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New Revue Noir video

Sam Rosenthal from Black Tape For A Blue Girl made this video of the track “Sometimes, Sunshine” from Revue Noir‘s 2008 album Anthology Archive.

Revue Noir, was his post-Halo Star collaboration with Nicki Jaine.

They played eight shows between 2004-2009 and worked on a bit of original music.

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The Death Notes – The Black EP (3rd August)

Hailing  from  Nottingham,  England, The  Death  Notes  found  initial success  with  their  first  single  ‘In  the  Spiders  Web’  (2010)  which was  picked  up  for  radio  play  by  Mike  Joyce  (The  Smiths)  on  his radio  show.

The  same  year  the  band  found  themselves  playing  the  main stage  at  the  world  famous  Whitby  Goth  Weekend  on  the  Saturday night  supporting  post-punk  legends  The  Chameleons.

The  Black  EP  is  the  second  of  the  band’s  colour  themed  EPs.

Following  on  from  the  appreciated  2016’s  White  EP,  the  Black  EP has  a  darker  tone  laying  bare  the  band’s  bleaker  side.

Recorded  in  the  band’s  hometown  of  Nottingham  at  Psyrex Soundlab, Hill  Rise  and  Mark‘s  house,  the  EP  saw  the  band continuing  with  their  DIY  approach  to  the  recording  process, allowing  them  to  get  more  experimental  with  sounds  and  textures.

On  the  other  hand,  the  EP  was  mixed  in  Romania  by  AdamWhittaker  (The  Damned,  Doves,  Julian  Cope)  and  mastered  in sunny  Florida,  USA,  by  Kramer  (Galaxie  500,  Low,  Daniel Johnston).

The  EP  sees  the  addition  to  the  band  of  Mike  Sinclair  (Dick Venom  and  the  Terrortones)  who  joined  the  band  midway  through the  recording  sessions.

The  Death  Notes  are:Mark  Saxton  –  Vocals,  Bass Martin  Bradley  –  Guitars, Chris  Townsend  –  Drums, Jamie  Laws  –  Keyboards, Synth drum, Mike  Sinclair  –  Bass

Keep Up With The Death Notes

Facebook | Bandcamp

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The Pull of Autumn – The Pull of Autumn (RBM Records 24 August 2018)

Members of Fashion, Johanna’s House of Glamour and Throwing Muses team up as The Pull of Autumn

The Pull of Autumn has announced the forthcoming release of their debut self-titled album via Boston-based RBM Records. Ahead of this release, which includes 10 tracks, they are previewing ‘Laurasong’, the lead track from this album.

The Pull of Autumn, a ‘super group’ of sorts, is comprised of members of pioneering 1970-80s British new wave band Fashion, Rhode Island’s Johanna’s House of Glamour, and Fred Abong, founding member of Belly with Tanya Donelly and early member of Throwing Muses with Kristin Hersh and Donelly.

The album’s cover artwork was created by James Johnston (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk). This original striking artwork is called ‘Figure on a Frozen Path’.

The bulk core of the songs on this initial offering involved a collaboration between Daniel Darrow from Johanna’s House of Glamour and Luke ‘Skycraper’ James, frontman of I.R.S. recording artist Fashion.

It all began when Luke James, long-time hero of Darrow’s and his late wife Laura, reacted to the electronic-based music Darrow and his son Matthew were releasing under the name Spectral Assignment. A string of correspondence ensued, followed by file swapping between Skyscraper, who lives in San Francisco, and Darrow, who lives in Massachusetts. Skyscraper would send basic ideas with Darrow creating more elaborate soundscapes to ornament this sound. The Pull of Autumn was thus born.

Luke Skyscraper had a near brush with fame when I.R.S. founder Miles Copeland (also brother to The Police drummer Stuart Copeland) signed Fashion to his label for their 1979 debut album ‘Product Perfect’. Between 1978 and 1980, they played shows with the likes of UB40, Hazel O’Connor, Billy Idol and Toyah Willcox. They also did a UK tour with U2, opened for The B-52’s on their first British tour, and enjoyed stadium tours of the UK and USA opening for The Police. Back then, the recently formed Duran Duran opened their shows. In June 1980, Luke Skyscraper left Fashion after the band’s final London gig with U2.

Johanna’s House of Glamour was active from 1989 through 1997, primarily comprised of Dan Darrow, Laura Darrow, and Bruce MacLeod. They signed to Rough Trade Records for their debut 1990 album ‘Farewell Street’, and later, to Cargo Records for ‘Style Monsters’ (1993), for which they were joined by Fred Abong and John Orsi. A third album, ‘The Dark Flower’, was later released on RBM Records, followed by several singles and compilation projects.

The Pull of Autumn quickly became a bigger project when Darrow felt that the music would benefit from other contributions. Fred Abong contributed ‘Vanishing Spell’, Jeanne Batting (of Spindle Shanks) appears on vocals for two Darrow/Skyscraper tracks (‘Breath’ and ‘Shimmer Lizard’), and former band mate Bruce MacLeod contributes the lovely ‘Laurasong’, which he wrote about Daniel’s wife, the late Laura Darrow. Bruce MacLeod also appears on ‘Trance Fear’ with Daniel (keyboards), Matthew Darrow (drums) and Bruce (additional drums).

The final track ‘Elusive Love’ features vocals by the late Laura Darrow on vocals, Daniel Darrow on acoustic guitar and Bruce MacLeod on keyboards. This song emerged from a recently found never-before-published demo by Johanna’s House of Glamour.

“This music means so much to me as I’ve gotten the chance to play music with an artist I really loved and had the opportunity to shape the music into a forward thinking contemporary sound. MacLeod and Fred Abong are both musicians I hold in high regard and their contributions are great,” says Daniel Darrow.

“I think of this music as post-rock informed by electronic and experimental music, but also taking elements of a simpler sound as an acoustic guitar. Bowie’s Berlin trilogy was also an inspiration. The chance to meld together different elements of music such as electronic, acoustic, avant-garde and pop is at the core of what we want to achieve with The Pull of Autumn”.

As of August 24, ‘The Pull of Autumn’ will be available via the main online stores and streaming platforms, but can already be ordered digitally via Bandcamp.

1. Downpour
2. Heaven Now
3. Breath
4. They Came Down
5. A Small Affair of the Heart
6. Shimmer Lizard
7. Vanishing Spell
8. Laurasong
9. Trance Fear
10. Elusive Love

Final mastering and mixing performed by Bruce MacLeod at MacLeod House in Boston.

Track 1 – written by Daniel Darrow + synth and electronics
Track 2 – written by Luke Skyscraper James & Daniel Darrow. Vocals + guitar by Luke; keyboards by Daniel, drums by Matthew Darrow.
Track 3 – written by Daniel Darrow + keyboards + treatments; vocals by Jeanne Batting.
Track 4 – written by Luke Skyscraper James & Daniel Darrow. Vocals + guitars by Luke; electronics + synth by Daniel; drums by Jalen Perry.
Track 5 – written by Daniel Darrow and Luke Skyscraper James. Classical guitar by Luke;  keyboards + electronics by Daniel.
Track 6 – written by Luke Skyscraper James and Daniel Darrow. Guitars by Luke; piano + synth by Daniel; vocals by Jeanne Batting.
Track 7   written by Fred Abong + guitars + vocals; e-bow + organ by Daniel.
Track 8 –  written and performed by Bruce MacLeod.
Track 9 – written by Daniel Darrow + keyboards; guitar by Bruce MacLeod; drums by Matthew Darrow.
Track 10 – written by Daniel Darrow, Bruce MacLeod and Laura Darrow. Guitar by Daniel; keyboards by Bruce; vocals by Laura.

Keep Up With The Pull of Autumn / RBM Records
Bandcamp | Soundcloud | RBM Records | Facebook | Twitter | Discogs | Press contact

Keep Up With Luke Skyscraper
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Stairway to Nowhere Book


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Swoone – Handcuffed Heart (Saint Marie Records, 17th August 2018)

The darkly sophisticated London duo Swoone, result of the unique combination of seductive vocals from Siobhan de Maré (Mono, Violet Indiana) and captivating music by Gary Bruce, is set to release debut album Handcuffed Heart via Saint Marie Records.

Siobhan de Maré (daughter of Tony Meehan, drummer of the Shadows) with her former band Mono entered the UK charts reaching the Top 20, while track ‘Life In Mono‘ was used for the soundtrack of the film Great Expectations featuring Robert DeNiro and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Siobhan went on to form Violet Indiana with the likes of Robin Guthrie, former guitarist of Cocteau Twins.

Gary is a self-taught composer and producer; he has no musical training or knowledge, his keyboard has the notes written on them pencil and he slowly develops guitar chords from scratch!

Instead of using musical theory Gary painstakingly creates a musical landscape navigated by feelings alone.

It is this probing of the heart that produces music that is refreshingly genuine and instantly arresting.

This is an album brimming with genuine emotions, depth and heartbreaking beauty.

Every song is a film in miniature, from a classic thriller, to David Lynch to European cinema.

Think Portishead‘s homage to John Barry with touch of 60’s soul and Eno-esque colour.

Diverse influences include 90’s trip hop, The Carpenters, Billy Holiday, dub, The Ronettes, shoegaze, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield, Chris Isaac, Donny Hathaway, Al Green and Pink Floyd!

There is no following fashion here, just the love of feeling music deeply.

Cavernous guitars, swelling strings and super cool beats; on top of it, stunning melodies and poignant lyrics delivered by Siobhan’s beautiful voice populate a gorgeously rich and cinematic aural landscape.

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Seasurfer – Vampires (Saint Marie Records 4th August 2018)

Seasurfer is the Hamburg-based band around songwriter & fuzz-reverb-lover Dirk Knight.

Today, Hamburg-singers Apolonia and Änni Bird and Englishman Steven Burrows (And AlsoThe Trees) on bass are in the band.

Back in the Nineties Dirk was in the so called “Heavenly Voices” scene with his former band Dark Orange on the German cult-label HYPERIUM, collaborating with the likes of Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins.

If their debut album Dive In , released in 2014 on Saint Marie, caused a stir in the shoegaze scene all around the world, their 2017’s sophomore Under the milky way… who cares, also on Saint Marie, is another piece of groundbreaking shoegaze.

The band supported the record with several club and festival shows in Germany that same year.

Their noisy and dreamy yet powerful sound, which Dirk himself dubbed “dream punk”, brought them huge acclaim amongst lovers of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins.

Over the years Seasurfer got to collaborate with members of Trespassers William , Whimsical, Jaguwar, Last Leaf Down and the
already mentioned Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins.

At the moment, Dirk is working with Kirlian Camera singer, Elena Alice Fossi from Italy/USA to release a two track single, also out in 2018 on Saint Marie.


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Darto – Fundamental Slime (Aagoo Records 14 September 2018)

Seattle’s Darto announces ‘Fundamental Slime’ 12, previews ‘Brotherhood’ single
New album features Darto collaboration with groundbreaking jazz artist Neil Welch 

Experimental rock outfit Darto have announced their new ‘Fundamental Slime’ 12″, which will be released via Aagoo Records in various formats, including 12″ vinyl and CD.

Formed in 2010 in Seattle, Washington, Darto is Gordon De Los Santos, Gregory Flores, Candace Harter and Nicholas Merz. This album was self-recorded on April 12-14 on Whidbey Island at the Flores Roost. It was mixed by Steve Fisk (Screaming Trees, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Low, The Wedding Present) and mastered by April Golden (Soundgarden, Car Seat Headrest, Goat, Rob Zombie).

“The song ‘Brotherhood’ is about power and dominance. Men in particular seem to protect their power with violence without ever questioning the reasons why they feel the need to protect power in the first place. The irony is that violent dominance is an ultimate display of weakness, and it’s a way to express insecurity while still maintaining power,” says Greg Flores.

This is the follow up to Darto’s critically acclaimed record ‘Human Giving’ and the ‘Hush/Follow Up’ 7” by Darto & WAND, both of which were released in 2017.

While ‘Human Giving’ explored the realm of human possibility within the context of hope, community and the dissolution of self, ‘Fundamental Slime’ is an observation on the darker end of the human-possibility spectrum. Ego, power, and nihilism are dissected from the viewpoint of various individuals struggling to dominate or be dominated. Where the lyrics give voice, the sounds give flesh.

Continuing to broaden the scope of instrumentation allowed Darto to wander into new territory on this album. Working with saxophonist Neil Welch of groundbreaking Seattle jazz duo Bad Luck, the massively varied sonic qualities of the performance by a genius gave each song its own body – startling, confusing, soothing, airy, void, distant, deplorable, and beautiful.

“These songs share a similar theme of power and control, and speak from a variety of perspectives. We all sat down and co-wrote most of the lyrics together, each of us taking the lead on a different song. I really liked that process because it allowed for instant feedback and there were 3 other people helping me with putting ideas into words. I think this record touches on the shadow of what is happening in this world and how people are being mistreated. Overall, it’s just a record about misuse of power,” says Candace Harter.

Aagoo Records is home to vinyl releases by Xiu Xiu, Phillip Petit, Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama, Lucky Dragons, Philippe Petit, CUP, connect_icut, and The Use. Darto’s Nicholas Merz also recently released his solo debut album ‘The Limits of Men’ through Aagoo.

‘Human Giving’ can now be ordered in physical format from Aagoo Records’ website and digitally via Darto’s Bandcamp.

1. Brotherhood
2. Totality

3. Persona

4. Everyday Actor
July 11   San Jose, CA – Cafe Stritch
July 12   Los Angeles, CA – The Resident
July 14   Phoenix, AZ – LBX
July 16   Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
July 17   San Francisco, CA – The Rickshaw
July 19   Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios

Keep up with Darto 
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | iTunes | Press contact

Keep up with Aagoo Records
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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Clark Twain – Fly High (Like Richard Branson) 18 July 2018

Austin’s Clark Twain Debuts Single ‘Fly High (Like Richard Branson)’

Sanguine indie pop artist Clark Twain has announced his debut single ‘Fly High (Like Richard Branson)’, a fun and upbeat track that is infectious with high positivity. Hailing from Austin, Texas, this song is the first single off his coming debut album ‘Life is Wonderful’.

The fun, high-flying accompanying video was directed by Vanessa Pla,who also co-produced it with Clark Nowlin. His music is influenced by Death Cab for Cutie, the Flaming Lips, Ben Kweller, and John Mayer. Thematically, for this single and the accompanying video, he also took inspiration from an unlikely, but intrepid source – Richard Branson.

‘Fly High’, which features a soundbite of Richard Branson speaking excitedly about flight at high speeds, is dedicated to the Virgin mogul and is timed to release on July 18, Branson’s birthday. With an ardent sense of optimism, he looks forward to a “world with color; a journey with many turns”, asserting “where we’re going, it’s going to be one hell of a ride”.

“I want to live a life like my biggest hero Sir Richard Branson, so I figured the best way to start was to do things that terrified me. I got my hands on a houseboat (Branson lived on one until he was 30) and then a private jet, and the vision for reenacting his life story in a music video was born. Making this music video terrified me. With it behind me, I learned that fear is always smaller when its behind you! Thanks for the inspiration Richard to challenge myself and push my own boundaries,” says Clark Twain.

“Fun, adventure, and business as a force for good – these are the ingredients of Branson’s life and my own. We both love rock n’ roll and shaking things up for good. That’s what this video is all about it. It honors Sir Branson and I hope it inspires others to take this on!”

Clark Twain is the solo moniker of Clark Nowlin, who began playing guitar at 10, cutting his teeth on Metallica and Nirvana covers with friends in the attic and starting his first band a few years later. He eventually quit his day job to fully immerse himself in the world of music “because the gig money put enough gas in my tank”. After touring and recording with Tim Halperin and Marshall Young for a few years and supporting various artists, he amassed recording gear, learned the ropes, and began producing various musical projects.

“I knew that if I didn’t make a solo album and put out my own music, it would haunt me. That’s what I’m doing now. In an honest state of writing about what’s real for me – a song that embodies my own aspirations – that’s how this single was born,” says Clark Twain.

“Last November, I went to Cozumel for 11 days. The only book I brought with me was Richard Branson’s autobiography ‘Losing My Virginity’, which inspired me to write this song and make a music video re-enacting the big pieces of his story: adventure, business as a force for good, and of course fun. I decided to throw myself into all of these situations… a life like Sir Richard’s is one of great fun and chaos!”

Clark dedicated a solid 6-month block of time to working on his new material, beginning in January of this year, and splitting time between Elmwood Studios in Dallas, Clark’s home studio in Austin, and in Denton, Texas with Brack Cantrell, one of Clark’s all-time favorite producers, who also mixed his new material. Mastering was performed by Jon Törnblom.

“If music is to serve any purpose, it’s to remind us that we’re alive and that we’re not alone. For me, making it is a sign that I’m alive. Connecting with it is a sign that this big mysterious journey called life isn’t new territory and that whatever situation we’re in – someone’s already been there and has made it through,” says Clark Twain.

“I’m an eternal optimist and truly believe the best is yet to come in our experiences here on Earth. If there’s a shred of this hope embodied in this music, I’ve achieved my goal. I hope that these sounds put a little wind-in-your-sails when needed on a still day.”

The song eventually meshes into Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ – the first album released on Virgin Records. In fact, this label was created for the purpose of putting out this record. It quickly became an international sensation, selling tens of millions of records and becoming the theme for “The Exorcist”. This success allowed Virgin Records to sign the Sex Pistols, XTC and many groundbreaking artists and eventually artists such as The Rolling Stones and Janet Jackson. ‘Tubular Bells’ was the initial snowball that got enough momentum to create the avalanche we know as the Virgin empire today.

As of July 18, ‘Fly High (Like Richard Branson)’ will be made available through the main online stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify, as well as Bandcamp.

Keep up with Clark Twain
Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Spotify | iTunes | Bandcamp

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The Sleeves – Deliverance (26 May 2018)

The Sleeves are a British-born Hong Kong based alternative rock band.

Their self-released album “Arcade Rock” came out in 2011.

The follow up “Deliverance”, which was recorded in Cambodia, mixed in Hong Kong and mastered at Air Studios in London, was released in 26 May 2018.

Keith Goodman – vocals, rhythm guitar

Pete Gordon – lead guitar

Matt Coleman – percussion

Stu McCutcheon – bass

The Sleeves have performed at international festivals in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Manila, played support slots for Gary Numan, UNKLE and Peaches and toured in the UK, Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia and China.

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Linda Em – London Irish (Talking Elephant Records 21 September 2018)

Linda Em announces new ‘London Irish’ EP, previews ‘Wild Fire’ single

London-based Irish-born songstress Linda Em has announced her new ‘London Irish’ EP, to be released this fall via Talking Elephant Records. Ahead of that, ‘Wild Fire’ is the first single from this release – a sultry song that is as much of an earworm as it is seductive.

This EP is the first step in a different direction for Linda, towards a more atmospheric and spacious sound and vocal performance. It is both poetic and storytelling while still being brutally honest and personal. Her pure and raw vocals beautifully convey a nostalgic lyrical narrative, her warm endearing vocals drawing the listener into her musical story telling.

The ‘London Irish’ EP was recorded, produced and mastered at Orphan Recording, Dublin by Gavin Glass (Paul Brady, John Grant, Lisa Hannigan, Mundy), who is also music director for John Carney’s film ‘Sing Street’). It was mixed by Scott Halliday (John Grant, Lisa Hannigan and previously guitar tech for Prince and James Vincent Mcmorrow).

‘Wild Fire’ is about the power struggle in a relationship built on control and passion, where there can be no victor. Written by Linda Em and Eamon P. Gilmore, on this track, Em shares vocal duties with Gavin Glass.

“This is definitely more of love story or indeed a power battle. If you watch Game of Thrones, for instance, you’ll see that Wild Fire was one of their deadly weapons of choice. The fear of wild fire is indeed a fantastic metaphor for human passion and love and energy that could not be controlled or tamed,” says Linda Em. “The song is also an expression of a woman’s desire for freedom and the sadness that comes when two lovers simply aren’t right for each other. Even if they have this intense love, we realise as we get older, that love alone just isn’t enough.”

Originally hailing from Waterford, Ireland, Linda’s family immigrated to London’s East End in the 1980s. A natural singer, songwriter and storyteller, her lyrical narrative is comparable to that of authors, poets and playwrights with a strong visual essence, stimulating the listener’s own imagination. Her music explores a wide array of themes from forgotten fateful stories and uncelebrated heroines of the past to her own personal and family experiences.

Linda first started singing blues and rock ’n’ roll in pubs and clubs in her early twenties before meeting Chris Wyatt, with whom she wrote and recorded her first album ‘Shadow Lands’ in 2015. Her sound has grown to adopt strong elements of Americana and folk noir with an ominous and atmospheric Celtic undercurrent to it and splashes of gospel and soul.

“As a lyricist I’m telling a story and, through working with producer Gavin Glass, I think the musical side reflects and illustrates that. Gavin has managed to give the songs and sound a strong cohesiveness even though the songs are all written with different people,” says Linda Em.

Linda draws an ethereal energy flow from her inspirations, citing numerous artists as influences, including Leonard Cohen,  Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Portishead, Hank Williams, Ennio Morriconeand the poetry of Ted Hughes.

Linda Em produces music in an extraordinary mix of influences and genres, blending folk (revisited from a current London / Irish cultural perspective), a bit of rock, Celtic melody and American blues. Her music is timeless, filtering new compositions through the prism of her musical heritage to produce an overall modern day eclectic feel.

The ‘London Irish’ EP will be available through the regular online stores and streaming platforms as of September 21, 2018, and will also be available on CD from Talking Elephant Records.

Linda Em will be playing an EP launch show in London on September 26 at Water Rats (19:30 – 22:30, 328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross) with support by Crayon Angels and JMK James.

1 Wild Fire
2 Two Hands
3 Little Lightmaker
4 White Horse

‘Wild Fire’ written by Linda Em / Eamon Gilmore
‘Two Hands’ written by Linda Em / Ian Montague
‘Little Lightmaker’ written by Linda Em / Linda Coogan Byrne
‘White Horse’ written by Linda Em / Chris Wyatt
All tracks mixed by Scott Halliday
Mastering by Gavin Glass at Orphan Recording Studios

‘Wild Fire’, ‘Little Lightmaker’ and ‘White Horse’ produced by Gavin Glass
Recorded at Orphan Recording Studios, Dublin
Bass and drums by Scott Halliday
Mandolin, acoustic and baritone guitars on ‘Little Lightmaker’ by Robin James Hurt
Backing Vocals on ‘Wild Fire’ & ‘Little Lightmaker’ by Teresa Connelly
All other instruments by Gavin Glass

‘Two Hands’ recorded by Rupert Gillett
Recorded at The Cabin Recording Studios, Walthamstow, London
Piano by Suzanne Ho
Opera vocal by Neeharika Gollapalli

Keep up with Linda Em
Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | iTunes | Spotify | Press contact

Keep up with Talking Elephant Records
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Discogs

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Walter Lure & The Waldos – Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo (Cleopatra Records 17 August 2018)

Sole surviving Heartbreakers member Walter Lure announces new album with The Waldos

Recently signed to Cleopatra RecordsWalter Lure & The Waldos have announced their new album ‘Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo’. This is the first new album in 24 years from legendary guitarist-vocalist Walter Lure, an original member of The Heartbreakers, who spearheaded the first wave of punk rock.

“This is my first release of new songs in 25 years or so since the last Waldo’s album. That might seem like a long time but it really only feels like a few years-life seems to contract over long periods for some reason,” says Walter Lure.

Ahead of this album release, the band is teasing the lead track ‘Crazy Kids’. The lead track ‘Crazy Kids’ will also be featured in the forthcoming full-length film ‘Thunders: Room 37’, which dramatizes the final days of Lure’s former bandmate Johnny Thunders.

Walter Lure tells the story: “Crazy Kids was originally written back in the 90’s sometime after the first Waldo’s release but, for some god knows what reason, I forgot about it after awhile. I hadn’t performed it in over 20 years until I dug it out again for this new release. The opening chords have a hint of a Sex Pistols feel to it and that was definitely on purpose. I remember discussing the high A major chord with Steve Jones of the Pistols on the Anarchy tour. It has lots of open strings reverberating with the higher notes.”

Their new full-length also features other new tunes such as ‘Damn Your Soul’, as well as killer new versions of Heartbreakers classics ‘London Boys’ and‘Take A Chance On Me’.

Today Walter Lure & The Waldos is made up of Walter Lure (guitar and vocals), Takanori Ichiuji (bass and vocals), Tak Nakai a.k.a. Takto (guitar and vocals), and Joe Rizzo (drums and vocals).

In 1975, Walter Lure became an original member of The Heartbreakers as guitarist and vocalist, joining Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan (of the New York Dolls), and Richard Hell (of Television), who was later replaced by Billy Rath. Lure was playing with glam-punk band The Demons when he joined The Heartbreakers and earlier played with anarchic Bronx hard rock groupBloodbath in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

The Heartbreakers supported the Sex Pistols on their ill-fated 1976 Anarchy Tour just as the UK punk scene was building momentum. In 1977, they released their first and only studio album ‘L.A.M.F.’ The band’s 1977 song ‘London Boys’ is a swipe at the Sex Pistols, in response to the Pistols’ song ‘New York’, a put-down of the New York Dolls.

After The Heartbreakers’ “official” breakup in 1977, the band would often reform, continuing to play the occasional gig right up until Johnny Thunders’ death in 1991.

The Heartbreakers final show was for the Johnny Thunders Memorial Concert. In 1994, three Heartbreakers – Walter Lure, Tony Coiro and Joey Pinter – were joined by Jeff West in releasing ‘Rent Party’, The Waldos’ debut album.

Lure also worked with The Ramones on their albums ‘Subterranean Jungle’ (1983), ‘Too Tough To Die’ (1984) and ‘Animal Boy’ (1986), released a single with The Blessed, and also started a number of bands, including The Hurricanes and The Heroes, before ultimately founding The Waldos.  In 1997, Walter Lure also played a set of shows for the 40th anniversary of The Heartbreakers ‘L.A.M.F.’ album, joined by Blondie’s Clem Burke, Sex Pistols’ bassist Glen Matlock and Social Distortion’s Mike Ness.

On August 17, ‘Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo’ will be available from digital music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify, but it is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp, where it is also available on both CD and red vinyl with reverse-board jackets.

On September 1, Walter Lure & The Waldos will hold their record release party at Bowery Electric in New York. Ahead of that, on July 15, the band will also be playing Johnny Thunders’ Birthday Bash at Bowery Electric, along withLenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group), The Carvels NYC, Heap, The Hipp Pipps, Lulu Lewis, Red Datsun, The Ritualists, The Skelekasters, The Skullers, Steve Krebs & The Maynard G’s, The Threads, DJ Steve Fallon, and Dennis Doyle.

01 Crazy Kids
02 Damn Your Soul
03 Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)
04 London Boys
05 Lazy Day
06 Take A Chance On Me
07 Wham Bam Boo
08 Bye Bye Baby
09 She Doesn’t Love You
10 Little Black Book
11 Don’t Mess With Cupid
12 You Talk Too Much

Performed by Walter Lure & The Waldos
Featuring Trisha Scotti
Andy Shernoff – Background vocals
Brian Hurd and Randy Pratt – Harmonica
Arno Hhecht,Danny Ray – Sax
Joey Pinter – Guitar Solo on ‘Take a Chance on Me’
Produced by Andy Shernoff
Engineered by JZ Barrell at Randyland Studios, Manhasset, NY
Mixed by Joe Blaney at Overlook Mixdown
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering
Overdubbed at Andy’s House of Hits by Andy Shernoff
Design and Layout by Fendi Nugroho

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