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Days of Future Passed vol. 9

I found the following “vids”…well, these are not realy videos , on YouTube.

So, if you want to listen to what the following band sounded like…there you go.

You can read more about Proxies, here.

You can read about Brush here.

This one is a cover version of Wasted Youth’sDo The Caveman”.  Greek readers, click here.

For the Forward Music Quintet click here.

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Days Of Future Passed vol. 8

Every time I listen to these bands I feel like I was too naive back then.

I guess we were all a little naive…

The planet was always spinning on dirty money but back in those days we weren’t aware of that.  It’s been a long time since I last posted something from the Opticoacoustic Bomb, the VHS compilation that was released in the early 90’s.

I found another interesting vid on YouTube, with a little Villa 21 in the beginning (you can also watch them here) and two songs of the post-punk band Ypogia Trohia.

You can read about them here.

So, if you wanna watch Ypogia Trohia, be a little patient and watch them playing live somewhere in the very early 90’s.

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Days Of Future Passed vol. 7

We posted about R.R. Hearse a couple of times in the past.

The blog Tape Recorder posted the one and only release of that project for free downloading, here.

It is a very rare cassette that was released in 1985.

We post here today one more video taken by the Opticoacoustic Bomb VHS compilation that was released in 1992.

One more vid can be found here.

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Days Of Future Passed vol. 6

The Blue Jeans, the rockabilly trio from Athens-Greece, performing here the song “Not Fade Away” sometime during the late 80’s.

The track appears on their album “Hard Times”.

More about the Blue Jeans, here.

The Athenians No Man’s Land were formed in 1985.

More about them can be found here.

Both vids are taken from the Opticoacoustic Bomb compilation which was released during the very early ’90’s.

Two more vids of these two bands can be found here.

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Days of Future passed vol. 5

It’s time now, for a video that finds Panx Romana performing live their track “To gramma (engl. The letter ελλ. Το γράμμα) at An club in the early ’90s.

The band gained a great number of followers and their releases sold a lot of thousands of copies becoming the most successfull Greek punk rock band.

They were mostly influced by the Ramones and the Clash and were usualy writing anti-militaristic/anti-war songs with Greek lyrics.

More informations about them, here.

The video is taken from the VHS compilation “Opticoacoustic Bomb” that was released in the early 90’s but lately they came back, playing mostly live and not recording.

The following video finds them playing live at No Budget Festival – Larissa during August 2008.

With the band  set on freeze during the mid 90’s King Julio, their bass player, found the chance to form the band Ache In Silence.

Ache in Silence was a four piece punk rock act with the following line up: King Julio-vocals, Giorgos Papadimitriou-guitar, Stefanos Betsalis-bass and Nikos Palatsoudis-drums.

The following video comes from the self titled CD album of Ache In Silence.

King Julio also played the bass for the reggae band Kilimanjaro as well as for the band Surface.

He also produced the 7″ singles, “Kick Inside/Closer to Me” of Honeydive and “Old Skin Virus” of the band, Surface.

You can find King Julio on myspace here.


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Days of Future passed vol. 4

Formed in Thessaloniki in 1987, here is the band Itan ine ke tha ine (engl. Was, is and will be ελλ. Ηταν, είναι και θα είναι) with their track “Min Aggizete” (engl. Don’t touch ελλ. Μην Αγγίζετε).

Sarka where formed in the other side of Greece, a 3 piece act from the island of Crete.

Here they are playing live their track “Pop Koritsia” (engl. Pop Girls ελλ. Ποπ Κοριτσια).

With this line-up they participated in “Fragmenta II” compilation.

Both videos are taken from the “Opticoacoustic Bomb“ video compilation. You can read more informations about both bands here.


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Days of Future passed vol. 3

Here is a video catching R.R. Hearse & S/M performing live at An Club in the late 80’s.

As I couldn’t specifically describe their sound when I posted the introduction to the “Opticoacoustic Bomb“.

I guess this will give you an idea.


R.R. Hearse (aka Lambros Tsamis) was jamming very often with the Ex Humans during the early 80’s ( click here for video ) and he also did the vocals for the Soldiers of Anarchy (later to be named Ex-Humans).


In the mid 90’s he formed the duet Love Exotics.

After some research, I discovered that Love Exotics released two tracks, “Sunday” and “Morning Lullabieson a cassette compilation, given for free with the fanzine Overdub in 1997.

The title of the compilation was “Obscurity – Discharge – Over“.

Two years later, an other Love Exotics track appeared on the limited CD compilation “Try A Little Sunshine“.

The track title was “Love Song“.

Lambros Tsamis was working for years by the nickname DJ Low-Fi.



Villa 21 appeared on the “Opticoacoustic Bomb” with two tracks, “(The Land Where the) Sun Never Shines” is one of them.

I spotted that the blog Tape Recorder wrote about their first two singles here

and Vertigo blogspot gives informations about their album “Man of Clayhere


You can read about their history on this past post of ours.

Someone made a profile of the band on myspace.

This is the link. 

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Days of Future passed vol. 2

No Man’s Land performing the song “Afraid Of The Dark” live.
This is one of the two songs with which the band appeared on the Opticoacoustic Bomb compilation.

Blue Jeans opened the compilation with the track “Baby Blue Eyes” performing live on stage at the An Club.
I guess this must be during their sound check.

More informations about this VHS compilation you can find here.

Both bands were very active during the late 80’s/early 90’s.

I also posted infos regarding the No Man’s Land here.
If you are interested, you can buy their new album “Home in the Skyhere.  

Click here if you wanna read more about the Blue Jeans.

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Days of Future Passed vol. 1

This video is taken  from the VHS compilation “Opticoaccoustic Bomb”.

You can also read about the band Noise Promotion Company here.

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