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Kini – I Too Overflow/ Dudu (Play) (The Sublunar Society 6 April 2018)

London artist Kini previews ‘I Too Overflow/ Dudu (Play)’ single ahead of debut LP

Swedish label The Sublunar Society is previewing the new double A-side single ‘I Too Overflow/ Dudu (Play)’ from London-based artist Kini ahead of the release of her debut album ‘A Room of One’s Own’.
British artist Kini (full name Kini Echeverria-Valda) may have Bolivian roots, but she grew up in the Cotswolds. Her brand of experimental electro pop is endearing and genuine, recalling various works by The Knife, Bjork, Esthero and Fever Ray.
‘I Too Overflow’ is a proud acknowledgment of my own tendency to overflow, with fear, anger, frustration, idleness… We all do, but society says it’s ugly to show that you do. I’ve always felt this pressure to suppress, conceal and withhold facets of myself; there’s always been pressure to conform in this way,” says Kini.
“The song ‘Dudu (Play)’ is about the, at times, tyrannical pressure to compartmentalize ourselves; how in order to face the world, we feel obliged to disassociate aspects of ourselves to present a more “acceptable” version of ourselves in order to participate. I personally feel weighed down by this obligation. I’d rather be unified in my own version of unsuitability and incorrectness”.
Right from the offset, Kini carved herself out as the alternative kid at school, playing guitar and screaming in bands. Fuelled by a fascination with the recording process and intrigued by the growing potential for immersion into solitary composition, her curiosity led her to record demos in studios, acquire a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder and eventually study music technology at college. With no formal education in music, she was free to experiment with compositional software and found that, in the vastness of these programs, one could find the potential for the unconventional.
Forever the wannabe weird kid, she started making her experimental electro-pop music inspired by the likes of Bjork. An introvert and keen observer, Kini is inspired by the found sound compositions of musique concrète, as well as the musical output of Bjork, The Knife, Kate Bush, Juana Molina, Aisha Devi, Holly Herndon, Gazelle Twin, Kyoka, JLin, Jenny Hval and U.S. Girls.
By sitting quietly and critically listening to her environment, a track can often begin with recordings made, for example, during a busy commute. Utilizing sound manipulation techniques, she has learned throughout her education and her own experimentation. Her tracks draw on an eclectic mixture of sound sources, incorporating in both electronic and acoustic elements. For instance, her song ‘Icaro’ was made using a sampled broken piano, vocals and an ironing board.
While the finished piece may retain little resemblance to the original sound idea, it’s through this process and ample experimentation that Kini makes sense of the chaotic world around her, by channeling what she absorbs into the music making process. This experimental approach was inspired more recently by artists such as Holly Herndon and Gazelle Twin and fostered throughout university, culminating in a Masters in electronic music composition, and her own unique blend of the natural, the industrial and the electronic.
Today Kini is a creative audio post professional with experience with BBC, The History Channel and Shepperton International Sound Studios. As a dubbing mixer, sound editor and sound designer, she has prepared audio for TV broadcast, film, online delivery and other content distribution channels.
Most recently, Kini contributed vocals for the forthcoming EP from Broken English Club’s Rust Ballad under her latest moniker Blood Powers, and has teamed up with the Swedish cutting-edge label The Sublunar Society to release her debut album ‘A Room of One’s Own’.

‘I Too Overflow/ Dudu (Play)’ will release on April 6, the same  day as the international release of ‘A Room of One’s Own’ album. While both will be available through online stores, streaming platforms, and via The Sublunar Society’s own Bandcamp, the full album will also be made available on limited edition CD via the label’s website.


1.  Icaro   02:57
2.  Kal   02:16
3.  Induction   06:34
4.  Memory Bits   03:37
5.  I Too Overflow   03:31
6.  Nuna   03:16
7.  Heavy Curtain   08:25
8.  Dudu (Play)   04:04
9.  Rimay   04:39
10. Guzheng Song   04:10
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Rodney Cromwell – Comrades (Happy Robots Records 2 March 2018)

Rodney Cromwell to release ‘Rodney’s Engish Disco’ EP, teased ‘Comrades’ single

British indietronica artist Rodney Cromwell returns with his first all new material in three years with the song ‘Comrades’. This is the first track off his new EP ‘Rodney’s English Disco’, forthcoming via London-based Happy Robots Records.

Where the debut album ‘Age of Anxiety’ drew on personal demons, in his new material, current social and political tribulations inspired Rodney’s wry songs of woe. ‘Comrades’ is a robotic turbocharged rebel song for the twitter generation, inspired by recent upheavals in the UK. Sonically, it sits somewhere between Kraftwerk, Pye Corner Audio and the Best of Divine.

The digital single also features a 12″ extended dance mix by synthwave act VieonConceived in 2009 in a box room in Coventry, Vieon is the brainchild of synth wizard Matt Wild. Influenced by pioneers such as Jean-Michel Jarre and filtered through the soundscapes of 80s electronic film scores, Vieon blend the sounds of the analogue past and dystopian future with synth hooks and epic solos to create evolving, emotive, spacey electronic music. ​

Cromwell’s sound has been compared to the analogue electronica of Kraftwerk, Section 25 and the ‘retro futurists’ of Ghostbox Records. His miserablism and dark humour has been compared to that of The Cure and John Grant.

Rodney Cromwell’s evocative synthpop looks to the proto-electronica of the 70’s and 80’s to construct a twisted soundtrack for the post-truth world. The instrumentation of the new EP has been kept intentionally minimal with its drum sounds taken entirely from a vintage Boss DR-55 drum machine and with a self-imposed limit on the amount of hissy analogue gear used in its making. Melody and dark humour combine with simple motorik rhythms, soaring bass lines and the bleeps of retro synths, all within a lo-fi pop aesthetic.
Rodney Cromwell’s debut album and subsequent ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Fax Message Breakup’ EPs found crossover appeal, gaining Cromwell coverage from the likes of NME, Electronic Sound Mag, Huffington Post and Steve Lamacq and Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music and on Spain’s national RNE3. At the end of 2015, Rodney Cromwell featured in 25 ‘Best of’ lists and was named ‘Most Promising New Act’ by The Electricity Club. ‘Barry Was an Arms Dealer’ featured in the 2015 Official Festive 50 on Dandelion Radio. He has performed with the likes of Marsheaux, Death & Vanilla and Steve Davis and at various festivals, including Threshold, Indietracks and Madrid Popfest.

The forthcoming ‘Rodney’s English Disco’ EP will be released on red vinyl 7”, on CD and digitally. The twelfth release on Happy Robots Records, it features remixes by Rémi Parson, Vieon, Pattern Language and Alice Hubble (Arthur & Martha, Mass Datura). The sleeve photo came from Lavian photographer Jelena Osmolovska,whose distinctive gritty post-Soviet fantasy aesthetic perfectly compliments the sound of the record.

Rodney Cromwell will launch the first leg of the Ohm from Ohm tour and will be joined by Vieon, Nature of Wires and The Frixion for dates in visiting Birmingham, Salford and Leeds. Find out more and order tickets at and check out other live dates below.
March 15  Birmingham – The Actress & Bishop
March 16  Leeds – The Fenton
March 17  Salford – The Eagle Inn
May 10  London – The Islington
May 11 Coventry – The Tin Music & Arts
May 12  Southend – The Railway Hotel

Keep up with Rodney Cromwell
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Keep up with Happy Robots Records 
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“Twilight Zone” – The new Ministry music video

New Ministry music video from the soon to be released album entitled “AmeriKKKant”!

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Blurred City Lights – Volker (eLaB Recordings 16 February 2018)

Dean Garcia and Jarek Leskiewicz release Blurred City Lights ‘Volker’ album

Blurred City Lights are releasing their long-awaited ‘Volker’ album. With ten tracks on offer, this is the second full album from this maverick soundscaping duo, which is comprised of Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) and Polish protagonist and multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer Jarek Leskiewicz (Sunset Wrecks, Opollo, SPC ECO), who have worked closely on many projects and collaborations over the years.

‘Volker’ is a timely set of songs that conjures that diverse and accomplished blurring and jarring effect that we have come to expect from Blurred City Lights. This record would translate into a blissful and euphoric effect live – a minimal band with mindful projections. The powerful provocative soundscapes this music evokes are windswept by sound.

“As the room goes dark, the crowd sparks up as first flickers of light begin to take shape, your eyes hypnotically follow the random wide scattered bleeps and pulses of light fractals,” explains Dean Garcia. “When the familiar dark core drones move in the crowd is already going wild and then the bass drops, wrapping around everyone in a singular glow, more sparks, more flickers as the fuzzy sequencers jar the senses before the huge boom of the drums break through the flash of light to blur your mind and shunt you into the 5D world of Blurred City Lights. ‘Volker’ is all about these elements”.

Blurred City Lights began in 2013, debuting with the ‘Neon Glow’ EP, which was possible thanks to online file swapping. Leaning heavily on stark and monochromatic elements, that record feels how it sounds – dark, forbidding and melodic with very firm nods towards Pink Floyd and Massive Attack, among others. The duo followed up with the full-on album ‘Anamorphic’ in 2014. Blending music genres even more, that multifaceted record held a strong sense of purpose, a rockier edge, and even more epic scope than the debut EP.

“This record came to life quite naturally. We started sketching ideas and writing songs with BCL project in mind again at the start of December 2017. Early on I presented a collection of various images that I made throughout the year. Dean was always very stimulated by evocative visuals and right away pointed at the first one and said that it should be the cover art for our new release. I agreed. I think that image motivated/inspired us quite a bit and sealed the fate of the record as a creative vision that must be completed,” says Jarek Leskiewicz.

“For me, this time around, the process felt more relaxed and full of a ‘first takes are final’ approach. While we were in contact for many years, it somehow felt like getting know each other again. More patient and (for the most part) understanding. There was a spirit of exploring and experimenting – something that I enjoy very much. I hope that listeners are able to hear the dynamics of that vibrant creative relationship in the music on Volker”.

‘Volker’ also features contributions by Rose Berlin (SPC ECO), Adriana, and Filippo Gaetani on vocals, as well as Steve Monti (Jesus & Mary Chain, SPC ECO) and WomBBaby. The album is available exclusively via Blurred City Lights’ own Bandcamp page.

1. Obstacles  05:20
2. Secrets  06:12
3. Night Crawlers  04:25
4. For A Day  04:46
5. Don’t Let Go  05:36
6. Is This It  05:08
7. Clusters  05:18
8. Starry Eyes  04:06
9. Volker  07:09
10. Argue Till We Die  05:23

Keep up with Blurred City Lights
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Static Shore – Tides (April 2017)

Static Shore, released their 2nd (EP) album “Tides” on April 7, 2017.

Eric Smith and Shannon Alexander have joined together again, creating electronica music their fans  have come to know and love.

Their latest release is a synthesis of diva vocalization, sophisticated song structure, lush textures and beats.

They believe creating music doesn’t have to be complicated to sound great, as evident with their 2016 debut “Life and Love In The Hologram”.

Their previous songs have been featured worldwide on various, multiple radio and Internet channels, including  those  locally in the Pacific Northwest on KBCS, KEXP, and C89.5.

Upcoming streaming & airplay is scheduled now across the globe, including via Isaac Banks Radio in Australia and elsewhere.

Eric, composer and multi – instrumentalist, believes in constant creativeness.

He often juggles multiple projects at once, including Monster Beach Studios and performing in various music acts.

His solo piano album titled “Half The Sky” released in 2013 to great success.

Shannon is a classically trained vocalist with a strong interest in expanding and sharing her talent.

She performed on the radio at the age of four and has not stopped pursuing music since.

Her interests have more recently expanded to include studies in guitar and viola.

Keep up with Static Shore

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Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama – Solitary Universe (Aagoo Records 2 February 2018)

Aagoo Records to release Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama album ‘Solitary Universe’
Aagoo Records has announced the release of ‘Solitary Universe’ byEraldo Bernocchi and Japanese ambient guitar player Chihei Hatakeyama, which includes a photo book and full length CD. Five gorgeous, stretched out compositions will make you feel like you’re trying to catch smoke or watching fog swirl then disappear across a body of water. The recording is just two treated guitars, and will be coupled with a photo book by visual artist and graphic designer Petulia Mattioli together with Yasushi Miura, a Japanese musician and photographer whose work is based on the concept of using easily available tools, like a Nintendo DS, an iPhone, or freeware programs, for instance.

Eraldo Bernocchi is an Italian composer, producer, record label owner and guitarist. He started his career in the late ‘70s as a guitarist in punk bands, and in the mid ‘80s Eraldo co-founded the conceptual audio project Sigillum-S (with Paolo Bandera and Luca di Giorgio), which grew into a highly acclaimed international cult act. In the ‘90s, together with his wife Petulia Mattioli, Eraldo established Verba Corrige Productions and has collaborated with numerous artists ,includingRobin Guthrie, Harold Budd, Mick Harris (SIMM, Black Engine), Bill Laswell (Somma, Charged, Ashes, and numerous others), Nils Petter Molvaer, Russell Mills, Toshinori Kondo (Charged), Raiz, Almamegretta, Spectre, Sensational, DJ Disk, Professor Shebab, Thomas Fehlmann, Zu (as Black Engine), DJ Olive, Markus Stockhausen, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (as producer and author),Colin Edwin and Balazs Pandi, among many others.

Eraldo is also known for playing and organizing several special events for H.H. The Dalai Lama in Italy. In 2008, Eraldo founded RareNoise Records based in London, where he currently lives.

Chihei Hatakeyama is a sound artist and musician who lives in the outskirts of Tokyo. He has performed for years under his given name, and also as one half of the electroacoustic duo Opitope, along withTomoyoshi Date. He has released records on Kranky, Room 40, Under The Spire, Hibernate Records, Magic Book Records, Home Normal, Own Records, and Spekk (as Opitope).

Petulia Mattioli is a London-based polyhedric visual artist working with video, digital photography, graphics, installations, and live multi/visions. She has shown at Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Center (Siena, Italy), Berliner Kunstsalon (Berlin), SeeMe Exhibition Space (New York), Palazzo Ducale (Genoa), and Galleria Giulia Contemporary Art Gallery (Rome), among others. She has designed albums for such labels as Subrosa, Shitkatapult, Universal, BMG, RareNoise Records, Palm Pictures, and many more.

‘Solitary Universe’ will be released via Aagoo Records on February 2 as a CD and booklet combo. It can already be ordered via Bandcamp.
1. Waiting
2. Those Glorious Days
3. Shapeless Buildings
4. The Mistakes Box
5. Unopened Letters
Keep up with Eraldo Bernocchi
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Keep up with Chihei Hatakeyama
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Keep up with Aagoo Records

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Mary Epworth – Elytral (Sunday Best Recordings, September 2017)

Elytral” is the second album of British singer-songwriter Mary Epworth.

Her first album, “Dream Life”, produced by Will Twynham, was released in 2012.

“Elytral”was produced by Thom Monahan (known for his works with Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Wild Nothing and others).

It is an odd work that takes the listener a trip to the cute electro universe that Epworth created.

Me Swimming” is the first single of the album, which gave an idea of the brave new album that would follow…

Building her sonic world, Epworth experiments a lot with blips and sounds, delay effects and reverbs taking away her sound from her previous album.

There are some great jewels here, sometimes mid tempo and sometimes slow ones but I find myself liking a lot the fast paced “Burned it Down”.

A very nice album

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