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Mary Epworth – Elytral (Sunday Best Recordings, September 2017)

Elytral” is the second album of British singer-songwriter Mary Epworth.

Her first album, “Dream Life”, produced by Will Twynham, was released in 2012.

“Elytral”was produced by Thom Monahan (known for his works with Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Wild Nothing and others).

It is an odd work that takes the listener a trip to the cute electro universe that Epworth created.

Me Swimming” is the first single of the album, which gave an idea of the brave new album that would follow…

Building her sonic world, Epworth experiments a lot with blips and sounds, delay effects and reverbs taking away her sound from her previous album.

There are some great jewels here, sometimes mid tempo and sometimes slow ones but I find myself liking a lot the fast paced “Burned it Down”.

A very nice album

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Gary Numan – Savage (Songs From A Broken World) (BMG 2017)

Last time I saw Gary Numan on stage was 25 March 1996 at Bristol Colston Hall.

We were recording ”Brilliant Mistakes” at that period with Wayne Hussey on producer’s seat and sound engineer Steve Whitfield.

Colston Hall was one of the venues of Numan’s UK tour and as he is good friends with Wayne, it was a nice chance for them to catch up.

The show was great and when it was over, Gary, Wayne, Steve and me payed a visit to a local pub for a couple of beers.

Gary was in good mood and very friendly.

For some strange reason the logo of his 1996 The Premier Tour was the Greek letter Ψ so I asked him why he chose that as the tour logo …

He didn’t know it was a letter. It was just something he found while searching on the computer…

We all found it funny and we went on with our lives…

I was already attracted by industrial musicians and a couple of years later I would become a great fan of Nine Inch Nails.

Now this is where two parallel realities were met, as Nine Inch Nails covered “Metal” on Things Falling Apart, a cover of Gary Numan from his 1979 album “The Pleasure Principle”.

Sugarcubes had already used samples of Numan’s “Are Friends Electric” for their 2002 single “Freak Like Me” and finally, in 2009 Trent Reznor and Gary Numan teamed up following Numan’s live appearances at Nine Inch Nails’ farewell gigs.

I was of the impression that the legend was back as Nine Inch Nails had the full respect by all top artists such as David Bowie, The Cure etc

So, in 2017, Gary Numan, a hugely important musician with massive impact upon artists such as Trent Reznor, Marylin Manson and others, returns with his 21st studio album “Savage (Songs From A Broken World)”.

This concept album features 10 songs about a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world brought about by global warming.

Electro elements, industrial hits and blips and oriental inspired melodies, create a strong atmosphere, helping the composer pass his environmental message to the listener.

I enjoyed “Savage (Songs From A Broken World)” and I believe that if you like your Electro/Goth music well treated, you will love it too.

The great video of the track “My Name is Ruin” (with his 11 year old daughter Persia) gives an idea of the world which Numan describes, more or less, the world our children or grandchildren will have to live in if we continue destroying the planet…

Give it a try and I am sure you will be satisfied..

Numan was the special guest on Steve Jones’s radio show Jonesy’s Jukebox last September.

I found it to be interesting so I am posting the vid of the interview here…

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Equinox – It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin (Recordiau Prin 19 January 2018)

Equinox Announces Debut LP. First Single ‘Kiss” feat. Feral Five currently at BBC Recommends

Intense and acclaimed poet Equinox is releasing his powerful debut album, which features a remarkable range of artists. Each were invited to freely interpret his work and contribute music to surrounding his poems. The result is a genre-spanning release, from electro to funk, post-punk and cinematic electronica, all of which feature Equinox’s compelling Mancunian voice.

The list of collaborators is interesting, ranging from legends such asVince Clarke (Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yazoo) to hot current acts such as Deux Furieuses and Feral Five, as well as other top-notch artists from the independent scene, including Ceiling Demons, Rosie Bans, Snippet and Superhand.

The current lead single ‘Kiss’ featuring Feral Five now has the unprecedented honour of being chosen by Gideon Coe of BBC 6 Music as their recommended track of the week.  The choice is unusual for a virtually unknown act.  Already championed by fellow BBC hosts Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft, Shaun Keaveny, andRadcliffe & Maconie, this track has found itself very welcome in the spotlight.
The video for ‘Kiss’ was produced and directed by Jay Stansfield. Also a collaborator on the track ‘How It Is’, Jay is currently frontman of post-punk trio All Hail Hyena, having a varied musical career as a solo artist and with John Peel regulars tRANSELEMENt.
The poems featured on this album were recorded by Equinox, who then invited fourteen artists to freely interpret his work.  “The whole process took around eight months to complete and it was a constant feeling of surprise and delight to hear how the artists deciphered my work and pieced around their own arrangements,” explains Equinox.
The poetry of Equinox takes no prisoners, with subject matter ranging from male suicide to prostitution, but with equal amounts of undying love and devotion. Equinox isn’t just about poems, but instead stands to break down some misconceptions about the spoken word genre. The often hard-hitting deadpan will continue to be a source of interest.
1. Help Me Please (feat. Ashley Reaks)
2. Kiss (feat. Feral Five)
3. Goodbye (feat. Dementio13)
4. Sarah-Jayne (Aftermath) (feat. Ceiling Demons)
5. Somebody Too (feat. Rosie Bans)
6. Don’t Die On Me (feat. Snippet)
7. Goodnight Vienna (feat. Vince Clarke)
8. Sweet Rose (feat. Radio Europa)
9. Mule (feat. Nat Lyon)
10. Scream (feat. Pulco)
11. How It Is – JAYmiX (feat. Jay Stansfield)
12. Humankind (feat. deux furieuses)
13. Gone (feat. Superhand)
14. Belief (feat. Will Harris)
You can pre-order the album HERE
Keep up with Equinox 

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Broads – Field Theory (Humm Recordings 19 February 2018)

Norfolk-based electronic outfit Broads announce new album, Present first single ‘Climbs’

British electronic duo Broads have announced that they’ll be releasing their new album Field Theory’ in the new year.  But for now, they present the first single from that 11-track album, called  ‘Climbs’, which features mesmerizing vocals from Milly Hirst, who also co-wrote this track with band members James Ferguson and Mark Jennings.
Mainstays of the Norwich music scene, Broads deliver a variety of music – always delicious – ranging from synth-pop bliss to a hybrid fusion of genres straddling the divide between ambient drone, post-rock and shoegaze. Broads takes a fascinating approach with this album, tastefully showcasing completely different sides of their musical spectrum.

‘Climbs’ recalls Melody’s Echo Chamber and Broadcast, while ‘The Lecht’ brings to mind both Mogwai and Boards of Canada. ‘Mixed Ability Sequencing’ most strongly aligns with My Bloody Valentineand Slowdive, leaving you hanging with less than minute of pure guitar reverie, while ‘Habitats’ brings the duo delightfully close to New Orderterritory.
After several releases as a solo artist, James Ferguson says Broads’ dynamics started to change with the release of the ‘Hellas’ LP (Jan 2016), undergoing a kind of sonic breakthrough with Mark now joining James for live shows and co-writing one of its tracks ‘Soft Homo’ – the first time Broads had really arrived at their now-signature sound, marrying droning, lo-fi synths and slow build through repetition with straightforward electronics.

Broads started to perform more around Norwich and occasionally in Cambridge, Suffolk and London. By the time Broads released their split album ‘Local Closures’ with Mark’s other project EPIA, they were opening for Mercury Rev at the Norwich Arts Centre, followed soon after by Broads’ third album ‘Everything is Spinning, Nobody Is Actually In Charge’ (December 2016) with Mark and James once again co-writing.

Some very cool developments were happening for the duo, including work on a live soundtrack for the British Film Institute – composing for a sequence of archive film footage of rural/agricultural Norfolk scenes, and performing live in beautiful venues across the region – as well as a sold-out gig at the NAC with Plaid.

“Finding the balance between space and rich texture is something we’re really interested in, and hopefully something we’ve started to achieve on Field Theory,” explains James Ferguson. “The sound of the album is very much influenced by the recording environments and our geographical context as a whole – Norwich is kind of isolated, surrounded by expansive, flat landscapes and big skies.”

“For us, it’s a really big deal – our first record written as a 2-piece, and the first time we’ve had any sort of budget to spend,” says Mark Jennings. “We got support from Arts Council England to make everything happen and that has given us the chance to really take time over our writing, programming, editing and recording, and get some amazing people involved with making the record – especially Owen Turner (Magoo) who recorded quite a lot of it and mixed the whole thing.”

Apart from the geographic factor, Broads took inspiration from left field on this album – from road biking in the Scottish Highlands to news of George Romero’s death, Purity Ring’s second album and Unwound’s ‘New Plastic Ideas’, as well as lot of old sci-fi and horror movies.

Broads will release their ‘Field Theory’ album on February 16 with their album release party scheduled for February 15 at the Norwich Arts Centre.  For now, the first single ‘Climbs’ is available for download and the album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.
01. Toze
02. Climbs
03. Habitats
04. Lund
05. Us and the Buzzing
06. Romero
07. Let Me Take It From Here
08. Tiamat
09. Mixed Ability Sequencing
10. The Lecht
11. Built Calypso

Music by Broads (James Ferguson/Mark Jennings)

Lyrics on ‘Climbs’ by James Ferguson and Milly Hirst

Performed by James Ferguson and Mark Jennings, with help from Milly Hirst (vocals), Connie Chatwin (violin), Fifi Homan (cello), Joe Bear (drums), Stacy Gow (drums), Owen Turner (bass, horns) & FMSAO (electronics)

Produced by Broads & Owen Turner

Artwork by Paul Escott

Live Photos by Matt Tullett

Keep up with Broads 

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The new video of Deep Imagination

The new video “Before Thousand Of Years” by Deep Imagination is out now.

It is another mysterious video to a piece from the album “Carefully Kept Secrets“.

A floydian melange between styles like Artrock and Elektronik.

The title “Before Thousand of Years” stands here as a metaphor for the archaic and mysterious.

Deep Imagination from Frankfurt, Germany is a project of the musician, composer and producer Thorsten Sudler-Mainz.

Since 2004, the Munich label BSC Music/Prudence has been releasing his productions, which are characterized by electronic music and artrock.

During the period from 2005 to 2017, four albums and four EPs from Deep Imagination were released.

His athmospheric sound is often compared to Pink Floyd.

For example, the Side-Line Music Magazine wrote about the current album “Carefully Kept Secrets”: “This opus moves on exploring a psychedelic electro-rock universe, which sometimes appears to be the natural child of Pink Floyd and Enigma.”

In “Carefully Kept Secrets” (2017) Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, once the founder of “Art Of Infinity“, defined the essence of his entire musical experience.

Medially he transports the music of Deep Imagination with lovingly made video clips, in which he performs together with his guest musicians such as singer Ann Kareen Mainz and guitarist Günter Kaufmann.

You can order your copy from HERE

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NOIR – Reburning EP (Metropolis Records 27 October 2017)

I think the first time I got in touch with Athan Maroulis was sometime in the 90’s when he was playing with Los Angeles based band Spahn Ranch.

Before Spahn Ranch he was having singing duties for Fahrenheit 451, a post punk band of the New York scene from 1984 to 1987.

He established himself in a number of different musical genres including goth, industrial and electronic and also had some releases with with the Philadelphia based Executive Slacks as well as Tubalcain.

Maroulis also recorded a number of albums with a 1940s styled jazz project named The Blue Dahlia and appears as the singer of the band Black Tape for a Blue Girl on the albums “The Scavenger Bride” and “10 Neurotics”.

In 2013 he sent me the release of his new project, which goes by the name NOIR.

The album is titled “Darkly Near” and holds ten Dark electro tunes with one of them being a cover version of The Cure’s “A Forest”.

NOIR refreshed their releases in 2014 with the remix album “RE:MIT:TENT” and in 2016 with the four track EP “The Burning Bridge” (with an interpretation of “In Every Dream Home A Heartache,” a Roxy Music song recorded live on WFMU radio on December 12th, 2013 and a great cover version on Duran Duran’s classic “The Chauffeur”…)

The new release came out yesterday, 27 October, under the title “Reburning” and holds five remixes of the track “The Burning Bridge” which opens last year’s EP and one cover version on “Same Old Madness” (originally a Ministry song) remixed by Bestial Mouths.

The Rain Within, Decoded Feedback and Panic Lift took over remixing duties for the first three versions of “The Burning Bridge” covering a range from synthpop to EBM, while there is also an acoustic version and a very interesting dark atmospheric version with Cellos.

Tracey Moth is playing the cello on these two versions while Kai Irina Hahn, Demetra Songs are doing backing vocals on the first four tracks.

Apart from Maroulis, the other three members of NOIR are:  Erik Gustafson.

You can order your copy from HERE

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Hologram Teen – Between The Funk and The Fear (Polytechnic Youth 02 October 2017)

Stereolab’s Morgane Lhote Premieres ‘God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia’ from Debut Hologram Teen LP

London Label Polytechnic Youth has announced the forthcoming release of Hologram Teen’s debut album ‘Between The Funk and The Fear’ and is previewing the lead track ‘God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia’.

Hologram Teen is the solo electronic motorik disco project of Morgane Lhote, known to many for her work as long-term keyboard player in the seminal indie kosmische act Stereolab. Morgane recorded and performed with the band during their imperial phase between 1995 and 2001, when they released a series of career defining albums including ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’. Later on, she did a stint in The Projects and, from 2005, played in Garden with members of Simian Mobile Disco before starting the Hologram Teen project. Having lived in Paris, NYC she has since settled in LA, where she produces her current project.

This is her first solo album since those days. It includes 11 killer occasionally whacked-out tracks, inspired by a multitude of key figures from varying genres – the soundtracks of Goblin and John Carpenter, 1970s French Disco and psychedelic Brazilian rock, Congolese Soukous, and the string arrangements of François de Roubaix and Jean-Claude Vannier.

‘God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia’  entails a collaboration with Sukiaan electronic band based in Camarillo, California. Formed in the early 1990s, Sukia took their name from the Italian vampire comic book of the same name. The Dust Brothers like them so much that they produced their album ‘Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo’, along with Jerry Finn, and released it on their own label Nickelbag Records in the USA. It was released through Mo Wax Records in the UK. Sasha Fuentes and Craig Borrell of Sukia played guitar, flute, synths, and sang on this new track, producing a slice of cinematic psychedelia where Ennio Morricone meets Jean-Luc Godard at the mouth of the Styx River. Their song ‘Feel’n Free’ also featured in the Oscar-nominated soundtrack to the film ‘The Big Short’.

‘Between The Funk and the Fear’ follows Hologram Teen’s widely acclaimed ‘Marsangst’ EP, released via Happy Robots Records last year. Apart from Sukia, Morgane Lhote is joined on his new album by Swedish musician Orange Crate Art, spicing up the proceedings.

Although Hologram Teen embraces electronica and pop, she does so in a way that is more evocative of a prog rock disco horror soundtrack than the soulless EDM that fills the pop charts. Her approach in mixing creepy vintage library effects with bouncy dancehall synths and disco beats has won Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker over as one of her many newfound fans.

“With this first LP, I wanted to create the soundtrack to the trippiest horror movie ever, and combine the scary and the absurd, through a very tongue in cheek aesthetic both musically and visually. For this project, I decided to experiment with adding live instruments, such as bass, drums, and strings, instead of or in conjunction with electronic instruments on some tracks. It was especially interesting to merge both musical feels and textures into one cohesive narrative,” says Lhote.

“I also had a strong sense of what the music should “look like” as shown on the LP’s cover design: Disco Démon was always going to be the main protagonist in a mish-mash of Jean-Claude Forest’s comics meets neon loudness meets the movie poster to ‘The Warriors’ and ‘Le frisson des vampires’”.

The Polytechnic Youth label started in 2014 when a friend of the owner invested his savings in a vinyl-cutting lathe directly from its “inventor” in Germany. The label was hugely inspired by the key period of 1978-82 minimal synth and DIY electronic scene; and the private press nature of several essential releases which were often adorned in photocopied sleeves, stapled, created at home affairs that, more often than not contained incredible, groundbreaking music.

“This is a very filmic, hugely adventurous full length – perhaps a slight departure from previous output on Polytechnic Youth, but all the better for it,” says Dom Martin, label boss at Polytechnic Youth. “And with titles like ‘Roller Lover Doppelganger’, ‘Tracksuit Minotaur’ and ‘Lesbian Death Drums’, what’s not to like?!”

‘Between The Funk and The Fear’ will be released on October 2nd. The vinyl issue is limited to 500 copies and can be ordered from Polytechnic Youth direct at, from Morgane Lhote directly for orders within the USA, and from various stores throughout the UK and select European distributors. In the UK, the album will be available from Norman Records, Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records, Resident Records, Heyday Mailorder, One Nation Distro, and Friendly Records (Bristol). In Europe, it will be distributed via Clear Spot Distro, HHV Berlin and Tommes Schallplatten Stuttgart, but this list continues to grow.


01 Post-Apocalypteacakes

02 Bleeker Street! Chase Me!

03 Tracksuit Minotaur

04 God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia

05 Roller Lover Doppelgänger

06 Hologram Teen & Brasil 666

07 Bartók in C

08 Brooklyn’s Broken! You Caught Me!

09 Lesbian Death Drums

10 Magique Afrique

11 Escape from Paris (Orange Crate Art Remix)


Keep up with Hologram Teen 

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Keep up with Polytechnic Youth 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo | DiscogsEmail


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