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The Venus Fly Trap – Icon (Glass Modern Records 28 September 2018)

British cult outfit The Venus Fly Trap to release ‘Icon’ album

British cult outfit The Venus Fly Trap have announced they will release their new ‘Icon’ LP via Glass Modern Records. This Bladerunner rock n roll sees post-punk fuse with dark electronica envisioned through rose-tinted shades and dark acidic visions.

Founded in Northampton by Alex Novak (vocals) and Andrew Denton(guitar, programming) in 1986 after Novak parted company with darkwave post-punk band Attrition, mythology has always been part of The Venus Fly Trap’s psyche, alongside space and science fiction. This is music created for imaginary films for your mind.

The Venus Fly Trap emerged from the same fold as Bauhaus, with Novak having attended art school with three-quarters of the band and gigging alongside Bauhaus in several previous bands. Bauhaus’ Kevin Haskins would later produce the band’s 1989 EP ‘Rocket USA / Cloud 9 / Opium War’ and co-produced the ‘Shedding Another Skin’ LP (1992) with Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher). Fish also produced their ‘Pandoras Box’ album (1991).

Produced by Martin Bowes of Attrition fame and also Pigface, the new ‘Icon’ album follows the ‘Nemesis’ LP (2008) and ‘Metamorphosis’, which released on limited red vinyl in 2016.

The Venus Fly Trap draws inspiration from many sources, including psychedelia via post punk electronica, reggae via Bauhaus, film noir, The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, The Doors, Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails.

About this new album, Alex Novak says, “I was inspired by ancient mythology how it has been subverted via cinema and TV screen idols / godesses..and the nature of fame via TV and the internet… the fascination of being famous for being famous, drawing on what Warhol said “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’.

With a strong European following, earlier releases came out via labels Danceteria (France), Azyl (Czech Republic), Spectre (Germany), Soundbuster (Germany), SPV (Germany Poland) and Big Blue (Poland).

Their live music adventures have seen them shared the stage with The Mission, Spacemen 3, Tom Verlaine (Television), Clan Of Xymox, New Model Army, Killing Joke, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Attrition, Pop Will Eat Itself, Chameleons, Christian Death, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Jazz Butcher, Sultans Of Ping and Front Line Assembly, among others.

The ‘Icon’ album will be released on September 28. It will be available on CD via Glass Modern Records and digitally across online stores and streaming platforms, as well as Bandcamp.

1. Icon
2. Vitesse
3. Voodoo Voodo
4. Flashback
5. Deadly Nightshade
6. Return Of Sidewinder
7. The Genesis Of The Daleks
8. Puppet
9. In The Moonlight

Alex Novak – Vox
Andrew Denton – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals & Programing

Paul Cox – Backing Vocals (Track 8,9), 12 String (Track 9)
Nathan Bundy – Additional Keyboards (Track 4,6)
Sylvie Denton – Spoken Word (Track 1,2)
Anthony Denton – Spoken Word / Backing Vox (Track 1,9)
Martin Bowes – The Exterminator
Music by A.Denton / Lyrics by A.Novak © Venus Fly Trap 2018

Keep up with The Venus Fly Trap
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Discogs | Press contact

Keep up with Glass Modern Records
Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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Whispering Sons – Image ( 19 October 2018 SMILE Records, ROW – Cleopatra, USA)

Brussels based post-punk outfit Whispering Sons are set to release their long awaited debut album Image via SMILE Records & Cleopatra.

Image takes a giant leap forward from Whispering Sons’ previous work.

Together with producer Micha Volders (Meteor Musik, El Guapo Stuntteam) and engineer/co-producer Bert Vliegen (Teen Creeps, Sophia), the band used the studio as a means to broaden their sound, enriching it with acoustic drums and a whole range of synthesizers.

The ten tracks, recorded over a period of ten days at GAM Studios in Waimes (BE), evoke an atmosphere both ominous and urging , yet at the same time capture the band’s agitated live intensity.

The record was mixed by Bert Libeert (Goose, B) at Jetson Studio and mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering.

The songs on the album were written after the band collectively moved to Brussels in 2016.

In between periods of intense touring, they worked hard to translate their new perspectives into their first full album.

Feeding on the dynamics of the city, the tracks unveil feelings of alienation and distance.

Image is a motionless state, in which observations overshadow actions.

It reflects the artificiality of things, yet still desperately clings on to ideals and obsessions, something which is also strengthened by the cover artwork of Flor Maesen.

In 2016, the band won Humo’s Rock Rally, one of Belgium’s most prestigious national contests that boosted the career of upcoming artists such as dEUS.

After that, Whispering Sons have been touring Belgium and Europe extensively, establishing a strong live reputation.

The band have so far released the EP Endless Party (2015) and two 7“ singles, Performance/Strange Identities (2016) and White Noise (2017).


10.10  Barcelona (ES)  La 2 De Apolo *

11.10  Madrid (ES)         SalaCopernico *

12.10  Lisbon (PT)         RCA Club *

13.10  Porto (PT)           Hard Club *

19.10  Rotterdam (NL) Left of the Dial Fest

20.10  Brussels (BE)     Ancienne Belgique

22.10  Eindhoven (NL) DDW Music Fest

24.10  Kortrijk (BE)        De Kreun ^

25.10  Den Haag (NL) Paard Van Troje ^

31.10  Amsterdam (NL) Sugar Factory

02.11  Berlin (DE)          Urban Spree

03.11  Bochum (DE)     Kulturbahnhof

09.11  Cologne (DE)     Gebäude 9

10.11  Namur (BE)        Belvedere

21.11  Paris (FR)           Espace B

24.11  Turin (IT)             Padiglione 14

27.11  Budapest (HU)  Dürer Kert

29.11  Prague (CZ)       Meetfactory

08.12 Turnhout (BE)     Club Kuub

14.12 Gent (BE)            De Centrale

* w/The Soft Moon

^ w/Gang Of Four

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Kommunity FK 40th Anniversary

California, here they come!

Kommunity FK - Promo

Via Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK:

“Here we come… you come, too. Let’s come 2gether & party like it’s Kommunity FK’s 40th year anniversary, & it most definitely is!
Blessed Be.”

Kommunity FK - 2018 September
Kommunity FK - 2018 September (b).jpg
How cool is that. 🙂  Grab your boots… the party’s just getting started!  Keep up to date with all the latest (and check back on some of the past on tribe4mian) through the official links below.
Kommunity FK - Logo
And don’t forget, send us your event pictures and we’ll be sure to shine a light on YOU and your captured images.

The Death Notes – The Black EP (3rd August)

Hailing  from  Nottingham,  England, The  Death  Notes  found  initial success  with  their  first  single  ‘In  the  Spiders  Web’  (2010)  which was  picked  up  for  radio  play  by  Mike  Joyce  (The  Smiths)  on  his radio  show.

The  same  year  the  band  found  themselves  playing  the  main stage  at  the  world  famous  Whitby  Goth  Weekend  on  the  Saturday night  supporting  post-punk  legends  The  Chameleons.

The  Black  EP  is  the  second  of  the  band’s  colour  themed  EPs.

Following  on  from  the  appreciated  2016’s  White  EP,  the  Black  EP has  a  darker  tone  laying  bare  the  band’s  bleaker  side.

Recorded  in  the  band’s  hometown  of  Nottingham  at  Psyrex Soundlab, Hill  Rise  and  Mark‘s  house,  the  EP  saw  the  band continuing  with  their  DIY  approach  to  the  recording  process, allowing  them  to  get  more  experimental  with  sounds  and  textures.

On  the  other  hand,  the  EP  was  mixed  in  Romania  by  AdamWhittaker  (The  Damned,  Doves,  Julian  Cope)  and  mastered  in sunny  Florida,  USA,  by  Kramer  (Galaxie  500,  Low,  Daniel Johnston).

The  EP  sees  the  addition  to  the  band  of  Mike  Sinclair  (Dick Venom  and  the  Terrortones)  who  joined  the  band  midway  through the  recording  sessions.

The  Death  Notes  are:Mark  Saxton  –  Vocals,  Bass Martin  Bradley  –  Guitars, Chris  Townsend  –  Drums, Jamie  Laws  –  Keyboards, Synth drum, Mike  Sinclair  –  Bass

Keep Up With The Death Notes

Facebook | Bandcamp

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Andi Sex Gang on The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas

Mike Pougounas bumps into Andi Sex Gang (founder of Sex Gang Children) on the street in Greece, and an interesting (and sometimes funny) interview ensues.
Get into the mind of Andi Sex Gang and hear some of his favourite tracks while getting the latest band updates from the artist himself.

Join Mike Pougounas for this episode of the Blackout Radio show.

Please tune in to Mad Wasp Radio 
Saturday 12 May (08:00 British Summer Time) 
Sunday 13 May (23:00 British Summer Time) 
Tuesday 15 May (09:00 British Summer Time)

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The Danse Society – Futur1st (5 May 2018)

Post-punk legends The Danse Society launch their new ‘Futur1st’ EP (their first release since the critically acclaimed
album ‘VI‘) on the 5th May 2018.

The EP includes a poignant version of the NIN song ‘Hurt’ (famously covered by Johnny Cash) and is available to
download on bandcamp raising funds in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation  ‘creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities’.

This powerfully emotional tour-de-force brings a new feminine edge to the classic, particularly relevant in the wake of recent bullying and abuse revelations and the ‘Me Too’ hashtag.

The singer Maethelyiah has a few stories of her own to tell.

The dark atmospheric new video for ‘Hurt’ is already up on the bands youtube channel.

The full EP is available to download through itunes/amazon and direct from the bands website and also includes the grooveful ‘One Thought in Heaven’ atmospheric and powerful in equal measures, already a firm live favourite which pulls you in with mesmerising vocals, an icy but tuneful roar of a chorus, and a darkly pulsating groove as insistent as it is memorable.

The EP is completed with the uptempo, hard and powerful ‘Scream’ (the new live set opener) which rocks with both
an 80s edge and a futurist sequence more pointed in its attack – the drums more pounding, the keys more stabbing
(though no less atmospheric for it), and the guitars showing a little more edge.

This year sees the 35th Anniversary of the seminal ‘Heaven is Waiting’ album and in true Danse Society tradition the
band continue to reinvent darkness as they have since 1980.

Reformed in 2011, The Danse Society have since released three extremely well received studio albums. The band are currently near to completing their 7th studio album and preparing for upcoming live shows/festivals.

FUTUR1ST is a taste of what’s to come.

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The Soft Moon – Criminal – (Sacred Bones Records 2018)

The new Soft Moon album is titled Criminal and came out through Sacred Bones Records on February 2018.

Luis Vasquez founded The Soft Moon in Oakland, California, in 2009 and has released the albums The Soft Moon (2010), Zeros (2012), and Deeper (2015), before Criminal.

He takes things a step further by creating an industrial goth album in order to release all his repressed emotions and explore trauma and child abuse through a dystopic soundscape.

There are many Nine Inch Nails references which I like very much and I can trace Gary Numan elements in some songs but everything works fine.

He manages to catch your attention from the very first notes of the opener “Burn” and fills your veins with a dark and the cold feeling of loneliness.

On “Choke” he sings “Take your time/Crush me right / Take your time / Crush me right” while the rhythm puts together the atmosphere of a ritual. A human sacrifice is going to take place…

I can’t pick just one track to listen to on the album, Criminal…I have to listen to the whole album…

You give something when I give nothing” are the lyrics that open the slow-paced “Give Something“.

Vasquez is more… vocal on this album, compared to his previous ones…

You’re the cause of my problem” carries a feeling sharp like a razor on “Like a Father”, and when Vasquez sings “how can you love someone like me” on “The Pain” with its heavy goth bass and the repeated guitar riff, there is a tension that takes the song to another level.

It Kills” and the instrumental “ILL” follow in the same industrial sense before “Young”, one more track influenced by Trent Reznor’s band.

Born Into This”, with its up-tempo mechanical beat and the distorted riffs. will take us to “Criminal”, the track that closes the album.

A reverbed guitar opens “Criminal” and as Vasquez sings “It’s the way I cross the line/It’s the way I open / It’s the way to my decline / It’s the way I’m broken”, distorted sounds add the final dark touch to a great album.

I find “Criminal” to be the most mature album of The Soft Moon.

It might have the influences that I mentioned above but they all work very well and help the artist express himself in his studio in Berlin and make this album a whole.

You can order your copy HERE

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