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Lusterlit – Flight

Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland are the book-inspired musical duo Lusterlit. Their 2017 EP LIST OF EQUIPMENT is filled with “ominous, noirish, literary chamber pop” and they have a new video, directed by Deb Magocsi, for the joyous song Flight. It’s inspired by THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE by Jonathan Lethem and is filled with images that conjure the magic, the Brooklyn, and the altitude of the story, not to mention Ms. Josephine Baker.


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The Decrees – Sons of Rage (27 October 2017)

Scotland’s The Decrees Announce Double A-side Single ‘Sons of Rage’

Scotland’s The Decrees have announced they will release their new single ‘Sons of Rage’, comprised of two tracks, the other one being ‘West Sierra’. Hailing from Fife, Scotland, The Decrees are a no-holds barred Rock ‘n’ Roll band possessing high-octane energy from the punk realm. They mix different blends of genres in their songs but still retain a raw and provocative take on music that is reminiscent of a bygone age.

‘Sons of Rage’ was recorded by Michael Brennan, Jr. of The Substation (Mogwai, Snow Patrol, Super Furry Animals, Loop, Primal Scream) and mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones, Lana Del Rey).

The band was formed in early 2016. Their line up comprises of vocalist Lewis Akers, bassist Caitlin Petrie, guitarist Callum Bell and drummer Kieran Bell. Since their formation, The Decrees have become quite popular locally and are now becoming better known on the national scene.

In April of this year, The Decrees released their debut four-track EP ‘Screams From Suburbia’, offering a musical account of the everyday experiences of the monotony of modernity. This release blends full-throttle rock music with catchy choruses and beats.
‘Sons of Rage’ was one of the first songs the band wrote after forming, retaining their trademark sound while weaving in an infectious Celtic rock melody. This beckons to the forgotten past, to the band’s Scottish roots, affectionately nestled in the band’s collective psyche. This follows in the same vein of such Celtic-folk tunes as ‘The Gael’, steadily imparting strong and re-occurring themes and melodies, and coupled with the strong, driving and near-primal beats throughout. The music follows and compliments the triumphalism embedded in the lyrics.
This is a significant release for the band as it shows a more emotive side of their music, transmitting a massive dose of positive energy while also resonating with deeper musical inspirations.
“Lyrically and musically, this song is a serenade to that something better found over the horizon, way past those neon lights. It’s about directing all your energies into chasing something you desire. Something that you are waiting for and hoping it won’t pass you by,” says guitarist Callum Bell. “It is about those intrepid few in the past who achieved the impossible.”
“We like to be explosive. We want to put on a performance, and for us, it’s as much theatre as it is music at times,” says vocalist Lewis Akers.”We like it when the audience gets up and dances with us as well”.

The Decrees’ influences range from The Doors, Hawkwind, and The Sex Pistols to The Who, AC/DC and Issues. Guitarist Callum Bell’s love for Stuart Adamson of Big Country and also Gaelic-folk music are felt particularly in ‘West Sierra’. a new era of rythmic rage and musical rebellion!

The ‘Sons of Rage’ single will be released on October 27 and made available on all the regular online stores and streaming sites, but is already available for pre-order via The Decrees’ Bandcamp.

1. Sons of Rage
2. West Sierra

Keep up with The Decrees

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M&E 25th Anniversary – The UWU Collection Release Weekend

Long before the internet, back in the 80s and 90s, there was an underground movement.

It was called The Cassette Movement and it was a network of musicians, radioshows, fanzines, live clubs, festivals, record labels and distributors being in touch like a community.

One of the main label/distributors in England was called Music & Elsewhere and the name of the man behind it was Mick Magic.

The label started in 1987 and as he says: It was “the label for bands who put their music before the money and their souls before the world…

A few months ago, Mick started working on a special Music & Elsewhere 25th Anniversary Collection titled “United World Underground Collection“.

It is presenting “key” releases of his 80s/90s distribution and it will be released with a weekend long online festivity with News, Pictures, Postings, Music, Videos, Freebies and Downloads.

Starts (and release time) at 16:00 UTC on Friday 13th October, finishes at 18:00 UTC on Sunday 15th at -The World Clock:

The following is taken from Mick’s site:

And the day will come! Green for go, oh yeah, the first of the special M&E 25th Anniversary Collections will soon be with you, a little later than billed, but this is the underground, that’s the way it rolls. I actually started on this project back in January, and it’s probably taken up most of my spare time all year, but I have to say I’m really pleased with the end result, well worth the effort. Of course, it would have been out in the Summer if somebody hadn’t decided to break daddy’s hand, c’est la vie, we’ll let her out of the cellar soon, don’t worry. So, what’s in store with this magnificent collection? The Lightscribe finished data disc contains 30 albums, including several 25th anniversary specials, all in high quality 320kbps mp3 format (the ‘Decadion’ releases were only 128kbps, nobody complained but we wanted to make this really special), a further 4½ hours of bonus material, 4 books (PDF format) and a bonus CD (the original United World Underground compilation from 2001). The two disc set comes presented in a DVD style clear Amaray case, 33 hours of music in all, and plenty to read, including the 64 page illustrated booklet that accompanies the collection. When it came to the price, I wasn’t really sure what to do. If you make something too cheap, people might think it’s no good and shy away. But then if I’d priced something like this realistically, it would make it much less affordable, and I really want everyone who would like a copy to be able to have one. So I went with the wisdom of crowds and asked our supporters; “What do you think would be a fair price for a 25 album mp3 collection?” The average of all responses came back at £15.67, but I figured I could do better than that. So I added another five albums and rounded it down to £15, and I’m thinking I’ll probably make that a global ‘United World Underground’ price too, hopefully including P&P, see how the sums add up...”

The Artists:

ENGLAND – Magic Moments At Twilight Time & The Charles – “Mick & Chris On Acid… The Album!” (C-4005, 1987)

GERMANY, WEST & EAST – Lord Litter – “Torn Between Temptations” (M&E 012, 1992)

FRANCE – X Ray Pop – “Under My Skirt” (M&E 028, 1992)

SCOTLAND – Glass – “Glass Planet” (M&E 590, 2003)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – L.G. Mair Jr. – “Drōn” (M&E 395, 1997)

BELGIUM – Galactic Lilah Et L’Orchestre-Fantôme – “Essais Somnanbuliques – Volume 1: Anima Spiralia” (M&E 105, 1992)

WALES – Sons Of Selina – M&E 25th Anniversary Special Collection (1992-95)

ITALY – Mana ERG – “Another” (Self Released CDR, 1999)

GREECE – The Flowers Of Romance – “The Story So Far… And Further!” (M&E 088, 1992, M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)

Adding a further half an hour to the original release, much of which includes remastered versions, including extra tracks from the Flowers, Nexus and New Zero God, thus bringing the story up to date. Plus exclusive ‘piano and voice’ bonus track of Flowers classic, “Winter Waltz”, specially performed by the New Zero God himself, Mike Pougounas, and Tsiri Band’s Irene Tiniakou.

AUSTRIA – Karg – “Kira” (M&E 116, 1992)

FINLAND – Pornorphans – “Seasoned With Love” (M&E 448, 1998)

CANADA – Jaws Of The Flying Carpet – “Live At The Whipping Post” (M&E 402, 1997)

THAILAND – Rotton Kidz – “Green Asia” (M&E 235, 1993)

BELARUS – Zartipo – “Live” (M&E 302, 1995)

LITHUANIA – Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu – “Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu” (M&E 091, 1992)

POLAND – The Witches – “Witchcraft” (M&E 214/347, 1993-96)

UKRAINE – Elza – “Monsters Movie / World Of Elza” (M&E 248, 1994)

THE NETHERLANDS – Trespassers W – “Buzz” (M&E 260, 1994)

JAPAN – Toshiyuki Hiraoka – “T” (M&E 554, 2000)

AUSTRALIA – Eye / Aya – “…” (M&E 427, 1998, M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)

SWITZERLAND – Religious Overdose – “Flatus Flow Rate” (M&E 312, 1995)

NORWAY – Sister Sinister – “Sister Sinister” (M&E 559, 2000)

SWEDEN – Dark Side Cowboys – “Review” (M&E 366, 1996)

SPAIN – Anima Mundi – “En Directo” (M&E 379, 1997)

BULGARIA – The Legendary Poptones & M. Nomized – “The Story Of An Acoustic Dream” (M&E 397, 1997)

CROATIA – Space Invaders – “Planet Blue” (M&E 413, 1997)

PORTUGAL – Ras.Al.Ghul – “Ras.Al.Ghul” (M&E 428, 1998)

RUSSIA – Artemiy Artemiev – “Electroshocking Works” (M&E 475, 1999)

ROMANIA – Levente – “Turning Pages” (M&E 596, 2003)

SOUTH AFRICA – Sphinx – “The Secret Of…” (M&E 065, 1992, M&E 25th Anniversary Special Edition)


Includes tracks from Into The Abyss (Greece), Dark Star (Germany), Eye (Australia), Earth (Germany), Grass Harp (Germany), Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal), Idiom (England), Blacklight Braille (U.S.A.), Lord Litter (Germany), The Stinking Badger Of Java (Australia), Neo (England), T.M.R. (England), Cosmic Dance Society (Germany), Love In A Plague (England) and Steve Andrews (Wales).

Mick Magic adds: “Just thought you might like to see the pile of freebies we have to give away over the “UWU Collection” online Release Event this weekend, and that’s not to mention all the downloads! I’ll be here most of the weekend (when I’m awake), sharing music and videos, why not pop in and join me whenever you’ve got some time to kill? It’s 33 hours of amazing underground music we’re trying to tempt you with, and all at an amazing underground price. But whether you go for it or not, there’s clearly no need to leave empty-handed…

As Lord Litter puts it:

The United World Underground Collection is a Lightscribe data disc, contains 30 albums, including several 25th anniversary specials, all in high quality 320kbps mp3 format, a further 4½ hours of bonus material, 4 books (PDF format) and a bonus CD (the original United World Underground compilation from 2001). The two disc set comes presented in a DVD style clear Amaray case, 33 hours of music in all, and plenty to read, including the 64 page illustrated booklet that accompanies the collection…

If you really want to get know how it all was … here’s your chance:

The event can also be reached on Facebook

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Hologram Teen – Between The Funk and The Fear (Polytechnic Youth 02 October 2017)

Stereolab’s Morgane Lhote Premieres ‘God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia’ from Debut Hologram Teen LP

London Label Polytechnic Youth has announced the forthcoming release of Hologram Teen’s debut album ‘Between The Funk and The Fear’ and is previewing the lead track ‘God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia’.

Hologram Teen is the solo electronic motorik disco project of Morgane Lhote, known to many for her work as long-term keyboard player in the seminal indie kosmische act Stereolab. Morgane recorded and performed with the band during their imperial phase between 1995 and 2001, when they released a series of career defining albums including ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’. Later on, she did a stint in The Projects and, from 2005, played in Garden with members of Simian Mobile Disco before starting the Hologram Teen project. Having lived in Paris, NYC she has since settled in LA, where she produces her current project.

This is her first solo album since those days. It includes 11 killer occasionally whacked-out tracks, inspired by a multitude of key figures from varying genres – the soundtracks of Goblin and John Carpenter, 1970s French Disco and psychedelic Brazilian rock, Congolese Soukous, and the string arrangements of François de Roubaix and Jean-Claude Vannier.

‘God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia’  entails a collaboration with Sukiaan electronic band based in Camarillo, California. Formed in the early 1990s, Sukia took their name from the Italian vampire comic book of the same name. The Dust Brothers like them so much that they produced their album ‘Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo’, along with Jerry Finn, and released it on their own label Nickelbag Records in the USA. It was released through Mo Wax Records in the UK. Sasha Fuentes and Craig Borrell of Sukia played guitar, flute, synths, and sang on this new track, producing a slice of cinematic psychedelia where Ennio Morricone meets Jean-Luc Godard at the mouth of the Styx River. Their song ‘Feel’n Free’ also featured in the Oscar-nominated soundtrack to the film ‘The Big Short’.

‘Between The Funk and the Fear’ follows Hologram Teen’s widely acclaimed ‘Marsangst’ EP, released via Happy Robots Records last year. Apart from Sukia, Morgane Lhote is joined on his new album by Swedish musician Orange Crate Art, spicing up the proceedings.

Although Hologram Teen embraces electronica and pop, she does so in a way that is more evocative of a prog rock disco horror soundtrack than the soulless EDM that fills the pop charts. Her approach in mixing creepy vintage library effects with bouncy dancehall synths and disco beats has won Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker over as one of her many newfound fans.

“With this first LP, I wanted to create the soundtrack to the trippiest horror movie ever, and combine the scary and the absurd, through a very tongue in cheek aesthetic both musically and visually. For this project, I decided to experiment with adding live instruments, such as bass, drums, and strings, instead of or in conjunction with electronic instruments on some tracks. It was especially interesting to merge both musical feels and textures into one cohesive narrative,” says Lhote.

“I also had a strong sense of what the music should “look like” as shown on the LP’s cover design: Disco Démon was always going to be the main protagonist in a mish-mash of Jean-Claude Forest’s comics meets neon loudness meets the movie poster to ‘The Warriors’ and ‘Le frisson des vampires’”.

The Polytechnic Youth label started in 2014 when a friend of the owner invested his savings in a vinyl-cutting lathe directly from its “inventor” in Germany. The label was hugely inspired by the key period of 1978-82 minimal synth and DIY electronic scene; and the private press nature of several essential releases which were often adorned in photocopied sleeves, stapled, created at home affairs that, more often than not contained incredible, groundbreaking music.

“This is a very filmic, hugely adventurous full length – perhaps a slight departure from previous output on Polytechnic Youth, but all the better for it,” says Dom Martin, label boss at Polytechnic Youth. “And with titles like ‘Roller Lover Doppelganger’, ‘Tracksuit Minotaur’ and ‘Lesbian Death Drums’, what’s not to like?!”

‘Between The Funk and The Fear’ will be released on October 2nd. The vinyl issue is limited to 500 copies and can be ordered from Polytechnic Youth direct at, from Morgane Lhote directly for orders within the USA, and from various stores throughout the UK and select European distributors. In the UK, the album will be available from Norman Records, Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records, Resident Records, Heyday Mailorder, One Nation Distro, and Friendly Records (Bristol). In Europe, it will be distributed via Clear Spot Distro, HHV Berlin and Tommes Schallplatten Stuttgart, but this list continues to grow.


01 Post-Apocalypteacakes

02 Bleeker Street! Chase Me!

03 Tracksuit Minotaur

04 God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia

05 Roller Lover Doppelgänger

06 Hologram Teen & Brasil 666

07 Bartók in C

08 Brooklyn’s Broken! You Caught Me!

09 Lesbian Death Drums

10 Magique Afrique

11 Escape from Paris (Orange Crate Art Remix)


Keep up with Hologram Teen 

Facebook | Twitter | Mixcloud | Soundcloud

Keep up with Polytechnic Youth 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo | DiscogsEmail


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Savage Cut – The Hopetoun Quarry Murders (2 October 2017)

The Scottish band Savage Cut have released two new tracks that will be on their first album – A Ricochet Off The Moon – due out soon, but in the meantime they are available for download and streaming at the usual on-line outlets.

The Hopetoun Quarry Murders is an interpretation of a song by Edinburgh based songwriter Gillan Bowman. The song is about the murder by Patrick Higgins of his two sons at a West Lothian quarry pit at the start of the 20th century. The case was sad and gruesome, and was the first case to be solved using what are considered to be modern forensic methods. The music is by Savage Cut and the vocal performance is by George Thom who delivers with power and a fair degree of menace.

Edo is a straight ahead rock song by Savage Cut with a Greek language lyric and brilliantly evocative vocal by Mike Pougounas of Greek band New Zero God, and formerly of The Flowers of Romance. The lyrics concern the plight facing Greek people in particular who are being forced to leave their country and those they love to find work to support their families.

Both tracks were recorded, and mastered by Robin Young of Live Rehearsals, Livingston and you can buy them from HERE.

They are both YoungSavage Productions 2017©

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More music to love…

Avenues End is a space punk trio from the Mornington Peninsula.

Originally forming in 2014, while attending the same high school, in 2016 they made the decision to go forward as a three piece and in a different direction, effectively starting Avenues End from the beginning.

In Bloom” is the first song that they wrote with the new lineup that marked the change in sound, “it’s definitely the track that goes off live… but vibe wise it really hones in on that ambient vs rock… or space punk as we call itRyan McGeary.

The Union are a five-piece rock band from Adelaide, South Australia.

Featuring former members of Mayweather, Dangerous! & Before Clear Skies.

Having known each other for a long time from the Adelaide music scene, Tommy, Nev, Pete, Dave and Muncie found that 2017 offered them the opportunity to start something together.

The chance to make music they believed in, to send a positive, uplifting message.

They set out looking for something genuine and believe they have found it.

The Union is more than just a band name, it is a union of brothers with a story to tell.

Eyeball is a collective of beings from Raleigh, NC who use guitars, drums, synthesizers, effect pedals, noise, and feedback to conjure up their own brand of psychedelic neo-space rock.

The “Paradox of Eternal Limits” EP, produced by Jeff Eacho, uses layered studio production and lush instrumentation with songs like “Inside The Moon” and “Astral Projector“, alongside the space-rocker “Acid War“, and the creepy, heavy soundscape of “The Red Minimum“.

Two promotional videos directed by Josh Sokal have been released, the first was “Acid War” filmed on location at Kaboom! Art Gallery, and the second is a Twilight Zone inspired music film featuring the music of “Inside The Moon”.

Order their EP from HERE

Their line-up:
Trey McLamb – drums, synthesizers, phonic mantra, Myriam Martian – guitars, art-noise, celestial incantation, Brian Oaksford – bass, sound transmission, cosmic chant, Aaron Albrecht – synthesizers, frequency modulation


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The Dayoffs – The Dayoffs (Emerald & Doreen Recordings 10 November 2017)

The Dayoffs Spawn Debut Album in New York City via Russia and Japan

They say the whole world gathers in New York. It’s no wonder that such an eclectic and awesome array of music has been produced by musicians who have made this city their home. Vladimir Komarov and Atsuo Matsumoto are but two such musicians – together they are known as The Dayoffs. Having announced their self-titled debut album, slated for release on November 10 via German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Recordings.

The Dayoffs is a rock duo with an elastic, transparent and multilayered sound and catchy riffs and hooks due to some solid pop sensibilities. ‘Love Love Love’ is a prime example of this, oscillating between winning elements of Teenage Fanclub, Ash, The Boo Radleys, Ultra Vivid Scene and Pet Shop Boys.

The videos for leads tracks ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘State of Madness’ focus on the duo, their life and environment in New York City. The latter for was filmed by the prominent Russian movie director Fedor Lyass.

Atsuo is Japanese and Vladimir is Russian. Despite living in different parts of Manhattan and supporting opposing soccer teams, these two have much in common. Not only are they born on the same day, but they are both musicians and recording professionals. The two met in 2012 at the legendary Stratosphere Sound Studios, when Vladimir was tracking for a project and Atsuo was engineering the sessions. During the first recording hour both realized that their recording methods and musical tastes are similar. Soon they teamed up to produce a bunch of records, including the debut album ‘Country Mile’ by James Atkin (EMF) and ‘Voshod’ by Russian post-punk heroes Manicure.

Vladimir Komarov is a musician, sound producer, DJ, and journalist and otherwise known as a pioneer of Russian shoegaze and indietronica. While his Russian music projects ‘Hot Zex’ and ‘Punk TV’ became staples of the nascent Russian indie rock scene, they were also were well-received abroad.

Atsuo Matsumoto is a Japanese musician and sound engineer and, apart from The Dayoffs, he is a member of Andy Chase’s Camera2 band.

Always busy working on other people’s music, Vladimir and Atsuo recorded some instrumental improvisations during studio downtime, gathering enough material for a debut LP. Hence, their name The Dayoffs – from constant lack of studio time for their own music.

The Dayoffs sound seems to gravitate towards Teenage Fanclub, which is interesting considering that it was at the band’s Manhattan’s gig in the summer of 2014 that Vladimir and Atsuo decided to jointly explore this sound further.

“This is a rock album. Speedy, noisy but lyrical – as guitar as could be. We did this on purpose. It was like playing with old toys – sweet, nostalgic and big fun. Maybe too sweet sometimes – but I don’t mind. These songs came out of nowhere, uncalculated and with a lot of improvisation,” explains Vladimir Komarov. “It took us more than two years to complete this 30-minute record as we are perfectionists. Every time I listen to it, I have nothing I’d like to add. This means that it is off the table and I’m very excited to know that our next record will follow different direction”.

The Dayoffs LP will be available from regular digital sales and streaming platforms.


01   15

02   Love Love Love
03   Bottled Rainwater
04   I Can’t Believe I’m Dead
05   Nobody Knows Her
06   Two Actors In A Cage
07   A Million Days
08   Next To Nothing
09   Illusion
10   State Of Madness
11   Eleven
Music by The Dayoffs
Lyrics for 1, 2, 7, 9 and 10 by Vladimir Komarov
Lyrics for 3, 4, 6 and 8 by Sergey Kiselyov

Lyrics for 5 by Kiselyov/ Komarov

Performed, recorded, mixed and produced by The Dayoffs at H148, NYC
Live drums by Sergey Ledovskiy, recorded by Ryan Christo at House of Boogaloo, Alameda, CA
Lead vocals on ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Dead’ by Sergey Kiselyov
Vocals on ”What’s that strange noise again?’ by Eva V. Komarov
Mastered by Yura Danilin at Gigant Recordings, Moscow
Artwork: Eva V. Komarov ‘Rose’ 2014, washable paints on paperboard 10,5 x 13,5 inches
Design by Konstantin Nikonov
Photos by Paul Takeuchi

Keep up with The Dayoffs 
Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

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