Rohn – Lederman “All The Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid(aka “The River”) – COP International

11 Feb

Rohn – Lederman “All The Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid (aka “The River”) is the 3rd EP featuring a song of the acclaimed “Venus Chariot” album [#1 for 3 weeks in the DAC Charts] out on COP International. It features Remixes by Warren Harrison, GW Childs IV, and Emileigh Rohn [Chiasm] herself.

“The River” is one of the key moments of Venus Chariot: a beautiful and sad ballad. Rohn’s fragile and emotional vocal delivery is beautifully counterbalanced by Jean-Marc‘s music. He creates a stark canvas that allows the listener to experience every nuance of her exceptional voice. It is rare for artists to create enough space to let all elements really shine. Sometimes the note that is not played is the most important one. Jean-Marc’s musical mastery gives the whole record an incredibly intimate feeling. Like you just walked into a studio when the record button is on. Lyrically “The River” reveals a struggle that is not unfamiliar. Says Emileigh: I am comfortable in my sadness. It is a companion, steady at times, turbulent in others. It surrounds me, nourishes me, allows me to distinguish the joy I seek, tugs, and whispers, “Yes, we are alive”.

“So here’s to all the darkened things that we keep locked inside.”

Emileigh Rohn (short bio)

Emileigh Rohn is known mostly for her electronic solo project Chiasm, which has kept her musically occupied for over 20 years.  More recently, she completed an album with John Fryer titled “Missed The Noise”, and since has been working with Jean-Marc Lederman on this project.  She also plans to continue her solo work in the near future. ER about VC: I am just in awe of what we’ve created in such a short period.  It’s so open and honest feeling, exactly what we needed to express during a time that the world was closed.  I’m ecstatic to share this with others, we did great!

Jean-Marc Lederman (short bio)

Mild-mannered Belgian music composer, Jean-Marc Lederman has been working with the likes of Fad Gadget, The The, Gene Loves Jezebel but mainly with his own bands like The Weathermen (with their underground hit “Poison”) or Ghost & Writer (with Frank Spinath from Seabound). He is working as well in the fields of movies and video games.

Fans can buy “All The Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid (aka “The River”) HERE

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