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Mission Possible

Mission possible …….The phone rang, with a crackle on the line “Oi Oi

Mr Alucard ..  your mission ..if you chose to accept it is to attend three gigs in

four days”   That’s possible I thought, Where what who and when .I took the details.

The first gig of the three was at the Hop Wakefield .I am not sure what the venue was trying to be, pub disco or art gallery .It had recently be refurbished and looked very nice and clean even the bogs! Downstairs there was a little corner stage complete with a little man whaling away about some thing but the main event was upstairs,

through the labyrinth of corridors and anti-rooms each with a bar inside. Jez and I bumped into a familiar face Eddie from The Vibrators, hang on …who have we come to see?

the U.K.Subs supported by Eureka Machines Eddie was helping out on transport duties

Eureka Machines looked smart, played hard and coordinated .I have seen this band before at the York D-V8 festival last year and had enjoyed their set .Once again they never disappointed. Now for the headline act the U.K.Subs.

With a slight smile and a nod of the head Charlie Harper attached his very own microphone to the stand and launched into the set. Like the Swiss movement of an expensive time peace the band, sharp and tight run through their classic numbers” I Live in a car” “C. I. D”  “Emotional Blackmail” to name but three plus, great to hear numbers from the new album “Work in Progress” stand out numbers “Hell is other People” “creation”

Snake hips Jet weaved backwards and forwards across the stage; only looking up to get a cue from Jamie on the drums .Alvin Gibbs had a problem his Thunderbird bass guitar

was in Bristol and we were in Wakefield! A guy from the support band lent his bass out to Alvin who caressed and ran his fingers up and down the fret board like rain droplets on a stormy day. Young Jamie Oliver must rank as one the countries best drummers, his sticks move with the grace and speed of helicopters rotor blades.

Charlie, still celebrating his 67th birthday was as ever the essence, of a hypothetical form of dark energy moving around the stage .He only knew about his birthday as one of his sons

phoned him up to wish him well! Hey…. the band do requests, as part of the encore

they went into “party in Paris” Time passed with a flourish ….here’s to the next gig !

Gig number two, Wilko Johnson at Fibbers York. I was looking forward to seeing the new revamped Fibbers but oh no ………I was disappointed – how much had they spent – it looked unfinished to me, poor standing area  poor bar area and  sh*t toilets –I would say the stage itself was better for the performers that’s the only plus point –

NO – bring back the old Fibbers please! Wilko a  pre-punk man is R and B.His

Influence permutated through the fledgling punk rock scene. With in his band is

Norman Watt Roy he and his bass guitar are as one .Most say that he is the worlds best bass player – who I am to argue!  With a mad steer in his eyes Wilko charges round the stage with his machine gun guitar songs like “back in the night” “roxette”

The last day of the mission and it was back to York, The Duchess this time to see Captain Sensible. Last time I saw the Captain Sensible Band I co – promoted the gig at the Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, the line up that night included three members of a little known band called The Damned. After bumping into Monty (The Damned’s keyboard player) he confirmed who was in the line up – Captain (of cause) Paul Gray (ex Damned bass player) Monty and Dave Berk ( ex Johnny Moped drummer)

.Jez and I settled down at the front of the stage to saviour the sight and sound of the evening’s entertainment. A haze of smoke and 1 2 3 4 into the set

“the love policeman” “wot” “glad it’s all over “ plus top favourites of mine “neat neat neat “ and “life goes on” .The band looked at ease with each other joking and smiling

through out the set . A quick backstage Hello with Captain …then home

mission accomplished .

Thanks to Jez and special mention to Agent Joe 90 (code name Red Top )

Dave Alucard (Pogo Crew)


Borassick Steve

Through time there has always been musicians on the edge of the music business as such ploughing their own groove!  Borassick Steve is one of these unsung heroes .

Q how long and in what forms have you been involved in music ?

I’ve been involved in music now for decades in one way or another.  I was hooked, like many others I suppose, by The Beatles who prompted me to buy my first guitar.  It was a cheap mail order jobbie with a plastic strap and a pick up and it sure took some hammer.

I wrote my first song on my mother’s knee, my second on her thigh and upwards as I grew until, finally, after writing my last song on her forehead, she bought me an exercise book.

In the seventies, I met my long time song writing buddy, Dave.  He was an art student and, during the summer holidays, we both worked at the local K Y factory and I guess we just sort of gelled.  We started writing together and performing at local folk clubs.  Under the name Crappo, we offered such moving ballads as ‘Irma the Squirmer’, ‘Flasher Pete’ and ‘Dennis the Barbarian’ to our ever growing band of followers.  Many local musicians joined us on stage at different periods and some have never gotten over it…

Dave and I still write together and our latest project is under the name of Basecode and Tuffandrumble.  Songs can be found here.

I myself have, over the years, managed a record shop, ‘Less Then Zero’.  I still work part-time for the Performing Rights Society as a researcher and currently write and perform as Borassick Steve.

Q Where did the name Borassick Steve come from?

Borassick Steve was born when I was sacked from my job because I wouldn’t work for nothing.  Find me here.

Q who or what are your influences – how do you go about writing a song ?

My influences and inspirations are so many, from the Fab Four to Dylan to Costello to Jake Thackeray.  Some of my songs start life as a phrase or an idea and then just grow quickly like weeds.  Some start as little riffs or tunes that I throw words at until they stick.  When you’re writing a song, whatever you do, don’t let music get in the way.

Q what are your recording techniques ?

Being borassic, I record my songs on four-track tape or straight to video and then transfer them to computer – crude but effective, and certainly cheap.

Q last one – could you name your top three favourite gigs you have been to and your top three favourite records of all time .

Gigs I will always remember are:

Frank Sidebottom at Grimsby Comedy Club.  He was a one off – genius.  The Stones in the Park in ’69 and Pink Floyd at Knebworth 1975.  Both great events that I won’t forget, as long as I remember them…

Three records that everyone should have are ‘Four Letters’ by The Donkeys, ‘Should the Bible be Banned’ by McCarthy and ‘It’s Not My Fault’ by Buddy Holly.

Download them NOW.


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The Pogo Crew

Jez Keefe. Dave Alucard. xx2

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An Obsessive Compulsion

An Obsessive Compulsion

For music and especially live music…

In this time of the “download generation”, economic recession, banking chaos and corporate control, music is still fundamental in giving a voice to those who like ourselves would otherwise never be heard!

Obsessive Compulsive is the name of a gothic, punk, metal, grunge ( that seems to have every genre covered ) rock band from the dark side of Manchester. With a healthy D.I.Y philosophy to life and music they are making big noises in small venues. A band that firmly believes in NOT ass-kissing unlike those music industry controlled puppets with little or no individual identity who are forced onto the music buying public.

Having recently been out on tour with the fabulous Acey Slade and the Dark Party as support, we managed to see the band live in Sheffield, York and Grimsby. Powerful driven performances which leave us wanting more. All this with an excellent new self financed album to promote. Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams. Bring it on!!

Consisting of Kelii ( vocals ) Giz ( guitar ) Pete ( bass ) & Dani ( drums ) Obsessive Compulsive are musically and visually powerful. Flame haired singer Kelii delivers lyrical content with fire and brimstone while being flanked by Giz & Pete. Giz whirls around on stage, hair flailing in an almost shamanic trace delivering flesh cutting guitar riffs while Pete metronomically rocks back and forth playing a deep down dirty bass sound. All the while Dani drives their sound forward with power and ferocity on thunderous drums. Extra sonic interest is given when Kelii adds a second guitar to the mix. The band play with abandonment and self belief with the audiences responding positively. They may be the support band but they can hold their own as a headline act engaging the audience with songs like $$, Autopsy, Man Vs Machine and Dave’s favourite, Exit.

Having talked to both Pete and Kelii at a couple of the gigs they are looking to push the band forward, wishing to play and reach out to more people. The band were pleased to get a distribution deal with HMV but as Pete said it is a fine balance between breaking even or even making money!

Their debut album Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams being released in May this year on Vociferous Records ( the band’s own rebel record label ) shows why Obsessive Compulsive are real contenders.

The band recorded the self-financed album at the Parlour Studios with the acclaimed producer Russ Russell at the mixing desk. The tracks are dark, bold, venomous, bleak with intensity and self belief. Lyrically the band pull no punches, hitting you squarely on the chin to deliver a knockout blow, typically epitomized by the lyrics from Man Vs Machine. ” I will not be machinery. I may be lost but at least I’m fucking free. I’ll fight your tyranny. You won’t get to me…”

The album consists of an impressive eleven tracks, with heavy powerful tracks sitting alongside more passionate emotional slower songs giving an overall continuous flow but all the while giving you the feeling it could exploded at any moment. A great debut album, well worth buying… Even better LIVE!!

You can check them out here:

Official Site | FacebookMySpace

Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams is available to buy from:

The Pogo Crew

Jez Keefe. Dave Alucard.   XX1

Pictures :

Courtesy of Jez Keefe

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