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New Zero God – Circus of Tortured Melodies

New Zero God‘s fourth album is not a release of a bunch of songs that patiently waited to fill it. It is a statement of what this band is capable of musically.

Circus of Tortured Melodies” is a journey through the music that inspired them throughout the years, without sticking on genres or scenes. It is a loosely concept album on the complexity of modern life and it’s effects on everyone of us.

Andi Sex Gang (Sex Gang Children) introduces us to this imaginary circus followed by the funky bass lines of “What’cha Gonna Do?”, a reference to the deadlocks we face on a daily basis. “Hell Bet on me to Lose” is a garage-punk treat with catchy riffs, while “Rock ‘N’ Roll Puppet” enchants with its bluesy harmonica. “Busking” is an introspective Appalachian monologue, “Mother Nature” sounds like an extract from the Stone’s “Their Satanic Majesties Request” and yet the amazement is not over. The album is ending with a schizophrenic (but not confusing) song triad: The haunting “Charlie Boy”, the hard rock riffs on “Evolution” and the power ballad “Carry On”.


“Circus of Tortured Melodies” is a stroll along the sources of all neuroses; unfulfilled dreams, emotional insecurity, politics, domestic manipulation, society standards, over-consumerism, compromise and the environmental disaster. And once you listened to it, you get addicted.

Cover photo by Costas Papapanos

Band photo by Elias Moraitis

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New Model Army -Winter



There is only a handful of bands with the gift of adapting to the constantly changing musical environments but still keeping their unique identity. New Model Army is one of them and have proven that ability during the whole course of their fourteen albums.

“Winter” finds the band from Bradford in unhurried vibes not very different than “Between Dog And Wolf” yet more creepy and powerful as a score for a post-apocalypse film. In the opening track “Beginning” they disembark the mother ship and continue with atmospheric but heavy soundscapes such as “Burn The Castle” or the bowieish “Echo November”. And yes, there’s some good old folk in “Winter” and “Die Trying”. Again, political to the core; New Model Army will spread the militant sparkle till the end of time and beyond. And this is a feature known by their fans and respected by the rest (of the wicked…).

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Ummagma – Lama


Ummagma is a duo formed when Canadian Shauna McLarnon and Ukranian Alexx Kretov met in Moscow. They reside in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and apart form their love to frozen territories, they share a love to Cocteau Twins, The Sundays and Slowdive. A perfect mix of influences that rightly classifies them under the nugaze movement and earned the praise of  Robin Guthrie, Malcolm Holmes (Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark) and Swervedriver’s Graham Bonnar.

The journey started in 2003 in s DIY manner until they found the way to a proper album, “Antigravity” which was released in 2012 followed by “Ummagma” the same year. In 2013 they released a single called “Rotation/Live and Let Die” followed last year by an ep called “Split” and a mini album with the remixes of the opening track of “Antigravity“, “Lama”.

Lama” does not only come to shake the dancehalls around Europe-where they are highly appreciated-but also to express the band’s admiration to pop musicand reconnect it to their genre. We are talking about 80’s pop (A Copycat remix) and old-school trance (Irregular Disco Workers Acid Feel remix)  with some touches of techno (Alexander Robotnick remix) and Broadcast’s electro (Theatre of Delays remix). Believe it or not it is a remix album that you are listening to to the end, which is a bit unusual not only with remix albums but also with 12” maxi singles.

If you don’t live in Whitehorse you can find them here:

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Hapax – Stream of Conciousness


With a voice that can lead legions of troops to war, synths that have not changed settings since 1986,and a guitar always discreet and switched to the ethereal mode, you’re in the halfway to the goth awareness. Hapax continue the central European tradition which does not allow any major digressions off the minimal dark style that reigned in the mid 80’s.

Hapax are coming from Italy and “Stream of Consciousness” is their debut album released by SwissDarkNights two days before the dawn of 2014. Dotted with nostalgic electronic bass lines, extensive orchestral backgrounds and under the sleepless eye of a strict rhythm box this album performs well on the composition section but it seems to meet the needs of a forward-looking effort. Nevertheless, we are talking about a debut and this band has all the credentials to climb higher until they feel the breath of the Editors.

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Red Sun Revival – Embers (ep)

Embers” is a brand new ep from Londoners Red Sun Revival, following their debut album “Running from the Dawn” released two years ago. They can be considered as a super group since Rob Leyton plays the guitar for The Eden House (his colleague Steve Carey is the producer of this ep as well as their previous album), Matt Helm is the gutarist of the promising Pretentious, Moi?, Panos Theodoropoulos shares his bass talent with greek gothic metal-heads Cloud by Night and The Mayors and violinist Christina Emery who has collaborated with Titan and played keyboards for FutureFrenetic.

The ep is the physical evolution of their 2012 album with four brilliant haunted atmospheric songs with the appropriate touch of folk by the hand of Emery. Do no pass “Embers”, we are talking about ripe melancholic gothic rock which should be filed under “classic”.

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The Faces of Sarah – Past Life (ep)

The Faces of Sarah | Past Life

The Faces of Sarah is a London based band counting a lot of miles on the road and a quite long hiatus since their formation in 1999. Vocalist Nick Schultz is the only member of the founding line up accompanied by Lucas P. and Dave “Allen” Turner on guitars, bassist Danny Wintringham and drummer Steve Higgins.

Made up of five brand new songs, “Past Life” marks the return of the of the band after four years and will certainly elate their followers worldwide. Their amalgam of hard rock/metal and gothic rock with a touch of pop can easily thrill old-school hard rock fans who also appreciate a little bit of dark ambience and vocals that skillfully move from epic to goth. And yet this band handles all the hard rock cliches so cunningly that after a couple of listenings you have to admit that what you’ve heard, you have heard it before but not The Faces of Sarah way.


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Peter Murphy – Lion


It is ten solo albums since the godfather of goth departed Bauhaus and the music world has gained a lyrical persona missing, after David Bowie killed Ziggy Stardust. Every recording attempt was brilliant and “Lion” does not escape the point.

Murphy walks hand by hand with Martin Glover aka Youth, the Killing Joke bassist who has been transformed into a multi-producer. Although it was recorded within days, the production sets high standards and elevates Murphy’s vocal abilities to the stars.

Hang Up” introduces the new trend far from his experimentation with bleeps and eastern music. It goes close to the roots utilizing industrial sharpness and power pop intensity (luckily, not the arena way).

I am my Own Name” is not a hymn to his ego, it’s a song that travels from the symphonic orchestras to the haunting industrial chills, enough to be credited as the most theatrical track of this release.

Low tempos of “Compression” incorporate dandy attitude and somber soundscapes and end up to a dramatic guitar crescendo, while in “Eliza” he sings like there is no tomorrow reminding us his Bauhaus era and his gothic coronation.

With the maturity of the 57 years he stands on this planet, Peter Murphy can now feel that pleased with his accomplishments. He has defined his art, he has painstakingly handled his talent and built his career gracefully. For these reasons, “Lion” should be considered as an excellent album.

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Echo and the Bunnymen – Meteorites


Thirty six years later, and only Ian McCulloch and Will Seargeant left to promote the Echo and the Bunnymen legacy. “Meteorites” is their 12th studio album five years after the weak “Fountains“. According to McCulloch, symbolizes what the band is: up in heaven, untouchable, celestial, beautiful and real.

Up in heaven? Maybe “Heaven up Here” is closer to this statement. Echo and the Bunnymen are very down-to-earth and their music has lost the spark and it is limited to the “good pop music” side. Not bad at all, we are talking about experts with the ability to transform a piece of music into an elegy.

Untouchable? Hmm, this applies to McCulloch’s attitude; he thinks he has formed the greatest band on earth which is absolutely acceptable for every band member on this planet but this guy spices it with extra inflated self-confidence and arrogance.

Celestial, beautiful and real? British pop has always been celestial and Echo and the Bunnymen were one of the pioneers. The message has been spread to current bands that know how to handle it to the next generation. Coldplay for instance; sometimes they can remind us Echo and the Bunnymen but it’s sour when this works vice versa.

But yes, they are still capable of writing beautiful and real songs. “Constantinople” is a 5-minute masterpiece, a shaking reminder that they are masters of virtuosity. “Is This a Breakdown?” is a groovy theme, great before a Saturday night out and “Lovers on the Run” with its ethereal guitar, goes back to the good old days nostalgic as ti is meant to be.

It is more likely to stumble on a meteorite than to find good music nowadays. After all “Meteorites” is not bad. And it is a good effort.

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Bored Teenagers Vol.7 28 Great British Punk Originals ’77-’82 – Compilation


Being bored back in the 70’s, could turn you into a punk rock hero. Or not? Anyway, after six series of well documented british punk we come to the seventh volume. Safety pins on and down the road then.

First we’ve got The Singles with their single “Adolf Hitler/Mercy“, a nice starter of urban british punk. In The Gym happily follow to kick your heads off and then Katz with a satisfying combo of six songs.

Being a band from Portishead, does not necessarily means that you’ll be named Portishead, to the contary Chaos UK is fine. The hardcore veterans offer their single “Summer of Hate/I Wanna Be Left Alone” in the name of alive and pacey punk. Then The Hobbs arrive for a couple of rounds at the local but only when The What and The Vendettas are in town.

The compilation closes with Skidmarx, a nervous quartet from the east, and the straight punk by North Londoners System X.

Rather than searching around for lost and forgotten singles of this particular bristish punk period, the Bored Teenagers series puts a disordered era in order and a nostalgic smile in your face.


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Unida _26_6 @An Club, Athens


There is no doubt that stoner and sludge are the only metal subforms that can attract people outside the heavy metal barriers. That is well understood by Johnny Garcia, singer of the stoner legends Kyuss who has formed three side projects (Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano), has provided vocals for numerous bands and he is ready to release a personal debut with songs written throughout his 25-year singing career.

Unida is a band that released an one an only album “Coping with the Urban Coyote” back in 1999 and dissapeared in the middle of the 00’s mostly because of issues with the record industry that spawned a ghost album “The Great Divide” which can be found as a bootleg only. Nevertheless, the band is back together since 2012 and plays around the world. The Athens gig was Garcia’s personal wish as he mentioned somewhere in the middle of the show, since it was the fourth time in town. An club is not a huge venue but it was nearly packed for the sake of desert rock.


The band lavishly offered their bigger than life riffs by the hands of Arthur Seay who also plays the role of the frontman and the communicator. Their rhythm section stands on a professional level and Garcia’s voice is as fresh as it was two decades earlier. “Wet Pussycat” was the ideal intro, followed by the heavy and steady tunes of “Thorn“. The 10-minute jamming was something we could leave without, but they put things back in place very quickly, epecially with “Black Woman” for the encore that left nobody without moving a piece of their bodies.

No matter Idio,CA is so far away from Athens, Unida embody the whole desert attitude, and the audience happily enjoy.

[photos by Alexandros Sevastos]

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