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The Eden House – Songs For The Broken Ones – Album Preview

A preview of the new album “Songs For The Broken Ones” from The Eden House.
The album will be released 16th June 2017 on CD/LP/Digital through Jungle Records. Cover Image by Dracorubio.

Verdades (I Have Chosen You)
One Heart
12th Night
The Ghost Of You
Ours Again
It’s Just a Death
Words and Deeds
Let Me In
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Second Skin
The Ardent Tide

Running Time: 68’47”

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New Zero God: new video and gigs

New Zero God is back with the video of their track “Shut Up”.

“Shut Up” is taken from their latest album “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” that came out in 2016.

The video was directed and edited by singer Mike Pougounas, in the DIY spirit of the previous ones of the band, “My Reaper” and “Garden of Mazes”.

We had some good laughs while shooting the video. After all, this is what its all should be about… Having a good time and taking the message out to the world…” Mike says…

The band is playing live this coming weekend at the city of Volos and Thessaloniki.

You can catch them playing live on Friday 3 February at the Argoriders Harley Club – Volos Clubhouse.
The show is only for members, friends and supporters, doors open 22:00 and the entrance is free.


The next day, the band will travel to Thessaloniki for a gig with Remain In Light at the Silver Dollar.
With New Zero God in a good mood, free entrance and Remain In Light playing material from their new album “Splinters In Arcadia” its satisfaction guaranteed…


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Andi Sex Gang @ MODU club, Athens 27.11.2016


by Nick Drivas
Photos: Angelos Angelopoulos

Maverick musician Andi Sex Gang, mostly known for his work with post punk goth pioneers Sex Gang Children, gave his first live show in Athens Greece on the 27th of November. On that dark Sunday evening, with the rain pouring down hard on the city of Athens, we witnessed one of those rare and intimate performances that Andi Sex Gang gives once in while. Although the turnout was small, the crowd was spread out nicely all around the venue, with some seated at tables and stools, some die-hard fans in front of the stage, giving the feel of a more cozy cabaret atmosphere.

15321581_1167997239904686_398301339_oFirst up on the bill were special guests New Zero God. This local post-punk goth act stepped on the stage and shot out some of their tremendous tracks from their three albums.  This was the first time I saw them with their new line up with Michalis Semertzoglou on bass. Although this was his second appearance with the band they played very well and proved to be a very tight outfit.

He made a very good rhythm section with drummer John Psimopoulos. As always, Mike Pougounas the singer, brought out his best vocals, with a highlight on “Garden Of Mazes“, one of my favourite tracks from their latest album “Short Tales & Tall Shadows“. Their guitarist, Akis Nikolaidis, added the fierce riffs which probably were responsible for the comment made by Andi Sex Gang’s manager LaraSupport band is good! Guns’n’Roses meets The Damned”. The band left the stage after playing a finale with three of their most catchy songs “Bang Bang“, “Shut Up” (another personal favourite) and “Kiss The Witch“.


Dead Inside
My Reaper
Strangest Of Fruits
Garden Of Mazes
King Pest the First
Bang Bang
Shut Up
Kiss The Witch

Next up and greatly anticipated was Andi Sex Gang. He took to the stage with guitarist Matthew James Saw. They had just flown over from Warsaw after they had played a Sex Gang Children gig, part of their latest Jezebel tour. They opened with a great slow version of “Barbarossa” with Matthew picking out 15302311_1167997243238019_153754403_osharp notes from his 12 string electric guitar while Andi, who was standing next to him, was singing and moving majestically, waving his arms, slowly captivating us from the first instant and drawing us into his art. From that first track everyone in the audience knew that we were witnessing something very special. Andi then took his guitar and sat on a stool while they played two Marianne Faithfull covers, “Strange Weather” and “Come And Stay With Me“. Andi was in a good mood, bringing his positive vibe over to the audience. Speaking to us between tracks, telling us some interesting facts about the way the songs where composed and also discussing current world issues. He also spoke the little Greek he knew and entertained us with some of the “dirty words” he still remembered. They continued with a selection of Andi’s solo work and many Sex Gang Children tracks. I was delighted to hear some of personal favourites like “Saraband For Dead Lovers“, “Sunset Of Crow” and “Arms Of Cicero“. All performed superbly semi-acoustic with Andi’s characteristic voice in top shape. They kept entertaining us with every song they preformed, with anthems such as “Sebastiane“, the yet unreleased “Goodbye Berlin“, the beautifully played “Medea” up to the end with “Song And Legend“.

Although many had anticipated a full band Sex Gang Children show, after bearing witness to this live appearance, all agreed that this was a very special show. It’s not often that one gets to see such solo acts. Especially when the artist is someone like Andi Sex Gang who has such a big history and such a great personality. I was thrilled meeting him and Matthew after the gig and seeing how lovable chaps they both are. Hopefully we will see them again and if we’re lucky as Sex Gang Children, as well.


The Messenger
Strange Weather
Come And Stay With Me
Power Waits
Babes In The Wood
Saraband For Dead Lovers
Sunset Of Crow
Belgique Blue
Dead Mans Hill
All American Heart
Arms Of Cicero
Goodbye Berlin
Song And Legend


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Last Dusk – Memento Mori (2016)


(by Fondas SumerSon)

A few years ago not many people would have thought that Costa Rica would be the home of great goth rock bands. However Draconian Incubus from San Jose changed this. The band left its mark on the scene with its dark and powerful goth rock, through its 3 releases (2 full length albums & one ep). However, as years passed by, they had a change in their musical direction, leaving their goth endeavors in order to explore new musical terrains. But this is exactly what gave birth to Last Dusk. Carfax, one of their founding members, decided to follow the path of his heart and remain devoted to what he loved the most in music: Gothic rock! Old school, post-punkish, often occult-themed goth rock, unaffected by commercial trends, to be precise.

Last Dusk started their dark trip around 2012, with the release of their debut ep “Trismegistus”, which made many people pay attention to them. The highlight of its impact was their cracking appearance in Sacrosanct festival, one of the most cult festivals in Europe, taking place yearly in Reading-UK!

After some line-up changes Last Dusk’s new offering, their first full-length album “memento mori”, is finally here! With this release the band proves that they have no reason to be envious of any well established European goth rock/dark wave act! Old school guitars and bass lines, strong dark wave drumming, rich keyboard layers and synth-choirs and imposing goth vocals with a wide range of influences from Love Like Blood and House of Usher to Bauhaus and Christian Death or even Cinema Strange. The album will appeal equally to fans of traditional goth rock, as well as lovers of post punk and dark wave.

The songs vary from goth rock anthems (The Broken Altar, The Fool, Oblivion) and mystical ritualistic songs (The devil’s flower) to cobweb-covered batcave tunes (Memento Mori). The new versions of “Evocation” and “The Outsider” are indeed upgraded, sounding fresh now with more keyboards. Special tip: The closing track of the album “There’s a thing in the garden….” is a Crowley-inspired, hypnotic occult diamond! A narration of thelemic inspiration in Greek is used as an intro, while Aleister Crowley reciting verses from “the Poet” serves as the song’s outro. This should be enough to help you understand the atmosphere that the band creates in this dark hymn. What a track!

Production wise the sound might slightly lack in strength and clarity, but this is probably done deliberately by the band who rather prefers a retro dark wave sound which serves their purpose right, at the end of the day.

I suggest you check out this band because they have a lot to offer. Their devotion to goth and the culture that has built around it, is not something you come across very often. Long Live the Goth Underground Long Live Last Dusk!

Buy the physical cd from HERE or digitaly from HERE

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An Evening With Andi Sex Gang Live – Special guests: New Zero God

Andi Sex Gang, leader of the legendary English post-punk goth band Sex Gang Children, will perform for the first time in Greece.


The gig will take place at MODU (Kolonou 76, Metaxourgio, Athens) on Sunday 27 November, with New Zero God as special guests. Mostly known for his work with Sex Gang Children, Andi also worked with lots of other artists including Marc Almond, Mick Ronson, and Dario Argento.

On this special night, along with Sex Gang Children guitarist Matthew J Saw, Andi will bring to the stage all the classic repertoire of the band in an acoustic version of tracks such as Sebastiane, Song and Legend, and Medea.

corfu-1New Zero God were founded in 2006 by former members of the Flowers Of Romance and have opened for bands such as Christian Death and Legendary Pink Dots, while as members of The Flowers Of Romance they opened for The Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, and New Model Army.

With three full length albums, two mini albums (one of which was recorded live in Italy) two 7” singles and two digital singles the band have worked with Greek and foreign record labels.

This year, New Zero God released the album “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” and in October they followed with a 7” split-single with the Scottish band Savage Cut.

New Zero God will appear with the following line-up:
Mike Pougounas – Vocals
Akis Nikolaidis – Guitar
John Psimopoulos – Drums
Michalis Semertzoglou – Bass

Doors open at 20:00
10€ presale
15€ at the door

Keep up with Andi Sex Gang


Keep up with Sex Gang Children


Keep up with New Zero God

Website | Facebook | YouTube

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NU:N – Naked until Noema (2016)

(By Fondas Sumerson)

It’s no big secret that Portugal had nothing exceptional to offer the Goth scene all these years, apart from Phantom Vision and Aenima. At least this was the case before these guys appeared. With their self-titled debut, the band established its name in the European goth community and with their cracking live performances in their own country, UK (sacrosanct fest) and Spain (Semana Gotica de Madrid) they captured the attention of goth fans everywhere.


Two years after their excellent debut, they return with a second album, sounding more mature and eager to explore new musical highways, not straying from the path of traditional goth rock nevertheless ! Everything the listener had loved in their first release is also apparent in the new album… Powerful, solid guitar riffs, haunting deep vocals, dance-floor rhythms, atmospheric synth-lines, obscure electronics and a touch of industrial guitar-playing. If you add to this 3 very special guests who contribute to the album, it’s not hard to imagine that this is bound to be one of the best releases of the year…. But let’s take a closer look to “naked until noema”.

The album begins with the mystical “aethyr”, a song that takes us to ancient Egypt, through the invocation of the chosen ones and the everlasting search for light. This is a ritualistic tune with eerie guitars and an atmospheric chorus that will remind you of the early days of Garden of Delight! The participation of Carfax from Last Dusk gives the song a wicked twist, which adds to the occult atmosphere that the band masterfully creates!

The next song is the first single of the album. “Ceremonial” is made for the dance-floor. A classic goth rock anthem, intense and melodic, reminiscent of the German underground goth heroes Morbid Poetry. Killer rhythm section on this track which is themed after Sumerian goddesses and legends!
Seeds of Absence” which follows is my favourite. I first listened to this song at Sacrosanct festrival last year and I was shocked! We’re talking about a mid-tempo tune with great bass lines and out-of-this world synths, that will surly capture you from the very first listen! The song offers a variety in rhythm, while its chorus is utterly beautiful. Absolutely amazing tune!
In “untitled” we have another guest appearance. Stephanie, the girl behind the drum kit of Last Dusk, performs a ghost-like narration in Spanish that works just perfect in the song!
Romeo without Juliet” reveals a more sensitive side of the band. It is inspired by the dramatic “Elephant Man”. A lost, abandoned soul travels around the world as part of a freakshow, away from his true love that haunts his soul eternally. This is a unique song with traditional Spanish guitars and ethnic melodies, weaving a bittersweet goth romance!

Next one is “Suplica”. In this one the band attempts to explore new musical grounds. Imagine Die Krupps trying to sound “goth”. Heavy industrial guitars combined with Nosferatu-like (legendary UK goth rock band) keyboards and a Rammstein-like epic chorus! Quite unexpected from a band like NU:N I would say, but still I really liked this odd experiment of theirs. It definitely worked out fine! José Luis Peixoto, the acclaimed Portuguese novelist and poet is responsible for the lyrics on this one.

Next on “Incessant Lies”, the second dance-floor dynamite of the album. A Sisters of Mecry/Star Industry-like tune with bombastic rhythm section. Melodic synths and high class vocals complete another excellent song that will satisfy all the goth fans that can appreciate a good song they can dance to!
We slow down a little bit to take a stroll down the romantic alleys of “Hidden Praise”, which is a beautiful poem! M.T.’s recites for 1:23 without music…. His voice reminded me of A.Veljanov of Deine Lakaien in this one!
The song that follows is maybe the highlight of the album! It is the band’s co-operation with Oliver Heuer, frontman of German Goth Rockers Sweet William. He is the guest vocalist and lyric writer for this masterpiece! An old school goth rock anthem that took me back to the 90’s. Intricate guitar melodies from another era and amazing vocals by Mr. Heuer…. An impressive tune with a “heavy” subject (loss and the difficulty to go on without your beloved).

Carved Silence” is another mid-tempo song which is featured on their “Ceremonial” digital single as well. Great melody once again. Classic “clean” goth guitars just like Love Like Blood and Garden of Delight used to play them!

Green Hour Glides” is the album’s closing track, a fine opportunity for a bit of experimentation once again. This is a pure dark wave song with an excellent bass line and Clan of Xymox-like guitars. Just Amazing!
Wrapping up this little overview of “naked until noema”, I have to say that I am thrilled that NU:N have returned in such a spectacular way. This is a band that came out of nowhere to revive the glorious days of goth rock! It’s so good to have them back.

Buy it digitaly from HERE

and physical cd from HERE


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Opened Paradise – Buried in Rain (2016)

opened paradise
(By Fondas Sumerson)

If there is a band in the Greek goth scene that has reached a cult status through their releases and live performances, this is Opened Paradise, for sure. The band which has been around for about 13 years, is now back with its second full length album “Buried in Rain”, a whole 10 years after their debut “Occult” and 4 years after their “Tides” ep. But it was worth the wait!

This new opus was recorded with the original line up, which found the band members in top shape. The rhythm section is powerful, technical and accurate. The drum playing is better than ever, while the bass lines are masterfully played and distinct. The keyboards are adding a special earie touch to the already atmospheric songs. As for the guitar work of the album, it’s simply exquisite, varying form crystal-clean goth arpeggios and Elysium-like lead melodies to powerful riffs. Last but not least, the vocals on this album signify the band’s great progress. Of course the vocals had always been fine (in the vain of Carl McCoy), but this time the singing is much more melodic, without loosing the dark harshness of the past however.

After listening to “Buried in Rain” a lot, I have to notice that this time the band goes one step beyond the typical “goth rock” sound. While their main influences still come from The Nephilim (mostly their “Elizium era”) as well as the 90’s goth scene, their sound is enriched by ideas that are common in “progressive goth-metal” bands like Anathema or Katatonia. The real strength of this album lies in the supreme quality of the compositions. The band’s guitarist/song writer Babis came up with songs that are true dark gems of the dark/goth/atmospheric music genre.

The album starts with “ Leaving Dreamland”. A perfect opener indeed, full of melancholic guitars and pessimistic lyrics that fit perfectly to the atmosphere of the song! “Recreation” follows, a dance-floor goth tune with 12’string guitar, typical of the Sisters/Mission guitar-playing. It will remind you the early Sisters days of first and last and always, blended, of course, with Opened Paradise’s mystical touch, both musically & lyrically.

Visions Through the Circles of Chaos” was the very first song the band recorded when they entered the studio. Killer rhythm section and riffs that stick to your mind from the very first listen. I have the feeling that this will be a live favourite!
In Flesh” is a mid-tempo atmospheric anthem, reminiscent of Anathema’s “Eternity” album. Periklis is singing with a haunting way full of emotions. A perfect progressive-goth song, with an amazingly powerful and rhythmic finale that will leave you speechless…

We Burn the Sky” is a classic Opened Paradise tune, close to their “Occult” days. This is a fast-paced song with beautiful keyboards and mystical lyrics adding to its grandeur. The refrain is utterly melodic. This could easily become a club hit.

Upon the Vast Universe” is one of the best songs on the album. Intricate guitar melodies and ethereal synth-lines lead to a grandiose epic chorus that is bound to impress.
Reverence” has to be my personal favourite. In this one, Opened Paradise prove to be worthy sons of the Nephilim legacy. This is a tune inspired by “Wail of Sumer”, but it has a lot more to offer than a good tribute song. An epic feeling is apparent throughout the song. Once again intimate lyrics from Periklis, accompanied by genuine, brilliant guitar-work that lead to obscure greatness! Nothing less than a true masterpiece.The album closes with another cracking tune. “Yamanja” is an old-school goth tune full of guitars with delay, leaving us with a somewhat nostalgic feeling.

“Buried in rain” is an album that is “experienced” by the listener, rather than simply listened to. By releasing this album, Opened Paradise have secured their throne as the top act of the Greek goth rock scene and according to my personal opinion they currently belong to the top league of goth bands in the international goth scene. The “Hidden servants in Light” have returned! Be a part of their cult.

Buy it from HERE:

or by sending an email to this address:

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