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ReMission International – TOS2020 (SPV Records 28 August 2020)

Wayne Hussey and friends remake classic Mission ‘Tower Of Strength’ anthem in support of key workers dealing with Covid-19 globally. 
Proceeds to charities have been personally chosen by each contributor

ReMission International – TOS2020
Digital release date: August 28
12” vinyl and CD release date: October 2

Collaborators include: Andy Rourke, Billy Duffy, Budgie, Evi Vine, Gary Numan, James Alexander Graham, Jay Aston, Julianne Regan, Kevin Haskins, Kirk Brandon, Lol Tolhurst, Martin Gore, Michael Aston, Michael Ciravolo, Midge Ure, Miles Hunt, Rachel Goswell, Richard Fortus, Robin Finck, Steve Clarke, Tim Palmer, Trentemøller

From Wayne Hussey: “When Covid-19 hit I started receiving messages asking ‘why don’t you re-issue Tower Of Strength for the front line workers?’ The song had apparently been adopted as an anthem by some NHS workers, and it got me thinking that I would like to contribute something to the greater cause at this unprecedented time and the only thing I could really contribute is music. So in conjunction with my good friend Michael Ciravolo, I came up with the idea of recording a new version of Tower Of Strength for charity by enlisting the help of musician friends and acquaintances. Tower Of Strength was first released by The Mission as single in 1988 and then again in 1994. It charted twice in the UK top 40 and has proved to be probably our biggest song and the one we generally close our shows with. It is anthemic. I wondered if recording a more well known song might have a greater reach but neither Michael or I could come up with any suggestions that seemed to fit lyrically without getting too corny. So Tower Of Strength it was then.”

“Usually I detest things that are done for charity that are also self-serving, but I came up with a plan that satisfied my conscience. I spoke with my fellow Mission band members who co-wrote the song – Craig Adams, Mick Brown and Simon Hinkler – and we agreed to give up any publishing income generated by the new version to nominated charities, including mechanical and performance royalties and 100% of any revenue raised by sales. TOS2020 has been renamed to divert funds from the original version, and the charities will all be personally nominated by the people involved in its recording and release. Because the musical contributions are global our idea is that the proceeds will be divided and distributed equally among all the beneficiaries.”  Wayne Hussey, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 23rd July, 2020.

Produced by Wayne Hussey and co-produced and mixed by Tim Palmer. Except
* remix by Trentemøller and ** remix by some bloke named Albie Mischenzingerzen

TRACK LIST for TOS2020 – ReMission International

Vinyl Side A (cat no: SPV 243541 LP)
1. TOS2020 (Beholden To The Front Line Workers Of The World mix)
2. TOS2020 (single)

Vinyl Side B
1.    TOS2020 (Trentemøller remix)*
2.    TOS2020 (Albie Mischenzingerzen remix)**

CD (cat no: SPV 243542 CD-EP)
1. TOS2020 (Beholden To The Front Line Workers Of The World mix)
2. TOS2020 (Trentemøller remix)*
3. TOS2020 (Albie Mischenzingerzen remix)**
4. TOS2020 (single)

Digital Bundle (cat no: SPV 24354D)
1. TOS2020 (single)
2. TOS2020 (Beholden To The Front Line Workers Of The World mix)
3. TOS2020 (Trentemøller remix)*
4. TOS2020 (Albie Mischenzingerzen remix)**
5. Tower Of Strength (original new remaster) – The Mission (free bonus track with bundle only)

From TOS2020 collaborators:

“Being given the chance to do some good to raise money for people and animals struggling in these frightening times by singing one of the best songs ever written was such an easy thing to say yes to. An absolute honour to be involved.” – Gary Numan

“Today as we face an unprecedented crisis with COVID 19, we have to be united in purpose to help humanity and especially the disenfranchised and impoverished among us, survive. Music can be a powerful way to join us all together and help those that need it most now.” – Lol Tolhurst

“I’ve seen and heard Tower of Strength played often and I’ve experienced its effect and the impact it has on others. It’s an anthemic song of hope, comfort and joy, with a message that now seems more relevant than ever. I hope this project, in which I am privileged to be involved, brings a little light into the shade, and allows us all to, albeit momentarily, focus on an ‘afterwards’.” – Julianne Regan

“You get a message from Wayne Hussey asking if you can put a vocal (alongside a great list of singers, musicians and friends) on a reworking of a massive track in the repertoire of The Mission to aid COVID-19 charities around the globe – you say yes and get it done as well as you can.” – Kirk Brandon

“I did it coz Wayne asked me to and I love Wayne.” – Billy Duffy

“Being asked to contribute to making a piece of music isn’t overly taxing for a musician. I’m just pleased Wayne didn’t ask me to perform brain surgery or fly a jumbo jet, something which takes some form of skill.” – Midge Ure

“My positive of the pandemic has been connecting to kindred spirits. Honoured to lend a hand.” – Budgie

“I would like it known that, if asked, I would do absolutely anything for Wayne Hussey. Tower Of Strength is utter perfection: it is daring in its intent and supremely executed in both its original recording and every single time I have seen it performed live. To be asked to contribute to this new version was a very emotional experience for me. So many intense memories came flooding back as I sang, there were tears, I can assure you of that.” – Miles Hunt

“Direct Relief is an organisation that helps people in times of emergency like natural disasters or in times of poverty by getting medical equipment and supplies to where they are needed most. At the moment they are obviously heavily focused on Covid-19.” Martin Gore (on Direct Relief, his nominated charity)

“Love and gratitude.” – Robin Finck

“I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this project – I always loved this song and asked Wayne if I could take a crack at John Paul Jones’ string arrangement, which I have always admired.  Hopefully my take on it does it justice.” – Richard Fortus

“The power we have collectively is transformative … I love and admire Wayne and the band and the warmth and intention behind this release. I know the power of this song and I feel so honoured to have been invited to join so many celebrated artists, this is a beautiful star in the darkest of times and I know the difference it will make.” – Evi Vine

“To be amongst these amazing artists that I’m a huge fan of and have so much respect for is a true honour, especially for such an important cause. The sacrifice that all the amazing NHS staff and key workers have made is truly humbling and inspiring. To be part of an incredible group of people that want to give something back and show their gratitude is something I’m extremely proud of.” – James Alexander Graham

“When I was asked by Wayne to be part of this fantastic charity project, I immediately said yes! If I could contribute to supporting the hard work fighting Covid 19 by making a remix of Tower Of Strength, that was a way for me to make a small difference. I’m very honoured to be a part of this.” – Trentemøller

“I signed on for this project because I felt that it would be a great way to raise a lot of funds for those in need at this time. When I heard all the names of artists who were collaborating, I knew that it would turn out very special. I’m very grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute to this marvellous project.” – Kevin Haskins

“When Wayne emailed me with the idea of contributing vocals to this project I jumped at the chance. Tower of Strength is such an anthemic song it’s only fitting that this has been done to support the various charities.  It’s an honour for me to be a small part of the process and what a stellar line up of people involved.” – Rachel Goswell

“Not every day do you get the chance to play on one of your favourite songs with some of your favourite artists, and to have it be for all the right reasons and for an amazing cause.” – Michael Ciravolo

“So honoured to be part of this wonderful project. It’s also interesting that three of the original performers on our – Gene Loves Jezebel – very first recording, ‘Shaving My Neck’ are reunited by chance some 37 years later: Julianne Regan, J.P, and myself. Hats off to Wayne and the Mission for giving this rendition for charity during this pandemic.” – Michael Aston

“Absolutely buzzed and honestly flattered to be asked to not only add my voice to this wonderful recording, but also give something back to our much loved and beleaguered NHS. The perfect song for these difficult and challenging days.” – Jay Aston

TOS2020 nominated charities currently include:

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Memphis
Music Venue Trust UK
Covenant House, New Orleans
Disasters Emergency Committee
Plan International
Direct Relief
Alzheimer’s Scotland
Liberty Hill Foundation
The Shrewsbury Ark
Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, NYC
Prostate Cancer UK
The Teddy Bear Clinic
Red Rover
Help Musicians UK
Crew Nation
Venice Family Clinic
The Anthony Walker Foundation
Projeto Cáo Communitário
The City Of San Francisco Covid-19 Fund

Keep up with ReMission International  
Website | Mission Facebook | Mission Twitter | Mission Instagram | Press contact
Preview TOS2020
Preorder TOS2020
Store (USA)
Press email

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New Clan of Xymox album and video

Over the years, Clan Of Xymox has always been revered for their signature melancholic sound that in 1985 was aptly dubbed as “Darkwave” by British radio icon John Peel. Following their recent singles, both “She” and “Lovers”, 2020 witnesses the release of the brand new album “Spider On The Wall.” Both dark and intimate, Xymox leader Ronny Moorings and the band continue to masterfully explore their Electro meets Gothic sound first mined on their debut 1985 self-titled album released by 4AD and now finds them releasing their sixteenth studio album “Spider On The Wall.” Additionally, Clan of Xymox have just released a new video for the song “All I Ever Know” from the new album. “Spider On The Wall” will be released by Metropolis Records on July 24th through all digital and streaming formats as well as on CD.

Formed in Amsterdam in 1984, Clan of Xymox became one of the mainstays of the 4AD label. Along with label mates such as Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance the Clan’s dark electro-gothic approach to music quickly became the benchmark by which all other bands to follow were judged. Prior to their 4AD days, Clan of Xymox released “Subsequent Pleasures” on their own label in a limited run of 500 vinyl copies. Their self titled debut, released in 1985 on 4AD, was highlighted by the club classics “A Day” and “Stranger“. In 1987, the band was included on 4AD’s popular “Lonely as an Eyesore” compilation with “Muscoviet Musquito“, as well as releasing their darker follow-up CD, “Medusa” and the 12 inch “A Million Things“.

In 1988, Clan of Xymox changed labels, moving to Wing, a subsidiary of PolyGram, and shortened their name to Xymox. Modifying their sound to appeal to a larger audience, their 1989 debut record for Wing, “Twist of Shadow“, sold in excess of 300,000 copies. Following up the album was three extremely successful 12 inches: “Obsession”, “Imagination”, and “Blind Hearts“. “Phoenix” followed two years later, but without the same clout as their three predecessor albums.

After leaving Wing in the early nineties, Xymox became the sole signing to the independent label, Zok Records. They released four recordings, primarily in the dance genre: “Metamorphosis”, “Headclouds”, one remix CD, and they re-released “Subsequent Pleasures“.

In 1997, the band reclaimed their original name, Clan of Xymox, and began the work of reclaiming their original sound and glory. “Hidden Faces“, produced by Dave Allen (of Sisters fame) and John Rivers (of Love and Rockets note) hearkened back to the 4AD years, and although it did not completely regain the power of their initial sound, it was clearly the best work they had done since “Medusa”. This release was followed by a number of American and European dates, including co-headlining the Zillo and Leipzig festivals in Germany. In relation to these intriguing live shows, Pandemonium records released two singles “Out of the Rain” and “This World” which rose to the top 10 in the German Independent Charts.

In 1999, Clan of Xymox signed on with Metropolis Records, and delivered “Creatures” to a public that had been waiting for the true follow-up to 1985’s “Clan of Xymox” album for 14 years. “Creatures” not only captures the sound of their amazing debut (which has also been reissued in 1999 along with “Medusa”), but infuses it with the dark rock and Gothic guitar styles of such masterful bands as The Sisters of Mercy.

2000 marked a first for the Clan of Xymox. After thousands of requests from fans for a live album, Clan of Xymox returned with “Live“, a double live CD which featured nineteen tracks and two videos. All of the tracks were recorded during their Central and South American tour in 1999. A re-issue of the ever increasingly hard to find Subsequent Pleasures EP featuring many obscure pre-4AD demos, as well as a new single, “Liberty,” followed.

Metropolis’s second studio album by the Clan of Xymox was 2001’s “Notes from the Underground.” A double remix CD was released the year after titled “Remixes from the Underground,” featuring the mixing talents of Front 242, Beborn Beton, Iris, Assemblage23 and many more. Clan of Xymox spent the two years following “Notes from the Underground” to work on the next record, “Farewell,” which was released in 2003.

One year later, the band released their first ‘best of’ CD simply titled, “The Best of Clan of Xymox.” In the words of Ronny Moorings, “The most difficult task was to pick the best of songs…but with the help of our fans who voted for their favorite songs on-line we finally got the resulting tracks… Whilst listening to the final running order as listed here I just got swept from period to period, remembering all kind of people and situations. I am sure you too will have memories with certain tracks, so all I want to say to you now is: cherish your moments in life!

For 2006, Clan of Xymox released the “Weak In My Knees” digital single as a precursor to the album “Breaking Point.” The album exhibited a more mature sound than on its predecessors, and leaned more towards dark rock than gothic rock.

In 2009, the band’s twenty-fifth year, Clan of Xymox presented “In Love We Trust.” The stunning opus adroitly combined the early melancholic 4AD sound of the band with the glimmering synthesizer sounds of the 90s and the power of classic darkwave. Past and present were perfectly combined to showcase the music that has kept Clan of Xymox relevant and popular after all this time. With the release, Clan of Xymox demonstratively returned to its roots while nevertheless remaining up to date. After spending the past two and a half decades forging a path for others to follow in the dark music scene, “In Love We Trust” proves above all that their creative potential is a long way from coming to an end. This holds true with 2011’s Darkest Hour and the covers album Kindred Spirits, a collection of covers from artists that the band cherishes such as the Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails, Test Dept., and more.

In its long and storied history, Clan Of Xymox has developed a signature dark electro-gothic sound that has made the act adored around the world. With the new album, Matters of Mind, Body and Soul, the band explores its signature, melancholic sound, as evidenced by standout tracks such as “I Close My Eyes” and “I’ll Let You Go.”


The Electronic Saviors Compilation

All things end. The first Electronic Saviors comp landed in 2010 on Metropolis Records and every two years since, the industrial music community has come together to stand against cancer.

The Electronic Saviors compilation series began as an idea in 2008 when scene promoter, DJ and musician Jim Semonik was diagnosed with stage 2B colorectal cancer.

What started out as an idea during radiation treatments blossomed into a musical project unparallelled in scene history.

ES has since raised and donated in excess of 75K for various charities including Cap For Kids, Bone Marrow Foundation, Gilda’s Club, Our Clubhouse,  Foundation For Cancer Research and Wellness, Darkest Before Dawn, The University of Pittsburgh Medical School and various GoFundMe campaigns.

In 2019, Jim was awarded the ASCRS (American Society of ColoRectal Surgeons) local hero award and was knighted in Chicago at the Coldwaves festival. Since then, he has focused on what lies ahead, Electronic Saviors Vol 6:Reflection. The new volume is a look back and celebration of the many accomplishments that ES has garnered. It is a chance to stare down cancer one more time. For the final boxset in this series, Semonik is joined my top scene greats such as Lead Into Gold (Paul Barker), Marc Heal with Chris Connelly, NOIR, Christ Analogue, Fires, Adoration Destroyed, Caustic, Null Device and many, many others. This compilation is special as it holds brand new material by artists like Flesh Field and 13mg who haven’t been active in many years as well as final recordings by bands such as Tenek.

ES6 is the farewell to a beloved series of compilations that changed lives. We laughed, cried, screamed and shouted together. Now it’s time for one last go. Electronic Saviors will continue on in the future with projects like the spin off Respect the Prime and Synthcore Dreams series so it isn’t a complete goodbye. The ES name will live on in many other forms and contine to save and change lives as we always have.

Electronic Saviors 6 will come in 3 forms:

Digital: 4 disc edition available through Metropolis Records

Physical: 6 disc Premium Edition available through Distortion Productions and includes the 6CD set in a gorgeous DVD style digipak with artwork by Jeff Confer and Samantha Johnson, a bumper sticker, wristband, a personalized autographed postcard and a Distortion Productions Postcard.

Physical: 8 disc Prime Edition available through Distortion Productions and includes everything in the Premium Edition plus 2 additional discs in a 2cd digipak, a special enamel pin, boxed warning’s “I Have Been Terrible” EP and Trade Secrets‘ “Golden Life” EP while supplies last.

Release Date: June 12th on Metropolis Records/Distortion Productions.



Disc 1: Meditation

1. 13 mg – Soul Break

2. Rein[Forced] – No Desire

3. Deathline International – Spinzone

4. boxed warning – Fall From Focus

5. Ego Likeness – Ghost Sick

6. FIRES – Telecine

7. Lead Into Gold – The Sea The Sun The Past The Sum

8. The Clay People – Colossus (Uberholung)

9. Trade Secrets – Haze of Hearts

10. Leæther Strip – Stronger Alone

11. Abbey Death – Who Controls You

12. This Morn Omina Vs Pylon People- Starfall Common

13. Angelspit – Happy Coma

14. Jean-Marc Lederman Experience Featuring Tom Shear – Answer Me

15. Ambassador 21 – La Life

16. Klack – Discipline (12 Inch Mix)

17. Mindless Faith And Miscellen – Goodbye Blue Monday (ES Mix)


Disc 2: Contemplation

1. Flesh Field Feat. Ted Phelps – Forever War

2. Interface – Second Star

3. Adoration Destroyed Feat. FIRES – Failsafe

4. Tragic Impulse – The Code

5. Pig – Leather Pig (Traumabond Remix)

6. Glass Apple Bonzai – Mysteries (Feat. Jamie Cronander)

7. I:Scintilla – Tix3

8. Xentrifuge – Infernal Formations

9. Dogtablet – The New Cold War (2020 Mix)

10. Esther Black – Requiem For A Scene

11. Null Device – No Name

12. FGFC820 – Lost (Dracos Remix)

13. Bella Morte – Run Away

14. Caustic – By Crom

15. Seeming – The Wildwood (VaLHaLL Mix)

16. Conformco – Believe It (Mega-Oontz Mix)

17. And Void – This Ship Dreams


Disc 3: Rumination

1. Ashbury Heights – Lights Out

2. Spider Lilies – Witness

3. Christ Analougue – Black Apache

4. Tenek – Chameleon

5. Die Warzau – God Pusher

6. Mildreda Feat. Frank M Spinath – Without You

7. Blue Eyed Christ – World On Fire (OG Mix Feat. En Esch and Mea Fisher)

8. Wiccid-Grudge

9. Americlone – Sleep For Change

10. Standalone – What’s Up Is Blue

11. Chiasm – Durch Die Seile (silver walks remix)

12. Stoneburner – Lupus Invocat Lupus

13. Aesthetic Perfection – No Boys (Empirion Remix)

14. Finite Automata – Ablator

15. Third Realm – Torment

16. Iris – Silent (Interface Remix)

17. Coldkill – Leave It All Behind (Beborn Beton Remix)

18. God Module – Crossroads


Disc 4: Speculation

1. Encephalon – Crippled

2. NOIR – Death is Easy

3. Ghost & Writer – Not Us

4. Antiscion Feat. Mari Kattman – Human

5. Go Fight – Dead Girls

6. The Rain Within – Red Cells

7. Cyanotic – Still We Keep Moving On

8. Red Lokust – Point Of Healing

9. Antigen Shift – Superheavy Particle

10. Sensuous Enemy – Carry On

11. Panic Lift – Temptress (Interface Remix)

12. I Ya Toyah Feat. Traumabond – Funeral For Love

13. Inertia – Aviator (Rewind Mix)

14. Psy’Aviah Feat. Saydi Driggers – Dreamfever (Stripped Edit)

15. Skatenigs – Self Medicated

16. Marc Heal With Chris Connelly – Mission Accomplished


Disc 5: Manifestation (Premium and Prime Editions Only)

1. Flood Damage – Nightmares Are Real

2. Der Prosector – Subject Amnesty (Touched By 2Bit)

3. Geoff Pinckney – I Feel Nothing

4. Lloyd Price – Polemic (Scyia City of Stars Mix)

5. This Hollow Machine – Ten Thousand Years (Feat. Ships in the Night)

6. CYLiX – Devotion (Savior Edit)

7. Derision Cult – Sins Of The Father

8. Queen Neon – Exit Collider

9. Society Burning -Under Your Skin (ESaviors6mix)

10. Lorelei Dreaming – Nothing Left, Something More (Digital Gnosis Mix)

11. Loveless Love -Death Day

12. Solemn Assembly – Not What You Expected

13. Larva – To Be Myself Again (Toro Edit)

14. 7th Victim – The Wheel And The Knife

15. Genius Of Nefarious – Cursed In Purgatory

16. Die Robot – Virtual Life (Slighter Remix)

17. Ritchual – We Are Not Alone

18. Headless Nameless – Flash In The Dark


Disc 6: Expression (Premium and Prime Editions Only)

1. Negant – Cancer

2. IIOIOIOII – Face The Night

3. Left Spine Down – Bithead ($H1TH34D Mix By Gunmetal Grey)

4. Everplastic – Sanctuary

5. Jamie Cronander – No End

6. Angel Metro – Not Good 4 u

7. Cryogen Second – Monolith (2020 Rework)

8. Resident 24 – Reach Out

9. Razorback Hollow – Hey Buddy (Feat. Peter Turns Pirate)

10. Blut Reaktor – Nothing At All (Steven OLaf Mix)

11. Oscellus – Pristobrycon Maculipinnis

12. 30 Year Sick – Entropy

13. Your Life On Hold – Dead Tree (Merciless Version)

14. S Y Z Y G Y X – Don’t Look Back

15. Alias 86 – Oblivion

16. Namo Maitri Feat Andee Black Sugar of KMFDM – Shampoo Nights

17. W.O.R.M. – In This Life (If Only You Were Here Mix)


Disc 7: Attestation (Prime Edition Only)

1. Kill Minus Nine – Proof of Life (AI_ML Remix)

2. Ataxis – Gaslighter

3. Missing in Stars – The Call of Angels

4. Bellhead – Knife (Beware The Light)

5. The Russian White – Stalker

6. Era Nocturna – War Of The Worlds

7. M73 – Dishonesty

8. Croona – Forever Feat Jimmy Bergman And Anders Strom

9. daddybear feat grabyourface – teenage lust

10. Surveil – Madness Engine

11. Sawtooth – Shambolic (Fields On Fire Feat. Juliet Brownell-Lee)

12. Ghost In The Barn – Junkies

13. Stiff Valentine -Silence

14. Eva X – Empire On Sand

15. Doors In The Labyrinth – Reunion

16. Nothing But Sanctuary – Sip The Stars

17. Stigmata With Screwdrivers Feat. Gasoline Invertebrate – It Came Out and Saw the Burn

18. thoughtForm – Forest Thoughts


Disc 8: Consideration (Prime Edition Only)

1. Aimonia – Pig Farm

2. Scrape – Crush

3. Josie Pace – Fire

4. Viscera Drip – Dance Your Depression

5. Sister Sarin – Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

6. Next Up Robots – Save That Zombie

7. Hopeful Machines – Lights (Live In The Studio)

8. Machines With Human Skin – Simulation

9. Black Light Ascension – Atos War Crimes

10. Absynthe Of Faith – Slowly

11. Big Time Kill – Bit By Bit

12. Dead Agent – Black Network

13. Illusion Of Joy – Vector Christ

14. Sandi Leeper – Hot Air

15. DJ Kabel- Fucken Samplez

16. The Lonely Death – Truth (Cold Version)

17. MACE – Virus

18. Death Loves Veronica – Descent



Altar of Eris – Isolation (29 May 2020)

Emerging from the abyss, postpunk / darkwave outfit Altar of Eris present the ‘Isolation’ EP’. Their sophomore release, here they lend listeners a glimpse into their own dark and raw musical reality.

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Altar of Eris is a three-piece band comprised of Travis Stanley (vocals, synth, lyrics, drums and social media), Nick Trimmer (bass, drums and production) and Brandon Bannister (guitar, drums and band relations).

This six-track offering is forged with elements of darkwave, postpunk, industrial, and electronic body music with vocal musings somewhat reminiscent of The Fall’s Mark E. Smith. Their trademark sound is characterized by the utilization of drum machines, eerie synthesizers, bludgeoning bass, and melodic guitar riffs. There is something here for both new wave and old schoolers of goth and post-punk music.

“Isolation is a hallmark release for Altar of Eris. As a newly formed band, this is our most polished release to date. Named for the fact that this EP was recorded in quarantined isolation, this EP touches on themes of social segregation, broken hearts, promises and dreams,” says Brandon Bannister.

“It also explores the occult, existential pessimism, and classic horror – I feel we have created something immersive while opening a door into the void. The music we create is rooted in themes of trauma, grief, heartbreak, philosophy and the occult with the intent of cathartically exploring life and music through a lens of self-loathing and existential dread”.

Altar of Eris’ influences are wide-ranging and pull from both classic and modern acts of a similar genre, including The Cure, Clan of Xymox, Joy Division, Boy Harsher, Ritual Howls and Drab Majesty.

The ‘Isolation’ EP is a true DIY project. In addition to writing and performing the music featured here, the band members in Altar of Eris handled the recording, mixing, and mastering themselves at their home studio in Seattle, while Nick Trimmer produced the EP.

Altar of Eris’ sound is something as intangible and esoteric as it is an outlet to express complicated feelings and uneasy emotions. If one was to paint their sound with broad strokes, it could be summed up as brooding, aggressive, melancholic, dark and creeping.

The ‘Isolation’ EP follows the ‘Table of Discord’ EP from several months ago on New Year’s Day. That was released both digitally and as a limited edition of 100 red cassette tapes, hand numbered and wrapped in black tissue paper (plus MP3 download and bonus track).

The ‘Isolation’ EP will be released on May 29 and available everywhere, including Spotify, but It can already be ordered via Bandcamp.

1. Three-fold
2. Transmigration
3. Labyrinth of Tears
4. Violent Dreams
5. Someone Else
6. Your Ghost

Recording, mixing, and mastering was done by Altar of Eris in Seattle
Written by Altar of Eris. Lyrics by Travis Stanley
Produced by Nick Trimmer
Travis Stanley – vocals, synth and drums
Nick Trimmer – bass and drums
Brandon Bannister – guitar and drums

Keep up with Altar of Eris
Bandcamp | Merch Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music | Press contact

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FIERCE – Remixes & More by Hante.

Hante. is the one woman project from Parisian artist Hélène de Thoury.

Striking, cold, and synthesized, her unique blend of darkwave and electronics is simply breathtaking.

On the heels of her beloved 2019 album “Fierce,” Hante. has just released “Fierce – Remixes & More,” a collection that includes previously unreleased songs, an alternative version of the song “Respect” along with exclusive remixes.

Just released by Metropolis Records on all digital and streaming formats along with a limited edition purple vinyl edition.

For orders click HERE or HERE

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New Adoration Destroyed “You Should See Me in a Crown” Video

Adoration Destroyed have just released a new video for their surprising take on Billie Eilish‘s smash hit “You Should See Me in a Crown.”

Filmed in Austin, Texas at the famed Elysium nightclub, this video comes on the heels of Adoration Destroyed’s latest 3 song single that features “You Should See Me in a Crown” along with two new songs, “Blackout Again” and “Tonight.

Released by Cleopatra Records, the single has been in the Top 20 of Bandcamp’s Goth and Industrial charts since it was released in late April.

Adoration Destroyed exploded out of Austin, Texas with their critically acclaimed debut album “Ritual Damage” on Cleopatra Records in 2016.

AD’s “Ritual Deconstruction” EP followed in in 2017 as did extensive touring with the likes of Kanga, Ego Likeness and FIRES.

The EP is available HERE

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40 years of Attrition – An interview with Martin Bowes

The city that spawned the 2-Tone movement also birthed a far darker musical animal called Attrition. Running counter to popular culture culture yet somehow connected (their first gig was on the day John Lennon was shot) band leader Martin Bowes has now been terrorising listeners for 40 years.

(interviewed by Pete Dennis)

Fully embracing the opportunities offered by the experimental post-punk movement Attrition, along with bands like Throbbing Gristle and Coil, helped shape the fledgling industrial movement. In the true spirit of post-punk Attrition were never going to stagnate and have constantly shape shifted to incorporate gothic rock, dark wave and ambient into their sound.

Rolling with every punch the fickle music industry has thrown 2020 will mark Attritions fourth decade and it promises to be a busy year. Having just released a two track single (‘The Great Derailer’) and a new album to come along with gigs all over the globe it will be a memorable anniversary. To mark this special occasion Peter Dennis spoke to Martin Bowes for a career overview.

Firstly, thank you for your time. Can you start by telling me about your earliest musical memories?

Well I can vaguely remember hearing the Beatles on a transistor radio on the top deck of a bus when I was in Colchester visiting my aunt and cousins in the late 60’s. But the first bands I fell in love with were in the early 70’s bands like T-Rex, Roxy Music, Bowie and Cockney Rebel..and I I still do.

And what was your introduction to alternative music? What fired your imagination? Can you explain how Attrition came into being?

I was so inspired by punk and the local scene in Coventry in it’s wake was very vibrant. I wanted to make music myself I had that need to express myself… but as an art student with no musical skill whatsoever I initially started a fanzine. It opened doors and gave me a lot of knowledge on the music scene…or so I thought. I’m still learning but it gave me the confidence to give it a go and start Attrition in 1980.

1980 was a period of political and social unrest. Did any of that play into the bands aesthetic?

I started my love affair with music before punk but punk influenced my wanting to get up and do music and I started making steps into it when I ran my fanzine in Coventry (Alternative Sounds) from 1979 to1981. I was always into bands like Crass and their anarchist slant on the world and Attrition began very much with one foot in that scene and one in the emerging experimental electronic scene… so yes is the answer!

Likewise did your immediate environment shape Attrition? For example Godflesh and Joy Division were informed by their industrial surroundings. Did the brutalist architecture of Coventry influence you?

An interesting question… I’ve often felt an affinity with the sound of Sheffield or maybe Manchester both places with more than their fair share of industrial landscapes. Coventry has the same and in some ways must have influenced my growing up but Coventry has an old traditional past too and that is evident in the architecture and landscape as well, so it’s a mix of old and new, and given a choice you will find me enjoying the medieval here much more than the 1950’s Coventry…what is left of it.

This year is Attrition’s 40th anniversary. Did you ever imagine it’d last this long? Looking back have you a proudest/favorite moment?

It will be, on December 8th I can’t believe how fast this has gone. I never really thought about how long I would last. It was never an issue, I always knew it would be a lifetime thing. And there are so many wonderful moments, music has shaped my life, my friends, my interests, my travel and experience of this world.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You have a new two track release ‘The Great Derailer’. Two very different tracks yet they’re both recognisable as Attrition. What’s your writing process? How long does it take to put a song together?

Recently it has been taking longer and longer for me to get new songs together. A few reasons I see, wanting to do something that doesn’t copy what I’ve done before, spending so much time in my studio (The Cage) working on mastering and production for other bands all the time, which I like a lot but it takes away Attrition time. And then the fact that I am Attrition, I work with collaborators and guests from all over the world…and I love that but it just takes a little longer sometimes.

From where did you draw lyrical and musical inspiration on the new release?

It’s always from my life experience from people and places and situations around me and that can include political and philosophical, but personal experience and my own reaction to that, consciously or subconsciously, are my main concerns.

Like a lot of your work the two new tracks feature female voices quite prominently. What is it about the female timbre you like to work with?

I have always enjoyed that male and female tension and collaboration: two different sides to the human psyche, the very first Attrition started like that and of course there are instrumental works, but on the main the dual male and female is very important for me to be included as a part of my work.

Much of your work explores the darker side of humanity and the dark recesses of the human psyche. Do you ever feel worried about submerging yourself in all this darkness for your art?

I don’t do that intentionally, I just start writing music and follow the paths that open up for me in that it can often be a darker path but I find strength in that, and perhaps a relief in getting that out of my system and even if I am the only one that notices there is some dark humour in there too…

Finally what can fans of Attrition expect in the coming year?

Well after ‘The Great Derailer’ single the new album, The Black Maria, will be with us later in the year and I am setting up more shows for that… so far the UK, Europe and South America. Do check our web sites for updates when you can!

Keep up with Attrition

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The Nosferatu Live in Athens – Greece (22.02.2020)

(by Fondas Sumerson)

A few words about The Nosferatu and their first coming to Athens-Greece!

There are some bands that Ι grew up with but didn’t have the opportunity to catch live on stage, back in the days when they released the iconic albums that oriented the goth rock scene or rather goth rock music… (The) Nosferatu is definitely one of them!
After their long awaited return and their recent successful gig in London-UK, the only thing that I had in mind was to see this band live on stage…

My excitement can’t be described with words, when these Goth Rock legends announced their first coming to Temple Athens live venue!

They managed to gather over 200 excited fans (confirmed from the club), overwhelmed with nostalgia and an appetite for top class atmospheric, uncompromised gothic rock. The fans eagerly showed their appreciation by storming the band’s almost sold-out merch-stand (credis to merch-girl Μαίρη).

Their sound was very clear and solid building a haunting atmosphere of pure dark goth …as it should always be. Louis DeWray is still one of the best and most charismatic singers of the Goth scene with an out-of-this-world vocal range and a captivating stage persona…..

The same goes for Vlad Janicek, the living Vampire, whose bass lines and style are impeccable.

Rob Leydon, with the look of a Victorian gentleman, is the best guitar choice for the Nosferatu and one of the best British guitarists, while Chris Clark’s powerful yet technical drumming transforms the band’s live sound into a sonic attack!

The band also features a female vocalist on stage, the fantastic Anastasia Resurrection, whose ethereal singing made the atmosphere even more eerie.

The playlist consisted of much loved Goth-hymns from “Rise” & “Legend” and three new spectacular songs that prove the band’s dedication to achieving Goth excellence once again…

There is only one Nosferatu out there, THE NOSFERATU… the ORIGINAL one, the composers of the songs that made us proud to call ourselves GOTHS!

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Then Comes Silence – We Lose The Night – January 10 – Metropolis Records (North America) / (SPV Oblivion rest of world)

GREEK (FOR ENGLISH PLEASE SCROLL DOWN) Οι Then Comes Silence είναι οι Σουηδοί ήρωες του post-punk.

Δημιουργήθηκαν στην Στοκχόλμη το 2012 και στο νέο τους άλμπουμ “Machine” φλερτάρουν με τον θάνατο και τη θλίψη.

Το “Machine”, είναι γεμάτο εντυπωσιακούς ρυθμούς, ενώ οι αλαζονικές, κρύες μελωδίες τους είναι μια δυστοπική αντανάκλαση σκοτεινών καταστάσεων.

Οι σαγηνευτικοί, απειλητικοί ύμνοι, όπως τo single “We Lose The Night” που κυκλοφόρησε στις 10 Ιανουαρίου, το “Dark End” και το “Kill It” ταξιδεύουν τον ακροατή σε ένα κόσμο όπου συνυπάρχουν το post punk με τις σκιές του goth-gaze και της psychedelica.

Το “Machine” θα κυκλοφορήσει στην Βόρεια Αμερική από την Metropolis Records στις 13 Μαρτίου, ενώ η SPV θα το βγάλει στον υπόλοιπο πλανήτη.

ENGLISH Then Comes Silence are the Swedish captains of post-punk.

A four piece band formed in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, their new album “Machine” is flirting with death & sorrow, full of gripping beats & eerily cold melodies is a dystopian reflection of all things dark.

Seductive, sinister anthems such as the single “We Lose The Night” that Metropolis Records released on January 10 (SPV Oblivion for the rest of world), “Dark End” & “Kill It” take the listener on a journey from swinging postpunk to the shadows of goth-gaze & psychedelica in symbiosis.

Metropolis Records will release “Machine” in North America on March 13th on CD as well as through all digital and streaming formats.

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Νέα άλμπουμ για τους Sonsombre

Με δύο πολύ επιτυχημένες κυκλοφορίες τους το 2018 και το 2019, οι Sonsombre, δημιούργησαν ενα πιστό κοινό που τους λατρεύει.

Η σύγχρονη ματιά μέσα απο την οποία οι Sonsombre βλέπουν τους ήχους του κλασσικού κιθαριστικού Goth, ξεσήκωσε θύελλα θαυμασμού στα μέσα κοινωνικής δικτύωσης.

Τώρα, Sonsombre κυκλοφορούν το τρίτο ολοκληρωμένο album τους, μέσα σε λιγότερο από 18 μήνες, αλλά αυτή τη φορά με την θρυλική εταιρία Cleopatra Records στο πλευρό τους.

Ο Brandon Pybus επιστρέφει με άλλα 11 κομμάτια στο καινούργιο άλμπουμ που έχει τίτλο “One Thousand Graves“.

Μιξάροντας σκληρές κιθάρες, φορτωμένες με συγχορδίες που πατάνε σε χορευτικούς ρυθμούς, αυτά τα εμπλουτισμένα με τη χαρισματική φωνή του Pybus τραγούδια του άλμπουμ ξεχειλίζουν απο μια αδιάκοπη σκοτεινή ενέργεια.

Το “One Thousand Graves” θα διατίθεται μέσω όλων των ψηφιακών και streaming καταστημάτων από την Cleopatra Records στις 21 Ιανουαρίου.

Εδω το “Lights Out” απο την νέα αυτη κυκλοφορία…

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