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Kava Kava – Forwards EP (Chocolate Fireguard, release date 2 April)

Kava Kava is an English rock band/live dance act from Huddersfield, England featuring the vocals, production, and songwriting of Pat Fulgoni.

They started as a four-piece live psychedelic funk outfit with heavy George Clinton influences with Pat Fulgoni on vocals, keyboards, and brass, Jason Riley on bass, Mathew Bond on guitar, and Chris Sykes on drums. In the U.K., Kava Kava cut their teeth through the underground festival/party scene, signing to Delerium Records and touring Europe and the U.K. amongst other artists signed to the label including Porcupine Tree and indie band Embrace. The NME describing the band as “gorgeous new psychedelic funk” for their debut album You Can Live Here.

The band expanded into a six-piece and released 2004’s Maui album on independent label Chocolate Fireguard Records. The music on Maui is more dance, electronic, funk, and disco influenced than their past work.

Toured China, USA, Europe. Featuring the vocals of Pat Fulgoni who has a large dance music track record including as a Hospital Records singer with artists like London Elektricity, Camo & Krooked, also Technimatic, dub masters Zion Train, Jeff Buckley collaborator Gary Lucas to name a few. Pat croons alongside alongside guitars, electronica, brass, strings and beats. He plays the trumpet at the end.

Their music has been featured in a number of films and TV shows including Dirt, The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down, John from Cincinnati, Hollywood Sex Wars, LA Riding Club, and the Golden Globe award–winning TV series Weeds and played by tastemaker DJs such as Sat Bisla and Nic Harcourt from KCRW.

Key players on the Forwards EP are:

Pat Fulgoni – vocals, trumpet, keyboards

Jason Riley – bass, programming

Matt Bond – guitars

Pat Fulgoni continues to write music and tour as Kava Kava whilst collaborating with numerous other artists including many dance music artists signed to Hospital Records, Shogun Audio, Spearhead Records, and Viper Recordings, and from time to time, organises opportunities for bands (for example, the all Yorkshire showcases at the British Music Embassy venue SXSW).

Kava Kava continues gigging with their current line-up of Pat Fulgoni (vocals), Ben Wallbanks (drums), Alex Krzesinski (guitars), Rob Crisp and Ian Bailey (saxophone), and Mitch Cockman (bass)

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Handsome Abominations – Slave (Single, Cleopatra 21 April 2021)

“Slave” is the first single from the upcoming release, “Embrace The Condemnation” by Handsome Abominations

When you combine Tufty Hacka (Biohacker) with Baron VonSchnell (Chmcl Str8jckt), Ian Omega (Chmcl Str8jckt), the alluring Mistress Misha and synth master Træce….a sleazy, groovy musical orgy breaks out.

Formed in 2020, Handsome Abominations quickly wrote and recorded “Embrace The Condemnation“. The collection is a sexy,  campy group of songs (including covers of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” and The Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip”)  that bring a sense of fun to digital music. By combining early influences such as The Revolting Cocks and Lords of Acid  the resulting ethos is a “party” in musical form….with a touch of filth.

On first listen, they were signed to the legendary Cleopatra Records.
With Hacka residing in the UK, VonSchnell and Omega lead the rest of the miscreants  to carry out the musical mayhem in live settings in the U.S.A.

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The Wake – Perfumes and Fripperies

Formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1986, The Wake were heralded during the early nineties as spearheading the “next wave” of goth by Dave Thompson of the Alternative Press (author of The Dark Reign of Gothic Rock), who coined the infamous term “gothic as fuck” to describe the band’s sound.

Perfumes and Fripperies, The Wake’s first album in almost twenty-five years, has been hailed as “both their best album to date, and the best Gothic Rock album of 2020, bar none” (Darkest Wave Magazine), and is currently Bandcamp’s top-selling gothic rock album of all time.

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Nuclear Sun – Couldn’t Have Said It Better Vol. 1 (Tribute Album) 5 March 2021

Industrial rock artist Nuclear Sun covers NIN’s “Head Like A Hole”

Chicago-based industrial rock band  Nuclear Sun  has released a new single/visualizer clip covering the iconic NINE INCH NAILS  hit, “Head Like A Hole.”  The track appears on  Nuclear Sun ‘s new tribute release, Couldn’t Have Said It Better Vol. 1, available digitally via Bandcamp and all major streaming services.  

NUCLEARr*SUN  is the primary creative outlet of singer/songwriter/producer/audio engineer Tal KligerNUCLEARr*SUN takes inspiration from many influences like 90s industrial rock acts such as Gravity Kills, Rammstein and Stabbing Westward as well as various other genres from industrial metal, digital harcore, numetal, various EDM genres and even 90s Eurodance.

Tal- who grew up in the Bay Area, Northern California- spent the majority of life surrounded by music, having started learning piano at 9, guitar at 11 and jazz-trained singing at 14. NUCLEARr*SUNs first song, Sever The Connection (appearing on the album Dark Side of the Sun) was written when he was 11 years old, but it wasn’t until 2014 that Tal sought out music inspirations and self-produced independent artist role-models Sean Payne of Cyanotic and Chris Sevanick of Mindless Faith and received the instruction that allowed him to finally record, produce, mix and master his own work and release it to the world.

NUCLEARr*SUN‘s first release (titled “Rising”) was released in early 2015, and after another two releases (“The Cleansing” and “Dark Side of the Sun”) Tal has released the first of hopefully many collections of tributes to the music that inspired him to create in the first place. “Couldn’t Have Said It Better vol. 1” consists of Tal’s takes on tracks by Nine Inch Nails, Filter, Mindless Faith, Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic and even The Shizit- J.P. Anderson of Rabbit Junk’s first project from the early 2000’s.

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AshenMoon – Ashen Moon (Golden Robot Records 12 April 2021)

Powerhouse Rock Act AshenMoon are back with a brand new single ‘Ashen Moon’ which will be released on all digital platforms on 12th April via Golden Robot Records.

‘Ashen Moon’ is the first new music from the band since last year’s critically acclaimed EP Umbra 1 which boasted 4 singles with accompanying videos:‘DustBowl’‘Future Kings and Queens’‘Mosquito’ and ‘Without Faith’.

The track ‘Ashen Moon’ describes the moment the band witnessed a Full Moon reflection the San Fernando Valley bushfires as they ravaged Los Angeles. In the aftermath of fire and a new moon comes rebirth, discovery and youth. AshenMoon have yet again produced an absolute stormer of a rock track; blending 70’s rock sensibilities with a modern rock polish.  

When they first began writing their debut album, AshenMoon bassist Garry Beers, singer Toby Rand and guitarist Jimmy Khoury unravelled their personal songwriting and began collaborating a “Passion Project” in Beers’ garage studio. There, in the heat of the San Fernando Valley (LA), they created the recipe and sound of AshenMoon. A fusion of 70’s, new wave and modern rock n roll. Produced by Beers (co-produced by Rand), the album is influenced by the electronic grooves of Beers’ work with INXS, hooky riffs inspired by Khoury’s work with Beth Hart, whilst Rand traverses his range emotionally with tales of heartbreak, love and redemption; something uniquely his own. After recently partnering with Golden Robot Records, AM released their first EP titled Umbra 1 on October16th. Accompanying the music are videos shot during worldwide lockdown, spearheaded by the electro-rock track Dustbowl’ – shot on the empty LA city streets.

Mixed by Grammy award winner David Reitzas and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Jeff Buckley), the AshenMoon record Umbra 1 is majestically anthemic, whilst remaining magnetically intimate.

Stream AshenMoon HERE

“Not since my days with INXS have I felt more connected to music. We made this record from the heart and pay homage to all the great rock bands and artists that have inspired us to devote our lives to music”

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THE OFFSPRING release their video for single ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’

SoCal icons and one of the best-selling punk rock bands of all time, THE OFFSPRING, have unveiled the accompanying music video for their recently released single “Let The Bad Times Roll,” the title track from their highly anticipated tenth studio album coming 16th April 2021 via Concord Records. The multi-format smash hit has vaulted to the top of Rock and Alternative radio charting at #11 and #25, respectively, just four short weeks after its release and continues to climb with no signs of slowing down. “Let The Bad Times Roll” was #1 most-added at Rock radio for two weeks in a row upon release and has racked up nearly 4 million global streams to date. 

Fans and critics alike applauded the band’s new music with Rolling Stone hailing it a “return to their signature mix of guileless pop-punk and forked-tongue irony,” Loudwire describing it as “a hand-clapper that shifts from raucous acoustic-driven passages to the band’s familiar punk sensibilities all while pointing the finger at the ills of the world today,” and Alternative Press proclaiming, “the countdown for The Offspring’s next album has officially begun.”

True to the irreverence at the core of punk rock music, the music video delivers a contemporary narrative tied to the song’s topical lyrics that reflect the ongoing challenges being faced across the country today.

The band have also announced a second stripped back set at Banquet Records on the 3rd of December at 6pm. The first three shows at Crash Records, Leeds and Banquet Records sold out instantly. 

Legends and innovators of the Southern California punk rock scene, The Offspring have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, won countless awards, and have toured consistently, playing more than 500 shows in the last decade alone. Their music has had a lasting impact across film, television, and video games, but the band turned their focus to a new album release in 2021. The band is comprised of singer Dexter Holland, guitarist Noodles, drummer Pete Parada, and bass player Todd Morse.

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Smashed Gladys – Bump In The Night Golden Robot Records (12 April 2021)

Smashed Gladys release new single ‘Bump In The Night’ on 12th April, out via Golden Robot Records.

Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene,  Smashed Gladys  formed in 1984 and then headed to New York City.  Smashed Gladys  were headed by vocalist Sally Cato and were snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam / hair metal scene. 

Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and Golden Robot Records wants to honour her by bringing you new material in which they were recording as demos for their 3rd album, newly remixed and remastered. First up is the single ‘Bump In The Night’ which will be released on 12th April. 

A classic 12-bar boogie rock ‘n’ roll song, ‘Bump in the Night’ is a twist on the horror movie trope in the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Singer Sally Cato is looking for a partner to celebrate the bumps in the night, and the guitar driven band is there for the party.  Smashed Gladys , a Canadian transplant to NYC, helped create the Cat Club scene of legend and this song brings that scene to the fore.

Pre-order/pre-save Bump in the Night HERE

About Smashed Gladys
Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, Smashed Gladys helped to craft a legendary period of New York City rock.

Lead singer Sally Cato started as a singer in the art rock band The Concordes, while guitarist Bart Lewis did a brief stint with Canada’s most dangerous band, The Viletones, before departing for NYC. Soon after relocating to Gotham, Sally & Bart met songwriter Tommy Boyce, who (along with his partner Mickey Hart) had coined most of The Monkees songs. Under Boyce’s guidance, the group began rehearsing at a well known studio in midtown Manhattan.
SG started playing venues in and around the NYC area, during which time they met Gene SimmonsSimmons offered them a production/ management deal.

The band’s original 4 members were:
Sally Cato – Vocals
Bart Lewis – guitar
Matt Stellutto – drums
Ken Fox (Toronto’s Raving Mojo’s , Jason and the Scorchers and The Fleshtones) – bass

Along with the addition of Hilly Micheals, drummer from the Ian Hunter band – SG went into the studio and recorded close to an albums worth of material produced by Simmons.
Four of the songs from those sessions are being released now, for the first time ever, on the Golden Robot release, RawSimmons captured the personality and raw grittiness of the band perfectly and by the end of 1984, SG were in the UK recording their first album, Smashed Gladys, with Mark Dearnley at the producer helm.

Smashed Gladys returned to the states and began touring and doing opening slots with The Dead BoysVan Zant,NazarethAce FrehleyCheap TrickPoisonRick DerringerBlue Oyster CultCrocus and others. It was during this feverish period that they established the infamous Wednesday night series at The Cat Club. The night became a launching pad for several bands, and grew to become a showcase venue, late night hang, and playing party stage for artists such as David BowieDuran DuranMick Jagger and several others.

Selling out venues in Manhattan and the surrounding tri-state area, Smashed Gladys caught the attention of Elektra Records A&R rep Micheal Alago. In 1986 they were signed by Elektra VP, Howard Thompson.

The band played a signing gig to a packed house at one of the first venues they played in NYC – CBGB’s. Elektra picked up the rights to the first record and then sent the band into the studio to work on their next record, Social Intercourse, recorded in NYC with Rick Browdie and in L.A with Michael Wagner doing additional tracking and mixing.

While making the record, they met the artist working in the adjacent studio, Ozzy Osbourne, who made a guest background vocal appearance on the song “Cast of Nasties.” Osbourne had warned the band that some of the titles and subject matter on the record might get them in trouble in certain markets and banned altogether from retailers such as Walmart. He was right, and touring in certain Midwestern states became dangerous at times forcing the band to bring along new members … Mr Smith & Wesson.

SG was making demos for their third record when they received offers from producers John Paul Jones and Mick Ronson. They went with Mick Ronson and began pre-production, but Ronson fell ill. The Band was then picked up by Teddy Slatus, Johnny Winter’s manager and label.  Tragically, SG’s third bass player, Mark Sliker, then died from a drug overdose. Following the trials and tribulations, Sally left the music business and returned to being a graphic artist.

On May 19, 2020 Sally Cato passed away.

The Raw album is a collection of some of the works that were initially the demos for the third record, which have been remixed by the bands first producer, Mark Dearnley, whose credits include a wide range from AC/DC to Paul McCartney. The album rounds out with an additional 4 songs from the Gene Simmons sessions due out in 2021 on Golden Robot Records.

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The Flying Chaucers – Down with the Creeps (2nd April 2021)

Fasten your seatbelts for The Flying Chaucers, the new solo lockdown project from Joe Murphy, leader of Sergeant Buzfuz and founder of Blang Records.

During lockdown Joe has been learning to record on an 8 track portastudio at his home in Sheffield.

“The title is from four words an autistic girl wrote on a piece of paper in a class I was supply teaching in. She was non-verbal and could barely produce any written work but had produced these four words. I figured she must have got the phrase from a TV show or book, but I couldn’t find any reference to it. It’s kind of a goofy phrase but I like it and was amused by the idea of using it for a song about various bosses I’ve had in day jobs over the years. Writing the song in lockdown, politicians kept barging into the song. So the characters are fictional mash-ups of various real people.

‘Down With The Creeps’ is a driving pop song with punchy brass lines, a hooky bass groove, weird twists in the chord sequence and addictive melodies. It was made with the help of two other members of Sergeant Buzfuz. Joe’s wife Polly MacLean (Slate Islands) sang bvs and Ian Button (Papernut Cambridge/Gare du Nord Records) remixed and mastered.

All together now: “you need a personality sir, to go with that disorder”.

Keep up with The Flying Chaucers

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Deadlight Holiday – Blood And Body (Single, 19 March 2021)

Industrial/Rock Band Deadlight Holiday Unleash Their New Single, “Blood And Body”

Deadlight Holiday is an eclectic  industrial rock band based out of Grand Rapids, MI.

The music is best described by their fans as ‘Stargaze’, combining the dreamy sounds of Shoegaze and the guitar driven rock anthems of the 90’s.

Formed on New Years Eve in 2014 by guitarist Kyle Panek, the band’s fan base began to precede them after just uploading the initial demo tracks. Soon joined by vocalist and guitarist Shane Seppala, they began to take the band into the studio to release their first EP. Setting their sights higher, they began to writing more material for intended for a concept album, in what would later become their debut album The Path of Desolation. Now working alongside producer Esjay Jones, they are currently working on a follow-up album. 

In promotion of their albums,  Deadlight Holiday has independently toured the U.S. and Canada four times over. Playing alongside national acts such as The Misfits, The Birthday Massacre, Stitched up Heart, Psyclon Nine, The Genitorturers, Wednesday 13, Combichrist, and much more. The band has developed a following in the midwest alternative scene over the years, and has a devoted following. 

Activists through and through, the band utilizes its platform to reach a larger audience than normally possible. Donating both their time and finances, they focus on fighting abuse, funding medical research, ending the exploitation of animals, and promoting environmental awareness. 

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Dope Sagittarius – Define Love (Buddhabug Records 19 March 2021)

NYC’s Dope Sagittarius to release ‘Sacred Places’ LP on vinyl, presents ‘Define Love’ single

NYC-based rock-punk-funk fusion outfit Dope Sagittarius has announced that they will release their ‘Sacred Places’ album on 12″ vinyl this spring via their own imprint Buddhabug Records.

Dope Sagittarius also presents the new video for ‘Define Love’, an alt pop jazz piece involving a host of achieved musicians. Filmed at Studio 111 Brooklyn, the video was produced by LaRondaDavis for Primordial Punk and directed by James Muscarella.

Dope Sagittarius is the brainchild of New Yorker Luqman Brown, whose mother is a folk-singer-turned-teacher and father a well-known playwright. The independent spirit of art in his blood got amped up early upon seeing Funkadelic at the Apollo. By high school, he had joined his third band — punk-funk outfit FunkFace, who first opened for 24-7 Spyz and soon Fishbone, slowly rising to prominence through hundreds of shows and three studio releases.

“Define Love’ is a really special song for me and the first real love song I’ve written. I hadMicah Gaugh (The Veldt, Burnt Sugar, The Arkestra Chamber) playing sax, jazz luminary Marc Cary (who’s played with Dizzy Gillespie and Meshell Ndegeocello) on piano, the incomparable Corey Glover (Living Colour) on backup vocals and finally, the Master himself, Ronny Drayton(who’s played with everybody from the Persuaders and The Chambers Brothers to Defunkt, Nona Hendryx, and 24-7 Spyz) on guitar. Unfortunately Ronny passed away in 2020. He inspired me by teaching me to be a better guitar player and just because of how great and good he was. The video for this song is dedicated to him. (R.I.P.),” says Luqman Brown.

While the ‘Sacred Places’ album was originally set to release in 2017, Luqman suffered a stroke. Everything screeched to a halt while he learned to speak and walk again, followed by heart surgery in 2019. After two years of continual recovery, he’s back and ready to present this album, as if he’s never missed a beat.

This collection of tracks presents a rich tapestry of funky grooves, thoughtful synths and rocking vocals, featuring contributions by such achieved artists as Ronny Drayton, Corey Glover, Mike Ladd,  Marc Cary, Roy Radics,  Mazz Swift and Micah Gaugh.

“Being able to properly put this record out into the world means that I didn’t give up in the face of death. This album was supposed to be released in 2017, but I had a stroke as a result of severe complications with my heart. In 2019, I underwent heart surgery to place an LVAD in my heart to keep it pumping. The result of these health complications left me weak and without the breath to perform,” says Luqman Brown.

“At the time, I thought that myself and this album would never make it out into the world—as proud as I am of it. Nevertheless, I slowly came back and now the world will get to hear what it’s like living in NYC everyday—hard times, staying alive, and taking the time to have a good brunch along the way.”

‘Define Love’ is out now across digital stores such as Apple Musicand streaming platforms at Spotify. The ‘Sacred Places’ LP will be released on vinyl on May 14, and can already be pre-ordered via Bandcampand also from Buddhabug Records.

Performed by Dope Sagittarius
Written by Luqman Brown and Brian Gosher
Produced by Brian Gosher
Recorded in Harlem, New York and North Brunswick, New Jersey, except ‘LaRonda’
Mixing and Mastering by Brian Gosher.

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