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ShapeShiftingAliens – Showing My Face (The Sublunar Society 8 March 2018)

Sweden’s ShapeShiftingAliens presents Bowie-esque single ‘Showing My Face’ with stellar video

The Sublunar Society has announced the forthcoming single release of Showing My Face’ by Sweden’s ShapeShiftingAliens, previewed with a snazzy new video. This release follows on the trail of the band’s self-titled album in late 2017.

ShapeShiftingAliens is a Swedish duo, consisting of Niklas Rundquist and J.P Cleve on vocals. Together they create music and unusual and eccentric videos. Their inventive approach appealed to Nolan Cook of The Residents, leading them to collaborate with one another on ‘Shadows’, the final track from their 2017 eponymous album.
Rundquist and Cleve met when they were both working with Iodine Jupiter. Cleve is a producer and composer, live musician and studio musician (guitar) for artists and film, as well as touring and performing. Inspired by various film music composers and especially horror films, their music has also been influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Goldfrapp, Air, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, and Massive Attack.
In the early 80s, Rundquist participated on Lustans Lakejer‘s first record and performed with The Leather Nun. Since then he has been composing music for films, documentaries and commercials (i.e. the vignette for Sandrew Metronome) and has created music for Cirkus Cirkör, Iodine Jupiter, and various artists on the London scene. Today, Rundquist is once agai part of The Leather Nun (on violin) and stands behind Brainshadow.
ShapeShiftingAliens signed to Swedish indie label The Sublunar Society in 2016. Since that time, they have released three singles – ‘Just a Boy’‘Stay’ and ‘Cut To The Bone’ – followed by their full-length ‘ShapeShiftingAliens’ LP.

The Sublunar Society is a record label and publishing company, founded by Marie Lundvall and Peder Bjoerk in 2013. Sublunar releases music and publishes literature for the international and national markets. The company also produces exclusive limited edition art products for collectors. The guiding spirit behind The Sublunar Society is one of artistic freedom and creative exploration beyond the conventional.

The ‘Showing My Face’ single will be available across online stores and streaming platforms as of March 8, as well as The Sublunar Society’s own Bandcamp.

Keep up with ShapeShiftingAliens
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | iTunes | Spotify

Keep up with The Sublunar Society
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Vimeo | Instagram

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Duran Duran – Girls on Film 1979 Demo (Cleopatra Records 29 December 2017)

Cleopatra Records releases early Duran Duran ‘Girls on Film’ demo EP with Andy Wickett
Cleopatra Records has released Duran Duran ‘Girls on Film 1979 Demo’ EP featuring Andy Wickett on vocals. These are rare debut recordings, which include the original version of the smash hit ‘Girls on Film’ and ‘See Me Repeat Me’, which would later be transformed into‘Rio’, as well as other songs that the group shopped around to various labels before eventually signing with EMI.
Recorded in 1979, these historic previously-unreleased demo recordings by ‘80s new wave icons Duran Duran feature the group’s early frontman Andy Wickett (a.k.a. Fane), alongside Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. They were recorded at Bob Lamb’s studio (home of the band UB40) in Moseley, Birmingham.

Originally formed in Birmingham by Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy in 1978 as an art school band, Duffy left Duran Duran in early 1979. After TV Eye vocalist Andy Wickett left that band, Stephen Duffy took his place. Soon afterwards, Andy was enlisted by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor to front Duran Duran.According to Andy Taylor’s autobiography, Andy Wickett had a major part in the writing of ‘Girls on Film’ during his tenure with the band. Wicket explains that, unlike the sexy imagery depicted in the video for this song, the lyrics were actually inspired by the lives of the stars of old black and white movies.

“It is important for people to understand the true origins of the song ‘Girls on Film’ and to hear the edgy sound that Duran Duran had in the beginning,” says Andy Wickett. “This song was inspired by the dark side of the glitz and glamour, where these perfect idols suffered tragedy and addiction. The film ‘Sunset Boulevard’ was also a big influence with its tale of a fading movie star.”

Andy Taylor confirms that Wickett co-wrote an early version of the song that eventually came to be known as ‘Rio’. Indeed, ‘See Me Repeat Me’ was taken from ‘Stevie’s Radio Station’, a song written by TV Eye when Wickett was their vocalist. A favourite of Nick and John, it was incorporated into Duran Duran live sets during Wickett’s tenure.

Duran Duran eventually released ‘Girls on Film’ in July 1981 and it became a Top 10 breakthrough in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at Number 5 that month. The song ‘Rio’ was released worldwide in October 1982 and became a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #9 in December 1982.

Since these early days in his career, Andy Wickett has come to be known as one of the finest performers and songwriters in the Midlands, having gone on to also front The Xpertz and World Service. Apart from playing arenas and venues around the world, Andy has also produced videos for and co-written albums with world renowned artists such as Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan, Malkit Singh, Stereo Nation, Taz and DCS. Over the years, he’s supported The Clash, U2, Culture Club, Burning Spear, Orange Juice, in addition to opening on UK tours with Duran Duran and Gregory Isaacs.

Andy Wickett & World Service have also just released a full-length album ‘Creatures of Love’ digitally via Cleopatra Records, which will be officially released on CD on March 9, 2017 on that same label.

The ‘Girls on Film 1979 Demo’ EP is available digitally and on CD, as well as on stunning red and clear colored vinyl at
Andy Wickett (vocals, piano, lyrics)
John Taylor (guitars)
Roger Taylor (drums)
Nick Rhodes (keyboards)


1. See Me, Repeat Me (feat. Andy Wickett)  03:54
2. Reincarnation (feat. Andy Wickett)  02:56
3. Girls on Film (feat. Andy Wickett) [Demo Version]  03:02
4. Working the Steel (feat. Andy Wickett)  03:23

Keep up with Duran Duran
Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Keep up with Andy Wickett 
Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | iTunes

Keep up with Cleopatra Records
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Order your copy from HERE

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LUCKYandLOVE – Lucky + Love LP (SRD Music 30 June 2017)

L.A.’s Synth-sexy LUCKYandLOVE Announce Debut LP, Preview Single ‘Digging in the Earth’ 

photo designed by Loren Luck

Los Angeles-based duo LUCKYandLOVE have announced they will release their debut album ‘Lucky + Love’ on June 30. The lead single is ‘Digging in the Earth’, the video for which was directed and edited by cinemaphotographer and animator Steve Barron.
These 8 electrified tracks were written when bandmates Loren Luck (drums, synths) and April Love (vocals, keyboards, guitar) were living next to a noisy construction site in Glendale, California. Here they successfully incorporate synth-heavy bass with polyphonic harmonies and crystalline vocals, propelling the music into trance-inducing territory.

Inspired by artists such as New Order, OMD, Depeche Mode, Washed Out, Tycho, PJ Harvey and Cocteau Twins, their sound falls beautifully into an everyman’s land between electro rock, dream pop, electronica and synth gaze. Justifiably also described as electrowave or indietronica, this music has, in the words of Loren Luck, “lots of LFO, riveting arpeggiations, simultaneous solos via spacey square waves, with April’s smoky vocals”.

This record is an electronic music record, but comes from a more traditional place, where OMD or Kraftwork came from – one of an unsampled, unprogrammed live recording originally at 192kHz/24-bit quality.

“Musically, as much attention was paid sonically to the organic moog instruments as April’s voice, and we offered the analog synths space in the songs to breathe to their true dynamic potential,” says Loren Luck.

This album came to light through recordings at Eagle Rock’s Cave Studio with Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM), sessions with sound editor Morgen Stary, and Comp-ny Studio with Grammy winner Be Hussey (Guides). The vinyl release was mastered by Kevin Gray, who most recently engineered the reissue of Vangelis’s Blade Runner.

“My hope is that inviting this record into their life gives listeners some strange rose colored glasses to hear through. The lyrics touch many facets of an abstract philosophy of life – from a spark of physical chemistry between two people in a physical room (Sexy) to the intergalactic forces that spark subtle changes in our entire existence (Taureon), to the gratitude of an unobstructed blue sky (Legal Love), and disdain for a future that pulls us further away from each other (Mars),” explains April Love.

Originally from Silver Lake, California, the band formed in 2014, their name inspired by The Good Luck bar where the two had met in 2006. Several mai tai’s later, Loren started a music label and began playing drums for April’s original band. The two later rented out a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, built a personal skate ramp, screen printed glow-in-the-dark wedding posters, and launched Graphic designers by day, they decided to trade in ball-and-chain laptops forever in favor of playing dirty lo-fi electronica.

LUCKYandLOVE currently write and record in their music studio in Echo Park, California. The band is looking forward to recording new tracks with producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, Love and Rockets, His Name is Alive) with plans to drop more singles later in 2017.

Slated for release on June 30, 2017 and with support globally from Southern Record Distributors, this album is being issued digitally and on vinyl, to be available from a record store near you.
1  Sexy
2  Venus
3  Mars
4  You’ll Never Know
5  Digging In The Earth
6  Legal Love
7  Taureon
8  Full Moon

Keep up with LUCKYandLOVE
Website | Facebook | StoreSoundcloud | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Bandcamp

Keep up with Southern Record Distributors

Blog | Facebook | TwitterBlog | Soundcloud | YouTube

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INHALT – Part Time Punks Sessions (Cleopatra Records 14 April 2017)

Dark electronic trio INHALT announce ‘Part Time Punks Sessions’, unveil first single ‘Walking On Glass’

On April 14, dark electronic / minimal synth outfit INHALT will be releasing their new album ‘Part Time Punks Sessions’ via Cleopatra Records, who are giving a taste of the album by presenting the lead single ‘Walking on Glass’. Hard-driving, up-tempo, and propelled by German vocals, this and the other tracks offered on this release are sleek, chic and cold, formidably capturing the INHALT sound and ethos.

The video for ‘Walking On Glass’ was shot, edited, and directed byDmitry Semenov, one of the main visual collaborators for Recoil (Alan Wilder/ Depeche Mode).
The ‘Part Time Punks Sessions’ LP features the best of the band’s signature synth-driven dark analog pop. This is both a live and a studio album, having been recorded in real time in collaboration with the Part Time Punks radio show in Los Angeles. This is the band’s fourth significant release and final album to be recorded at the band’s homebuilt studio, affectionately called “The Bunker”.
INHALT is German for “content”. This San Francisco-based trio is comprised of Philip Winiger, Matia Simovich, and Steven Campodonico. Winiger, born in Switzerland, visited San Francisco for a year long sabbatical but ended up forming the band with Simovich in 2009. They immediately recognized their mutual philosophy of sonic fidelity and creative integrity, rather than nostalgia.
For some INHALT will already be known, having released their first three releases on notable record labels. Their split 12” with London’s seminal World Unknown Records happened in 2011, followed by their “Vehicle” and “Occupations” EPs for San Francisco’s cult powerhouse Dark Entries Records. These waves of dark energy-filled output firmly established INHALT’s sound. What emerged was a well-defined pop sensibility informed by European Minimalism and a sincere, yet playfully cynical sense of humor. As much Kraftwerk as John Carpenter but with a pronounced drive of Moroder disco, INHALT’s sound has found home in both studious personal listening and the crowded dance floor.

“If we’ve been accused of putting too much time in the production process, PTP Sessions would be our antithesis; Done quickly, direct to multitrack analog tape, in a single take, capturing our live show, as it is, warts and all. We took inspiration from the John Peel sessions of days past, and worked in the spirit of that body of work from the performance, straight to the final mix down,” explains Matia Simovich. “It was a great privilege to be asked to do this by Michael Stock (who runs Part Time Punks), and we delivered something that we feel matches the essence of PTP: raw, honest, and on the border between the past and the present.”
Hot on the heels of the “Simulacra” remix EP for London’s Emotional Especial, INHALT not only ravaged the dance-centric anglo beat (fueled by remixes from heavyweights Timothy J. Fairplay and Black Merlin), but also found themselves in their ideal creative intersection: the road between the lyrical response to a challenging world, a sublime and elegant production technique, and the never ending pulse of the transistor rhythm machine.
On the concert circuit, INHALT have a reputation for bringing a tour de force wall of sound with an energetic stage presence. They have played concerts with peers old and new, including Front 242, Clock DVA, Martial Canterel, and High Functioning Flesh. They’ve condensed this raw concert experience into the John Peel-esque Part Time Punks Sessions, to be made available on April 14, both digitally and on CD, via Cleopatra Records with the vinyl release to follow.
On March 17, INHALT will deliver a specially curated DJ set in Austin atSXSW as part of the event ‘AFS and Holodeck Present: Kwaidan Rescored 2017 SXSW Official’. This event, which takes place at The Hideout Theater beginning at 7pm local time, was organized by Holodeck Records in partnership with the Austin Film Society.


All songs written, sequenced & performed by INHALT.
Recorded in collaboration with Part Time Punks radio show in Los Angeles
Mixed & produced on a Solid State Logic 4000E at Studio A, Different Fur Studios, San Francisco, California by Matia Simovich, Philip Winiger & Steven Campodonico.
Mastered by Paul Lavigne at Contrast Mastering, London England.

Graphic design (logo and packaging) by Leo Merz in Stuttgart, Germany
Video for ‘Walking On Glass’ was shot, edited, and directed by Dmitry Semenov.
Video for ‘Vehicle’ directed by Logan Owlbeemoth, founder of the analog engineering outfit TACHYONS+, using many custom built analog video processors.

1. Aphonia
2. Panopticon
3. Black Sun
4. Noise
5. Walking On Glass
6. Programming
7. Vehicle
8. Occupations

Keep up with INHALT
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube | iTunes |Instagram | Spotify

Keep up with Cleopatra Records
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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Electric Floor – Bluedive (Vipchoyo Sound Factory – 6 March 2017)

 Electric Floor Signs to Viphchoyo Sound Factory, Announces New Single


New wave synth-gaze outfit Electric Floor have announced they will release their forthcoming ‘Fader’ EP in March via the Vipchoyo Sound Factory label. The Italian trio now presents ‘Bluedive’, the first single from this album, which exhibits clear underpinnings from Psychedelic Furs, Echo & The Bunnymen and Modern English and will appeal to fans of Interpol, Kasabian and The Wombats.

“Bluedive is like a surge – it was born during a bad period for us. Initially it was only messy ideas, but we gradually gave it form. The lyrics are suspended between romance and sadness, anger and exhortation,” explains Emanuele Chiarelli. “Just like the other songs, our lyrics in this one are very emotional and tidal.”

This Cosenza-based trio is comprised of Emanuele Chiarelli (vocals/ guitar), Simone Costantino De Luca (programming/ keys), and Fabio Cosentino (bass). Formed in 2009, the band’s concept is based on emotive feelings.
‘Fader’ will be their third album, following up the self-produced albums ‘300’ and ‘Falsità reali’ and singles ‘Your Blue’ and ‘My Bloody G’. On this latest release, the band is geared more towards an electronic sound.
The latest few singles have brought them increased press and radio coverage in numerous countries, but ‘Fader’ will likely see this attention explode due to the virtually melting pot of synthpop, shoegaze, chillwave and electrogaze presented here. “This selection of songs features tracks closely linked to each other with a common denominator in that they dive into our conscience,” explains Emanuele Chiarelli.
Simone Costantino De Luca, who handles programming and keys in Electric Floor, comments: “Everything starts from sound suggestion. Our biggest strength is setting the mood and our lyrics give it meaning. This EP is the result of a dialogue amongst ourselves. Every song on the forthcoming EP was written during the same period and we think this is a dead romantic album, after all.”

The ‘Fader’ EP will be available on CD via Vipchoyo Sound Factory, as well as on digital download and streaming platforms.


Emanuele Chiarelli – Vocals and Guitar
Simone Costantino De Luca – Programming and Keys
Fabio Cosentino – Bass
Alberto La Riccia – Engineering, recording, mixing, mastering
Piero Nudo – Artwork
Mauro Nigro, N2 Video Productions – Bluedive video production
Recorded and mixed at Echo Mobile Studio
All photos by Debora Chiarelli
Thanks to Vipchoyo Sound Factory Label and our friends Stella Diana


Take your bright blue hearth tonight
And please ask me what I need
I need to walk away
I need to walk away
Now I have no reason
No reason to get back
If you want to run, Run a mile
Take the dream
That you hiding tonight
If you want to run, Run a mile
Too much is not enough
Oh now I can’t be sure of enything
Let me see if it’s so cruel
If I feel so blind
If I feel so blind
You’re gonna tell me when
The daylight will rise
If you want to run, Run a mile
Take the dream
That you’re hiding tonight
If you want to run, Run a mile
Too much is not enough
Keep up with Electric Floor

Keep up with Vipchoyo Sound Factory
Website | Facebook | YouTubeTwitter | Vimeo | Soundcloud

photo by Debora Chiarelli

photo by Debora Chiarelli

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Kommunity FK – Tonight – Live On-Air

Kommunity FK – Tonight – Live On-Air

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - Banner

Our very dear friends at Kommunity FK will be featured as tonight’s guests at The Witching Hour on RockDefRadio^v^ DEATHROCK PA ^v^.  Patrik of Kommunity FK will be giving a live telephone interview from KFK HQ‘s “Vision & The Voice Studios“, where a special appearance may also be made by KFK’s Sherry Rubber.  The show begins at 10 PM Mountain Time (See below for Air Times via Time Zones).

The Deathrock Radio Spain program will premiere TWO new Kommunity FK tracks from their forthcoming LP, “The Image & The Myth“.  And as always, whenever listening to KFK, Play at maximum volume!

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - PosterDETAILS (Via DEATHROCK PA):
It’s time again to TOMB into our weekly CEMETERY shindig right here on the SCAREWAVES!!!!!! We have on the SLAB for you this evening SINISTER selections from the likes of many GHOULED artists, as we promise to you for tonight some CRYPT classics, CORPSE Crushers, COFFIN kickers, and some other FIENDISH featurings from some of our newly DEAD!

Don’t forget we honor your FINAL REQUESTS …sometimes….so of CORPSE get ’em in early under that TOMBSTONE so we can DIG them up later! We’ll be sharing some of your HORRID HAPPENINGS, your PHONE CALLS, your FANGMAIL, a GRIM-ERICK or two plus more things HORRID! HANG out with your FANGS out for this WRETCHED radio BLOODCAST…known to you all as Deathrock PA!!


PST 9 PM | MT 10 PM | 12 AM EST | UK 5 AM | GR 7 AM
Play at maximum volume. Will be a rare occasion, indeed. Kommunity FX extends his eternal thanks to Adian for this fun time.

^v^ DEATHROCK PA ^v^ —> Adian Caine and The Grim’s LIVE internet broadcast on RockDefRadio WRDRDB!

Kommunity FKOfficial Site | Facebook

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - Deathrock Radio


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CTRL – ALT-Fest – DELETE – Update v.03

CTRL – ALT-Fest – DELETE – Update v.03

tribe4mian - ctl alt-fest delete UPDATE #3

The date ticks closer and loose ends are starting to come together.  What started out as an attempt to resurrect a fallen giant quickly evolved from a few bands to a powerhouse of entertainment.  The dedication, determination, and non-stop drive of the organizers and their assistants has led to a true festival atmosphere all spun together in a week’s time.

Bravo to all!

Tonight I will try to consolidate all prior CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE postings into one compressed, concise, fact-filled, and confirmed listing of acts and activities while in Kettering.

<insert huge round of applause for the coordinators of all you are about to see>


(click to expand full size)

Bam!  How’s that for impressive?  🙂

DATE:  15 AUGUST at 7:30 PM to 17 AUGUST at 11:25 PM in UTC+01



    Dalketih Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire, N16 0BS
    [ Facebook ]
    17 Market Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 0AJ
    [ Facebook ]

THIS IS A NO TICKET EVENT!  Although donations will be accepted, first come first served as space is limited over the venues.  There will be t-shirts available. Sponsors have stepped up in the form of Blackstar Amplification and  Please spread the word and check them out!

NOTE:  Line-Up and Times to be posted within the next few days.


tribe4mian - The Cureheads v3bTHE CUREHEADS

The original Tribute to The Cure since 1990…..played all over the world having post show beers with as many fellow Cure fans as possible…we are the Quentin Crisps of Cure world..

The Cureheads will headline Friday night wrapping up an amazing lineup with a good old Cure sing-a-long featuring Ron Howe (The Cure’s sax player).

Vocals/Guitar – Gary Clarke
Bass- Sean Flude
Guitar – Itay Bluebird
Keyboard – Roi Robertson
Drums – Belle Star

Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Event Page at Facebook

Support for the Friday night Cureheads gig will be local heroes…

tribe4mian - The Replicats v3THE REPLICATS

A five-piece covers band based in Northamptonshire.

Playing a huge variety of hits that span across the decades and keep you dancing!

Arron Gourlay – Vocals
Johnny Howes – Lead Guitar
Daryl Stewart – Drums
Scott Warner – Bass

Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Soundcloud


tribe4mian - Stormbringer - AltFest v3STORMBRINGER

The band live by their mission statement – “to rock as hard as we can, wherever we can and have a good time doing it”.

Mike Stockley – Vocals
Ash Smith – Guitar
Dom Wallace – Guitar
Darren McCullagh – Bass
Jon Paul Quantrill – Drums

Official Website  |  Facebook

tribe4mian - KrematedKREMATED

Kremated combine a genuine love of 1980’s underground Thrash Metal and Crossover with a good measure of East Coast Hardcore and Crustpunk.

Pete Dee – Guitar and Vokills
Marcus “Kloakk” Bjoro – Guitar
Jimmy Martin – Drums
Elliott Parkin – Bass

Official Website  |  Facebook

tribe4mian - Enemo-JENEMO – J

Following their success at Download and due to play Alt-Fest, these seasoned genre mixing pros will have this small town shaking…

Vocals/Samples – Craig Hartwell
Guitar – Sean Arnold
Guitar/Samples – Danielle T’Arna
Guitar – Haydn Edwards
Drums – Bam Bam
Bass – Andy Vernon 

Official Website  |  Facebook

tribe4mian - SinnergodSINNERGOD

Sinnergod are a Goth/Alternative Metal band hailing from Manchester, UK. Formed by Twin brothers Mark and Chris Hampson in 2001, with the aim to create a band that would create a layered wall of sound consisting of guitar driven riffs and symphonic keyboards.

Dave Jones Mark Hampson
Chris Hampson
Karl Parker
Paul Swindells

Official Website  |  Facebook

tribe4mian - The Death Of UsTHE DEATH OF US

Including members of Raging Speedhorn, these metal mavericks will leave you feeling like you’ve been punched in the face.

John Loughlin – Vocals
Jay Thompson – Guitar
Nathan Dix – Guitar
Dave Thompson – Bass Guitar
Dan Appleyard – Drums



tribe4mian - Black Acid SoulsBLACK ACID SOULS

Another band billed to play Alt Fest, renowned rockers Black Acid Souls never fail to disappoint.

Chubbs – Guitar
Flakey – Vocals
Gruff – Bass
Tweek – Guitar
Hoff – Drums

Official Website  |  Twitter  |  ReverbNation  |  YouTube  |  Facebook

Christine Plays Viola 336CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA

Christine Plays Viola are a Darkwave / Goth Rock Italian band formed in Pratola Peligna in 2008. Originally scheduled for Alt-Fest these darkwave kings will bring their beautiful melodies over the seas for our intimate show.

Massimo Ciampani – Voice
Fabrizio Giampietro – Lead Guitar/Sinth/Programming
Desio Presutti – Bass Guitar
Daniele Palombizio – Drums/Sinth

Official Website  |  Facebook  |  Soundcloud  |  Bandcamp

tribe4mian - Zeitgeist ZeroZEITGEIST ZERO

Producing a sensational mix of precise electronica with elements of guitars, drums and keys intertwining seamlessly around passionate female vocals. This results in a sensational, critically acclaimed stage show that guarantees to draw in the audience with their visual effects and energetic stage presence.

Described by Terrorizer as ‘Eerie Macabre Pop‘ these Northern stalwart and original Alt-Festers are going to rock the place with their fine blend of goth, alt, electronica, and all things 40’s & 50’s.

Teresa Dead – Lead Vocals
Corin Zero – Guitars, Synths, Programming
James Grave – Synths & Backing Vocals
Bex Noire – Bass & Backing Vocals
Matt Macabre – Drums

Official Website  |  YoutTube  |  SoundCloud  |  Facebook


tribe4mian - Take The Shot - The Young And RestlessCTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE Update:

We are pleased to announce local bands joining forces with this event, so for those of you that like a bit of alternative rock, we have…

Facebook Event Page:

TAKE THE SHOT w/ THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS associated with CTRL-ALT-DEL Festival @ The Old Market Inn, Kettering

tribe4mian - Take The ShotTAKE THE SHOT

A new and exciting modern rock band that create a truly exhilarating live performance.

Take The Shot was formed in August 2012 by leading member Matthew Atkinson; with the ambition and drive to create new and exciting modern rock music.

Vocals/Guitarist: Matthew Atkinson
Drums: David Carter
Bass: Jason Allebone

Official Website  |  Facebook

tribe4mian - The Young & Restless v3THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS

An energetic five-piece pop punk band from Northampton / Milton Keynes.

Sam Morrison – Lead Vocals
Ali Morrison – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Rob Hardy – Guitar
Rob Solesbury – Bass/Backing Vocals
Josh Palmer – Drums


tribe4mian - Family of NoiseFAMILY OF NOISE

Purveyors of post punk / alternative rock instrumental noise nuggets and advocators of 3 being the magic number.

J Holland: Guitar
A Holland: Bass
D Starmer: Drums

Official Website  |  Facebook

+ more tbc
followed by rock and retro DJ’s until the early hours!
Friday 15th August at The Old Market Inn

MORE BANDS TO BE PRESENTED within the coming days…

There will also be some industrial/goth DJs lined up for your pleasure and are currently working on trying to help out with accommodation requests and family themed events.

Under 18’s are welcome at venues during the day, but no under 18’s after 7 PM (I believe, due to licensing regulations.)’  <- If this applies to you, we advise you to check out the cemented-in-stone venue rules.  We’d hate to see a bunch of kids with no place to go because facts were not verified.

SPEAKING OF KIDS, this was also posted (again, we advise you to check out and/or confirm anything and everything when it comes to any event, especially ones involving children):

‘Hey there, Ctrl-Alt-Fest- Deleters!
The guys and gals of Kettering have been working hard again today, to bring you a great weekend of entertainment in the town following Alt-Fest’s demise – Just check out the new band announcements.

As Alt-Fest were supposedly offering a family/child friendly zone, we have had queries as to what we can offer for the young alts.

The weekend happens to be a great weekend in Kettering for the kiddies; The Market Place have ‘Kettering by the Sea‘ on Friday and Saturday during the day. Please check the link for details, and the weekend will be week 4 on the schedule, HERE.

The annual Kettering Carnival will also take place on Saturday. The procession will make it’s merry way through Kettering town, heading into the centre and arriving at its final destination, at Kettering Pleasure Park. I believe the Pleasure Park will have fun and games and a small funfair going into the evening. There will also be a family jam happening at one of our venues. Children will also be welcome in the venues during the day, but licensing regs will not allow children at night. We also have Wicksteed Park, a local attraction with a playground and loads of rides, but these rides do come at a cost.’  Click HERE for further details.

So there you have it!  Although we’ve consolidated all prior postings into one concise unit, here’s the links to all the originals should you be looking to see how far things have come within a matter of days. 🙂

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Click HERE to read the second update posting at tribe4mian.

Since the demise of Alt Fest, a small group of friends have been working around the clock to arrange a free alternative place to go (albeit on a smaller scale) for those who have already committed financially to coming to the area. We have been working hard and we believe that we will be able to publish a rough schedule of events later today. We have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction we’ve had from the public, the bands and the local community alike, thank you all for getting behind us. Kettering is a small town and whilst we’ve secured the biggest venues we could (or should I say biggest pubs!), their capacities are comparatively small to those which may be found in a larger city. We feel it’s only fair to manage expectations and so due to these limited capacities, if there is a band you’d particularly like to see, please ensure you get your spot well in advance to avoid any disappointment! We’re hoping though, that the breadth of the three venues involved, will provide you all with the entertainment you deserve should one venue be full. We looking forward to welcoming you.



Camping still available at Wicksteed Park, at reasonable rates.

and MORE SCRIBBLINGS (Again, make sure you verify/confirm directly from the resource being provided.  You may also pose questions on the official event page where a plethora of ‘those in the know’ … know.)

Want to come to Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete, and looking for accommodation smack bang in the centre of Kettering??

Good news, we have managed to confirm that Naseby Hotel, Sheep Street, Kettering have plenty of rooms still available at a reasonable price. Just contact the hotel direct on 01536734736 and mention you are attending our mini fest for great rates.

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