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The Electronic Saviors Compilation

All things end. The first Electronic Saviors comp landed in 2010 on Metropolis Records and every two years since, the industrial music community has come together to stand against cancer.

The Electronic Saviors compilation series began as an idea in 2008 when scene promoter, DJ and musician Jim Semonik was diagnosed with stage 2B colorectal cancer.

What started out as an idea during radiation treatments blossomed into a musical project unparallelled in scene history.

ES has since raised and donated in excess of 75K for various charities including Cap For Kids, Bone Marrow Foundation, Gilda’s Club, Our Clubhouse,  Foundation For Cancer Research and Wellness, Darkest Before Dawn, The University of Pittsburgh Medical School and various GoFundMe campaigns.

In 2019, Jim was awarded the ASCRS (American Society of ColoRectal Surgeons) local hero award and was knighted in Chicago at the Coldwaves festival. Since then, he has focused on what lies ahead, Electronic Saviors Vol 6:Reflection. The new volume is a look back and celebration of the many accomplishments that ES has garnered. It is a chance to stare down cancer one more time. For the final boxset in this series, Semonik is joined my top scene greats such as Lead Into Gold (Paul Barker), Marc Heal with Chris Connelly, NOIR, Christ Analogue, Fires, Adoration Destroyed, Caustic, Null Device and many, many others. This compilation is special as it holds brand new material by artists like Flesh Field and 13mg who haven’t been active in many years as well as final recordings by bands such as Tenek.

ES6 is the farewell to a beloved series of compilations that changed lives. We laughed, cried, screamed and shouted together. Now it’s time for one last go. Electronic Saviors will continue on in the future with projects like the spin off Respect the Prime and Synthcore Dreams series so it isn’t a complete goodbye. The ES name will live on in many other forms and contine to save and change lives as we always have.

Electronic Saviors 6 will come in 3 forms:

Digital: 4 disc edition available through Metropolis Records

Physical: 6 disc Premium Edition available through Distortion Productions and includes the 6CD set in a gorgeous DVD style digipak with artwork by Jeff Confer and Samantha Johnson, a bumper sticker, wristband, a personalized autographed postcard and a Distortion Productions Postcard.

Physical: 8 disc Prime Edition available through Distortion Productions and includes everything in the Premium Edition plus 2 additional discs in a 2cd digipak, a special enamel pin, boxed warning’s “I Have Been Terrible” EP and Trade Secrets‘ “Golden Life” EP while supplies last.

Release Date: June 12th on Metropolis Records/Distortion Productions.



Disc 1: Meditation

1. 13 mg – Soul Break

2. Rein[Forced] – No Desire

3. Deathline International – Spinzone

4. boxed warning – Fall From Focus

5. Ego Likeness – Ghost Sick

6. FIRES – Telecine

7. Lead Into Gold – The Sea The Sun The Past The Sum

8. The Clay People – Colossus (Uberholung)

9. Trade Secrets – Haze of Hearts

10. Leæther Strip – Stronger Alone

11. Abbey Death – Who Controls You

12. This Morn Omina Vs Pylon People- Starfall Common

13. Angelspit – Happy Coma

14. Jean-Marc Lederman Experience Featuring Tom Shear – Answer Me

15. Ambassador 21 – La Life

16. Klack – Discipline (12 Inch Mix)

17. Mindless Faith And Miscellen – Goodbye Blue Monday (ES Mix)


Disc 2: Contemplation

1. Flesh Field Feat. Ted Phelps – Forever War

2. Interface – Second Star

3. Adoration Destroyed Feat. FIRES – Failsafe

4. Tragic Impulse – The Code

5. Pig – Leather Pig (Traumabond Remix)

6. Glass Apple Bonzai – Mysteries (Feat. Jamie Cronander)

7. I:Scintilla – Tix3

8. Xentrifuge – Infernal Formations

9. Dogtablet – The New Cold War (2020 Mix)

10. Esther Black – Requiem For A Scene

11. Null Device – No Name

12. FGFC820 – Lost (Dracos Remix)

13. Bella Morte – Run Away

14. Caustic – By Crom

15. Seeming – The Wildwood (VaLHaLL Mix)

16. Conformco – Believe It (Mega-Oontz Mix)

17. And Void – This Ship Dreams


Disc 3: Rumination

1. Ashbury Heights – Lights Out

2. Spider Lilies – Witness

3. Christ Analougue – Black Apache

4. Tenek – Chameleon

5. Die Warzau – God Pusher

6. Mildreda Feat. Frank M Spinath – Without You

7. Blue Eyed Christ – World On Fire (OG Mix Feat. En Esch and Mea Fisher)

8. Wiccid-Grudge

9. Americlone – Sleep For Change

10. Standalone – What’s Up Is Blue

11. Chiasm – Durch Die Seile (silver walks remix)

12. Stoneburner – Lupus Invocat Lupus

13. Aesthetic Perfection – No Boys (Empirion Remix)

14. Finite Automata – Ablator

15. Third Realm – Torment

16. Iris – Silent (Interface Remix)

17. Coldkill – Leave It All Behind (Beborn Beton Remix)

18. God Module – Crossroads


Disc 4: Speculation

1. Encephalon – Crippled

2. NOIR – Death is Easy

3. Ghost & Writer – Not Us

4. Antiscion Feat. Mari Kattman – Human

5. Go Fight – Dead Girls

6. The Rain Within – Red Cells

7. Cyanotic – Still We Keep Moving On

8. Red Lokust – Point Of Healing

9. Antigen Shift – Superheavy Particle

10. Sensuous Enemy – Carry On

11. Panic Lift – Temptress (Interface Remix)

12. I Ya Toyah Feat. Traumabond – Funeral For Love

13. Inertia – Aviator (Rewind Mix)

14. Psy’Aviah Feat. Saydi Driggers – Dreamfever (Stripped Edit)

15. Skatenigs – Self Medicated

16. Marc Heal With Chris Connelly – Mission Accomplished


Disc 5: Manifestation (Premium and Prime Editions Only)

1. Flood Damage – Nightmares Are Real

2. Der Prosector – Subject Amnesty (Touched By 2Bit)

3. Geoff Pinckney – I Feel Nothing

4. Lloyd Price – Polemic (Scyia City of Stars Mix)

5. This Hollow Machine – Ten Thousand Years (Feat. Ships in the Night)

6. CYLiX – Devotion (Savior Edit)

7. Derision Cult – Sins Of The Father

8. Queen Neon – Exit Collider

9. Society Burning -Under Your Skin (ESaviors6mix)

10. Lorelei Dreaming – Nothing Left, Something More (Digital Gnosis Mix)

11. Loveless Love -Death Day

12. Solemn Assembly – Not What You Expected

13. Larva – To Be Myself Again (Toro Edit)

14. 7th Victim – The Wheel And The Knife

15. Genius Of Nefarious – Cursed In Purgatory

16. Die Robot – Virtual Life (Slighter Remix)

17. Ritchual – We Are Not Alone

18. Headless Nameless – Flash In The Dark


Disc 6: Expression (Premium and Prime Editions Only)

1. Negant – Cancer

2. IIOIOIOII – Face The Night

3. Left Spine Down – Bithead ($H1TH34D Mix By Gunmetal Grey)

4. Everplastic – Sanctuary

5. Jamie Cronander – No End

6. Angel Metro – Not Good 4 u

7. Cryogen Second – Monolith (2020 Rework)

8. Resident 24 – Reach Out

9. Razorback Hollow – Hey Buddy (Feat. Peter Turns Pirate)

10. Blut Reaktor – Nothing At All (Steven OLaf Mix)

11. Oscellus – Pristobrycon Maculipinnis

12. 30 Year Sick – Entropy

13. Your Life On Hold – Dead Tree (Merciless Version)

14. S Y Z Y G Y X – Don’t Look Back

15. Alias 86 – Oblivion

16. Namo Maitri Feat Andee Black Sugar of KMFDM – Shampoo Nights

17. W.O.R.M. – In This Life (If Only You Were Here Mix)


Disc 7: Attestation (Prime Edition Only)

1. Kill Minus Nine – Proof of Life (AI_ML Remix)

2. Ataxis – Gaslighter

3. Missing in Stars – The Call of Angels

4. Bellhead – Knife (Beware The Light)

5. The Russian White – Stalker

6. Era Nocturna – War Of The Worlds

7. M73 – Dishonesty

8. Croona – Forever Feat Jimmy Bergman And Anders Strom

9. daddybear feat grabyourface – teenage lust

10. Surveil – Madness Engine

11. Sawtooth – Shambolic (Fields On Fire Feat. Juliet Brownell-Lee)

12. Ghost In The Barn – Junkies

13. Stiff Valentine -Silence

14. Eva X – Empire On Sand

15. Doors In The Labyrinth – Reunion

16. Nothing But Sanctuary – Sip The Stars

17. Stigmata With Screwdrivers Feat. Gasoline Invertebrate – It Came Out and Saw the Burn

18. thoughtForm – Forest Thoughts


Disc 8: Consideration (Prime Edition Only)

1. Aimonia – Pig Farm

2. Scrape – Crush

3. Josie Pace – Fire

4. Viscera Drip – Dance Your Depression

5. Sister Sarin – Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

6. Next Up Robots – Save That Zombie

7. Hopeful Machines – Lights (Live In The Studio)

8. Machines With Human Skin – Simulation

9. Black Light Ascension – Atos War Crimes

10. Absynthe Of Faith – Slowly

11. Big Time Kill – Bit By Bit

12. Dead Agent – Black Network

13. Illusion Of Joy – Vector Christ

14. Sandi Leeper – Hot Air

15. DJ Kabel- Fucken Samplez

16. The Lonely Death – Truth (Cold Version)

17. MACE – Virus

18. Death Loves Veronica – Descent



Aza Records – Tin Man (Free compilation)

Aza Records is a collective of Greek independent bands that came together in order to promote their music.

Every now and then, they put out a free compilation and they felt it was about time for their 6th one.

It is titled “Tin Man” and  features: 78N , Aggelos Efthimiadis , Adam Siagas , David Alex Sisti , Aza Lazy Jester , Smokemachines , Tasos Ritos , Runes , Grigoris Lafaras , Mark Corrin, Teo Aevin , Θόδωρος Πετιρόπουλος , Fadin’ Blues , Six Steps Above The Earth , Vaso Zissou , Lazy Aftershow , Sakis Gallo , Vasilis Peikos , Akil Zarrar , Johnny Notte , The Answer? , Caldera , Anastasios Karapapazoglou & Ilias Kakanis!

Συμεών Λερίου did the artwork .

You can download it for free from HERE

To keep up with Aza Records

Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitter

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October releases from Fruits de Mer Records – including The Electric Prunes, The Pretty Things and The Yardbirds


1966-1968 : arguably the golden era for music. ‘The Three Seasons‘ is a bit of a tribute to the psychedelic era – the first buds forming in ’66, the summer of love and the comedown in ’68.

Some of Fruits de Mer‘s best-known artists are joined by some new faces and a few who were actually there at the time and were personally responsible for some of the amazing sounds that we’re celebrating in this vinyl love-in.

The Three Seasons has taken rather a long time to grow into the 3 LP set that will be presented for your consideration in early October – although, in the end, some heavy pruning was necessary to fit everything onto six sides (it could so easily have been a 4LP set, but someone had already knicked the ‘four seasons’ title).

The music ranges from pop-psych to acid-folk, heavy rock to prog, from classic songs to the long-lost – the kind of thing Fruits de Mer was designed for.

So, who is responsible for the two hours+ of music between the grooves? Step forward:

side 1

  1. The Past Tense – Magic In The Air (originally by The Attack : recorded in 1967)
  2. LoveyDove – Bedazzled (originally by Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations : 1967)
  3. Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder – Amelia Jane (originally by Made In Sheffield : 1967)
  4. Jack Ellister – Aquarius (originally by The Zodiac:Cosmic Sounds : 1967)
  5. Rob Gould – Granny Takes A Trip (originally by The Purple Gang : 1967)

side 2

  1. Mark McDowell and Friends – Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire (originally by The Small Faces : 1966)
  2. Anton Barbeau – Sunshine Superman (originally by Donovan : 1965)
  3. The Electric Prunes – 7 and 7 is (originally by Love : 1966)
  4. Moonweevil – Child Of The Sky (originally by The Deviants : 1967)
  5. Kris Gietkowski – A-Minor Explosion (originally by Don Shinn : 1966)
  6. The Yardbirds – Think About It (live in 2016) (originally by The Yardbirds : 1968)

side 3

  1. The Locker Room Cowboys – We Love You (originally by The Rolling Stones : 1967)
  2. King Penguin – White Bird (written : 1967, released by It’s A Beautiful Day : 1969)
  3. Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin – Solitary Man (originally by Neil Diamond : 1966)
  4. The Luck Of Eden Hall – Reflected (originally by Alice Cooper : 1968)

side 4

  1. The Honey Pot – Kites (written by Hackaday/Pockriss; recorded by The Rooftop Singers / Simon Dupree and the Big Sound : 1967)
  2. Cary Grace – 1983 (A Merman I Should Be…) (originally by the Jimi Hendrix Experience : 1968)

side 5

  1. Sidewalk Society – A Saying For Today (originally by The Action : 1968)
  2. Jay Tausig – Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (trad. recorded by Anne Briggs : 1963 / Pentangle : 1968)
  3. Magic Bus – Tribal Gathering (originally by The Byrds : 1967)
  4. Proud Peasant – Down At Circe’s Place (originally by Touch : 1968)
  5. Icarus Peel – Beck’s Bolero (originally by Jeff Beck Group : 1966)

side 6

  1. The Green Ray – Dusty (originally by John Martyn : 1968)
  2. Ex-Norwegian – Winter (originally by Family : 1968)
  3. Consterdine – Fly (originally by J.K. & Co : 1968)
  4. The Gold Needles – The Smell of Incense (originally by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band : 1967)
  5. The Pretty Things – Loneliest Person (live at the Half Moon, 2010) (originally by The Pretty Things : 1968)

The other new vinyl release comes from Kris Gietkowski, who created the wonderfully-mad solo instrumental version of Egg‘s first album last year from FdM. He’s back and it’s as if Egg have never been away – on ‘Symmetric Communication‘, he moves onto their second album with a cover of ‘A Visit To Newport Hospital‘ and then creates two new compositions that are heavily influenced by the band – again it’s all instrumental and the work of one man – and I think it’s damn good (he said modestly).


Goldfish: 10 Years of Fruits de Mer Records (Fruits de Mer Records, 30 April 2018)

As a kid I used to turn on the radio, lie down, close my eyes and lose myself to the sounds of music…

It happened again the other day when I started listening to the compilation “Goldfish: 10 years of Fruits de Mer Records”.

Fruits de Mer is an indie record label from Surrey, UK specializing on psychedelia, progressive rock, acid-folk, krautrock and spacerock riding on the back of the vinyl revival, even if there wasn’t one when they started out back in 2008…

In Keith’s own words:

Established way back in 1715 (that’s a quarter past five in the evening) by Andy and Keith, we started out with the carefully laid-out plan to unearth and reissue long-lost, classic tracks from the sixties and early seventies – but the record companies with the rights to the back-catalogues simply didn’t want to know us. After several weeks of crying into our beer, we thought, “sod it, we’ll do it ourselves”…and we have. Andy decided it was time to do something different a few years ago, so FdM now consists of me (Keith) and whoever else I can rope in, usually my lovely missus, Liz.
FdM releases are a right old mix of classic and obscure tracks, reinterpreted by artists who love them, respect them but want to breathe new life into them…and new songs by bands that have their roots in the 60s/70s.
Go on, put on your diving gear, join the Fruits de Mer deep-sea fishing trip as we dredge up whoppers by the likes of The Small Faces, Nick Drake, Can, HP Lovecraft, The Moody Blues, Egg, Arthur Brown and Strawberry Alarm Clock…even little-known names such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Miles Davis get a look-in with us. Then we let new or cult artists such as The Bevis Frond, Soft Hearted Scientists, nick nicely, The Chemistry Set, Cranium Pie, Tir na nOg, Vibravoid and the mighty Pretty Things get to work in making the tracks their own. Running a vinyl record label is a sure-fire way of losing money but I’m in it for the love of it and, if you’ve read this far, you probably are too – you can find out more about FdM at call in for a cuppa, drop me a line any time.
In the words of Schizo Fun Addict, who put together our first single, “Be brave…and keep faith”.

Every Fruits De Mer Records release is limited and all on colour vinyl…

The catalogue numbers of this 3LP set and the bonus 7” single that comes with it (and they call “the little goldfish”) are crustacean 84 and 85 so as you realize these people managed to put a lot of releases out there…

“Goldfish: 10 years of Fruits de Mer Records” comes with tracks from The Pretty Things, nick nicely, Tir n nOg, The Chemistry Set, Stay , Beautify Junkyards, Cranium Pie, Astralasia, Sendelica, Vibravoid, Superfjord, Soft Hearted Scientists, The Honey Pot and a whole lot of other artists who really should have known better…

Goldfish focuses mainly on what Fruits de Mer originally set out to deliver – classic and willfully-obscure songs taken from, or heavily influenced by the 60s and early 70s…

  • Side one

Tor Peders – Theme One (Martin) from Tor Peders ‘Brev Fran Ederstorp‘ LP+7″ winkle 17

Sendelica – Venus In Furs (Reed) from Sendelica ‘A Nice Pear‘ 7″ crustacean 13

Us and Them – Willow’s Song (Giovanni) from Us and Them 7″ ‘Summerisle‘ 7″ crustacean 20

Stay – 2,000 Light Years From Home (Jagger/Richards) from the Stay 7″ crustacean 3

Tir na nOg – I Pick Up Birds At Funerals (O’Kelly) from Tir na nOg ‘I Have known Love‘ 7″ crustacean 49

  • Side two

The Chemistry Set – Come Kiss Me, Vibrate and Smile (McLean) from the Chemistry Set 7″ winkle 8

Hills Have Riffs – Down By The River (McCarthy) from the ‘Keep Off The Grass‘ double LP crustacean 21

White Sails – Fluff (Iommi) from the White Sails 7″ winkle 11

Soft Hearted Scientists – Caterpillar Song (Soft Hearted Scientists) from ‘Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists‘ double LP+7″ crustacean 38

  • Side three

Vibravoid – Eye Shaking King (Karrer/Rogner) from Vibravoid ‘Krautrock Sensation‘ 7″ crustacean 7 (previously unreleased, extended mix)

Claudio Cataldi – Here She Comes Now (Reed/Cale/Morrison) from Claudio Cataldi ‘Here She Comes Now‘ 7″ winkle 22

King Penguin – She Don’t Care About Time (Clark) from the ‘7 and 7 is‘ box-set crustacean 51-57

Beautify Junkyards – From The Morning (Drake) from the Beautify Junkyards 7″ crustacean 30

nick nicely – Hilly Fields – The Mourning (nicely) from nick nicely ‘Hilly Fields‘ 7″ crustacean 27

  • Side four

Blue Zeta Giant Puppies – Journey Of The Sorcerer (Leadon) from ‘The Fruits de Mer Records Guide To The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy‘ 7″+CD crustacean 74

Cranium Pie – Baby You’re A Rich Man (Lennon/McCartney) from the Cranium Pie 7″ crustacean 8

Crystal Jacqueline – Cousin Jane (Page/Matthews) from the Crystal Jacqueline 7″ crustacean 39

Mark McDowell – Girls Of Belvoir (McDowell) from the Regal Crabomophone Annual 2014 7″ winkle 13

The Pretty Things – Helter Skelter (Lennon/McCartney) from ‘The White EP‘ (double 7″) crustacean 33

  • Side five

The Honey Pot – Dr. Crippen’s Waiting Room (Crowley/Greeley) from The Honey Pot ‘Ascending Scales‘ double LP winkle 25

Permanent Clear Light – Wherewithal (Ward) from the FdM 2011 Annual 7″ crustacean 16

Frobisher Neck – Isi (Dinger/Rother) from ‘Roqueting Through Space‘ (LP+7″) crustacean 13

Kris Gietkowski – I Will Be Absorbed (Brooks/Campbell/Stewart) from Kris Gietkowski ‘Music from Egg’s first LP‘ LP strange fish eight

Jack Ellister – The Man With The Biochopper (Ellister) from the Jack Ellister 7″ winkle 6

  • Side six

Sidewalk Society – Strange Roads (King/King) from Sidewalk Society ‘Strange Roads‘ LP crustacean 81

Astralasia – The Desert (Boulton/Swordfish) from Astralasia ‘Wind On Water‘ LP+7″ winkle 17

Superfjord – A Love Supreme (Coltrane) from the ‘Coltrane‘ 7″ crustacean 59

Schizo Fun Addict – Ogdens Nut Gone Flake (Marriott/Lane/McLagan/Jones) from the Schizo Fun Addict 7″ crustacean 1 (flake mix – previously unreleased)

…and all copies will include a bonus 7″ – the little goldfish (crustacean 85)

  1. Saturn’s Ambush – White Horses (Carr/Nisbet) from the ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set‘ 7″ crustacean 22
  2. Johnny Vines – Waterfall (Hess/Panka/Nadolny/Krantz) from the ‘Head Music‘ double LP crustacean 26

If you are into psychedelic rock/kraut/prog/spacerock/acid-folk this is a MUST for you…

Keep up with Fruits de Mer Records

Website | Facebook 


S.I.N.G.E.D ​- ​Volume ​2 ​- ​from​ ​Australia​ ​and​ New​ ​Zealand


A presentation of Dark Alternative Music by artists from Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) particularly for Post-Punk music genres such as Gothic, Industrial, DarkWave, EBM, New Romantic, New-Wave, Electro/Synth-Punk/Rock & varieties of Post-Goth-Rock & Post-Industrial Electronic Music that you can download for free from HERE

For details regarding the Australian and New Zealand scene, you can visit this SITE.



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Various – Rock Back For Nepal (Volumes 1, 2, 3)

rock back for nepal

Global Indie Artists Come Together for Nepal Disaster Relief Series

Rock Back for Nepal is the first in a 3-part series of disaster relief compilations being released by U.S. indie label Patetico Recordings. The label is partnering with nearly 60 independent artists and several small indie labels around the globe to make this happen. They have all come together in order to raise funds for victims of the recent catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal. All money raised will go directly to the relief efforts.

The compilations are being supported by several luminaries of the independent rock and shoegaze scene, among others. “Whenever Tom Lugo reaches out to his musical family, you know it’s for a crucial and essential cause. The Rock Back for Nepal CD compilation is no exception,” explains Dean Garcia of seminal shoegaze bands Curve and SPC ECO. “I’m proud to be part of this relief effort / fund raiser for anyone affected by the recent earthquake disaster in Nepal and if I can help or contribute in some way to aid support and assistance to the many displaced people, I will without question. Please support this cause and donate as generously as you can.”

Perhaps one of the most renowned personalities in the shoegaze / noise rock spheres, Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers, Skywave) has also lent his support to the cause. “It is a horrible tragedy this destruction of culture and life. I feel lucky that I can use my craft and contribute a song to this fund to help them raise money for relief. If we can all do something to help and give relief for the people of Nepal we should do it now.”

It’s great to be among this sparkling array of brilliant artists, taking action in support of a great cause,” says Marc Joy of Welsh outfit Lights That Change. Alexx Kretov of Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma is also hopeful.”May the common freebie attitude fall to the wayside for this project. We really hope that people will support a higher cause by spending a few dollars and spreading this music far and wide.”

All three volumes are being released at the same time, and will be available through Bandcamp and exclusively, both digitally and on CD.The album artwork and design is by Gardy Perez.

The concept of the Rock Back compilation series was born in 2011 when disaster hit Japan and Tom Lugo, owner of Patetico Recordings, acted on his empathy for charitable causes and non-profit organizations by reaching out to the community of artists in his network. They collectively put together a compilation and the profits were donated to relief efforts. The response was overwhelming, with over 100 artists from across the globe joining in the efforts. What was to be a single CD compilation grew into the 8-disc compilation Rock Back for Japan. The compilation series hit the top 10 Indie Rock releases on’s chart for several weeks, with certain volumes holding the number 1 spot.

VOLUME 1 features
SPC ECO (UK), A Place to Bury Strangers (USA), Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine), Lights That Change (UK), Sounds of Sputnik (Russia), Stellarscope (USA), The Manhattan Love Suicides (UK), Clustersun (Italy), The One2s (USA), Panophonic (USA), Death Valley Rally (USA), The Virgance (UK), Purple Bloom (Japan), Arirang (Italy), The Artificial Shadow Band (Puerto Rico), Kitsch (Panama), and Revolution, I love you (USA)

VOLUME 2 features
Malka (NYC-Peru), Asalto al Parque Zoologico (Argentina), Stella Diana (Italy), Chatham Rise (USA), Tape Runs Out (UK), Under the Wire (USA), Psiconautas (Puerto Rico), Car Crash Sisters (Mexico), Last Remaining Pinnacle (USA), The Narentines (Switzerland), Human Colonies (Italy), Sueño con belugas (Puerto Rico), Blackfeather Jane (USA), Dead Parties (Spain-Australia), Estrella Oscura (UK), Mayflower Madame (Norway), and Los Sub (Argentina)

VOLUME 3 features
Novanta (Italy), Lunar Twin (USA), Joaquim Barato (Portugal-Peru), Withershins (USA), Un-Reason (Italy), The Long Knives (USA), Lazarus (USA), Salvia (Chile), This Forever Sky (UK), Clarence Mayhew (USA), Corrosive Water (USA), Sonora Coisa (Brazil), The Paper Road (Portugal), Hijos de Paul (Argentina), Drass (Argentina), Cthulhu Martini (USA), Fovea (USA), Matotumba (Puerto Rico), Bergegas Mati (Indonesia), and Get Lost, Wire Avenue (Slovakia)

Click HERE for Volume 1

Click HERE for Volume 2

Click HERE for Volume 3

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The Greek Underground Scene – 2013 – Compilation

gus 600

15 bands of The Greek Underground Scene joined forces to offer you this compilation which is available for free downloading.

Δίχως Πρόσωπο (Dihos Prosopo) – Δεν Με Ελέγχω (Den Me Elegho)
We Came From WatersYellow Position
Electro VampiresSadistic Secret Love
Penny DreadfulThe Devil In The Attic
StonemouthGhost Story
Envy Never DiesThe Bar
New Zero GodIntoxication
In The DistanceU.O.O.
Sorrowful AngelsShores of Capture
Skinner BoxSlow Motion
Mani DeumLove Like Berlin
Chris Skordylis feat. Theofil TsiolakakisSound Of The Rain
Υπογεια Τροχιά (Ypogia Trohia) – Χρώμα (Hroma)

Follow the links to their facebook pages or official sites and download the compilation from HERE !!!

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Mike Pougounas – Discography

Earlier today I decided to take a stroll through Facebook.  It’s Monday, after all, and after a hectic weekend I felt a little rest and relaxation were in order.  

But what I stumbled across left me feeling breathless for there is someone who most certainly didn’t take too much time off during the past three decades of music. 

Mike Pougounas

Below you will find the discography of Mike Pougounas, frontman and vocalist for New Zero God.  Prior to his current band he was with The Flowers Of Romance and Nexus, both of which have left us with an impressive catalogue of great music.

Here’s to you, Mike!  May the next three decades keep us equally enthralled with your creativity!

The Flowers Of Romance - Brilliant Mistakes (1996)

  • Flowers Of Romance – Albums

     – Anovis | Cassette | (Self-made) | Greece – 1985

     – Dorian Grey | LP | Wipe Out! Records | Greece – 1990

     – The Flowers Of Romance…the story so far… | Cassette | M&E | U.K. – 1992

     – Pleasure & the Pain | LP | Wipe Out! Records | Greece – 1993

     – Pleasure & the Pain | CD | Nyctalopia Records | Germany – 1994 (4 bonus tracks)

     – Brilliant Mistakes | CD | FM Records | Greece – 1996

     – Brilliant Mistakes | CD | Hyperium | Germany – 1997

     – Brilliant Mistakes | CD | GOOD International | South Korea – 1999  

  • Flowers Of Romance – Singles

     – Pleasure & the Pain | 7″ | Wipe Out! Records | Greece – 1993

     – Channel Z | CD Single | Hyperium | Germany – 1997

  • Flowers Of Romance – 12” EP

     – Love Means Death | 12″ | Wipe Out! Records | Greece – 1992

  • Compilations featuring Flowers Of Romance tracks

     – 12 Raw Greek Bands | LP | Track: “Autumn Kids” | Wipe Out! Records | Greece – 1988

     – Double Shot | LP | Track: “Amaradina” | Wipe Out & Boom Records | Greece/Belgium – 1991

     – Til the End of Time | Cassette | Track: “There Is Nothing We Can’t Solve Together” | Beton Tapes | Germany – 1992

     – Gothic Spirit, Vol. 1 | CD | Track: “The Ocean Floor” | Spectre Records | Germany – 1994

     – Gothic Spirit, Vol. 1 | CD | Track: “Winter Waltz” | Spectre Records | Germany – 1994

     – When The Sun Settles Down II | CD | Track:  “Love Commandos” | EFA | Germany – 1995

     – The Thing From Another World | CD | Track:  “Love” | The Thing Magazine | Greece – 1995

     – Metal Holocaust | CD | Track:  “20th Century Junk” | Metal Hammer | Greece – 1995

     – Εναλλακτικοί Rock Δρόμοι | CD | Track:  “For The Wolf Within” | FM Records | Greece – 1997

     – Hypnotic & Hypersonic | CD | Track:  “Channel Z” | Hyperium | Germany – 1998

Nexus - Nexus (CD Single) (1999)

  • Nexus – Albums 

     – 6 | CD | Cyberdelia Records | Greece – 2000

     – Cybernaut | CD | Cyberdelia Records | Greece – 2001

     – Wrapped In Cellophane | CD | Cyberdelia Records | Greece – 2002

     – The Beat Syndicate | CD | Cyberdelia Records | Greece – 2004

  • Nexus – Singles 

     – Nexus | CD | FM Records | Greece – 1998

  • Compilations featuring Nexus tracks

     – Decadance Vol. 1 | CD | Track:  “Walking On Thin Ice” | Decadance  Records | Italy – 2001

     – Filled Me With Fantastic Terrors | LP | Track:  “Born in Razors” (Remix) | CAPP | Greece – 2002

     – ZilloScope:  New Signs & Sounds 7-8/02 | CD | Track:  “These Tears Again” | Zillo Magazine | Germany – 2002

     – ΠΟΠ + ΡΟΚ | CD | Track:  “Theme from The Persuaders” | ΠΟΠ + ΡΟΚ Magazine | Greece – 2003

     – Dark Ages | CD | Track:  “Drop The Luv Bomb” (Atria Mix) | ΠΟΠ + ΡΟΚ Magazine | Greece – 2005

New Zero God - Fun Is A Four Letter Word (2010)

  • New Zero God – Albums

     – Fun Is A Four Letter Word  | Digital Album | Greece – 2009

     – Fun Is A Four Letter Word | CD | Puzzlemusik | Greece – 2010

  • New Zero God – Single 

     – As New Zero God & Friends | “Second Chance” | CD Baby | USA – 2011

  • Compilations featuring New Zero God tracks

     – Weapons of Magick | Internet Compilation | Track:  “In Your Dreams Again” | Because God Told Me To Do It | USA – 2008 

     – Lollipop Magazine, Fall 2009 | mp3 CD (Released June 2010) | CD | Track:  “Fun Is A Four Letter Word” | Lollipop Magazine | USA – 2010

     – Devolution Magazine (August 2011 Issue) | CD | Track:  “Kiss The Witch” | Devolution Magazine | UK – 2011

     – Gothic Visions III | CD | Track:  “Lap Of The Universe” | Echozone | Germany – 2011

     – The Blackout Crypthology | CD | Track:  “Dead Inside” | Andy Robinson’s Black Out Radio Show | UK – 2012

Mike Pougounas

  • Mike Pougounas – Others

     – Λευκή Συμφωνία (Band) | Compilation:  Μαγικό Βοτάνι | LP | Backing Vox on the Track: “Κοιτάζοντας Πίσω” | Wipe Out! Records | Greece – 1994

     – The Global Goth Collective | Additional vox on the video: “Everyone Says Hi” | UK – 2011

     – Documentary Video: “There Is No Asylum Here” | Vocals on the track:  “No Asylum Here” | Greece – 2011

     – Documentary: “Back In Black: History Is Made By The Bands, Vol.1” (Directed by George Kagialedakis) | Vocals on the track:  “Rock’n’Roll Puppet” | Greece – 2009

     – Documentary: “Back In Black: History Is Made By The Bands, Vol.1” (Directed by George Kagialedakis) | Vocals on the track:  “My Life” | Greece – 2009

     – Documentary: “Back In Black: History Is Made By The Bands, Vol.1” (Directed by George Kagialedakis) | Keyboards on the track:  “In Hell” | Greece – 2009

The Flowers Of Romance – Love Means Death (1988)



The Blackout Crypthology CD release

New Zero God is featured on “The Blackout Crypthology” CD compilation.

Andy Fiendish (The Blackout Show on Impact Radio) put together a total of 30 tracks on a compilation from well-known bands within the spectrum of music played on the Blackout Show.  These bands are new, fresh talent and groups who are just creeping to the surface and getting their claws in the door.

On this double CD you will find a cross selection of bands that fit under the umbrella of what the Blackout show encompasses, containing music from the world of Goth and its guitar based sub genres [including: Deathrock | Post-punk | Horrorpunk | Psychobilly].


Disc A

01 The Dark Shadows – Written in the Snow
02 The Spirtual Bat – Chance
03 The Dead Jivaro – Repeated Dream
04 The Hiram Key – Solomon’s Tears
05 Killer B-movie Vs The Koffin Kats – in horror
06 The Coffin Collectors – The Coffin Collector
07 Devilish Presley – City of Dreadful Night
08 The Last Cry – Punishment [Blackout mix]
09 Lotus Feed – King for Two Days
10 Joy Disaster – Twins of Misery
11 The Garbagemenn – Into My House
12 Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show – New Kind of Kick
13 The Flytraps – The Hunter
14 The Deep Eynde – Save Your Own
15 Charles De Goal – Blackpool

Disc B
01 Vince Ray and the Boneshakers – Hot Rod Boogie
02 Pink Hearse – Zombie Rock ‘n’ Roll
03 Isolation Division – Cross My Heart
04 Berlin Black – The Only Ones
05 Peeling Grey – Sleeping In Dirty Hands
06 The Crimson Ghosts – Nightbreed
07 Army Of Walking Corpses – Night Of The Wolf
08 Dick Venom & the Terrortones – Lilly & The Killers
09 Frankenstein – She Casts No Shadow
10 Vendemmian – Hollow Inside
11 Luxury Stranger – Korruption [Radio edit]
12 The Cemetary Girlz – Death Has Tasted Blood [Demo]
13 Archway Towers – Hello
14 Boneyard Zombies – Vampire Love
15 New Zero God – Dead Inside

If you would like to get ahold of a copy of this limited-run CD, then you can send Andy a private message here so you can exchange details and he can directly get a copy out to you. There will be a website coming soon where you’ll also be able to purchase copies.  These limited CDs will also be available at any of the Misery Of Sound nights.  Purchase price, regardless of selling venue, will be £4.50, which includes postage.

Andy presents a weekly Radio show on [The Blackout] at

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SciFi Mafia cd launch..

I’m attending the launch of the NEW Scifi Mafia cd tonight and hope to get some excellent shots from this gig!!
Here is a sample taste of things to come!!