘Maps’ are reflective of the process of time passing, relationships breaking apart, and coming together. Overall, there is an element of the idea of appreciating the time we have with the ones we love. The lyrics on ‘Maps’ are, at times, a stream of consciousness of everyday life and, at times, are more abstract but always with an undercurrent of processing life,” says Katie Haley.

Hailing from the Sacramento Valley, Soft Science fuses melody, sound and texture of 60s pop and 90s shoegaze like molecular gastronomists blend physics and chemistry to transform food. Together this 5-piece band have managed to create their own sweet blend of modern pop music with a sonic edge.

The band’s members are influenced by such bands ranging from the Zombies and Beach Boys to Lush, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Pale Saints, New Order, and Jesus and Mary Chain, along with newer artists such as Beach House and Frankie Rose.

Soft Science rose from the ashes of indie pop band California Oranges prior to releasing their last album in 2008.  Soft Science was a natural transition for Katie Haley (Holiday Flyer) and twin brothers Ross and Matt Levine, who had essentially contributed to each other’s music projects on an off for over a decade.  With Katie Haley on vocals, Matt Levine on guitar, and Ross Levine on drums and back vocals, Soft Science were soon joined by bass player Mason DeMusey to create unique dream pop music, inspired by 90s shoegaze and 60s brit pop.  The band then solidified their sound with the addition of Tony Cale (English Singles) on drums and Ross moving to keyboards.In 2011, Soft Science debuted with their ‘High and Lows’ LP, with Pop Matters noting the band’s “potential to become one of the great Left Coast power pop bands.” In 2013, the band released the ‘Detour’ LP, which received notable critical reviews and was ranked #2 among Jack Rabid’s Top 40 in issue 74 of The Big Takeover Magazine.

Soft Science has played live with the likes of The Chills, Literature and Dead Leaf Echo, and has released a split 7” with The Luxembourg Signal, featuring Soft Science’s well-received track ‘Breaking’.

For this album, Soft Science received a helping hand from longtime friend and engineer Eric Stenmen (AWOLNATION, Tokyo Police Club) with mastering at Malibu’s Black Bear 11 Studio and mixing of ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’ at Redbull Studios in Los Angeles.

The ‘Maps’ album will appear on online stores and streaming platforms on June 1, but is already available for pre-order via the label’s own Bandcamp, where the band’s previous two singles are already available.

1. Undone
2. Breaking
3. Diverging
4. There
5. Apart
6. Sooner
7. Know
8. Still
9. Enough
10. Slip

All songs written by Soft Science: Ross Levine, Katie Haley, Matt Levine, Tony Cale, and Mason DeMusey
Recorded at Prairie Sun in Cotati, California
Engineed by Matt Wright
Additional engineering and mixing by Tony Cale
Produced by Ross Levine and Tony Cale
Electronic sounds, ambience and textures by Hans Munz (Angelzero, IIIformants) analog synth / electronic overdubs
Mastered by Eric Stenman at Black Bear 11 – Malibu, CA

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Nicholas Merz – The Limits of Men (Aagoo Records 1 June 2018)

Darto frontman Nicholas Merz announces debut solo album, previews ‘Bulled Rose’ single 

Aagoo Records has announced the forthcoming debut solo album from Seattle-based song crafter Nicholas Merz.  Entitled ‘The Limits of Men’, this nine-track offering is previewed by the invigorating powerhouse first single ‘Bulled Rose’, a track that is about being born into the labor force, family and power dynamics.

After releasing six albums with the Seattle indie rock explorers Darto, Merz has finally made his first solo album. This entails a collection of work is based on ideas he’s been thinking about since his teens.

The nine tracks on offer cover a broad spectrum ranging from upbeat alternative with true similarities to Darto, Nick Cave and Iggy Pop to singer-songwriter elements and even a few selection for an imaginary spaghetti western soundtrack.

“This record has been swimming in my mind since my teen years. My mother and father were in country bands, and as much as I tried to run away from it when I was younger because it symbolized all the bigoted, sexist rednecks that I grew up with, I eventually secretly embraced it by my teen years,” explains Nicholas Merz.

“I wouldn’t call this a country record, as much as a record resulting from that dynamic with country music. The record is a social critique on straight white men, masculinity and all the cultural expectations that come with being raised as such. I quit my job to write and record it, so I just hear a really poor and vulnerable person approaching 30 trying their best to disarm masculinity at 3am. I feel like it has a dreamy night time quality because it was recorded at odd hours.”

Rather than anyone else’s music, Merz says he was more influenced by his sisters Candace and Leanna Harter, his mother and writers like Flannery O’Conner and Raymond Carver.

By day Nicholas repairs, and builds instruments out of Seattle Washington. Between that and touring and writing with Darto, Merz has managed to write and record this album between December 2016 and February 2017 in his home studio.

Its offerings feature Darto bandmates Candace Harter, Gordon De Los Santos and Gregory Flores, his father Michael Blackbird, as well as friends Hiroshi Matsubara and Jeffery White. It was mixed by Cory Hanson and mastered by JJ Golden.

‘The Limits of Men’ will be available on vinyl and also online through music stores and streaming platforms on Friday, June 1 in the USA and on Friday, July 6 in the EU with both versions being released via Aagoo Records. It can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

1  Generation
2  Fashion
3  Man Without Woman
4  Bulled Rose
5  The Empress Of The Garden
6  Neon Figures
7  Domestic Dispute
8  Down Range
9  The Great American Tail


June 21   Portland – Turn Turn Turn
June 22   San Jose – Local Color
June 23   Oakland – 1234go
June 24   Los Angeles – Love Song Bar
June 25   Phoenix – Valley Bar
June 26   Tucson –  The Owls Club
June 27   Las Vegas – The Griffin
June 28   Salt Lake City – Diabolical Records
June 29   Boise – Neurolux
June 30   Missoula – Freecycles
July 1      Seattle – Royal Room

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Klammer – Modern God (Under Dogz Records 11 May 2018)

British post-punk dark pop outfit Klammer release ‘Modern God’ single

Leeds-based post-punk quartet Klammer present their new single ‘Modern God’, the first juicy taste of their new album ‘You Have Been Processed’, slated for release via Under Dogz Records later this summer.

Formed by UK Producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Terrorvision, Jane Weaver) in 2014, drawing from the members’ shared love for all things angular, dark, loud and melodic. They’ve gone on to release two albums via Under Dogz Records.

Previously described as the love child of XTC and Gang Of Four, Klammer offer an enticing twist on the post-punk attitude, blending in elements of goth rock, punk rock and dark wave, all with dark pop sensibilities. Here you’ll find plenty of hooks and a dark and edgy broodiness coursing through their sound.

‘You Have Been Processed’ will be the band’s third album, following up ‘Auslane’ and ‘Klammer’ and their debut 7” single ‘Everything Depends Upon The King’. Championed by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music, Klammer’s music continues to excite with their dark themes allied to catchy riffs and anthemic choruses.

Klammer have been consolidating their position as one of the country’s finest live post-punk acts, having played up and down the country consistently, both as a headline act and in support of other notable artists, including The Skids, The Undertones, Richie Ramone, Penetration and The Membranes, as well as Rebellion and The Great British Alternative festivals.

‘Modern God’ is available across online stores and streaming platforms as of May 11, as well as from Klammer’s own website and Bandcamp. The forthcoming album ‘You Have Been Processed’ will be available on vinyl as well as CD.

Poss – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Steve Whitfield – Guitar/Vocals
Bruno Almeida – Drums
Mike Addy – Bass
Composed by Steve Whitfield & Paul ‘Poss’ Strickland
Video by Steve Dutton. 2nd Camera by Josh Tully

MAY 25  Rotherham – The Cutlers Arms
JUN 16  Barnsley – Live in Barnsley
JUN 16  Sheffield – Corporation
JUN 30  Huddersfield – Klammer / Hands of Industry Double Header
JUL 14  Saltburn By The Sea – Saltburn Calling Festival
JUL 15  Middlesbrough – Westgarth Social Club
OCT 28  London – London Punk Sessions @ The Windmill Brixton

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Bizarre – Necro (Seksound 4th June 2018)

Estonian cult indie label Seksound has become the curator of Bizarre’s catalogue for some time, recently re-releasing debut album Beautica (1994) and follow-up Café de Flor (1996).

Now Seksound is releasing a set of recordings not yet heard in the form of an album.

Recorded and mixed between 1997 and 1998, Necro is the band’s third full-length album.

Ten tracks in total, a few of the songs from the release appeared on compilations throughout the years while others have yet to be heard by fans.

Consisting of Inga Jagomäe (vocals), Mart Eller (vocals), Anti Aaver (guitar), Tristan Priimägi (guitar), and Lauri Liivak (electronica), Bizarre first came together in 1992 in Tartu, Estonia.

Beautifully crafted Slowdive-esque debut Beautica won the band some due attention, making them one of the flagship bands of the newborn Estonian shoegaze and dreampop scene (including bands like Pia Fraus, She Bit Her Lip, Picnic); though Bizarre, never wanting to be pegged as a shoegaze or dreampop band, kept experimenting with electronics and various writing structures.

The result was the striking, delightful Café de Flor in 1996, an eight-song effort that still contained plenty of gaze but added various sample-based rhythms
and a ’60s-skewed poppiness.

The following year’s Any Day continued explorations into more modern dance music styles, influenced in part by a support gig playing with Spring Heel Jack that year, but that proved to be the band’s unexpected final swansong.

Necro shows Bizarre’s elasticity as the tracks move from shoegaze and dreampop infused moments to dance permeated beats and ambient textures.

Eclectic yet still sounding like the same band, from the wistful vocals of “Never Ever” to the funk infused “International Love Affair”, Necro demonstrates the versatility of this foundational group.


1. Waters
2. Any Day
3. Summer Rain
4. Rentboy
5. Never Ever
6. Laizy Sun
7. Barcode Warrior
8. Leatherette
9. International Love Affair
10. Super Latex Baby

Pre-order: EuropeUS/worldwide

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Andi Sex Gang on The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas

Mike Pougounas bumps into Andi Sex Gang (founder of Sex Gang Children) on the street in Greece, and an interesting (and sometimes funny) interview ensues.
Get into the mind of Andi Sex Gang and hear some of his favourite tracks while getting the latest band updates from the artist himself.

Join Mike Pougounas for this episode of the Blackout Radio show.

Please tune in to Mad Wasp Radio 
Saturday 12 May (08:00 British Summer Time) 
Sunday 13 May (23:00 British Summer Time) 
Tuesday 15 May (09:00 British Summer Time)

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Searmanas – Searmanas (Cleopatra Records 6 July 2018)

NYC-based electronic songstress Searmanas teases ‘Undo’ from debut album


Cleopatra Records has announced the forthcoming album release for NYC-based electronic artist Searmanas. Slated for release on July 6, her first full-length self-titled album covers a wide spectrum of the electronic music world, previewed by the stunning first single ‘Undo’.

Conceived in 2016, Searmanas is the solo project of electronic producer Niabi Aquena, her moniker derived from Gaelic and meaning “ceremony” or “ceremonial”. Originally hailing from the Shanandoah Valley in rural Virginia, Aquena has based her musical practice in New York City for almost two decades. A classically trained pianist and vocalist, her musical evolution has led her to experiment with electronic hardware.

Searmanas’ sound explores the role of ceremony within urban experience, resulting in severe, textured landscapes with touches of sparse vocals. Her wordless poetry ranges from industrial glitches to layered, oceanic progressions, all tied together by an aura of questioning and chaos. Her music is inspired by early Aphex Twin, Ryuichi Sakamoto, early Tori Amos, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Grouper, FKA Twigs and Fever Ray.

Searmanas has performed with the likes of John Bender, Hieroglyphic Being, Miho Hatori, and Mahogany. She is a member of Brooklyn-based media collective CHASM and regularly performs live in NYC and beyond.

“‘Undo’ Is a pause to the beginning before everything hurt. It is the release of the concept of time. It is the beginning of the process of healing,” explains Niabi Aquena. 
Searmanas ‘Undone’ is available as of May 4 through online stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify. while the her full debut album, to be released on July 6, is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp.
Album produced by Niabi Aquena, Searmanas
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio (NY)
Mix by Joshua Valleau at The Glass Wall (NY)
In dedication to Yemaya

Keep up with Searmanas
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Spotify

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Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram
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