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KnightressM1 – Infinite Blue (20 April 2021)

San Francisco Bay power trio KnightressM1 presents ‘Infinite Blue’ video single

San Francisco Bay Area power trio KnightressM1 presents ‘Infinite Blue’, performed live in studio. Composed in the same place, this song features Emily Palen on violin and vocals, Chad Tasky on drums, and bassist Larry Boothroyd. The accompanying video was created by Evan Lanam, who also recently released a mini-documentary on the band.

“Infinite Blue is essentially about the excruciatingly temporal nature of human existence and it’s accompanying and inevitable grief.  As musicians and creatives in KnightressM1, we strive to give space for the magnitude of emotions that are not easily expressed in words.  “Let the water wash over you, what the light can’t mend.” This lyric in the song is its purpose in essence, to process my own connection to massive love that you experience but cannot hold on to,” says Emily Palen.

KnightressM1 recently released their debut album ‘Dreams and Devastation’, along with singles ‘Butterfly’‘Lock & Key’ and ‘Polarity Integrate’. For this, Palen joined esteemed producer John “Lou” Lousteau (Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett) in producing this album, which was recorded at Foo Fighters’ acclaimed Studio 606. Video producer Evan Lanam also recently released

Formed in 2011 by violinist, vocalist, pianist and composer Emily Palen, KnightressM1 is the sonic manifestation of her heart, integrating specific musical frequencies. The further she ventures in this sonic journey, the heavier the sound gets. The crushing intricate rhythm section blends harmoniously with her driving, searing electricified violin tone as the lead.  

The debut album involves drummer Rob Ahlers (50FOOTWAVE, Kristin Hersh) and bassist Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake).  Fueled by a deep-seated necessity to defy limitation, their heavy driving bass and rhythm are rounded out with lots of harmonic layering and beauty.

The embodiment of musical manifestations, KnightressM1 is based on the thematic concept of a female galactic warrior, who comes to Earth to bring justice, hunt corruption and restore truth. Within universal language, M1 is code for unity. This is her identifier. Her frequency. KnightressM1 (KM1) is the vessel through which Palen creates and shares her unique contributions to what is more commonly known here on earth as the music industry.

Since releasing her first solo violin album ‘Glass ~ Live at Grace Cathedral’ in 2012 and ‘Creation’ a year later, she’s become a sponsored artist with Engl Amps and has played or recorded with Foo Fighters, Eric McFadden and Gretchen Menn, both as a live or recording artist. Earlier, she was a finalist in the ‘My Grammy Moment’ competition and played live with orchestra at the Grammys, conducted by John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin).

This is the first of eight songs recorded as live sessions at Lucky Recording Company in Burlingame, CA with engineers Mikel Ross and Travis Kasperbauer, who is also mixing this session. This song foreshadows the direction of the band’s next full length LP, which takes a much heavier direction since ‘Dreams and Devastation’ (both sonically and in lyrical substance) and tackling even more head on subjects of abuse, systemic tyranny, global corruption and the eternal and evolutionary inevitability of human nature.  

‘KnightressM1 // Live Sessions’ will be released throughout the spring of 2021. The ‘Dreams and Devastation’ LP is available now across digital outlets such as Apple Music and streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Emily Palen ~ Songwriting, Lyrics, Violin, Vocals
Chad Tasky ~ Songwriting, Drums
Larry Boothroyd ~ Drums
Travis Kasperbauer ~ Engineer, Mix
Mikel Ross ~ Engineer
Evan Lanam ~ Director of Photography, Executive Video Editor

Keep up with KnightressM1
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Ernest Moon – Big Wow (BoBo Records 29 April 2021)

Liverpool’s music mavericks Ernest Moon return with ‘Big Wow’ single

Liverpool-based outfit Ernest Moon presents ‘Big Wow’, a short whimsical single they describe as a “throwaway tune about the ways of a working class young’un from round our way sometime in the not too distant past.”

In ‘Big Wow’, the language is straight out the gob of the protagonist….Johnny B.. a sixteen year old skally….with starlit dreams of cars and girls and toilets on every floor.
Ernest Moon are Steven Doran and Brian Murphy, two English no-marks of limited musical ability, brought together by a liking for eggs on toast. Hailing from Liverpool, they offer lush lyrics, heavy hands and a rat-arsed sincerity. Somewhat punky, their sound has been described as pushy pop, “filling the gap between pretentious lyrical art and bog standard pop music”.

“The music in this song is the most obvious stuff a couple of crappy musicians of our generation from Liverpool could produce. In Liverpool there is a tradition for poppy rock’n’rolly guitar music so its natural this kind of tune comes out the other end when you start playing. But there is a diversion from the obvious in the song in that the lyrics are more crafted and worked than one would normally encounter in Pap music. Even if we say so ourselves,” says Steve.
In the three years of Ernest Moon’s existence, they’ve released two heart-stopping EPs. Their songs are as meandering in style and sound as their musical taste, drawing on influences such as The Blockheads, Arab Strap, Talking Heads and The Specials.
Previously, Brian and Steve supplied the guitars and words for a now-defunct band called Betty Backskuttle, a band they say was infamously vain and famously unfriendly.
‘Big Wow’ was recorded during the lockdown at Liverpool’s Ark Recording Studios by Steve Powell (Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band) and Rory Ballantyne. Several years ago, the band debuted with their ‘Ba-jesus’ EP, recorded at Orphan Recording in Dublin with Peter Ashmore and Gavin Glass(Paul Brady, John Grant, Lisa Hannigan, Mundy), foreshadowed by the witty drunken single ‘Satdeenight Ready’.  They followed up with their ‘Uh’ EP in July 2019.

‘Big Wow’ is a prelude to the band’s impending 8-track release with Violette Records this coming summer “It’s a taster of what that release will not sound like. A bit of careless crack while waiting,” says Brian.

As of April 29, ‘Big Wow’ will be available digitally via iTunes and for Spotify. It can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

Recorded during the lockdown at Ark Recording studios (Liverpool)
Recorded by Steve Powell and Rory Ballantyne
Copyright BoBo records
Steven – guitar and voiceBrian  – bass and blowholeJake Woodward – drumsCover photo by Dave JonesCover design by Mark JordonBlond girl photo by Mickey RimmerGirl close up photo by Stuart LeeBoy and girl kissing photo by Ernest Moon

Keep up with Ernest Moon
Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | iTunes | Press contact

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Hot Laundry – Shake Slide Twist (Die Laughing Records 12 April 2021)

San Francisco based Garage Rock act HOT LAUNDRY have released their new EP Shake Slide Twist, out now via Die Laughing Records. 

HOT LAUNDRY Hit you with Hi-Octane Rock n Roll, hints of Motown, revved up guitars in the vein of MC5 and heavy dash of Delta Boogie. Shake Slide Twist is available now on all digital platforms.

Stream/buy Shake Slide Twist HERE

Hail, Hail, Hail, the Garage Soul Sensation, HOT LAUNDRY. Revitalizing, energizing, heart stomping, soul lifting good time. HOT LAUNDRY grips your attention in a sonic tonic, making you thirsty for another round. The 4 song EP picks you up and doesn’t let you down. Turn it up, let it out! Hail, Hail, Hail!!
‘’Like Blues Pills after a night on the town, it’s just effortlessly cool.
Maximum Volume Music 
‘’Pure Fiery Entertainment’’ Los Angeles Beat’

Hot Laundry is a San Francisco outfit that is kicking out a fresh new take on our beloved rock n roll.
Lead singer Janette Lopez will help you forget your worries and have you howling at the moon by the end of the night. Backed up by her always lovely backup singers and dancers. Ileath Bridges and Gena Serey are 100% genuine rock n roll. Sending you back to the 1960s bad girl garage band days.
Hot Laundry is serving up working class music. With lyrics reflecting hard work, hard times, love, and dancing all night. – Hot Laundry is rock n roll for your soul.

Keep up with Hot Laundry

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Caulbearers – Burst Through The Borders Single Cell Recordings 29 April 2021

Manchester’s Caulbearers radiate love on ‘Burst Through The Borders’ single 

Manchester-based Caulbearers present their new single ‘Burst Through The Borders’, influenced by modern, urban existence and celebrating the sacred in the everyday and the supposedly mundane. The fantastic single cover artwork was created by James Roper.

Caulbearers are a Manchester-based collective of musicians, formed in 2007 and led by Damien Mahoney, with contributors hailing from around the UK and Europe. A DIY ethic has coursed through the band’s work, including releases, design, production and much of the recording process. This hybrid ensemble is known for blending diverse musical styles and fusing them together on stage, weaving nu jazz and folk with elements of hip-hop, funk, dub, soul and afrobeat.

Written in 2017, the song’s lyrics for ‘Burst Through The Borders’ were inspired by timeless texts by authors such as Idries Shah, Kahlil Gibran and Neil Douglas-Klotz whilst simultaneously dreaming of a beautiful revolution occurring in the markets, pubs, boardrooms, hospitals and schools of our towns and cities.

“As a species, we have so many difficult challenges to find solutions for, that it can feel overwhelming to know where and how to start. I wanted to write something that had a total faith in the possibility of change, in the ability to transcend the complexities of our modern lives with simplicity. The song imagines this energy of love flooding through the world and transforming the institutions and purposes of our societies and our lives. By its nature, it dismantles the barriers that cause hardship for so many and the borders that separate us from each other.  I wanted to write something that included everyone and everything. I was imagining this powerful force, reaching and filling up all these places and the people in them, leaving no one behind,” says Damien Mahoney.

Mixed by Seadna Mcphail (Badly Drawn Boy, Jah Wobble, Everything Everything, I Am Kloot, Happy Mondays) and mastered by Jim Spencer (New Order, Johnny Marr, Charlatans, Factory Floor) at Eve Mastering in Greater Manchester, this track features numerous renowned musicians. Among them are drummer Howard Jacobs(808 State, Beth Gibbons, Homelife, Toolshed), guitarist Anton Hunter (Beats and Pieces Big Band, Article XI), cellist Stefan Skrimshire, bassist Nicholas Malin, and additional acoustic guitar by Andrew MuchaRuth Blake joins Damien Mahoney on vocals, while acclaimed composer and polyrhythmic pioneer Edward Chilvers contributes piano.  

Along with the A-side, Caulbearers presents a stunning b-side – Solid Supposed’ featuring Ruth Blake, whose latest single ‘Brave Ships’ was produced by Damien Mahoney. Not long ago, Caulbearers also released the single ‘Over Comes A Cloud’, which marked the beginning of a blossoming relation with Blake.

“This song is concerned with the macro and the micro of our experience: The wider, universal picture and the tiniest detail, with a gaze of love and compassion for all and a much needed sense of humour for the cosmic joke that we find ourselves part of. Out of states of difficulty and uncertainty sometimes come the more positive songs! The words can be the healing themselves, a reminder of a way out or through; that all is not lost, that transformation and renewal are possible,” says Damien Mahoney.

Caulbearers’ music and sound is influenced by an eclectic range of artists, including Bill Laswell, Toots & The Maytals, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Curtis Mayfield, Talking Heads, Andy Weatherall, Brian Eno, Lee Scratch Perry and The Specials.

‘Burst Through The Borders’ can be pre-ordered from all digital platforms including Bandcamp and Apple Music and will be released on April, 29th 2021.

Written, produced & edited by Damien Mahoney
Rhythm and guitar tracks recorded at Airtight Studios in Manchester
Vocal & instrument recording by Damien Mahoney at his Padded Cell studio
Mixed by Seadna Mcphail
Mastered by Jim Spencer at Eve Mastering in Greater Manchester
Video directed by James Stirzaker & Damien Mahoney
Filmed by Elizabeth Murphy, Damien Mahoney, James Stirzaker, Elia Santini, Richard Smith and Amii Priestley
Video editing & post-production by James Stirzaker
Single cover artwork by James Roper
Photos by Jan Schoof. Collages by James Stirzaker

Keep up with Caulbearers
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Keep up with Ruth Blake
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Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell – Deshta (Forever) (Atlantic Curve 9 April 2021)

Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell release ‘Deshta (Forever)’ from forthcoming ‘Burn’ LP

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell, best known for their work as part of the legendary band Dead Can Dance, present ‘Deshta (Forever)’, the second single from their forthcoming studio album ‘Burn’. The accompanying video is directed by cinematographer Michal Sosna.
Produced by James Chapman (MAPS), the long-play will be released on May 7 via Atlantic Curve, a London-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe.

“Deshta recalls a dream of eternity, spinning fearlessly into the perpetual Light,” says Lisa Gerrard.

Jules Maxwell adds: “Deshta has a dark brooding quality. James Chapman’s production has helped draw out a raw earthiness to the piece and Michal Sosna’s accompanying video is brilliantly disquieting and human at the same time.”

The record began its journey more than seven years ago, when Lisa met Irish theatre composer Jules Maxwell before working together for the first time. Things really took root when Gerrard and Maxwell began writing songs for their earlier collaboration ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares)’. They were later introduced to Chapman and asked him to produce this album, which represents a stunning departure for all three of them.

With Chapman joining the duo as producer, ideas generated freely and over time, a distinct sound for their work began to emerge. Their focus was to create something that was both euphoric and compelling; more inventive than what they had worked on separately in the past. From gentle beginnings, each track builds and intensifies, creating a hypnotic experience to listen to from start to finish. With Lisa remaining in Australia, Jules adding his keys and percussion from France, and James bringing new light to the sound from England, the three were literally worlds apart, but those worlds fused in this music.

“With ‘Deshta (Forever) the aim was to create a huge, expansive and spacious sound. It is a dark, uplifting and mysterious journey. The call and response sections in the vocals are especially haunting. It is a very immersive track, and it was a joy to work on,” says James Chapman.

Sosna’s video is among seven specially commissioned films to accompany the release of the album. The first of these, created by Polish director Jacob Chelkowski’s video for the title track ‘Noyalain (Burn)’, proves more than a little provocative in these days of Covid, as it portrays the simple, traumatic act of touching.

In early March, Jules Maxwell also released his sophomore solo album ‘Nocturnes’ – the debut release for the newly-formed Archangelo Recordings. This beautifully melancholic collection of instrumental pieces was written and recorded over the past four years, much of it in collaboration with the acclaimed UK-based Vincent Dance Theatre.

‘Deshta (Forever)’ and ‘Noyalain (Burn)’ are both available digitally across online platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. The full ‘Burn’ album, set for release on May 7, can be pre-ordered on vinyl, CD and digitally at

Keep up with Lisa Gerrard
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music | Press contact

Keep up with Jules Maxwell
Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music | Press contact

Keep up with Atlantic Curve
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Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets – Down on Commonwealth

Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets announce new album “Under the Neon Heat” with their first single “Down on Commonwealth”

Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets today release the digital single “Down on Commonwealth,” the lead track from the group’s second album, Under the Neon Heat. The single marks the debut of veteran guitarist Frank Agnew in the lineup. The album follows July 16 on CD, download, and 180-gram hot pink vinyl. The vinyl will be a strictly limited edition of 500 units. All formats come courtesy of Primal Beat Records and are available now for pre-order at Bandcamp or Road Dog Merch
The Lonely Streets are set to make good on the buzz generated by 2019’s Shake, Stomp and Stumble, the debut album which featured nine party-starting songs anchored by indelible melodies, heartfelt vocals, and powerful musicianship. New Noise Magazine described its tunes as “perfectly-crafted, three-minute pop songs that owe as much to Johnny Cash as they do the Adolescents,” while The Big Takeover compared the group’s approach to “a crunchier, power-pop-leaning Social Distortion.”
Active in Southern California since 2018, the group’s lineup is comprised of Greg Antista (lead vocals, songwriter, guitar), Frank Agnew (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals), Warren Renfrow (bass, accordion, vocals), and Jorge E. Disguster (drums, vocals). The members’ previous group affiliations are extensive: Antista (Joyride, Foxy), Agnew (Adolescents, Legal Weapon, T.S.O.L., 45 Grave), Renfrow (Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, Final Conflict, and tours with Adolescents and the Damned), Disguster (The Hangmen, Mink Daggers, Mr. Mirainga, live shows with Throw Rag).
“Down on Commonwealth” is a timely first taste of the upcoming Under the Neon Heat. Opening with ringing guitar and a propulsive rhythmic jolt, the song is both a wistful recollection of Antista’s youth and an invitation to engage in discussion about police reform. Police brutality was a frequent reality for most of the group members during their formative years in the SoCal punk scene, and “Commonwealth” underscores that the problem still exists. The lyric draws attention to Kelly Thomas, a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia who died in 2011 after succumbing to injuries from an attack by six members of the Fullerton Police Department.
“The song is a reminiscence about growing up in the Fullerton punk scene,” says Antista. “The intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue is the epicenter of all that. It was home to the first bars we snuck into and the pawn shops where we bought our first guitars. We have fond memories of seeing The Rocky Horror Picture ShowSuburbiaThe Decline of Western Civilization, and the Clash’s Rude Boy at the local Wilshire and Fox theaters. But the area has a dark side as well. The homeless situation is out of control. And local residents are still shaken by Kelly Thomas’ beating death by the police. Myself, and other members of the Lonely Streets have taken part in local protests related to his killing.”
A video clip for “Down on Commonwealth” was filmed in August 2020 during a concert livestream in tribute to local musician Steve Soto (1963-2018). It was the appropriate event for Agnew to make his live debut with The Lonely Streets considering that he had played alongside Soto in both the Adolescents and Legal Weapon.
“When it comes to strings and keyboards, there isn’t anything Frank can’t do,” says Antista. “Frank and I have been tight since we were 16 and I am sure Warren has known him just as long. Most importantly, he contributes to the sense of brotherhood in the band. Our new album is all about friendship, family, love and loyalty. We all feel lucky to still be here making music.”
Under the Neon Heat shares much of the musical approach and many of the themes of Shake, Stomp and Stumble. As Nate Jackson wrote in The OC Weekly, “Antista’s songs carry a tinge of angst and reckless abandon that suit his voice, a sturdy, punk-inspired howl that evokes the true emotion of an everyday man battling against heartbreak.” The majority of the new songs feature dynamic twin guitars, crisp rhythms, and lead vocals delivered with urgency. “Rosalita” and “Carmelita (Warren Does Warren)” follow in the tradition of the first album’s “Goodnight Ramona” and “Carmelita,” sweet tributes to local señoritas. All of the band members share Hispanic roots in the culturally-diverse Orange County scene.
But the album also branches into new areas. The Americana/roots influence is most prominent in the acoustic intro to “Unfinished Business” (which recalls Johnny Thunders’ “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory”), the rousing picking on “Broken Glass” (Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”), and even the tongue-in-cheek “Carmelita (Warren Does Warren),” a twangy Norteño number originally written by Warren Zevon and now updated with parody lyrics written and sung by Renfrow. Elsewhere, there’s the furious surf-guitar shimmy of “Tijuana Jail,” the melodic power pop of “Feel Alright” (featuring piano and handclaps), and the yearning, deeply emotive “Lonesome Casualty.” The latter track shares DNA with the prior album’s “Beat Down and Broken” as both tracks address California’s homeless situation.
 Under the Neon Heat: Tracklist
1. Down on Commonwealth
2. Feel Alright
3. Tijuana Jail
4. Rosalita
5. One More Mistake
6. Together Tonight
7. Lonesome Casualty
8. Unfinished Business
9. Broken Glass
10. Halfway to Whole
11. Carmelita (Warren Does Warren)
All songs by Greg Antista. Published by Greg Antista Music at ASCAP.
Except “Carmelita,” written by Warren Zevon and published by Warner Chappell Music. New parody lyrics by Warren Renfrow.
Produced & engineered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios, Orange, CA
Music recorded January – March, 2020. Vocals and mixing May – July, 2020

Keep up with Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify Bandcamp | YouTube | iTunes | Amazon Music

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Vexillary – The Geneticist Remixes (Blaq Records)

Vexillary Examines Science And The Human Condition With “The Geneticist Remixes”

Electronic artist Vexillary releases “The Geneticist” Remix EP, examining the role of science and its control of the human condition.

Looking at the world around us, it’s hard to ignore the significant role of science in our day-to-day existence. But this is nothing new, science has always been in control of the fate of the human condition. Vexillary tackled this idea head-on in ‘The Geneticist’—The closing track of the SurViolence EP.

“The Geneticist” Remix EP

‘The Geneticist’ was so rich in context and musical raw material that a sequel had to follow. This time, 3 different electronic scientists, Andy Martin, Signal Deluxe, and SPANKTHENUN re-engineered the track like geneticists manipulating genetic code to reach their desired outcomes. Tempos were augmented, beats were mutated, and new basslines were spawned, to unleash a whole new beast—The Geneticist Remixes EP.

Keep up with Vexillary

Bandcamp | Facebook

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Sex Gang Children – OLIGARCH (Liberation London Friday, April 23rd)


OLIGARCH – where the ghosts of Orwell & Huxley come together in this dark vision of our dystopian world.


Against the backdrop of breakdown-Britain, where the arts and subculture seem all but dying memories, post-punk outfit Sex Gang Children release their ninth studio album ‘OLIGARCH’.

True to their established uncompromising style and spirit, SGC provide an audio foray into the bleak times thrust upon us and an indictment on the dark forces that took us there.


Take a break from the nanny state. Be on the outside looking in. Lopsided global monopolies and top-heavy capitalist philosophies do not make sense.


Voice a challenge to those that would keep you down. Go to war and battle the spectre of our times – the Oligarch.


Band Bio


Formed by artist and activist Andreas McElligott (AKA: Andi Sex Gang) at the beginning of 1982, Sex Gang Children (SGC) quickly gained a reputation with their dark, intensely theatrical live performances and uniquely jagged art-rock style.

The band’s first single ‘Beasts‘, released in June 1982, topped the UK Independent Singles Chart and their seminal 1983 album ‘Song and Legend‘, produced by Tony James, went to #1 in the UK Independent Album Chart and entered the mainstream charts’ top 50. 1983 also saw the band collaborate with Soft Cell’s Marc Almond and Dave Ball for the single ‘The Hungry Years‘.

Film score composer Simon Boswell took on production duties for 1985’s album ‘Blind!‘, fulfilling the album’s dark cinematic feel. The following year SGC were invited by Italian horror movie director Dario Argento to write music for his latest film, ‘Phenomena‘ (‘Creepers‘ UK/US release). To the surprise of many in the press and music industry the 1989 album ‘Arco Valley‘ enlisted the production skills of the legendary Mick Ronson. The albums continued to flow. Medea, Veil, Demonstration, Bastard Art, and Viva Vigilante.

SGC have never compromised in their approach to the art and remain seminal figures in the Post Punk scene. The now widespread Goth movement looks directly to them as one of its founding fathers.

“There was one band called Sex Gang Children, a load of us used to hang out with their lead singer, Andi Sex Gang. He lived on the top floor of an old Victorian house. We’d go up there for tea and he’d be in a Chinese robe with black eye make-up on and his hair done up, playing Edith Piaf records. We had this vision of him as Count Visigoth in his tower, holding court. At the time Dave Dorrell from the NME heard us calling Andi ‘Count Visigoth’ and his followers Goths, so that’s what he called everyone in the scene.”

Ian Astbury (The Cult / Southern Death Cult)

Article: “The Gloom Generation” by Suzan Colon. Details Magazine, July 1997 edition.


Band Personnel


Vocals: Andi McElligott

Bass: John Rigby

Guitar: Jerome Alexander

Drums: Rob Stroud


OLIGARCH – Album Track Listing


01 Dead Peasants

02 Cannibal Lives

03 Masquerade

04 Bang!

05 Seraphim Fall

06 Asia Divine

07 Puritan Now

08 The Gorgon & The Sow

09 Berlin Kiss

10 Death Mask Mussolini

11 Barbarossa Revisited

Produced and mixed by Andi McElligott & John Rigby


UK Tour dates


Thur 8th July 2021

BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds

Friday 9th July 2021

BRADFORD Nightrain

Sat 10th July 2021


Thurs 22nd July 2021

BEDFORD Esquires

Friday 23rd July 2021

BRISTOL Exchange

Sat 24th July 2021

GLASGOW Ivory Blacks

Sun Sept 12th

FUTURAMA festival


Keep up with Sex Gang Children

Website | Bandcamp | Facebook

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Daemonia Nymphe – Witches’ Lullaby (31 March 2021)

Daemonia Nymphe return with the EP “Witches’ Lullaby”

Daemonia Nymphe is a Greek project formed in 1994 by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou aiming to perform and compose music with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments.

They are touring Europe since 2004 and they also composed and performed music for a multitude of theatrical productions (UK).

Their self- titled debut album came out in 2002 and was followed by “Remixed” in 2005, “Krataia Asterope” in 2007, “Psychostasia” in 2013 and “Macbeth” in 2016.

‘Macbeth’ was the Original Soundtrack that Daemonia Nymphe composed, arranged and performed for the theatrical production ‘Macbeth’, commissioned by the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

Daemonia Nymphe released these days the EP “Witches’ Lullaby” exclusively on Bandcamp until April 8 when it will be available to the rest of the digital platforms.

One of the plans of the last two years is finally comes to an end. Starting with “Witches’ Lullaby” that we composed for the theatrical play “Macbeth” we started an exploration of style and form in collaboration with Hatis Noit, Priscilla Hernandez, Victoria Couper and Rey Yusuf.

The result is reflected in the EP that has just been released. A very beautiful journey for us that we submit from our soul in these difficult times.

Denise Moreno is a trimmer witch

As I wrote, “Witches’ Lullaby” was originally written for the play Macbeth, which was staged at National Theatre of Northern Greece and directed by Anastasia Revi.

  In the play, this melody represented the Shakespearean witches, these enigmatic and dangerous beings who manipulate Macbeth and make us wonder if they are, in fact, the Fates.

   The lullaby is a melody that symbolizes birth, new life. Even in ancient Greek mythology life was influenced by the three “Moirai” (fates), Clotho (“spinner”), Lachesis (“allotter” or drawer of lots) and Atropos (“inexorable” or “inevitable”, literally “unturning”). The first represented the present, the second the future and the third the past, all that has happened and cannot be changed.

The lullaby has a silent power and the memory of it can follow a soul on its journey into this world. At the same time every lullaby changes meaning when the one who sings it also changes, when the protective force it emits has a different starting point and carries different dreams…

So we started with the dark lullaby of Shakespeare’s witches to create four original and different lullabies. All five artists involved in this project, had the freedom to create their own lullaby, giving it a different meaning each time. The Japanese Hattis Noit, the Spanish Priscilla Hernandez, the Portuguese Victoria Couper in collaboration with the Turkish Reyhan Yusuf of Turkish origin and the Greek Evi Stergiou, convey through their voices a memory of their own tenderness, strength and hope.

The whole project has been inspired and edited by Spyros Giasafakis.

Keep up with Daemonia Nymphe

Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | YouTube

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New digital single for Sweet Ermengarde

Sweet Ermengarde is a gothic rock project from Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr region reflecting the 1980’s British doom and gloom in all its finery.

By injecting other musical influences, ranging from ‘70s progressive rock, psychedelia, dark ambient and early postpunk the project is far from being a mere reproduction of the past. Sweet Ermengarde transpose their musical roots, in the shape of visceral and energetic sonics, into the heart of the drab 2020s: dark and atmospherically dense – ethereal, yet energetic soundscapes with plaintive foggy guitars, trance-inducing drums and the driving bass of the band’s founder and main figure Lars Kappeler. This otherworldly mixture of ingredients is elevated by the sombre tones of the present vocalist and lyricist D.

Both of their past releases, the ghostly romantic debut ‘Raynham Hall’ (2013) and the obsidian fever dream ‘Ex Oblivione’ (2016), are hailed as modern classics of the gothic rock genre.

In April 2021 Sweet Ermengarde eventually return with their long-awaited follow-up in the shape of a cryptic double-single release.

The project’s current core members joined forces with gothic rock’s supreme drummer Simon Rippin (The Eden House, ExNefilim/Fields of the Nephilim among others) as guest musician.

The resulting two tracks Kappeler attests as “without a doubt, Sweet Ermengarde’s best production – not least because of the fantastic mastering job of Glaswegian Gordon Young.

Like a black and white pillar, the 2021 single release showcases the two sides of the legendary German band.

Representing the lighter fraction of their œuvre, the melancholic yet deceitful pseudo-ballad Once You Break is a classically constructed mid-tempo track evoking the band’s earlier days of their ‘Raynham Hall’ era.

However, living in the aether between the debut and the sophomore album ‘Ex Oblivione’, it points forward, as it is neither fully the one nor the other. The alleged “song of hope” comes to shine with Kappeler’s and Rippin’s tight rhythm section, full of subtle musical nuances, dynamically perfectly fitting the lyric’s angsty but sweet and lustful apocalypticism.

The hypnotic and ritualistic gothic rock anthem Typhonian Trance is a completely different beast of a track. By fusing their native musical roots, in the form of opiatic krautrock elements, with the arcane, the single’s more obscure nightside atmospherically explores different planes of existence – just before demasking itself as an energetic and catchy thelemic paean.

This contrast between both songs is craftfully illustrated in the artwork once again provided by Madrid-based artist and illustrator Billyphobia for the single’s vinyl release.

On April 1st 2021 Typhonian Trance and Once You Break will be released as a digital single on all platforms.

The preorder for a limited 10’’ double A-sided vinyl will start the very same day on

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