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Grice – Hardest To Reach (Hungersleep Records 22 February 2019)

One thousand Birds’, the third album by South London-born art rock musician Grice will be released on 22 March.

Written and produced by Grice, the 13-track album features contributions from a select spectrum of musicians including sonic luminary Richard Barbieri (co-founder of Japan, keyboard player in Porcupine Tree) who adds his unique signature sound to the sweet winters symphony on the title track of the album.

Hardest to Reach is a hypnotic electro-acoustic gem drawn from the dark well of personal experience, loss and despair alchemised into an uplifting anthem for the unconsoled.

The single showcases timeless dramatic song-craft and a modern art rock ballad-singer openness.

Grice has built his reputation since 2012 with his debut album Propeller which was shortlisted in the MPG Awards.

The release of his second album Alexandrine and The Grey of Granite Stone EP have rewarded him with critical acclaim in left field and progressive art rock circles, plus the opportunity to collaborate on his own terms with instrumental and production luminaries such as Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen, B J Cole, Raphael Ravenscroft, Hossam Ramzy and more.

His music has featured on BBC 2, BBC Worldwide, MTV, Sky and he has garnered airplay on Radio 6 Music (Tom Robinson), BBC Introducing and digital radio stations all over UK, Europe and USA.

One Thousand Birds’ by GRICE is available to pre-order from Bandcamp on 1.2.2019 from HERE

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She Past Away U.S. Tour Dates Announced

photo by marilia fotopoulou

She Past Away have just announced a string of tour dates for North America with more shows to be announced soon.

These tour dates coincide with Metropolis Records reissuing both “Belirdi Gece” and “Narin Yalnizlik” from this beloved Turkish band.

Both of these albums will be released on January 18th, 2019 on CD, limited edition vinyl and through all digital formats.

July 17th-Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar
July 18th-Chicago, IL @ Chop Shop
July 19th-Tampa, FL @ Crow Bar
July 20th-Austin, TX @ Elysium
July 26th-San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
July 27th-San Francisco, CA @ Neck of the Woods
July 28th-Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex

Keep up with She Past Away

Facebook | Official Site | Metropolis Records

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Indarra releases debut video

Indarra, the brand new project from Canadian vocalist Sue Hutton (ex-Rhea’s Obsession), has just released their debut video for “Turn The Light Within” a track from their debut album entitled ‘Walk On Fire‘ on Metropolis Records.

“Turn The Light Within” features Sue Hutton on lead vocals, Debashish Sinha on percussion and backing vocals by Athan Maroulis of the band NØIR.

Click HERE to listen to the interview we did with Sue Hutton for The Blackout Radio Show.

The video was partly filmed at Indarra’s recent Pittsburgh performance by director J. Aaron Hager and produced by DJ/promoter Kelly Litzenberger.


Angel’s Arcana – Selva (2018)

(by Fondas Sumerson)
It’s true that Greece is not famous for producing “goth rock” music, as a few Greek bands choose to play this particular sub-genre of the dark alternative scene. The most important band of this genre – according to my opinion – is Opened Paradise, a band whose latest release “Buried in Rain“, took goth rock to new boundaries. Babis Nikou was the main composer of their brilliant songs, but since his artistic concerns never stop, he wanted to do something different, a bit more experimental.

In Angel’s Arcana he has forged a unique sound combining the dark dynamics of goth rock, the abstract pessimism of post rock, the intricate melancholy of prog rock, as well as the “primitive” feeling of folk, ambient and ethereal music. Add some hints of dark metal to all this and you get an album that will stay with you for a long time. Of course Babis’ guitar playing and composing style reminds of his former band, something that all fans of Opened Paradise (and goth rock in general) will definitelly apreciate! Another asset of “Selva” is Babis’ idea to work with many guests, well-know musicians that have added their own mark to the album.

After the riveting intro-song “Metamorphosis pt. I – Burn yourself with a Flaming Sword”, the album continues with the title track “Selva”. Imagine an atmospheric Aeon Sable song played by Opened Paradise in the context of their “Buried in Rain” album. Nino from Aeon Sable is guesting on this one and -as usually- gives a great vocal performance, adding a sensitive obscure feeling that is typical of him. The beautiful darkness of the song is unquestionable. Excellent!
Babis himself takes the microphone for 2 songs in the album, namely “The Constant Flame” and “Black Roses”, since he has a brilliant voice too (he was the main vocalist of symphonic metalers Visions of Atlantis for a brief period). The first one has a very obscure, heavy sound between Swans, Agalloch and Dead Can Dance with Nephilimesque guitars of the Elizium period. In one word… Masterpiece!
The second one is a fast-tempo tune with a distinct new wave rhythm section and melody, while its dark atmosphere results in a beautiful goth-wave song. Imagine Australian gothsters Ikon jamming with Sad Lovers & Giants. Brilliant!
The variety of songs continues with post-rock oriented tunes like “Moon on Dark Water” with elements of Alchest or Opeth, including a dreamlike narration from Kate West and Eloy’s Volcer Kuinke on recorder playing a beautiful folkish part in the middle that leads to an epic finale. “Ode to Aphrodite” is an emotional shoegaze song based on a poem by the Greek lyric poet Sappho (630BC – 580BC), red by Thomas McEvilley (1939 – 2013).
Metamorphosis pt. II – The Astral Dragon” is probably my favourite track on the album. It is a classic atmospheric goth rock song with the one and only Bob from NFD on vocals. Nephilim lovers will adore this one for sure, somewhere between NFD and the mid-tempo Opened Paradise songs like “Reverence” or “Yemanja”.As all beautiful things always reach an end, “Unhindered” concludes this excellent release. Here we have an ethereal rock song with Chrysa Tsaltampasi‘s (of the band “Spineless“) siren singing, a beautiful track in the vein of bands like ISON and The Eden House.
“Selva” from Angel’s Arcana proves that Babis’ music has no limits, as he can easily step anywhere he wants… I always considered him a multi-talented musician and a great compser. This realese finds him at his best.

Definitely one of the best albums for 2018, released on the very last day of the year. Do not miss this!
buy it from HERE
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Didier Leboz & Lord Litter (both ex Das Freie Orchester) are cooperating again

Back in 1991, I used to roam the streets of Berlin, Germany, with legendary underground musician and radio DJ, Lord Litter.

To be honest, I was impressed by the promotion of the new Nirvana album, “Nevermind”.

The swimming baby that was chasing the dollar under the surface of the sea was everywhere. It was too much of a promo…

You would see posters of the record cover on buses, billboards, and plastic bags…

A music artist would never lose with the budget that this record label used to promote the album…

But we were underground musicians so, one night Lord Litter took me to the other side of the city, East Berlin.

Already two years had passed since the Berlin wall was brought down and I could hardly find traces of it.

You could follow a cement line where a part of the wall was before and you would lose it lost in some bushes.

But you could easily tell where West Berlin would end and where East Berlin would start, because the structure, the quality and the colors of the buildings were different…

Lord Litter was playing with a band from East Berlin that was going by the name Das Freie Orchester, so that night we went to their rehearsal.

They were very friendly people (we went for tomato soup when the rehearsal was over) and they sounded great.

If you want to listen to some of their tracks, click HERE and the link will take you to their Soundcloud.

If you wonder why I am writing all this, it is because 27 years later, today in other words, I got this message from Lord Litter:

Didier Leboz & Lord Litter (both ex Das Freie Orchester) are cooperating again.

In the works is an electro acoustic / spoken word concept piece using the german language.”

Lord Litter never stopped producing music and you should keep an eye on his projects and his radio show (follow THIS link to do so) cause he is great.

Check his psychedelic, weird, cinematic 2016 album “Lights Out“…

So, I looked up to Wikipedia about DFO, to write some details about them on this very post that you read now, and I the only information I found was in German.

I decide to make a google translation and came up with this:

“Das Freie Orchester

Berlin avant-garde band, 1986 (a.a.O. 1984) until 1992.

Moving in the field of experimental electronics and Krautrock à la Can, Cluster and Tangerine Dream. Numerous sessions, solo projects and collaborations (also with West German musicians such as Harald Grosskopf and Lutz Ulbrich of Ashra and the former Kluster and Tangerine Dream member Conrad Schnitzler) were documented on the band’s own tape label toads cassettes. From the tape “Now” without Thomasius and Willner, for it rose independent radio legend Lord Litter at DFO. In 1992, the band broke up.

After his separation from the DFO Jörg Thomasius worked several times closely with the legendary avant-garde musician Conrad Schnitzler together, later again with the former DFO colleague Gui Gust, who played in 1992 in Lord Litter’s band.

Dieter Zobel also worked sporadically with Litter together (under the pseudonym “Didier LeBoz“), released two albums with Freicore in the mid-90s and later ran the solo projects Shwaan, Reaktorsynth and Dubspace (here together with Alexander Istschenko from Herbst in Beijing).”


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Michael Ciravolo has been recording and touring with Human Drama for about 30 years.
He has also played live and recorded with Michael Ashton’s Gene Loves Jezebel since 1998.
This year, Ciravolo, who is perhaps best known as President of Schecter Guitar Research, decided to put together his personal project, Beauty In Chaos, and released in September the album “Finding Beauty in Chaos“.
The abundance of guest stars on this album is phenomenal. Members from The Mission, Cheap Trick, The Cure, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Offspring, Kings X, Human Drama, The Awakening are adding their personal touch.
So we came together to discuss about this beautiful album…
To listen to the show CLICK HERE
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New Zero God acoustic Live @ Closer – 9 December 2018

Four men, two guitars, one drum, one voice.

New Zero God announced on the official web site of the band, the release of a new vinyl LP early in 2019.

This will be the fourth full length album for the band and the second one that will be available on vinyl format.

If you are keen on putting your hands on New Zero God releases and merch, you can visit the band’s Bandcamp page.

More info about the forthcoming album will follow soon on their official site but you can also check the New Zero God Facebook bandpage as a new photo is posted every day from their “Photo Session of the Spooks” with photographer Elias Moraitis.

With the intention to get closer to their friends and create a party atmosphere, the band will give a very special free acoustic show on Sunday 9 December at Closer bar (Navarinou 12, Exarchia) playing lots of surprise covers, New Zero God numbers as well as Flowers of Romance tunes.


Studio albums:

o Fun is a Four Letter Word (CD Greece 2010)
o MMXIII (CD UK 2013, Greece 2014 – different covers and bonus track on the Greek version)
o Short Tales & Tall Shadows (CD, LP Greece 2016)

Mini albums:

o Club Bizarre (CD UK 2012)


o Second Chance (digital, 2011)
o The Night Calls Your Name (digital, 2013)
o Destination Unknown (Digital & Greece Limited Collector’s 7” Vinyl Edition 2013)
o Redemption (UK, Greece – Limited 7” split vinyl single with Savage Cut 2016 available only on gigs)
o Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac (MC Custom Made Music USA 2018)

Live albums:

o Zona Pericolosa (digital, recorded live in Italy 2015)

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