Didier Leboz & Lord Litter (both ex Das Freie Orchester) are cooperating again

17 Dec

Back in 1991, I used to roam the streets of Berlin, Germany, with legendary underground musician and radio DJ, Lord Litter.

To be honest, I was impressed by the promotion of the new Nirvana album, “Nevermind”.

The swimming baby that was chasing the dollar under the surface of the sea was everywhere. It was too much of a promo…

You would see posters of the record cover on buses, billboards, and plastic bags…

A music artist would never lose with the budget that this record label used to promote the album…

But we were underground musicians so, one night Lord Litter took me to the other side of the city, East Berlin.

Already two years had passed since the Berlin wall was brought down and I could hardly find traces of it.

You could follow a cement line where a part of the wall was before and you would lose it lost in some bushes.

But you could easily tell where West Berlin would end and where East Berlin would start, because the structure, the quality and the colors of the buildings were different…

Lord Litter was playing with a band from East Berlin that was going by the name Das Freie Orchester, so that night we went to their rehearsal.

They were very friendly people (we went for tomato soup when the rehearsal was over) and they sounded great.

If you want to listen to some of their tracks, click HERE and the link will take you to their Soundcloud.

If you wonder why I am writing all this, it is because 27 years later, today in other words, I got this message from Lord Litter:

Didier Leboz & Lord Litter (both ex Das Freie Orchester) are cooperating again.

In the works is an electro acoustic / spoken word concept piece using the german language.”

Lord Litter never stopped producing music and you should keep an eye on his projects and his radio show (follow THIS link to do so) cause he is great.

Check his psychedelic, weird, cinematic 2016 album “Lights Out“…

So, I looked up to Wikipedia about DFO, to write some details about them on this very post that you read now, and I the only information I found was in German.

I decide to make a google translation and came up with this:

“Das Freie Orchester

Berlin avant-garde band, 1986 (a.a.O. 1984) until 1992.

Moving in the field of experimental electronics and Krautrock à la Can, Cluster and Tangerine Dream. Numerous sessions, solo projects and collaborations (also with West German musicians such as Harald Grosskopf and Lutz Ulbrich of Ashra and the former Kluster and Tangerine Dream member Conrad Schnitzler) were documented on the band’s own tape label toads cassettes. From the tape “Now” without Thomasius and Willner, for it rose independent radio legend Lord Litter at DFO. In 1992, the band broke up.

After his separation from the DFO Jörg Thomasius worked several times closely with the legendary avant-garde musician Conrad Schnitzler together, later again with the former DFO colleague Gui Gust, who played in 1992 in Lord Litter’s band.

Dieter Zobel also worked sporadically with Litter together (under the pseudonym “Didier LeBoz“), released two albums with Freicore in the mid-90s and later ran the solo projects Shwaan, Reaktorsynth and Dubspace (here together with Alexander Istschenko from Herbst in Beijing).”


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