Remain in Light – The Sentinel Diaries (2018)

21 Jan

(by Fondas SumerSon)

With their new album, Remain in Light from Thessaloniki become a synonym for “musical progress”. I still remember when I first got in touch with their music 5 years ago. Back then, I could not imagine their future evolution in terms of music and lyrics. I guess that their course in time has led one of the most active underground goth/wave labels (DEEPLAND RECORDS) to offer them a contract for the release of their third and best album so far!

In “The Sentinel Diaries” the band’s music still files under post punk/new wave mixed with 80’s goth, but is not restricted to that…. From new wave songs rich in trad goth guitars in the vein of Children on Stun and Vendemmian (Green Book), to Smiths/ Morrissey-inspired tunes with an epic goth refrain (Mercury Walk) and from there to old school aggressive goth rock with a touch of The Damned (Sons of Terra) and dark wave/post punk tracks with a haunting singing performance which reminded me of the Finnish vamps Two Witches (The Core/The Void).

Their “punk/hardcore” influences are also present on the album. In “Hollow Mountain” for instance, they combine a punkish rhythm section with a melodic Sad Lovers & Giants-like refrain. And since their guitarist Y is a huge Nephilim fan, they’re paying their own tribute to them with “Sailing to Empty Skies“, a slow tempo atmospheric tune balancing among the Nephs and Bauhaus with a speedy, brilliant, ending.

They also made a wise choice by including “The Kiss” in the new album, a song that was released as a single before the release of their long player. This is a Sisters of Mercy/ The Chameleons-like tune with well worked guitars and goth rock attitude.

Urban Traitor” is a song worthy of a special mention as it is styled after the modern era of new wave (as played by bands like The Rope or Principe Valiente), while maintaining elements from old legendary wave favorites like Pink Turns Blue.
Last but not least, pay attention to their cover version of John Cambell’s “One Believer“, in which the band transforms a classic blues tune into a dark wave hymn! Excellent!

Finally, I would like to point out that their singer (Elder K.) displays a fine ability to perform every song in a theatrical way, bringing various emblematic vocalists to mind like Peter Murphy, Carl McCoy, Nick Cave and Garce Allard! Talented indeed.

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