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Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2 – Update

Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2 – Update

With one day to go before the start of Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2, everyone’s scurrying about to tie up loose ends and finalize the minutest of details.

Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete 2 (Banner)

The lineup and venues have now been posted, and are as follows (Running Order, Subject To Change):


    Dalkeith Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
    10 Ebeneezer Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
    48 Lower Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
    Market Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]


    • Ross and Matts Jam night with Featured artists
    • Adrenaline
    • Elliot Friskin
    • Ross Alexander II
    • State of Regression


    • Krysthla 23.45 – 00.30
    • From Eden to Exile 23.00 – 23.30
    • Siderian 22.15 – 22.45
    • Divine Solace 21.30 – 22.00
    • The Exit Palace 20.45 – 21.15
    • Switchblade City 20.00 – 20.30
    • Special Guests – Deep Sleep 19.20 – 19.40
    • Abrahams 22.30 – 23.15
    • Kenneth J Nash 21.30 – 22.10
    • Dem Urban Foxes 20.30 – 21.15
    • Aiden Pryor 20.00 – 20.20
    • Mr Hat 23.15 – 00.00
    • Knock Off 22.30 – 2300
    • Steven Cooper 21.45 – 22.15
    • Mispelt 21.00 – 21.30
    • First Wave 20.15 – 20.45


    • Carnival Electronique dj’s 17.00 – 22.00

      • 8.45pm DJ Bubble (UK Hardcore Anthems) 8.45PM
      • 8.00pm DJ Intense (Drum & Bass) 8PM
      • 7.15pm Lusty (Hard House) 7.15PM
      • 6.30pm Stacey James (Tech Trance & Techno) 6.30PM
      • 5.45pm DJ Deadline (Electro) 5.30PM
      • 5.00pm Simon Vegas & The Kat (House)
    • The Replicats 16.00 – 17.00
    • Mustash 15.00 – 15.45
    • Kenneth J Nash 14.20 – 14.50
    • Stevie Jones 13.40 – 14.10
    • Dave Clemo and Friends 13.00 – 13.30
    • hazeyjane 12.00 – 12.45
    • Chris Duckett 11.00 – 11.45
    • Irene Rae 22.35 – 23.15
    • Charlotte Carpenter 21.40 – 22.25
    • Songbirds 21.00 – 21.30
    • Stormbringer Acoustic set 20.20 – 20.50
    • Run Your Tongue acoustic and poetry stage 17.00 – 20.30
      BACK ROOM:
    • Rob Reeves (songs) 5.10pm
    • Frankie O’Dowd (poems) 5.30pm
    • Daniel Wardop (songs) 5.50pm
    • Rob Reeves (poems) 6.15pm
    • Elliot Friskin (songs) 6.30pm
    • Kirsty Berry (poems) 7pm
    • Kate Williams (songs) 7.20pm
    • Chuck the Poet (poems) 7.45pm
    • 12 Story Fall (songs) 8pm
    • Stormbringer 23.45 – 00.30
    • Black Acid Souls 22.40 – 23.25
    • Easy Tiger 21.50 – 22.30
    • Bigfoot 21.05 – 21.35
    • Numb 20.20 – 20.50
    • Def Goldblum 19.35 – 20.05
    • Relics 18.50 – 19.20
    • Unitra 18.05 – 18.35
    • Fueled Hate 17.20 – 17.50
    • Alcoholics 22.45 – 23.30
    • Switchblade 22.00 – 22.30
    • No Honour 21.15 – 21.45
    • This Concept 20.30 – 21.00
    • Farriers 19.45 – 20.15
    • State of Regression 19.00 – 19.30


    • Zeitgeist Zero 22.00 – 22.45
    • Devilish Presley 21.00 – 21.45
    • Thee Telepaths 20.10 – 20.40
    • Family of Noise 19.25 – 19.55
    • Luna Rosa 18.35 – 19.05
    • Redneck Jesus 17.45 – 18.15

00 Johnny's Happy Place EventThere will be FREE admittance to all venues for all four days of the festival and since this is a charity fundraising event, we kindly ask that you drop on over to Johnny’s Happy Place.

There’s still a bit of time left for the Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2 Crowdfunder to benefit Johnny’s Happy Place. Click HERE to donate to a most-worthy cause. Pledges will be accepted through November 4, 2015.

More details about JHP can be found HERE.

They are located at Keystone, 97 Rockingham Road, Kettering, and you can also visit them at their Facebook profile, HERE.

A special event will be held by Johnny’s Happy Place on Sunday, 18 October, from 11 AM – 2 PM.  They’ll be serving up bacon sarnies and a cuppa as thanks for taking part on their behalf.

Don’t forget to tune into The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas on Thursday, 15 October at 7 PM UK time where he’ll be running a special show highlighting some of the performers to the Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2.

00 Blackout Radio with Mike PougounasWICKED SPINS RADIO [UK] – CLICK HERE
Every Thursday at 9 PM GR | 7 PM UK | 2 PM EST/USA
Replayed every Saturday at 8 AM UK GMT and Tuesday at 11 PM UK GMT

KOWS 107.3 FM [California, USA] – CLICK HERE
Every Saturday night at 10 PM Pacific Time

We hope you’ll have an awesome time, whether you attend or tune in.  There’s a whole lot of GREAT talent and plenty to quench your thirst.  We’ll end this post with a little clip to wet your appetite…!

Click HERE for Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2 – Original Posting | 12 October 2015
Includes Bands, Bios, Links, Video Clips


Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2

Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2

From the ashes of a fallen giant, the embers continue to flutter past in the autumn breeze.  What started as a salvation has turned into an annual event thanks to the tireless efforts of a handful of impassioned souls, a few small-town-but-giant-hearted Kettering venues, and a bunch of truly awesome artists.

This week marks the return of last year’s hugely successful CTRL ALT-FEST DELETE festival. (Click HERE for tribe4mian’s pre-festival wrap-up posting of August 10, 2014.)

Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete 2 (Banner)

Beginning on Thursday, October 15, and running through Sunday, October 18, this year’s event will once again be held in Kettering.  Thanks to the generosity of The Prince of Wales, El Rocko, The 3 Cocks, and The Yards, there will be free admission on all four days of the festival.

In lieu of entrance fees, it has been requested that people take a spin by the event organizers’ favorite charity, Johnny’s Happy Place.

Johnny's Happy PlaceCreated after the death of Johnny Mackay in October of 2014, JHP hopes to instill a sense of community and togetherness. JHP has opened a cafe, which runs on Saturdays from 10-4, where people can gather in a welcoming and imaginative space.

More details about JHP can be found HERE.  They are located at Keystone, 97 Rockingham Road, Kettering, and you can also visit them at their Facebook profile, HERE.

We do hope you’ll find it in your heart to make a donation to this wonderful cause.  In doing so, you will not only help to keep Johnny’s memory alive, but you will also be giving back to the people of Kettering and her surrounding visiting neighbors.

There’s still a few days left for the Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2 Crowdfunder to benefit Johnny’s Happy Place. Click HERE to donate to a most-worthy cause. A few GBP here, a few GBP there… it all adds up quickly! Pledges will be accepted through November 4, 2015.

“Ctrl Alt Fest Delete 2 is a festival held throughout Kettering to raise funds for a local organisation called Johnnys Happy Place. Johnny Mackay was a local man, who took his own life following a battle with mental health issues. His family have subsequently set up the organisation to raise funds and awareness of mental health conditions. The organisation is run solely by volunteers and family members. 

Through our festival, we are hoping to raise enough money to help the organisation, and maintain a centre that Johnny regularly used as a child, Keystone Youth Centre. Johnny’s Happy Place has a base located at Keystone, where people can eat and drink for free or donations, and where people with mental health issues can feel safe and welcome. This festival will be a FREE event to the public, there will be no admission fee to venues and all donations will go to Johnnys Happy Place. We hope to reach and help as many people as possible through our festival and any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated.


Tribe4mian is happy to announce that we will be working in conjunction with The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas to bring you highlights of some of the musical talents that will be gracing the Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2. Tune in this Thursday, October 15, for the first airplay.

00 Blackout Radio with Mike Pougounas

The show goes on air through:

Every Thursday at 9 PM GR | 7 PM UK | 2 PM EST/USA
Replayed every Saturday at 8 AM UK GMT and Tuesday at 11 PM UK GMT

KOWS 107.3 FM [California, USA] – CLICK HERE
Every Saturday night at 10 PM Pacific Time

And now, on to the Festival’s details…

Sunday night will be awesome in The Prince of Wales, Kettering, with Jacqui Vixen and Johnny Navarro as THE COBWEB ROCKING DEEPNIKS FROM DEEPSVILLE!… DEVILISH PRESLEY!  Everyone is thrilled that Sunday’s event has been added to their 2015 Farewell Tour. We’d also like to wish Ms. Jacqui a very Happy Birthday!  May all your dreams become reality!

To add even more excitement to the closing of the festival, the organizers are very excited to announce that their friends, Teresa Dead, Corin Zero, James Grave, Bex Noire, and Matt Macabre aka alt-wave rockers, ZEITGEIST ZERO, will be returning to Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2!

This promises to be a night with one hell of a show folks!!  And it’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Keep reading to find ALL the bands/artists in this year’s lineup!

DATE:  15 OCTOBER to 18 OCTOBER 2015



    Dalkeith Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
    10 Ebeneezer Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
    48 Lower Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
    Market Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire
    [ Facebook ]
  • 00 Johnny's Happy Place Event

00 Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete2 - The Yards



The Daily Telegraph, UK

The Daily Telegraph, UK



Aiden PryorAiden Pryor is a Rock Blues guitarist/singer/songwriter.

Currently making waves with The Aiden Pryor Band, he will be treating us to a short solo set before heading off to play at The 20th Annual British Rory Gallagher Tribute Concert!

Putting pure passion and feel into every single note Aiden Pryor creates an energy on stage like no other!

[ Facebook ]


10457772_1477024559206264_532328949657523195_nBigfoot are a 5 piece Hard Rock band based in Wigan, England.

Formed in spring of 2014 Bigfoot consists of members from various bands from the local scene combining powerful vocals, dual lead guitars and a heavy driving rhythm section. With influences stemming from many different genres from The Eagles to Pantera this is a band that can be appreciated and enjoyed by a wide range of music fans.

Since forming, Bigfoot have toured constantly around the UK and landed slots at the likes of Bloodstock Festival 2015 and Breakout Festival 2014.

[ Facebook ]


Black Acid SoulsBlack Acid Souls was formed by the force of METAL in August 2008. They unleashed themselves onto the public like a storm. Through extensive gigging and hard work they have tuned their performances to match their powerful tunes.

They’ve rocked with great bands such as Breed 77, Cancer Bats, Tesseract, Fony, Heavens Basement and SMT. Their track, “Life And Death” has been featured on BMX Legend Mark Webb’s Street Edit Video.

Their single release, “Precious Possession”, has been featured on Sky TV and was aired worldwide, including through the BBC and Kerrang.  Their debut self-released album was released on 14th September 2012, and is downloadable on all good sites. It was remastered by Pete Maher (Linkin Park, U2, etc.). Their New Album is currently being produced by Grammy Award Nominated legend Chris Tsangrides (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc.).

With appearances at O2 Live Fest 2011, Headlined Artic Fest 2012, Metal Gods Fest 2012 & 2013, Really Red Roar Fest, HAMMERFEST V, Rock & Bike Fest 2013, RMC Fest 2013 & Rock Diabetes 2013 in the bag it’s one band you really don’t want to miss. Be prepared to be slapped in the face with this totally uncompromised form of HARD ROCKIN’ METAL!

[ Official ] [ Facebook ] [ ReverbNation ] [ YouTube ]


Charlotte CarpenterNorthamptonshire-born singer-songwriter Charlotte Carpenter is a rising songstress, gravitating readily towards an abrasive, and exciting blues inspired sound.

Receiving airplay from Huw Stephens, Lauren Laverne and strong support from indie and major publications such as For Folks Sake and The 405, Charlotte is steadily moving with a strong stride, refining her craft with every EP release.  Honing her stagecraft alongside fellow contemporary troubadours such as Marika Hackman, Ethan Johns and George Ezra, Charlotte’s spectral sound and live shows have won her considerable acclaim and demonstrate exactly why she will ‘soon be anointed alt’s newest darling.

Charlotte’s next release, The Fault Line EP, will be released November 13th via her own label, Let It Go Records which follows a six date November UK Tour.

[ Facebook ] [ Twitter ] [ Instagram ] [ SoundCloud ] [ YouTube ] [ iTunes ]


Daniel WardropDaniel is a singer/songwriter who also plays instrumental compositions, reaching out to broken and damaged souls of this world. He has a very unique guitar playing style and lyrics inspired from the demons he has faced in his life.

He has been building guitars for 8 years, which has helped him to have a much more intimate relationship with the instrument and has developed a very percussive and unique finger picking style. He has released an instrumental album, “a world without us”, an EP, “a perfect view” on iTunes, and is currently recording his first songwriting album, “Demons”, ready for 2016.

[ YouTube ]


Dave ClemoDave Clemo is a sixty something singer/songwriter based in the UK. He grew up in West Cornwall, moving to London in the early 1960s when his father was promoted to engine driver and transferred from Penzance to Old Oak Common depot. He grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of West London, with its many and varied musical and cultural influences. Back in the early 70s he was a member of West London based folk collective Captain Swing, playing local pubs and festivals, where he first learned to play the mandolin. After moving to Northampton he then formed Left Hand Drive, a twin guitar rock band, staying with them for a couple of years before forming a top40/club band called Conspiracy, which lasted for five years.

In the mid 80s he moved to Somerset with his young family and retired from performing for about six years. When he returned to music in the early 1990s he began writing songs and released half a dozen albums, playing all over the UK, in churches, pubs, clubs, festivals, theatres and even prisons. He also took up bass and played a number of tours, including a 30 date theatre tour playing Patsy Cline songs, and several tours with Australian singer/songwriter Nicki Gillis.

In between all that he had a year out while undergoing treatment for leukaemia. Happily he has now been in remission for five years. In his long career Dave has played pubs and clubs (including the world famous Marquee Club in London’s Wardour Street), theatres up and down the country from Aberdeen to Worthing and festivals the length and breadth of the UK. He’s played on park bandstands, in churches, on the back of lorries and recently began performing in house concerts (which he loves!). His music contains elements of country, folk, and gospel. Over the years his voice has mellowed to an expressive baritone that can convey a range of emotions. His songs are tuneful, lyrical and honest. He says “It’s taken me 40 years to sound like myself, so I’m not going to try and sound like anyone else now!”

[ Facebook ] [ YouTube ]


Hailing from Nottingham, and fusing Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Funk, and Jazz, the 3 Skinheads and 1 MC will undoubtedly get you Jumping Around!

[ Facebook ] [ Bandcamp ] [ YouTube ]


Dem Urban Foxes are a duo of foxy fellas playing foxy tunes!

if you’d like to know more about urban foxes, then click HERE

If you’d like to know more about Dem Urban Foxes, come see them play live!

[ Facebook ]

No Video Available


Devilish PresleyDevilish Presley was formed as a two-piece by Jacqui Vixen and Johnny Navarro in 2002 and they were soon adopted by the UK goth scene with the albums Rust Garden (2003) and Disgraceland (2004) – but they very quickly widened their appeal with the critically acclaimed album Memphisto (2005). In 2008 Johnny was chosen as back-up guitar player by Meteors frontman P.Paul Fenech and toured Europe with him. Later that same year Devilish Presley were the support act on a major UK tour with The Damned.

Having been away from the live scene for almost three years, Devilish Presley return with a new album ‘Electric Ballroom’ in 2015 which will be entirely financed by their fans (on the Crowdfunder site).

Once dubbed ‘the hardest working band in Britain’, the band’s days of relentless touring are over and their live appearances are now rare.

Devilish Presley Are:
Jacqui Vixen: Vocals
Johnny Navarro: Guitar

[ Official ] [ Facebook – Farewell Tour 2015 ] [ Facebook ] [ Official Merchandise ]


Divine SolaceDivine Solace is a 4 piece progressive metal band from around Northamptonshire, UK, founded by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Ben Hughes in 2008. Joel Anderson was the first to join, initially on keyboard before transitioning to guitar in 2013. After recruiting Dan Merrey (bass) and Jake Patrick (drums) in early 2010, the band was finally solid, and they started rehearsing their material heavily.

As of late 2015, the band are currently working on releasing their first album (with Ben handling all the recording/mixing duties at his home studio) all the while playing shows to keep themselves in shape and in the public eye.

[ Facebook ]

No Video Available


Easy Tiger boasts an impressive line-up, including current and ex-members of Doozer, Blacklight Pioneer, Pandora’s Box and the one and only Raging Speedhorn!

They promise to deliver with their set of Hard Rock Covers, so make sure you don’t miss these guys at Ctrl Alt-Fest Delete 2 on Saturday 17th October!

[ Facebook ]

No Video Available


Elliot FriskinA singer/songwriter and local boy, Elliot spent the last four years playing live venues up and down the country. Running a host of successful live music nights in Leicester and playing the festival circuit, he drew inspiration from heroes and mentors Peter Doherty and Carl Barat for better and for worse.  He was also inspired by The Smiths, Joy Division, Bowie and the rest of the usual suspects.

After huge success from his first EP, Elliot is currently writing and recording his debut album, with a release date planned for next year.  With songs peppered with popular culture, self discovery, and a particular local gentlemen’s club, Friskin is taking a break from writing and recording to make a rare live appearance at CTRL ALT-FEST DELETE2!

[ Facebook ] [ Soundcloud ]

Family of NoiseFAMILY OF NOISE

Family of Noise, purveyors of post punk/alternative rock instrumental noise nuggets and advocators of 3 being the magic number.

Recently impressed by The Cureheads as their support at The Zombie Hut, Corby, Northants. So much so that the lead singer described them as ‘Gothic Shadows’, and asked them to support them on future dates.

[ Official ] [ Facebook ] [ YouTube ]


From Eden to ExileFrom Eden To Exile are a new upcoming band hailing from the Midlands, looking to write intense music with freedom, without “genre” boundaries and ultimately music that sounds good!

With all members having such a wide range of influences and ideas F.E.T.E has a unique sound that is a breath of fresh air to “Metal” music.

Releasing their first single, “Pure Love” just to get the ball rolling and for you all to enjoy. They are a band with no limits when it comes to the music and sounds, or where they look to go in the future.

[ Facebook ]


Fueled HateA unique metal sound, made to blow heads back.

A five piece Hardcore Metal Band from Corby. Our members have all come from different musical backgrounds, fusing together influences from rock, metal, rap and more in order to create a unique and innovative (and not to mention heavy) sound that we are bringing to Northamptonshire and beyond.

[ Facebook ]


hazeyjane“Intimate, acoustic sounds. Blending his signature, chilled-out originals with a wash of disarming takes on carefully chosen covers and a nod to singer-songwriter Nick Drake, Kettering-based hazeyjane plays laid-back, late-night mood music that won’t blow your socks off but might rock your world. Quietly.”

hazeyjane is Chris Brown.

Originally from the North East of England, he has played guitar since age 13, honing his technique over the years. After moving to the Midlands a while back, he started to write songs. Painfully slowly. Recently, however, after a change in circumstances, inspiration has mysteriously struck and his writing has become more prolific. Over the past year, hazeyjane has played feature sets for Wildfire Sessions, Kenneth J Nash, Ironside Music, Ni Ni Sessions and other promoters, as well as playing at local pubs, restaurants, open mics, festivals and other regular solo gigs in Northants, Leics, Cambs and further afield.

Both his vocal style and lightness of touch with his Taylor acoustic guitar have been acclaimed by many as distinctive and outstanding and particularly suited to quieter, more intimate surroundings.

His songs have had radio play on MKFM, PeterboroughFM, Tyneside Radio, Corby Radio and others. In the past year, he has made two live radio appearances on Stevie Rigsby’s Live And Local show on Corby Radio, and on Peterborough FM’s CityBuzz show.

Appearances at the White Ark/Deeds Not Words charity concert in Corby in 2014 and 2015 were accompanied by his songs ‘Happiness’ and ‘I Have No Name’ on the event CDs, produced by Mark Brennan.

hazeyjane is the name of two beautiful songs by Nick Drake.

[ Official ] [ Facebook ]



Kenneth J NashKenneth J Nash is a veteran of the music scene, years spent on the road as a musician and DJ has taken its toll on his personal life, and provided the impetus and material for his songs.

He draws on his influences (Cohen, Waits, Cash, Reed, Hardin & Cave) to write songs that capture the darker moments of his past. Love, addiction and regret feature heavily in his material as he narrates his personal journey through the human condition. “I find the whole experience very cathartic, to encapsulate pain into dark beautiful music”.

Over the last few years he has written and released four LP’s under his own name, (In the company of ghosts, Under a gypsy moon, We all belong & The brewer & the dealer) which feature some very talented musicians. He has played at Festivals, Folk clubs & Acoustic showcases throughout the UK and has been featured on radio, in press and on podcasts worldwide. His songs have been used on several compilation LP’s including Independent Music News who picked him as one their ‘artists to watch’ for both 2012 and 2013.

[ Official ] [ Facebook ]


Knock OffFormed in sept 2013, KNOCK OFF are a hard hitting punk trio, taking influences from the early 80’s U.K punk scene.  Thirty years on and the country’s still a mess. KNOCK OFF’s sound is fueled by anger and disillusionment at a country going down the pan and life in general.

A raw and powerful sound mixed with anger, energy and passion, with stick in your head choruses, KNOCK OFF will leave their mark. It’s not all doom and gloom though, with the odd sprinkling of humour in the set, such as a heart-warming love song imaginatively called….Love Song and a song about fantasising over
sex dolls.

A KNOCK OFF gig can be described as an onslaught of hard and fast songs, a wall of noise designed to make an impact. With supports with Sham 69, The Business and The U.K.Subs already under their belts and a slot at Rebellion 2015, KNOCK OFF are aiming high. Jump on the bandwagon, before someone nicks the wheels…

[ Official ] [ Facebook ]


KrysthlaKrysthla was forged into being during 2012 and proudly boasts four of the original members (Neil Hudson, Noel Davis, Carl Davis, and Wayne Minney) of UK metal legends Gutworm (SPV/Steamhammer and Anticulture Records 1998-2010) joined by Adi Mayes, influential former frontman of metal heavyweights Deadeye (2000-2009). After spending over two years writing and perfecting a new sound and crafting tracks worthy of taking on the metal world once again, Krysthla are already stamping their mark on the UK metal scene.

With years of experience both live (multiple tours and major festival appearances across Europe and the USA) and recording (Label releases with distribution through Plastic Head and music videos on MTV, Scuzz and Kerrang!) under their collective belts, they have the expertise and talent to lay down truly crushing performances

“An instant, unpleasant wake-up call that leaves you dazed and disorientated for ages afterwards” (9/10 live review Metal Hammer).

Krysthla released their debut full length album, “A War Of Souls And Desires” on 25th September 2015 via Initiate Audio and Media / Plastic Head (PHD) Ltd, which has already received rabid critical acclaim from the metal press. The album has been available for pre-order through Amazon and has consistently occupied a top 20 place in the Amazon hot new metal releases chart, based on its presales performance.

[ Official ] [ Facebook ]


Mr HatMR HAT… Play classic show tunes, old favorites and a few surprises, but at a million miles an hour (or as fast as the drummer’ll let em). It’s like an all-star band but without any all-stars 😉

Ctrl Alt Fest Delete 2 will be their highly anticipated first Kettering appearance!

The Mr Hats are
Rum Weasley – bass monster
Ash Hefty Hat – funny shape guitar
Jason Hat – the missing link between man and beast? Drum thumper
The Mrshat is Becky who brings an air of sophistication to the band…

[ Facebook ]


“Beer drinkin’ Country…

…not the other kind…”

[ Facebook ] [ LastMinuteMusicians ] [ Soundcloud ]

No Video Available


NUMBFollowing on from a brief stand in session stint with rock heavyweight Stormbringer in 2014, guitarist Darren Caven-Quantrill is back with the soaring vocals of Lee Rayner, long time musical collaborator Byron (ex The Calling) and Damo Falkowski (former drummer of local metal heroes Deadeye).

Within 12 months, the unique sound and style of Numb has been forged and the Ctrl Alt Fest Delete 2 show will be a sneak preview of the band’s eagerly awaited debut album due for release in 2016.

[ Facebook ]


Relics (cover)RELICS are a punk / hardcore band from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Since forming in late 2013 they have gone from strength to strength; self-releasing their debut EP “Beast Market” and playing up and down the country with the likes of Cancer Bats, Discharge, Agnostic Front, Baby Godzilla, Krokodil, Bastions and…err…MC Devvo. Amongst others.

Musically they’re a Frankenstein’s Monster of old and new; mixing the timeless bellow of Motorhead and Killing Joke with the modern snarl of Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats. Throw in a raucous live show and a complete unwillingness to take themselves too seriously, and you’ve got a Relics party. Where’s the beer?

[ Facebook ] [ Bandcamp ]


Kettering’s ONLY spoken word night. For all poets, storytellers, comedians, musicians, MC’s… or for those who just have something to say. Open mic slots available. What’re you saying?

[ Facebook ] [ Facebook EVENT Page ]


SiderianNorthamptonshire metal band formed in March 2015 featuring ex-members of Wolves Hunting the Wicked, Black Ink Sun, Fueled Hate and Dead Girl in the Water. Taking their cues from old style metalcore and featuring actual songs, the band swiftly put together a seven-song set to commence their assault on venues throughout the county and beyond.

Their debut EP “Cancel Your Future” was released in September 2015.

[ Facebook ] [ Soundcloud ]


StormbringerStormbringer first came together in the summer of 2011 after a couple of Sunday afternoon beers between Dom and Ash. Both had just come away from their longterm projects, Deadeye and Nekkrosis respectively, and were looking to embark on a new journey. Dom was also a member of the critically acclaimed Viking Skull, who were between tours at this point so it seemed like the perfect time to start on something new. Dom then made the decision to contact Jon Quantrill, a lifelong friend and fellow musician (well, a drummer) to see if he would be interested in becoming involved in the new project. After a bit of thought Jon joined the band, followed by Darren McCullagh after hours of trawling the internet for a suitable and competent bass player.

Now the band had its musical core and powerhouse, the guys locked themselves away in a rehearsal room and started to jam out the first drafts of what were to become truly great songs.

At first, it was all about the music. The four members very quickly had a full albums worth of material and inspiration was at a high so they booked some studio time. There was now just one place left to fill – they needed a singer.

After about a year and with the music for the album already recorded, Stormbringer added the finishing touch to their line-up. Mike Stockley joined the band in the winter of 2012 after a mutual friend said “you have got to check this guy out”, and laid down the vocal for their debut album ‘MMXIII’. Mike was exactly what the band were looking for, a classic rock voice with a contemporary edge and a lyrical ability that was perfect for the sound the band had created.

With the full line-up in place it was time to go out and cut their teeth on the road. Traveling to all four corners of the country the band received rave reviews and played to rocking crowds. With the bands reputation growing stronger with every gig and the crowds getting bigger all the time, it became clear that Stormbringer was living up to its name.

After successful years of gigging, including shows at Download Festival and the main stage at Bloodstock, Mike sadly had other commitments and had to part ways with the band. Stormbringer faced yet another challenge, having another full album recorded, they needed to find someone who had the ability and talent to step up to the mark for the next stage in the Stormbringer journey.

After auditioning relentlessly they found Jimi Brown – formerly of Burn City Burn, and it was clear, even after the first audition, that this was the guy for the job. Jimi has proved himself as both a natural talent, a stand-out stage performer, and a stunning recording artist which was made evident with his performance on Stormbringer’s second release ‘Blood and Rust’, due out in late 2015.

The band live by their mission statement – “To rock as hard as we can, wherever we can and have a good time doing it”.

A must-see live show, which will absolutely not disappoint.

[ Official ] [ Facebook ]


Switchblade3 piece 21st Century Neo-Rockabilly.

With the former drummer form the Metoers heading the line-up, Switchblade’s raw enthusiasm will guarantee to get you a rockin’ and a rollin’!
[ Official ]


No messing, balls to the wall Rock’n’Roll from Kettering.

Riffs on riffs.

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The AbrahamsThe Abrahams are everyone’s favourite five piece progressive folk rock skiffle beat combo. Local heroes in their own homes, they have a clear distinction for ale quaffing and general titillation of the finest degree! They have an indistinguishable style and never fail to amuse, albeit sometimes in a half hearted and inebriated manner!

If you’re easily led astray, then this is definitely the band for you!
And they also play some mighty fine music from time to time.

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Vocals- Marc Collins
Guitar- Scott Latta
Bass- Peter Stewart
Drums- Ben Twigger

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The MispeltFormed in 1998 as a 3 piece motorhead-esque punk rock and roll band, they reinvented themselves in 2008 as a 4 piece with a female vocalist and are now back as a 3 piece band. Loud, fast and curiously eclectic, The Mispelt combine throwaway snot-nosed bubble-gum power punk infused with flavours of metal and ska, knitted together with dark and sinister lyrical undertones. What other band can have the audience merrily singing along to tales of attempted suicide, random street violence and self harm?

The Mispelt have taken their blistering live performance around the length and breadth of the UK with outings to Europe and the USA. The band have played legendary venues such as 100 club, CBGBs and Scum and with equally legendary bands such as UK Subs, Stiff Little Fingers, Vice Squad, 999, Subhumans and Defenestration. The Mispelt have recorded 8 critically acclaimed cds, featured in countless zines, compilation cds, radio airplay (including Radio 1) webcasts and most recently we appear on the soundtrack to an award winning independent film.

The Mispelt have in every sense, been there, done that and bought the other bands t-shirts.

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The ReplicatsAfter three years of intensive gigging around the UK, Corby’s very own Replicats finally cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting party bands on the circuit. Working solely through word of mouth, they played countless private parties and pub shows, relying on their high energy performances and choice song selection to win over new fans and secure more bookings.

Eventually the band’s reputation earned them the opportunity to play to larger crowds at many local and national festivals; including headline slots on the main stage at Weldonfest 2014 and the ‘IcOn Stage’ at Glastonbudget 2013; the UK’s largest tribute act festival. Having created quite a buzz and being more in demand than ever, they decided to take the next logical step – split up and sell their gear. Now 6 months on, with the prospect of free beer ringing in their ears, the boys are back for one night (afternoon) only. That’s providing they can borrow some gear.

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Thee Telepaths (Sleeve)Thee Telepaths are a psych-driven fuzz & beat four-piece from Kettering with a big sound that owes a clear debt to the metallic proto-punk rock of The Stooges & The MC5, the 80s drone-fuzz of Loop & Spacemen 3, the wonky electronics of The Silver Apples & Suicide and the warped heavy psychedelia of Black Sabbath.

Since their first gig in May 2014 they’ve been kicking out the jams at venues around the Midlands, and have self-released one EP that’s now into several hundred copies up and down the land. In recent months they’ve played a number of festivals and on some excellent bills, sharing stages with Manchester krautrock collective Gnod, Rugby’s psychedelic back-porch blues men The Anteloids, electronic post-rockers Kontakte and ’80s indie legend The Jazz Butcher. Over the next couple they’ll be playing with UK psych-scene luminaries The Telescopes, One Unique Signal and The Underground Youth.

They have their first London gig in September 2015 and their second EP is due for release on Mighty Fuzz on vinyl, CD and digital at the beginning of December. The 4-track debut EP is available for free download for a limited time HERE.

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UnitraUnitra are an old school thrash metal band originating from Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Do you like pop? Techno? R&B? Well you ain’t going to like Unitra… We are the prodigies of metal, we are to music what Ron Jeremy was to the porn industry. We are a time machine fueled by rage, sex and alcohol. We’ll take you back to the times when Pamela’s boobs weren’t fake and David Hasselhoff was handsome and didn’t sing. Back to SEGA games and Ninja Turtles. Your ears will melt and so will your eyes.


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Zeitgeist ZeroSince their inception in 2003 in Leeds England, their three albums releases have met with international critical acclaim, enabling the band to build up a loyal worldwide following. Their recorded output is impressively assured, genre-stretching and playful, but it’s in the live arena where the band really explode into vibrant existence. Because they don’t do gigs. Most definitely not. They put on a show.

Zeitgeist Zero perfectly manage to inhabit their own carefully constructed and intriguingly strange world. Their unique sound, darkly glamorous style and originality have received extensive favourable press coverage enabling the band to play several key festivals, including Whitby Gothic Weekend and the massive Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. As independent artists the band has toured both the UK and Europe. They have also recently supported Toyah as well as performing as main support for The Cruxshadows on a tour of Germany.

Zeitgeist Zero have just released their new album Ghosts of Victory funded via an IndieGoGo campaign which raised over £4K in pre-orders from their die hard fans the Geist Army. The album was mixed by the legendary Steve Whitfield (The Mission, Terrorvision) and mastered by John Dent (Goldfrapp, PJ Harvey, Music Producers Guild Mastering Engineer of the Year 2015) and is available on CD and gatefold vinyl.

Teresa Dead – lead vocals and lyrics.
Corin Zero – guitars, synths, programming, backing vocals.
James Grave – synths & backing vocals.
Bex Noire – bass, double bass, bowed bass, backing vocals.
Matt Macabre – drums and percussion.

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Before I end this posting, there is one more photo that I’d like to share with you.  As many of you already know, we suddenly lost our good friend, Jez Keefe, on July 28, 2015. Jez was an amazing photographer and worked with some of the hottest bands around the UK.  He also was a contributor to tribe4mian along with his pogoing partner in crime, Dave.  It’s only fitting that I honor our friend by posting one of his Devilish Presley photos.

00 Jez Keefe & Dave at Devilish Presley

That’s Dave midair, with Jez behind the camera.

We’ll miss you forever, Jez.  Thank you for brightening up so many of our posts with your photos.

You can check out more of Jez’s work, HERE, at JEZ KEEFE PHOTOGRAPHY.

00 Jez Keefe with Devilish Presley00 Dave with Devilish Presley

Hoist the Sails! ❤

Many thanks to Lorna for working so closely with me to get this out to you. 🙂

“I want to live in a world where everyone can be themselves, truly and happily”

                                                                                                                 – Johnny Mackay 


CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE – The Finish Line

CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE – The Finish Line

00 tumblr_static_toplogo

The finish line is finally in sight.  The party starts TODAY!  And there’s absolutely no reason for me to touch any of this, I’m just passing on the link for you to find ALL the info in one place.  A perfect wrap-up to two weeks of very hard work by those who wanted to keep a weekend of dreams alive.  Bravo, job VERY well done!

00 2014-0815 Final Band Lineup

Click to Enlarge

Look forward to pictures and clips and whatever else anyone would like to send our way for posting.  Have an AWESOME time!  We’ll be there in spirit… 🙂

This is where to go to find the final markings and scribblings for the CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE event.  [ HERE ]

Facebook Event page:  [ HERE ]

I’d also like to extend my own personal thanks to those who kept me updated so that tribe4mian could keep bringing you the latest in planned events.

Don’t forget to check out all the bands participating, as well.  Links have been given on prior tribe4mian postings.  The last updated post can be found… [ HERE ]

Stay safe and don’t forget to spin passionately under the stars!

00 2014-0809 icon

CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE [Full Schedule – Tumblr Page ]


Full Steam Metal Racket – UPDATE v.3

Full Steam Metal Racket – UPDATE v.3

tribe4mian - Full Steam Metal Racket - Update v.3

Can you believe how much has been pulled out of thin air without time to pre-plan any of this?  Only eleven days have transpired from the shocking official announcement of cancellation on August 1st to today.  Now here we are with the fourth (an original posting plus three updates) tribe4mian installment on the Full Steam Metal Racket weekend festival.

A huge standing ovation and round of applause to all who have worked tirelessly and around the clock to bring a weekend of delightful pleasures and merriment to so many saddened souls.  As we have all witnessed, life is full of unexpected twists and turns.  It’s up to each of us to make due with what’s been handed to us, to join forces when need be, and to never lament over what could have been.

So come on all you contraptors… it’s full steam ahead!


FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE:  Full Steam Metal Racket PLAN B The Steampunk Experience that was at Alt-Fest Plus

DATES:  15 August at 6:00 PM – 17 August at 11:00 PM in UTC+01

LOCATION:  Llanfyllin Workhouse, Llanfyllin


HOSTED BY:  BB BlackDog and Neon Tiger Productions UK


Trains to Welshpool available.
For more travel information, click HERE

For information on on-site and/or nearby accommodations, click HERE

Link to the Workhouse Charity site, HERE

As Part of the Whole Alt-Fest Event we were running “The SteamPunk Experience”. With its demise, we’re still running an event.

– 2 Stages:  The Black Rose Stage and The S.O.P.H.I.E. Stage
– A Games Area, a separate Market/Workshop Area

CURRENT LINEUP AND TIMES:  Come back often to check as we’ll update as more acts are added.

MARKET AND DEMONSTRATIONS:  Open from 10:00 AM each day

YOUR HOSTS FOR THE WEEKEND:  Montague Jacques Fromage assisted by Maureen, and Lieutenant Jager Scnitzel


    An intimate indoor space for up to 150 people, The Black Rose Stage is inside the beautiful, historic Dolydd buildings. Spaces are very much first come, first served so you’ll need to be fairly quick off the mark.  First Come, First Served
    Out in the courtyard, The S.O.P.H.I.E Stage offers space for a much bigger crowd who are prepared to brave the elements!  Again, though, spaces are first come, first served.

We have organised the running orders so that the stages will host alternating sets, with a short break between, so our guests don’t need to choose between artists, as they might at other festivals.


– FRIDAY – 15 AUGUST 2014:

  • 12:00 Midday – Start of Registration
  • 20;00 B Dark Patrick
  • 21:00 A Needle Poppets
  • 22;00 B Skreamer
  • 23:00 A The Late Night Burlesque Show

– SATURDAY – 16 AUGUST 2014:

  • 11:00 In Front of main Building The Group Photo
  • 12:00 B Red Ruff
  • 13:00 A Fashion Show and Talk
  • 15:00 B The Dark Design
  • 16:00 A King Bains
  • 17:00 B The Mysterious Freak Show
  • 18:00 A Gladstone
  • 19:00 B Skorbut and BB Blackdog
  • 21:00 A Wattingers
  • 22:00 B Frenchy and The Punk
  • 23:00 A Craig Sheridan
  • 24:00 A Mr BadAxe followed by The Dark Disco

– SUNDAY – 17 AUGUST 2014:

  • All on either outside or indoor stage depending on crowd and weather
  • 11:00 Video shoot by Lunecat Films – All Are Welcomed.
  • 12:00 Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel
  • 12:30 John Devine
  • 13:00 Tea Dueling – All Are Welcomed, Street Rules
  • 14:30 Scarlet Butterfly and Dr. Therese Airheart’s Amazing Automaton Show
  • 15:00 The Copperfield Ensemble Project
  • 16:00 Daniel Mulheur (Monoclepop)
  • 17:00 Steampunkfunk Bizarre with Montague Jacques Fromage III
  • Bizarre


MORE INFO ON SOME OF THE PERFORMERS (In no particular order):

tribe4mian - Frenchy and the Punk


New York
Folk Punk Cabaret
“Top 25 Duos in the US” by Yahoo Music Blog

Nominated “Best Band 2013″ Steampunk Chronicle’s Readers Choice Awards.
Nominated “Best Band 2012″ SteamCon Airship Awards.

“The World’s Greatest Steampunk Duo”.
– Samantha Stephenson – French born chanteuse and percussionist.
– Scott Helland – Guitarist, drummer and purveyor of live looping raucous-ness, punk rock guitarist andfounding member of the legendary `80’s hardcore band Deep Wound with J Mascis of Dinosaur jr.

Frenchy and the Punk have performed all across the US and in Canada, Germany, France, and the UK. They have been featured performers at nearly every Steampunk Convention and Faerie Festival in the US. Think Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Django Reinhardt, Johnny Ramone, Edith Piaff, Gogol Bordello and Dresden Dolls, “like the steampunk cabaret love child of the White Stripes and Sonny and Cher”.

Formed in 2005, 6 CD releases, 1 live DVD.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

tribe4mian - The Dark DesignTHE DARK DESIGN

The Dark Design are possibly best described by the terms Steam Punk or Victoriana.

We come from a world much like yours, but where the romance of discovery and adventure is still aflame.

Electricity is still considered by many akin to witchcraft and the world thrums to the beat of iron, the hiss of steam and the click of clockwork.

We write songs about Airships, Paddle Steamers, Satanic Nannies and Mermaid Queens with thoughtful prose and with infectious melodies. We are currently recording our debut Album Twelve Tall Tales…

Facebook | ReverbNation

tribe4mian - Steampunkfunk BizarreSTEAMPUNKFUNK BIZARRE with Montague Jacques Fromage III

International Purveyor of Victorian Funk, Rap and assorted lyrical conundrums.

NOMINATED in 2 Categories:
– Steampunk Chronicle’s People Choice Awards 2013
– Best Solo Musician and Person to Watch in 2013

Often combining Victorian subject matter with a danceable funk backbeat, LMJ3/”Lord Monty” has created an entirely new Steampunk sound that offers a delicious confection of funk and soul interlaced with an occasional touch of Diesel. American pioneer/international performer of Steampunk Funk, the faux-Frenchman will be in MC and performance mode throughout the weekend.

Official Website | ReverbNation | Number One Music |
Montague Jacques Fromage – Facebook | Steampunkfunk Bizarre – Facebook

tribe4mian - Daniel Malheur (Margit Louise Schwed)DANIEL MALHEUR MONOKELPOP

The Lilly of the Valley, from New York to Europe, from the seniors to the Troubadour founder of MonokelPop …

Accompanied by the famous gramophone orchestra with its own special performance of 20’s pop art.

From a Crackly record sound, come famous dance orchestras, coupled with the warm tone of the Lord of mishap, they flatter themselves into the ears of the illustrious audience.

In his unique 78 rpm accompanied Karaoke Show, he kidnaps his audience in the golden or not quite so golden 20’s and the dawn of the talkies. Original gramophones, stylish accessories, breathtaking wardrobe changes and spontaneous comic repartee, make the charm of an evening with the Lord Saloon tenor.

Far from the “20’s mainstream“, from. Spicy foxtrot, seductive tango, wicked songs, let the perfect illusion of the 5 o’clock tea in the saloon style of the 20’s rise.

Daniel Malheur Impressum | Facebook

tribe4mian - The Mysterious FreakshowTHE MYSTERIOUS FREAKSHOW

As a a more mature collective (ah hum) … we have all had many musical adventures throughout the years and all work on other projects still.

Miss Pinkski works closely with her producer KIKI in France to create weird electronic wonders. The SteamPUNK Animal (aka Con Harries) is a multi-instrumentalist and our drummer. She plays trombone for the award winning SKA/reggae band Melosa and Skaper too. Phineas Gauge lives with his head in a bass amp listening to the heaviest & loudest of music and has a number of bands under his belt including The Toretz and The Two Hats – He is also one half of the anarchic radio show Revolutionary Radio. Mr Thomas Rosenbloom is another multi-instrumentalist who plays drums with Skaper and a number of other bands. This is his first venture into the world of guitar – and we welcome him with open arms!!!

Facebook | Soundcloud

tribe4mian - Ash MandrakeTHE ASH MANDRAKE ACT

Incorporates music, loop machines, stories and comedy. He designed the double necked guitar, hats and costumes. This is folk rock, but many styles are used. He has been described as imaginative; an incredibly skilled musician and songwriter; unique, brave, and completely naturalistic.

Message from Ash:  Let there be no pretences: I’m unsigned and I’ve built a tiny business from doing things that come naturally. I live on the road in vehicles and tour constantly. I started touring in 2008. I took three seats out of my Nissan Micra, put a futon in; and managed to do 137 gigs all over the UK, before driving it into the ground (I’m on vehicle number 5 now). I moved out of bricks and mortar in Feb 2012. This is the antithesis of X Factor. This approach involves putting one foot in front of the other; bare foot if necessary. If you really mean it, you’ll find shoes along the way.

Official Website

tribe4mian - Jezebel SteeleJEZEBEL STEELE

MC and Burlesque Performances

Jezebel Steele is the inner performer of a mild mannered woman from Sheffield (although nobody would believe that), and anyway nowadays she lives on the other side of the Pennines.

She made her burlesque debut in 2010, and although she believes that it wasn’t very good it did make her determined to improve and get back on stage again.

Her style has never been described as graceful, but audiences seem to like her comedic take on burlesque and that’s just how she likes it; “if an audience laughs in the first minute, you know you’ve got them on side”.

After realising that it’s not easy to get stage time when you’re new, she followed some good advice and set up her own night; for some reason, it turned out to be successful and she is currently working towards her ambition of “taking over the world… one tassel at a time!”

She teaches burlesque and organises other charity events, and just sometimes she can be found at her day job.


tribe4mian - Needle PoppetsNEEDLE POPPETS

The stripped sound delivers both power and intrigue, drawing inspiration from the likes of The Dresden Dolls, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Divine Comedy. Mixing theatre and punk, the music is risqué and often refuses to behave.

They have just released their debut album, Fame to the Nation, and are gigging around the Midlands and beyond – hopefully at a venue near you soon!

Facebook | Soundcloud

tribe4mian - The King Bains

Deep in the dank tangled shadows of the durge nebula our hope was born.

When the rising dawn sun pressed her searing lips upon the fallen corkstone, and the wind set sail the sweet leaf of our stolen youth, the Leviathan was seen lurching from the depths with two warriors atop the mighty beast.

Bathed in steam and fuelled by fuzz they wielded high their beacon to lead the charge.



tribe4mian - Red RuffRED RUFF

Red Ruff are an a capella harmony trio. Expect a multi-coloured mix of songs about everything from cats to car engines Red Ruff are Jen Aitken, Sue Devine and Nansy Ferrett.

We write and perform our own three-part harmonies, covering tragedy to comedy, sublime to ridiculous, cats, and car parts.

We made our debut public appearance at Wirksworth festival in 2011, and are now singing at venues & festivals all over the UK.

Official Website | Facebook

tribe4mian - The WattingersTHE WATTINGERS

Slaughterhouse Steampunk Blues

With influences from:
Nick Cave
Tom Waits
Gallon Drunk
Butthole Surfers
Jaw Hawkins
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
and general inbred backwoodsman dysfunctionalism

Facebook | Sound Awesome

tribe4mian - GladstoneGLADSTONE

Northampton‘s finest Steampunk Rock

They are:
– Gordon “Spook” Stoker. Collector of Macabre stories and artifacts, undertaker to the restless dead.Singer of songs and teller of tales.
– Paul “Shovel hands” Hutchins. Professional pig wrestler. Bassist in ordinary to Queen Victoria.
– Dave Evil. Penny Farthing stunt-man. Beater of skins.
– Amy Teacake Bradford. Key smith and Alchemist.
– Bart ‘Cloud McBuggerballs V’ Chmura. Keeper of the fifth element. Polish Libertine, warrior for freedom and justice, mischief and a recluse on the run from the Okhrana.


tribe4mian - BB BlackDog _Adamx_GoldingBB BLACKDOG

The Darker Side of Steampunk Rock, Comedy Mini Kit set, as well as Main Stage Appearance.

A mix of German and English members with nearly 500 gigs, 5 albums worth of original songs, showcases in Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, London, Birmingham, and tours across two continents.

BB BlackDog have become a live Band not to miss.

Using no overdubs, playing simple catchy music, remaining fiercely independent, and powered by a rapidly growing, loyal band of supporters, BB BlackDog are different, and that’s a good thing!

Official Website | YouTube | Facebook


Classic Origional Accoustic rock n roll blues, Comedy punk rock which is comically obscene, like putting Roy chubby Brown with The Mac Lads! But it’s all in good humor and just a laugh really.

No subject matter is safe from the recent Spate of High profile related convictions to Obama and His Lama.

Not for the easily offended, you have been warned.



Powerful synth rhythms combine with the dark and gloomy sound of the hurdy-gurdy, the sweet crystal clear tone of the bandura and unusual vocals (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) that are sometimes sung, sometimes spoken, and other times chanted. Honest, inspired and experimental to the core, Dark Patrick’s songs explore themes of anti-fascism, feminism, anarchism, social injustice, exploitation, harsh realities & mental phenomena.

The duet was formed in Kiev in 2008, since then they have produced 5 albums, performed on big and small stages in U.K, Ukraine and Russia and have carefully honed their own unique style that is hard to compare with anything else at all.


A Steampunk collective of The Rake: Drustan Durman, The Dishonourable Reverend JD and The Rose: Madam Mel. They come with accompaniment from multi instrumentalists Tina Bennet and The Obligato string Quartet.

‘This Okehampton based outfit described themselves as Neo-Victorian Steampunk and came dressed as the part. A string quartet, amazing vocals and percussion and a hauntingly mesmerising performance where dark cabaret meets theatre.” 
– BOTB 2014.

The Copperfield Ensemble Project’s live show is an imagining of Victorian music played today:  A cross between Chamber Music and Music Hall, this is Classical music to sing along to. Every song and live show is an experimental journey, the experiment continues.


The year is 1887. After decades of research, bringing run over hedgehogs and marmots back to life, an extensive analysis of the human anatomy through Operation’s ‘Cavity Sam’ and numerous studies with Tesla coils – quite a shocking experience – Dr. Therese Airheart has finally succeeded. She has invented and produced a fully functioning dancing automaton, the Juul Victoria 2.0.

Incidentally, the esteemed Dr. has not yet been able to figure out the correct settings for the built-in free will module, so her invention proves to be quite a handful…


Also present will be model Constance Bashford, Captain of Airship The Peregrine and an iconic figure in the European Steampunk scene.


Reading: Steampunk & Fashion
Helene Smits (Alskaer)

Helene Smits is a clothing designer (Alskaer) and photographer who specializes in fashion and making fashion. In her final thesis at the art academy AKV St. Joost, she did a research on nostalgia. The question of why we desire the past is for Helene a way to take a new look on steampunk.

With the reading “Steampunk & Fashion”; will Helene take you on an inspiring journey about the influences of the Victorian age on the steampunk culture and on the contemporary fashion. It is a timetravel of looking forward and backward by the way we dress.
Love to shine,


Beatrice is a Belly Dance teacher and performer from Nottingham, UK, now residing in Kuala Lumpur.

A lifelong performer, she has studied many styles of dance including Ballet, Contemporary/Modern Dance, Classical Indian Dance, Butoh, Oriental Belly Dance, American Tribal Style (ATS), Tribal Fusion Belly Dance as well as other performance skills such as Fire Dance and Stilt Walking.

As a soloist she has performed all over the UK and beyond.

In 2009, Beatrice became Nottingham’s first certified ATS teacher and following that she founded the Nottingham Tribal Belly Dance company, In 2013 she moved to Kuala Lumpur and set up KL Tribal, both of which are sister studios of Fat Chance Belly Dance, (San Francisco, CA).


Steampunk Faery is my fourth act that I’ve put together and because I started to get into steampunk about a year ago, I always had themed acts that were always fantasy or Faery inspired, so my three other acts are the Fire Faery, Art Deco Faery – which I recently showed at 1930’s Berlin Diaries – and then there’s my new act which I’ll tell you about later as I’m still working on it.

Once I’d developed the original idea, I started to think carefully about how I would create this steampunk Faery. I started with a picture board of the ideas and it took quite a long time to get the whole thing arranged.



Throughout the Event, Tea duels will take place using “Street Rules” so whilst actual contact is not allowed, barricking and slating “all in the best possible taste” is allowed.  Registration forms will be available nearer the time of the event, with great prizes and a showcase final.

The Highlight of Saturday Afternoon.

With a team of professional Photographers and a full green screen room. Attendee’s will be able to have the day captured forever, and placed in a variety of Steampunk backgrounds, only limited by imagination.

With Workshops for everything from Leather Work, Tailoring, Dance, Nerf Gun Mods and much more throughout the weekend.

With everything from Croquet to skittles and horseshoes, a wonderful celebration of our old English Pubs and Garden Games.


A few interesting things for the steampunk visitor to the Llanfyllin area.
(Thanks, Andy)

Click here for previous tribe4mian posting, which includes details on S.O.P.H.I.E. (The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, UK), as well as further details not listed in this current update:  Full Steam Metal Racket – UPDATE v.02


Facebook Event Page -  Full Steam Metal Racket -The Festival Formerly Known As 'The Steampunk Experience @ Alt-Fest'

– Facebook Event Page – Full Steam Metal Racket -The Festival Formerly Known As ‘The Steampunk Experience @ Alt-Fest’





tribe4mian - ctl alt-fest delete 04

Snowballs in August.  The momentum is picking up speed as more people band together to bring the spirit of the festival back to life.  No need for dreams of impossible feats, of superstars, or of larger than life miracles.

THIS is the soul of music.  When people of a like-mind come together and build a dynamic event in nooks and crannies instead of a grand field.  When people work round the clock … together … to make an event that will be remembered.

When ashes rise up from the embers and snowballs are made in the hot August sun.

More acts have been confirmed for the weekend of 15 August through 17 August at the CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE Event. And if that’s not good enough news… there’s even MORE coming and we’ll keep you updated as they come in to us!

Get your boots ready… pull out the crimper… there’s gonna be a whole lot of spinning going on!


DATE:  15 August at 7:30 pm to 17 August at 11:25 pm in UTC+01



NOTE:  Line-Up and Times to be posted within the next few days.

tribe4mian - Did... Metal

Enemo – J

tribe4mian - Enemo-J

Following their success at Download and due to play Alt-Fest, these seasoned genre mixing pros will have this small town shaking…

Black Acid Souls

tribe4mian - Black Acid Souls

Another band billed to play Alt Fest, renowned rockers Black Acid Souls never fail to disappoint.

The Death of Us

tribe4mian - The Death Of Us

Including members of Raging Speedhorn, these metal mavericks will leave you feeling like you’ve been punched in the face.

tribe4mian - Did... Dark Goth Rock

We’ll be back with more band and DJ announcements…!! 🙂

So there you have it!

Click HERE to read the previous tribe4mian posting with the first tier of lineups for CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE.

Click HERE to go to THE CUREHEADS Facebook Event Page.

Click HERE to go to The Cureheads – Facebook Page.

Click HERE to go to The Replicats – Facebook Page
(Support Band for The Cureheads on Day 1:  15 August 2014)

Click HERE for The Prince of Wales, Kettering – Facebook Page.


Dogstate – War Baby


I would easily take them for an American band because of their sound but Dogstate come from London’s Westway (the capital’s very own rock’n’roll main artery), making their base among the sinning streets of Kings Cross.

Singer Rich Garcia, bassist Paul Garcia, guitarist Rich Groom and drummer Wayne Casserly recorded Dogstate’s debut EP “War Baby” in 2011 with producer Pat Collier (Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Vibrators).

The band fuses high octane rock, blues and punk right from the very first note of the opening track “Colt”.
Nicely crafted heavy aggressive guitars with a baritone voice and tenor vocal range reminding me sometimes of Glen Danzig.

“War Baby” that follows starts with a nice guitar riff but gives drummer Wayne Casserly the opportunity to show his talent changing from mid tempo to speed metal, using fine breaks and revealing pauses.

Good melodies by Rich Garcia on “Never Enough” especially on the chorus and cool guitar riffs.

Things cool down a bit on the closing track “I Fall” with Rich’s voice reminding me a bit of Ian Ashbury’s of the Cult.

“War Baby” was released in 2011 and as far as I know Dogstate are always on tour.

Catch them live or order their EP HERE

Heartbreaker is the only new studio track for the time being.

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The world of Axis Mundi

A friend introduced me to this very interesting 5 piece band from Midlands, Axis Mundi.

They were formed in 2008 and soon were rated as one of the top 5 upcoming bands in the UK from a group of over 12,000 other quality acts.

On their bio they mention that “During 2010, the band worked closely with bestselling science author and NewScientist writer Michael Brooks during his election campaign against Hinckley and Bosworth MP David Tredinnick. Tredinnick has made claims that surgeons should not operate on a full moon and that scientists were “racially prejudiced”. Axis Mundi support science in politics and believe that in the age of technology, politicians have a responsibility to acknowledge scientific data when making decisions.

In 2011, Axis Mundi produced the video “Eden Alive” and by October 2001, they released their debut album “Chapel Perilous“.

You can hear their album free HERE

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The World of Die So Fluid

Die So Fluid
are an English hard rock band that formed in London, England in 2000.

They are the modern incarnation of a ‘power trio’. The group consists of 3 members, songwriter Grog (vocals and bass), Drew Richards (guitar), and Al Fletcher (drums, backing vocals).

Grog has played bass and sung backup, live and recorded for Melanie C, the Kelly Osbourne band, The Ailerons with Dave Rowntree (Blur) and Mike Smith (Gorillaz), producer Damian LeGassick, and also keyboards for appearances with Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne for the ‘Changes’ single. She is bass player in ‘The Black and Blue Orkestre’ with film writer/director Tom DiCillo and Will Crewdson. Her services have been requested for work with Kylie, Goldfrapp, Bryan Ferry, the Revolting Cocks, and she continues to be a sought after session musician when Die So Fluid duties allow.

Drew has played guitar for Miranda Sex Garden and Xmal Deutschland, he has written music for several animations and Disney television programmes. His original score for the feature documentary ‘The Mindsape of Alan Moore’ has been added to the British Library’s archive.

Al has played and recorded drums with The Selecter, Skaville UK, Gigantic (ex Flesh For Lulu), Laurel Aitken, Prince Buster, Lee Scratch Perry, has made tv appearances with Shania Twain and has a grammy for the Lee Scratch Perry album ‘Jamaican ET’.

Feline were an English rock group formed in London, in 1995. They formed from the remnants of a few earlier underground bands such as Flinch and Miranda Sex Garden. Like most female-fronted rock groups of that era in popular music, they were likened to more mainstream acts such as Garbage, and The Cardigans.
Lead-singer Grog Prebble would never define Feline’s music any more than acknowledging those dark elements within it, but admitteed to some influences such as Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, and The Pixies.

A classically trained pianist, Grog wrote the bulk of Feline’s material; some of the songs she recorded with Feline were written by her prior to the band’s formation.  Generally getting good write-ups in the rock press, such as NME and Kerrang!, they released a number of singles, a limited release album and a single full length album between 1997 and 1998.

Their first single ‘Just As You Are‘ reached a national chart position of 41 with a video
by Howard Greenhalgh on heavy rotation on MTV.

EMI dropped them in 1999 as part of a company-wide roster clear out, and they split, with several members moving onto form Ultraviolet with Al Fletcher as the full time drummer.

Ultraviolet released a single and an EP on Sanctuary Records Group and disbanded shortly thereafter.

Die So Fluid first surfaced in 2001, touring the U.K. in the wake of their debut e.p. ‘Operation Hypocrite’, released on Sanctuary.

They released a further single, ‘Suck Me Dry’ with Sanctuary before forming their own label, Cartesian, and releasing their third single ‘Disconnected’.

In 2004 Cartesian released the band’s debut album, ’Spawn of Dysfunction’ in the UK.

The album was universally well received and is still selling through the major chains of the UK and iTunes worldwide.

Promotion of ’Spawn of Dysfunction’ almost solely relied on the band touring the UK which they did tirelessly, turning up for over 300 shows between 2003 and 2006.

Apart from pursuing a campaign of playing their own shows off the beaten track Die So Fluid supported bands like Drowning Pool, Vex Red, Clawfinger, Boy Hits Car, Feeder, Girlschool, Antiproduct and The Wildhearts.

Further promotion of the album came from a single release of the title track licensed to Retinue records which was supported with a video featuring the babes and the fighters of a metal wrestling event.

Recording for ‘Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending’ started in 2005 with the album’s opening track ‘Gang of One’.

The finished recording was so good it actually caused a crisis within the band as they mutually agreed the song was the pinnacle of what they had been trying to achieve musically on ’Spawn of Dysfunction’.

But in the end it was this realization that freed them to explore a wider range of influences and styles. So songs like ‘Existential Baby’ and ‘Test Confessional’ draw on Al’s ska background and ‘Throw you away’ features an Egyptian string arrangement thanks to one of Drew’s colleagues in, Gypsy troupe, The Death Orchestra.

The finished record is the product of multiple sessions scattered over a two year period.

This ungainly recording schedule was adopted because the record was being financed by royalties from ‘spawn’ – as they trickled in.

For ‘Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending’ Mark Williams was back in the producer’s chair at his new premises in the legendary Battery Studios building in north west London

The title track was partly fuelled by the long drawn out recording process and, at the time, no prospect of a release.

That changed in 2007 when the band found a new backer in Finland and finally ‘Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending’ was made flesh.

First single ‘Happy Halloween’ was released worldwide on iTunes on November 2nd 2007 and coincided with a Halloween festival appearance in Helsinki and Die So Fluid’s portrait by Paul Harries appearing on Finnish postal stamps.

The esteemed rock photographer, and long time associate of the band, also directed the video for second single ‘Existential baby’.

‘Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending’ was released in the UK in February 2008 to a great response and immediately entered the retail sales charts.

The band then diligently followed the cascade of international releases – touring Finland, the USA (twice), Germany and the rest of Europe, appearing in nearly 20 different countries in 2009.

As well as headlining festivals in Portugal, Germany and Switzerland Die So Fluid supported Eisbrecher, Mindless Self Indulgence, My Ruin, Ill Nino, Maj Karma, and Prong.

The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime” was released in June 2010 on the Global Music DR2 label.

As with previous releases it received very strong reviews from the alternative press whilst mostly slipping under the radar of the mainstream media.

The album has kept a steady presence in specialist sales charts, such as Amazon’s alternative metal chart, and in a diverse selection of territories thanks mainly to consistent touring, word of mouth and support from the alternative press and webzines. They have also proven themselves to be very adept at crossing over to quite different music audiences whether it be the goths of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen or the classic rock fans of Hard Rock Hell or the indie pop fans when supporting Mindless Self Indulgence.

Two singles were drawn from “The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime” – “Mercury” and “What a heart is for”. The singles were available for download only and accompanied by videos shot by director David Kenny.

Their sonic identity possesses the muscle of metal, the angular cheekbones of post-punk and the bittersweet heart of grunge. They are part of a new generation of rock bands who chose to turn down signing a traditional record deal and embrace the changes the internet has made to the industry by stripping record companies of their distribution and promotion monopolies. Die So Fluid therefore retain ownership of all their recordings and copyright of all compositions.

The Opposites Of Light” is the working title for the forthcoming album. Writing and pre-production has been completed, albeit mostly by email as Grog has relocated to Hollywood. The band are currently rehearsing the material for an imminent studio session.

(All information is taken from the official web-site of the band and wikipedia)


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SciFi Mafia cd launch..

I’m attending the launch of the NEW Scifi Mafia cd tonight and hope to get some excellent shots from this gig!!
Here is a sample taste of things to come!!



Braindance – A great band from New York

It’s been years since I received the promo album of this great American band.  I think they deserve to be known to the rest of their world because of their unique sound. 

For those of you that would like to know more, I copied the information I found on their website. 

First start with this video:

1992. A songwriting alliance between producer/guitarist Vora Vor and vocalist/lyricist Sebastian Elliott leads to the formation of Braindance, a New York City project manufacturing a new genre of music – Progressive Darkwave. Combining the elements of goth, industrial, electronic, synthpop and darkwave with progressive metal, progressive trance, vocal house, and modern classical music, Braindance quickly becomes one of the most distinctive voices in the underground.

1994. Braindance releases the mini-EP Shadows, featuring bassist Eiki Matsumoto and percussionist Rob Notorious, and subsequently begins performing in venues in and around the New York City area.

1996. Joined by keyboardist/backing vocalist Robynne Naylor, the band releases their first full-length album, Fear Itself. Considered by many to be ‘a new rung on the evolutionary ladder of modern music,’ Fear Itself features eye-catching comic illustrations that would become a Braindance trademark.

1998. Following three years of performances throughout the Northeast, parting ways with drummer Notorious, and replacing bassist Eiki Matsumoto with Chicago native Andy Bunk, the band begins the process of creating their long-awaited follow up to Fear Itself, Redemption.

2001. Bringing the vision of Braindance to a staggering new level, representatives from the progressive, industrial, darkwave, gothic, and metal communities hail Redemption as ‘a marvel of musical innovation, songwriting intellect, and unprecedented vision.’ Through the overwhelming support of independent press, radio, and fans worldwide, the release becomes an underground success story.

2003. Braindance enlists new musicians for live shows over the next three years. Julliard graduate Beka fills the keyboardist/backing vocalist position, drummer Jonah David of the Matisyahu band contributes his versatility, and bassist David Z from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra completes the lineup.

2006. Production begins for Master of Disguise, the new Braindance album destined to take the world by storm…

…The future is upon us – and it’s oh, so tasty…”

 Visit their website for more.