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New Zero God – Live Streaming (Monday 14 June)

After the forced silence that we all experienced due to the pandemic, New Zero God return with a Live Streaming, on Monday, June 14 at 08:00 pm London Time.

The band will play live from Level 69 Live Studio, a selection of songs from the four New Zero God albums, in a Live Streaming that will be broadcast from the band’s facebook pages.

Event page:


Singer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Pougounas, leader of the legendary Greek goth band The Flowers of Romance for 18 years,  and main man for 7 more years of the industrial project Nexus, formed New Zero God in 2006.

As Terrorizer Magazine – UK wrote “his biography reads like the name-droppers guide to goth.”

After working under the production of Wayne Hussey, to the list of the band names Sisters of Mercy, The Mission and New Model Army that Pougounas supported with his previous bands, he added now with New Zero God, Christian Death, The Legendary Pink Dots and Andi Sex Gang.

New Zero God released so far the albums “Fun is a Four Letter Word” (Greece 2010), “Club Bizarre” (UK 2012), “MMXIII” (UK 2013), “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” (LP Greece 2016)

Their latest album “Circus of Tortured Melodies” came out in February 2019 with surprise appearances such as Andi’s from Sex Gang Children , Michael Clayton from Dark HorizonGeorge Katsanos from IncirrinaNikos Skiadopoulos from Blues Cargo and others.


•             Mike Pougounas – Vocals, keyboards

•             Babis Efthimiou – Drums, programming

•             Akis Nikolaides – Guitars

•             John Psimopoulos – Drums

•             Μichalis Semertzoglou – Bass

•             Studio albums:

o             Fun is a Four Letter Word (Greece 2010)

o             Club Bizarre (UK 2012)

o             MMXIII (UK 2013 – Greece 2014)

o             Short Tales & Tall Shadows (LP, CD, Greece 2016)

o          Circus of Tortured Melodies (LP, Digital Greece 2019)

•             Singles:

o             Second Chance (digital, 2011)

o             The Night Calls Your Name (digital, 2013)

o             Destination Unknown (Digital 2013)

o             Destination Unknown (Limited Collector’s 7” Vinyl Edition 2013)

o             Redemption (Limited 7” split vinyl single with Savage Cut 2016)

o             Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac (MC Custom Made Music USA 2018)

•             Live albums:

•            Zona Pericolosa – Live in Italy (digital, 2015)

•             Compilations:

o             In Your Dreams Again (Cover, Nexus) – Because God Told Me To Do It – Weapons of Magick – Thee Brad Miller Series (USA 2009)

o             Fun Is A Four Letter Word – Lollipop Magazine (USA 2009)

o             Dead Inside – Muz1ne #Δ Γκραντ Φινάλ (GR 2010)

o             Kiss The Witch – Devolution Magazine – Issue #30 (UK 2011)

o             Lap Of The Universe – Gothic Visions III (GER 2011)

o             Dead Inside – The Blackout Crypthology (UK 2012)

o             Lap Of The Universe – Sombrati Records – An Earth In Darkness (BRAZIL 2012)

o             In Dreams We Trust (Rat Mix) – A Deadfall Compilation, Volume 1 – Darkness Descends (UK 2013)

o             Intoxication – The Greek Underground Scene – 2013 Compilation (GR 2013)

o             Damaged – Xperiment XIII – Wicked Trax (AUS 2013)

o             Freakshow – A Deadfall Compilation, Volume 2 – Shadows Rise (UK 2013)

o             Until The End Of The Line – Intravenous Magazine’s Blood Pack, Vol. 1 (UK 2014)

o             Deadfall: Dark Secrets (UK 2014)

o             For the Bats Vol. 2 (USA 2015)

o             Voices from Mislealia Vol. 1 (Italy 2015)

o             Pen Like A Knife -A Deadfall Compilation, Volume 4 – : Absolution [UK 2015]

o             Broken Halo – The Unquiet Grave 2019 – Cleopatra Records [USA 2019]

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