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Tombstones In Their Eyes – Nothing Here (Send Me Your Head Records 24 August 2018)

LA’s Tombstones In Their Eyes previews ‘Silhouette’ off ‘Nothing Here’ EP

Los Angeles’ rock outfit Tombstones in Their Eyes have announced their new ‘Nothing Here’ EP, previewing the lead track ‘Silhouette’ahead of this. Tombstones create walls of sound that are simultaneously sonorous and hazy. These are cavernous, stoner lullabies that descend into post-rock soundscapes and are wrapped in dark shoegazing dreamscapes.

Recorded at L.A.’s Kitten Robot Studio with Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, The Deadbeats, The Screamers, 45 Grave), this new release follows up several critically acclaimed releases: their ‘Shutting Down’single and ‘Fear’ EP. Earlier they released their huge sounding ‘Bad Clouds’ EP (2016), and debut album ‘Sleep Forever’ (2014).

“Silhouette was created one lonely night in the basement recording studio.  It’s a song about losing yourself.  The catharsis is in the creation of the song and the release of the painful feelings,” says frontman John Treanor. “In its three songs, this EP incorporates the Tombstones sound, even though the songs do not follow the same recipe and include a morose rocker, a shaking blues and a soundscape.”

Tombstones in Their Eyes create music laced with celestial grandeur and a fuzzed out psychedelic majesty that looks out into the universe just as much as it looks inward toward the soul.

With musical influences including The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Elliott Smith and The Melvins, the four-piece’s sound embraces a wide range of genres – from the stoner rock of Kyuss to the warped neo-psychedeia of Spacemen 3 to the cavernous and doom-laden sounds of Electric Wizard and beyond.

Tombstones In Their Eyes’ current line-up is John Treanor (guitar, vocals, keyboards, songwriter), Josh Drew (guitar, backing vocals), Mike Mason (bass, guitar) and Stephen Striegel (drums). The band initially began as a demo swapping exercise between John Treanor in L.A. and his childhood friend James Cooper, now in New York, but soon coalesced into a full fledged band. For John, writing and performing songs is also a way of dealing with severe anxiety and depression, a way of talking about the subject without being the centre of the conversation, and a way of being subliminal rather than direct.

Tombstones In Their Eyes ‘Nothing Here’ will be available on August 24 via online music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify. Already now it can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

John Treanor – vocals/guitar
Stephen Striegel – drums/tambourine
Josh Drew – guitar/vocals
Mike Mason – bass
James Cooper – musical guidance
Produced by Paul Roessler and John Treanor
Recorded and Mixed by Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot Studios
Mastered by Alex DeYoung at DeYoung Masters
Cover Art/Design by Robin Gnista
Send Me Your Head Records – SND 007

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S T F U – YUM 1 & 2 (eLab Recordings 3 May 2018)

Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) & Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives) release sophomore S T F U double-album

Alternative electronic maverick producer Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind seminal alternative rock band Curve and electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO, once again joins forces with Preston Maddox of post-punk noise-rock band Bloody Knives for their second album under the moniker S T F U. This sophomore effort is actually a double serving of albums YUM 1 and YUM 2, complementary kin to one another. The duo released their debut LP ‘What We Want’ back in 2016.

S T F U creates music laced with unfolding hypnotic loops that gradually progress to uptempo electronics, trip-hop laden beats, lush noise entwined with shimmering synths, and Maddox’s hazy trance-like vocals. Preston Maddox says “YUM1 is more songy and YUM2 is more dancy, I like them both for different reasons, and kind of waver back and forth between them as far as which one is a favorite.”

“Working with Preston on all of the records we’ve made it’s without doubt the most painless and connected recordings I have made outside of my close family. It’s almost as if the records make themselves as in there was never any doubt or soul searching as to what it should, could or want to just was it’s own self from start to finish, we just made it happen,” says Dean Garcia.

“This album was an exchange of ideas that sink or swim, it’s an oddity, a seemingly disconnected process, but ends up being a most thrilling, fulfilling, connected and creative process for all, that sticks everyone like glue and only makes you want to do it all over again.”

Apart from his nearly 15-year history with Curve and his decade long project SPC ECO with daughter Rose Berlin, Dean Garcia has also toured the world several times and recorded multiple albums with such established artists as The Eurythmics, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Bryan Ferry, Sinead O’Connor and Ian Dury. His other projects include Blurred City LightsDas Bleep and M A D with Monty from Jesus & Mary Chain. Apart from Preston Maddox’s involvement in Bloody Knives and S T F U, he is also touring bass player for UK anarcho-punk band Conflict.

While their many commonalities and common circle of friends are what originally brought these two artists together, these two artists record and co-produce S T F U albums in two separate studios. London is now home for Dean Garcia, while Preston Maddox is based in Austin, Texas.

“This record shows the process and development of a focused and new sound that is more a combination of its parts rather than the sum of them. I was trying to push my vocals some to include more rhythm and focusing on tying phrases together that speed the phrase up at the end of it and create winding rhythms that circle in on themselves like a whirpool. More rhythmic and less lyrical. I’ve always wanted to make dance music but not EDM,” says Preston Maddox.

“I have a love for ground level recording and music, things made on instruments that are not good enough and recorded on whatever is affordable. Technology used beyond its intended purpose. Especially with early electronic music, as there was no blueprint then, no technological support, that was all dedicated to guitar rock then. Skinny Puppy and DJ Screw live in the same musical universe in my world, to me the degrees of separation there are quite small, the authenticity is what matters most.”

All S T F U releases are available exclusively via the band’s own Bandcamp.

Keep up with S T F U 
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Keep up with Bloody Knives 
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Dentist – Night Swimming (Cleopatra Records 20 July 2018)

Dentist signs with Cleopatra Records; New Album & Summer Tour Coming. 

Indie surf rock outfit Dentist have announced they will release their third album ‘Night Swimming’ via Cleopatra Records on July 20. In the meantime, they present the first single off that album, called ‘Corked’.

Dentist centers around the songwriting partnership of EmilyBornemann (vocals and bass guitar) and Justin Bornemann (guitar), who had been writing songs and performing together in various ways since first meeting in 2008. The band is rounded out by Matt Hockenjos on drums.

Rightfully earning their place as one of New Jersey’s buzziest bands, Dentist was named one of the top 10 bands at this year’s SXSW by Mercury News and a darling of critics at NPR, Stereogum, Flood Magazine and more.

The new ‘Night Swimming’ album juxtaposes catchy indie surf pop with lyrical themes about social anxiety and heartache. ‘ Night Swimming’ showcases an aggressive approach to their beach inspired pop with lyrics covering the spectrum of human emotions. Produced by Andy Bova and Justin Bornemann, this album was mastered by Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps, Nico, Iggy and The Stooges, Queensryche).

“This album was an attempt to capture all the different aspects of ourselves and create something that we would want to listen to,” says Justin Bornemann. “Musically we are attracted to rawness and simplicity, but melodically we lean towards a pop aesthetic.  The lyrics tend to be focused on social anxiety, heartache and loss, but sometimes reveal love and optimism,” adds Emily Bornemann.

Their strongest release to date, the new album showcases the bands ability to fit pop hooks into aggressive garage punk one moment, then  dreamy surf pop the next.  The album is cohesive but represents an exercise in capturing all aspects of the band’s personality. The band, who tour consistently, has shared the stage with Television, Screaming Females, Ringo Deathstarr and Laura Stevenson, among others.

Formed in 2013 amidst the oceanfront urban landscape of Asbury Park, Dentist’s sound combines the freedom of the beach atmosphere and the urgency of the city into a fuzzed out, surf punk-tinged brand of indie pop with hooks and infectious melodies to spare. Emily Bornemann’s vocals are countered by the band’s sometimes aggressive, but always addictive sound.

The band released their self-titled debut album in 2014, which Pandora described as “a deliriously infectious collection of fuzzy, California-styled, indie pop jangle and sun dappled garage rock crunch”.

Their sophomore album ‘Ceilings’ was released in 2016 via Little Dickman Records to critical acclaim, receiving press from the likes of Noisey and Stereogum. Their single “Meet You There (In Delaware)’ found its way onto Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and was chosen as one of Daytrotter’s top 100 songs of 2016.

This summer, Dentist will be embarking on a new nationwide tour, running through July and August, in support of their ‘Night Swimming’ album. This will be their longest US tour to date spanning coast to coast.

Produced by Andy Bova and Justin Bornemann. Mixed by Andy Bova.
Recorded at Simple Sound Studios in Oceanport, NJ.
Mastered by Jurgen R Engler.
All songs written by Dentist.  Dentist is Emily Bornemann on vocals and bass, Justin Bornemann on guitar and Matt Hockenjos on drums.
Bass on “The Latter” performed by Nick Kaelblein.
Album artwork by Li Sutkowski.

7/18 Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb’s
7/19 Washington DC @ Black Cat
7/20 Richmond, VA @ Hardywood Brewery
7/21 Charlotte, NC @ Petra’s
7/22 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
7/24 Atlanta, GA @ Smith’s Olde Bar
7/25 New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
7/26 Houston, TX @ notsuoh
7/27 Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlies
7/28 El Paso, TX @ Love Buzz
7/30 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
7/31 Long Beach, CA @ The Prospector
8/1 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
8/2 Los Angeles, CA @ Highland Park Bowl
8/3 Visalia, CA @ Cellar Door
8/4 Sonora, CA @ Winter’s Tavern
8/5 Reno, NV @ Jub Jub’s
8/6 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Ct
8/7 Denver, CO @ Lost Lake
8/8 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
8/9 Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
8/10 Omaha, NE @ The Down Under
8/13 Muncie, IN @ BHN
8/14 Cincinnati, OH @ The Hub
8/15 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place

1. Upset Words
2. Night Swimming
3. Alone In The Garden
4. OH
5. Tight Spot
6. Remind Me
7. Figure-four
8. All Is Well (In Hell)
9. Corked
10. Owl Doom Pt. 2
11. The Latter

Keep up with Dentist
Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud | Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify | iTunes

Keep up with Cleopatra Records
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Klammer – Spiral Girl (Under Dogz Records 13 July 2018)

British post-punk dark pop outfit Klammer preview ‘Spiral Girl’ single 

Leeds-based post-punk quartet Klammer present their new single ‘Spiral Girl’. This is the second single from their new album ‘You Have Been Processed’, a solid follow-up to ‘Modern God’. The album is scheduled to release via Under Dogz Records later in mid-August.

Formed by UK Producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Terrorvision, Jane Weaver) in 2014, drawing from the members’ shared love for all things angular, dark, loud and melodic. They’ve gone on to release two albums via Under Dogz Records.

Previously described as the love child of XTC and Gang Of Four, Klammer offer an enticing twist on the post-punk attitude, blending in elements of goth rock, punk rock and dark wave, all with dark pop sensibilities. Here you’ll find plenty of hooks and a dark and edgy broodiness coursing through their sound.

‘You Have Been Processed’ will be the band’s third album, following up ‘Auslane’ and ‘Klammer’ and their debut 7” single ‘Everything Depends Upon The King’. Championed by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music, Klammer’s music continues to excite with their dark themes allied to catchy riffs and anthemic choruses.

Klammer have been consolidating their position as one of the country’s finest live post-punk acts, having played up and down the country consistently, both as a headline act and in support of other notable artists, including The Skids, The Undertones, Richie Ramone, Penetration and The Membranes, as well as Rebellion and The Great British Alternative festivals.

While ‘Modern God’ is already available across online stores and streaming platforms, as well as from Klammer’s own website, ‘Spiral Girl’ will be released on July 13. Their album ‘You Have Been Processed’ will be available on vinyl as well as CD as of August 10, but can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

Poss – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Steve Whitfield – Guitar/Vocals
Bruno Almeida – Drums
Mike Addy – Bass
Composed by Steve Whitfield & Paul ‘Poss’ Strickland
Video by Steve Dutton. 2nd Camera by Josh Tully

MAY 25  Rotherham – The Cutlers Arms
JUN 16  Barnsley – Live in Barnsley
JUN 16  Sheffield – Corporation
JUN 30  Huddersfield – Klammer / Hands of Industry Double Header
JUL 14  Saltburn By The Sea – Saltburn Calling Festival
JUL 15  Middlesbrough – Westgarth Social Club
AUG 18 Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
OCT 28  London – London Punk Sessions @ The Windmill Brixton

Keep up with Klammer
Website | Store | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | SoundcloudBandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

Keep up with Under Dogz Records
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Hanzel Und Gretyl – Satanik Germanik (Metropolis Records 6 July 2018)

Hanzel Und Gretyl has been an ever evolving band.

The last album, Black Forest Metal marked a new era, employing black metal & satanic themes crossed with motifs from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

Another dark step forward in the bands evolution, Satanik Germanik is Hanzel und Gretyl’s darkest, most metal release to date.

More evil, menacing & fun than ever, while still 100% Hanzel Und Gretyl.


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Fuchsia – Fruits de Mer Records special edition reissue 2LP+DVD+24pp A4 Magazine+poster July 30

Described by MOJO magazine as a “long-lost classic”, Fuchsia’s debut LP was released on the Pegasus label in 1970.

It received little publicity at the time, soon disappearing from view as the band broke up and went their separate ways; it was more than 30 years before it became recognized as a great early example of the fusion of progressive and folk rock, with the innovative use of strings.

Unavailable on vinyl for many years(excepting the inevitable poor quality bootlegs), Cherry Red have kindly given Fruits de Mer the rights to reissue the album, bu they’ve gone several steps further than a straight repress – working with the band’s founder Tony Durant, they’ve added a second LP of early demos along with new recordings of previously unreleased songs, including the band’s first 15 minute studio recording – taken from the only-known acetate, attributed at the time to the “Tony Durrant Ensemble” (sic) and the basis for them landing their one-album deal.

Add in a 15 minute DVD in which Tony talks about the album and the intervening 40-odd years, a fold-out poster of the stunning original cover and a 24pp A4 magazine that includes a reprint of Richard Morton Jack’s superb 16pp Flashback mag feature on the band, and you have the making of a rather spedial reissue.

To round off the package, Tony adds new sleeve-notes to a gatefold sleeve, in which he describes each of the bonus tracks – and the whole thing is pressed on 180gm colour vinyl.

The release is timed to coincidence with Fuchsia visiting the UK this summer to play gigs at:

August 3: the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival in Cardigan

August 9: The Half Moon, London

Tony will be playing many tracks from the original album and is very much open to more gigs, interview, radio sets, while he’s in the UK.

This is Fruits de Mer’s first-ever reissue of an album – and they’ve done their best to make it something special for long-time fans of the band and for everyone discovering Fuchsia for the first time.

A few words from Tony, looking back…

They say, good things come to those who wait…

What a surprise back in about 2003, to hear that our little Fuchsia album had gone on the make a life of its own without me.


My thoughts now…standing on stage, mid song, and drifting off…thing, what amI doing here with this going on around me…those old songs, and new…and all these people digging it!

How fortunate I am to have this beautiful thing, once abandoned, returned to me. The music has obviously connected with quite a few people, which is everything.

And with the 2013 follow up album so well received. I feel very proud that this perhaps unconventional music has actually formed some emotional bonds out there.

It’s obviously struck a chord with quite a few people.

It would have been hard to accept that your contribution to art of this genre stopped in 1971. But good fortune allows me to enthusiastically continue the journey. Thanks everyone!

Keep up with Fruits de Mer


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Sendelica – Cromlech Chronicles III (Fruits de Mer Records, July 30)

Sendelica will be back on Fruits de Mer just in time for their 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus summer festival, and with something of a harder edge for this latest installment in their Welsh chronicles. As it’s Part 3, it’ll have a 3D front cover (& 3D glasses) and come as a set of three 10″ records – all just for the hell of it. Pressed on colour vinyl, naturally.

Here’s a little context to the new recordings:

Back in 2006 Sendelica recorded their debut album, “Entering The Rainbow Light“. at Mwnci Studios in the magical landscape of West Wales.

It was to be almost another decade  before the band returned to that studio in what is turning into a regular gathering of like-minded musical souls in search of new musical paths that have become known as the “Cromlech Chronicle” sessions.

An annual two days of simply playing, improvising and recording to see where the musical muse leads the group members. August 2017 saw the regular Sendelica line-up swell its ranks to a six piece band with the addition of a second drummer Gregory Curvey (from The Luck of Eden Hall) and keyboardist Roger Morgan.

After 2016’s recordings of cerebral ambiance (“Cromlech II“) the new line up explored both pastoral pastures in “Teifi Marshes“, “12 Shades Revisited” and “Star Flower Blossom” alongside searing psychedelic prog workouts “Slow Burner“, “BS“, and “Lost Citi of Cardiza“.

The 3×10” set contains:

  1. BS (6:39)
  2. Slow Burner (12:41)
  3. 12 Shades Revisited (10:58)
  4. Teifi Marshes (9:14)
  5. Star Flower Blossom (14:40)
  6. Lost City of Cardiza (8:43)

Keep up with Sendelica 

Facebook | Bandacmp


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Hologram Teen – Between The Funk and The Fear (6 July 2018)

Stereolab’s Morgane Lhote previews ‘Bleecker Street! Chase Me!’ from debut Hologram Teen LP

Well after seminal indie kosmische act Stereolab dissipated and its members parted ways to move along their own separate paths, long-term keyboard player Morgane Lhote eventually emerged on the music scene a few years ago as Hologram Teen. This solo electronic motorik disco project has produced several 7″ and an EP. Now she will finally be releasing her debut album ‘Between The Funk and The Fear’ digitally on July 6.

The vinyl version was first released at the end of 2017 by London Label Polytechnic YouthTo date, only two tracks from this album have been shared – ‘Escape from Paris (Orange Crate Art Remix)’ and God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia’.  Ahead of the album’s digital release, Hologram Teen is previewing yet a new track off this album, called Bleecker Street! Chase Me! 

“Bleecker Street! Chase Me!’ is one of the shortest songs on the album and the companion piece to ‘Brooklyn’s Broken! You Caught Me!’. I had a very cinematic vision for the track: a driving pulse evocating chase scenes from the late 70’s/early 80’s John Carpenter and Walter Hill movies but with a sinister slant to it. The song is set in NYC on the east side of the Bleecker Street subway station, where you see can disco-like honeycombs of LEDs on the ceiling. This digital art installation always fascinated me during my commute as it felt like being transported back to Studio 54 but in a super grimy setting. Very New York,” says Morgane Lhote.

Morgane Lhote recorded and performed with Stereolab during their imperial phase between 1995 and 2001, when they released a series of career defining albums including ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’. Later on, she did a stint in The Projects and, from 2005, played in Garden with members of Simian Mobile Disco before starting the Hologram Teen project. Having lived in Paris, NYC and London, she is now based in LA.
‘Between The Funk and the Fear’ includes 11 killer occasionally whacked-out tracks, inspired by a multitude of key figures from varying genres – the soundtracks of Goblin and John Carpenter, 1970s French Disco and psychedelic Brazilian rock, Congolese Soukous, and the string arrangements of François de Roubaix and Jean-Claude Vannier.
This release follows Hologram Teen’s widely acclaimed ‘Marsangst’ EP, released via Happy Robots Records last year. Apart from California’s Sukia, Morgane Lhote is joined on his new album by Swedish musician Orange Crate Art, spicing up the proceedings. Long time collaborator Richard Bennett also mixed and produced all the songs on the LP, and the live instruments were recorded at his studio in Brooklyn, Acme Hall.
Although Hologram Teen embraces electronica and pop, she does so in a way that is more evocative of a prog rock disco horror soundtrack than the soulless EDM that fills the pop charts. Her approach in mixing creepy vintage library effects with bouncy dancehall synths and disco beats has won Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker over as one of her many newfound fans.

“With this first LP, I wanted to create the soundtrack to the trippiest horror movie ever, and combine the scary and the absurd, through a very tongue in cheek aesthetic both musically and visually. For this project, I decided to experiment with adding live instruments, such as bass, drums, and strings, instead of or in conjunction with electronic instruments on some tracks. It was especially interesting to merge both musical feels and textures into one cohesive narrative,” says Lhote.

‘Between The Funk and The Fear’ will be available across all the regular music stores and streaming platforms, and can also be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.


01 Post-Apocalypteacakes
02 Bleecker Street! Chase Me!
03 Tracksuit Minotaur
04 God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia
05 Roller Lover Doppelgänger
06 Hologram Teen & Brasil 666
07 Bartók in C
08 Brooklyn’s Broken! You Caught Me!
09 Lesbian Death Drums
10 Magique Afrique
11 Escape from Paris (Orange Crate Art Remix)

Keep up with Hologram Teen 
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Fred Abong – Homeless (29 June 2018)

Fred Abong (Throwing Muses, Belly) Announces ‘Homeless’ EP, UK Tour with Kristin Hersh

Fred Abong – best known as former bass player for the influential art-punk band Throwing Muses and Grammy-nominated alt-rock band Belly – has announced he will release his debut solo EP ‘Homeless’ to coincide with his June UK tour.

Comprised of six tracks, entirely performed by Abong and recorded in Rhode Island, this album will be released on June 29. Having been immersed in academia for the last eight years or so, Abong was inspired to record this album by friend and former Throwing Muses bandmate Kristin Hersh, who has been releasing solo albums since 1994 (her debut solo album featured Michael Stipe of R.E.M.).

“I find the process of songwriting totally mysterious. Beyond a general feeling of ‘fullness’ that sometimes shows up when I have a guitar in my hand or even when I’m just walking, I couldn’t explain where the inspiration comes from, either for a song or anything else that is filed under ‘art’. I do, however, get images that are then translated into words or lyrics (hopefully, the ‘right’ words) as well as into rhythmic melodies,” says Fred Abong.

Prior to being in Throwing Muses and Belly, Fred was active as a drummer and bass player in numerous bands centered on the Newport, RI hardcore punk scene, which gave rise to bands like Vicious Circleand Verbal Assault. Partly because of these DIY roots, Fred left the music ‘business’ after the release of Belly’s ‘Star’ in 1992, choosing instead to quietly and independently pursue his own music.

Since then, Fred has written dozens of songs, of which only a few have been recorded. Of the songs that he has managed to record, they are primarily demos and often feature Fred playing every instrument.

Abong’s music has been described as cross between “ragged Replacements and lyric-driven Bob Dylan,” and as “Elliott Smith with balls”. Most recently, Fred collaborated with Tanya Donelly, former bandmate in both Throwing Muses and Belly, on the song ‘Snow Goose and Me’ for her 2016 ‘Swan Song’ series. ABC News dubbed this track “a moody, expressive bit of songwriting that will demand repeat listens”.

In addition to his musical interests, Fred also recently completed a Ph.D. in Humanities and has, for the past six years, been working as an adjunct professor in the Religious Studies, Philosophy, and English Departments at various universities.

In support of the EP release, Fred will be touring the UK in mid-June 2018 with Kristin Hersh, opening a string of shows for her. The tour kicks off on June 17 in Bristol at the Redgrave Theatre and wraps up in Britain’s south-east on July 1 at the Ramsgate Music Hall.

“Kristin is my kinda people, and always has been. I’m just happy to be able to listen to/watch her play, which is something I haven’t had the opportunity to do very much in the intervening years,” says Abong.

Fred Abong’s album will be released digitally, available exclusively on Bandcamp, with CDs to be available exclusively at shows during his UK tour. Show and ticket info for all shows can be found at

June 17  Bristol – Redgrave Theatre
June 18  London, Cecil Sharp House
June 24  Glasgow, Mackintosh Church (also joined by Beerjacket)
June 25  Halifax, Square Chapel
June 26  Newcastle, Cluny 2  SOLD OUT
June 27  Newcastle, Cluny 2
June 28  Cambridge, Storey’s Field Centre
June 29  Ramsgate, Ramsgate Music Hall  SOLD OUT
June 30  Brighton, Duke of York’s Cinema
July 1     Ramsgate – Ramsgate Music Hall

1. Plum
2. Rattler
3. Homeless
4. Hi Avalon
5. Equinox
6. The Cannery

Keep up with Fred Abong
Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Savage Philosopher Facebook | Twitter | Press contact

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Social Station – Try (Cross My Heart) – 29 June 2018

Post-Punk outfit Social Station Presents New Single ‘Try (Cross My Heart)’

Washington, DC-based post-punk darkwave outfit Social Station has announced their new maxi-single ‘Try (Cross My Heart)’, a dark upbeat yet melancholic track that gets under your skin similar to how Siouxsie and The Banshees pulled that off with ‘Spellbound’.

Apart from the title track, this release features a solid collection of remixes by fellow DC and Baltimore artists, including Br’er of Blight Records, The Holy CircleRed This Ever, and Tim Phillips.

With a passion for analogue synths, hypnotic guitar, and undeniable melancholic vocals, the band originally started as a solo project in 2013 by singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Paul Todd, debuting with the single ‘The Sun and The Air’, followed by their With a Smile’ EP.

“The song ‘Try’ has been evolving for close to two years with its start as a slow and deep staccato guitar riff along the lines of early Chelsea Wolfe or PJ Harvey, and just the first verse. Moving the song to an arrangement for piano completed the verses but still did not have the Cross My Heart chorus and up-tempo pace. Still pretty gloomy,” says Paul Todd.

“Experimenting with an Akai MPC 100, the song took off with a life of its own. The guitar melodies and string arrangements just fell into place. Two words always come to mind when working on a Social Station song, yearning and melancholy. The perspectives or lens may change but longing or struggling and feeling overwhelmed drives the writing process. This song in particular frames the challenge of feeling comfortable in your own skin while trying to have a meaningful and significant relationship.”

Their live show and distinct sound took shape through Paul Todd’s collaboration with Spenser Kydd. Their common music sensibility for distinct melodies and themes led Social Station to release their debut single ‘Awfully Pretty’ in 2015. That track received immediate attention and was hand-picked for Orkus Music and Culture Magazine’s monthly music compilation.

With the addition of Alexander Minx on drums, Social Station spent a summer in an industrial space in Baltimore, writing and recording their debut full length album ‘Our Pleasure of Solitude’. This effort earned them inclusion in the NPR-affiliated WAMU Capital Soundtrack and Stereo Embers Magazine’s ‘Next Twenty Post-Punk Bands You Should Know About’.

With a renewed commitment to touring and recording, and the departure of Spenser Kydd and Alexander Minx, this release marks a new chapter for Social Station. The extensive use of midi sequencing and the addition of classical musician Jacob Sebastian on bass has opened a whole new world of possibilities for the duo, both in the studio and on stage.

The two of them will kick off an extensive tour in support of their new single ‘Try (Cross My Heart’ and their back catalogue. 
Catch them at one of the dates lined up their summer.

1. Try (Cross My Heart)
2. Try (Hollowboy 7” Mix) by Tim Phillips
3. Try (Red this Ever Remix)
4. Try (Br’er Remix)
5. Try (The Holy Circle Bleak Remix)

Written and performed by Social Station (Paul Todd and Jacob Sebastian)
Mastered by Rob Early
Cover art by Paul Todd

June 12  Washington, DC – 
Slash Run
Cruz de Navajas
, False Figure & 
Edge Petal Burn
June 24  Brooklyn, NY – 
Saint Vitus Bar with 
De Lilith
 & N0IR
June 26  Manchester, NH – 
Ukrainian Club 
Manchester with Sweet Pablo & 
June 28  Montreal, Quebec – 
Brasserie Beaubien
 with Scene Noir, 
Awwful & 
Lost Creatures
June 29  Kingston, Ontario – 
Overtime with 
Double Eyelid, 
 & Trash McCann
June 30  Toronto, Ontario – 
Cherry Cola’s
Double Eyelid, 
, Queens & Kings
July 1  Buffalo, NY – 
Buffalo’s Mohawk Place with Venus II Creature, 
Third Realm & Optic Oppression
July 3 – 
July 5  

Pittsburg – 

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