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Parisian Cold-Wave Trio FTR Release Video for “Collision”

Parisian Cold-Wave Trio FTR, have just released a video for “Collision,” a song on their highly anticipated upcoming album entitled Manners. That album will be simultaneously released in February by Metropolis Records in North America and Third Coming Records in Europe.

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Sounds Like Winter – No Interest (January 8, 2019)

Emerging in fits and starts throughout the year 2013, Sydney band Sounds Like Winter have since blazed a blackened trail of increasing confidence and originality as they lace contemporary dressings upon the classic postpunk formula.

From loping bass to scything guitars, they are ferried atop a dervish of tribal drums as they address the inherent absurdity of modern life with a wry smile and callto-arms.

Debut album ‘Initiate’, released in early 2016 showcased a myriad of styles fighting for dominance as they found their feet in the studio and sought to make a mark in an increasingly atrophied Sydney scene.

Momentum was gathered with the follow-up ‘Ossuary’ EP, before 2017 saw them emerge fully formed with sophomore LP ‘Sticks and Stones’.

Drawing upon influences such as Joy Division, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sex Gang Children and tight black jeans, they have nonetheless forged their own identity and continue to evolve into one of the most exciting acts in the contemporary post-punk milieu.

Throughout this time the band have toured constantly throughout Australia and New Zealand, gathering a fervent following via electric performances that highlight the spiker end of their repertories and garnering a reputation that landed them support slots with heavy hitters such as Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Pop Will Eat Itself, Mi-Sex, Ikon, Voltaire and The Chameleons.

A constant fixture on international playlists, compilations and gracing numerous end of year ‘Best Of’ lists in 2017, Sounds Like Winter are set to continue their ascent with new recordings, new shows, and a continued commitment to evolving whilst staying true to the spirit of 82.

With the arrival of ‘Sticks and Stones’ on limited edition 180 gram coloured vinyl, a forthcoming deluxe CD edition with bonus tracks and wealth of new material in the works for a third LP, this is one winter that is set to linger.

Their newest release is a four track digital single titled “No Interest” which works as an appetiser for their forthcoming third album.

Apart from the two studio tracks “No Interest” and “Who We Aren’t” there is a bonus of two live versions of tracks from ‘Sticks and Stones’ recorded at After Darq.

To order this release, click HERE.

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Cabinet of Millionaires – Theresa (Chocolate Fireguard Records 25 January 2019)

Cabinet of Millionaires sends timely message to Theresa May in new single

British electronic act Cabinet of Millionaires has announced their new single ‘Theresa’. Featuring resplendent punchy beats, sci fi loony tune hooks, dub basslines and gospel tinged soul-rock vocals from Pat Fulgoni, this five-song includes four versions of the title track plus b-side ‘Serve Me’.

Some would label this agit-house, some electro-rock, others social disco. Whatever you’d like to call it, Cabinet Of Millionaires is an uncompromising project with a ballsy soulful political message and infectious grooves. Part band, part blog, according to Eddie Gordon (BBC Essential Mix), this is “the kind of dance music that DJ’s like Andy Weatherall would turn people onto or the Talking Heads would delight the New York uber cool clubs with”.

This is CoM’s fourth single, following up previous singles ‘Satan’s Horses’, ‘Serve Me’ and ‘Cabinet Of Millionaires’, which have received adio support from the likes of Eddy Temple Morris and Nemone (BBC Radio 6), as well as various American college radio stations.

Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Terrorvision, Klammer) mixed this release at Mead Studios in Leeds. He also contributes guitar on the original version of ‘Theresa’ and delivers a lush Donna Summer-meets-Underworld dance remix.

All the way from Huddersfield, Cabinet of Millionaires bring a scathing attack on the austerity policies of the UK’s Conservative Party government, referencing the Windrush scandal, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and failure to take in enough refugees (whilst selling arms), not to mention the dismantling of the country’s National Health Service.

The accompanying video pushes the message further, following a homeless busker around Manchester as he desperately tries to earn a bit of money with a useless Theresa May puppet before throwing it in the bin.

“This government is not listening. As the last CoM single ranted, “You’re here to Serve Me!” and not the other way around! It is time for a general election. 8 years of Tory rule have brought misery,” says CoM’s Dave C.

Vocalist Pat Fulgoni sings across a wide range of genres, Most recently he has been flexing his vocal muscle with massive Drum & Bass artists including Camo & Krooked, London Elektricity, Dexcell, Technimatic, Logistics, 1991 and The Vanguard Project, and for labels including Hospital, Ram, Shogun Audio, Spearhead, MTA, and Medschool. He’s toured the planet with various acts from the USA to China and throughout Europe. His activism dates back to the 1990’s, when he organised the No Compromize CD against the introduction of tuition fees and collaborated with Tony Benn MP.

Live dates have included shows for Love Music Hate Racism and the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity, even being incorporated into a play (theatre) down the road from Conservative Party Conference and live appearances on official demonstration stages in Manchester and Downing St, London.

As of January 25, ‘Theresa’ will be available for digital download across online stores and streaming platforms. It can be downloaded on a or pay what you want basis via Bandcamp at

1. Cabinet Of Millionaires “Theresa”
2. Cabinet Of Millionaires “Theresa” (steve whitfield remix)
3. Cabinet Of Millionaires “Theresa” (stripped down mix)
4. Cabinet Of Millionaires “Theresa” (instrumental)
5. Serve Me

Theresa ….. Theresa Maybe,
Theresa ….. I hear you pray
Tell me why you’re squeeing on the poor,
Selling arms for illegal wars
Give your austerity a rest
(Come on now) Save the NHS
Talking abut the homeless
Things are getting desperate

Lyrics and vocals by Pat Fulgoni
Recorded at Chocolate Fireguard
Produced by Pat Fulgoni at Chocolate Fireguard Studios
Mix and guest guitars by Steve Whitfield (Klammer)
Mixed at Mead Studios
Original Version (1) and instrumental (4) mastered at TenEightSeven
Tracks 2 and 3 mastered at Wolf Studios
Track 5 mastered at Optimum

Keep up wiith Cabinet of Millionaires
Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | YouTube | Soundloud | Spotify | iTunes

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SUNDAY RADIO INTERVIEW – Alex Novak of The Venus Fly Trap

Formed in Northampton-UK (famous for Bauhaus and Alan Moore cult comic writer) after parting company with electronic outfit Attrition in the late 1980s.

Early releases came out via French label Danceteria that led to tours of France,Belgium,Germany…European interest has always been strong leading to further albums being released by Azyl (Czech Republic),Spectre (Germany),Soundbuster (Germany)and SPV (Germany/Poland).

There have been many tours taking in France,Belgium,Holland,Germany,Czech Republic,Slovakia,Italy,Hungary,Austria,Poland and Finland…

The back catalogue was re-issued with new artwork by Big Blue in 2002…

VFT are a hard band to pigeonhole,taking their influences from many sources and amalgamating them into a congealed whole…but try “Bladerunner rock n roll/post-punk meets dark electronic wearing rose tinted shades

Mars (Danceteria 1989/SPV 2002) Totem(Danceteria 1990/SPV 2002) Pandoras Box (Danceteria 1992/SPV 2002) Luna Tide (Spectre 1995/SPV 2002) Dark Amour (Soundbuster 1997/SPV 2002) Anthology Of The Food (SPV 2000)

sampler+rarities, Zenith (Big Blue 2004) Celluloid (Big Blue 2005)

video clips, Metamorphosis 1987-2007 (Big Blue 2008

)best of compilation/re-issued as an LP Metamorphosis 1987-2010(Retinal 2016)

Producers have included Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus),Pat Fish (Jazz Butcher) and Martin Bowes (Attrition)…they have shared stages with Mission,Spacemen 3,Tom Verlaine(Television),Christian Death,Red LorryYellow Lorry,Jazz Butcher,Adrian Borland(Sound),Sultans Of Ping,Front Line Assembly,Clan Of Xymox, Cruxshadows,Das Ich,New Model Army,Killing Joke,Psyche,Sigue Sigue Sputnik,Attrition, All Gone Dead,Two Witches,Folk Devils,Inca Babies,Theatre of Hate,Pop Will Eat Itself,Chameleons,Spear of Destiny…and played at various festivals Carnival Of Souls (UK),Gotham (UK), Lumous (Finland),Castle Party (Poland),Vampira (Poland),Black Celebration (Belgium)….

I’ve been friends with Alex Novak for more than twenty years.

He’s been around since the early 80’s, playing music, publishing a music fanzine and running a record store.

Pete Dennis was kind enough to do all the questions regarding the new Venus Fly Trap album “Icon” on behalf of The Blackout Radio Show.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

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Metropolis to release Parisian Post-Punk band FTR

Hailing from Paris, France, FTR features relentless driving bass, fuzzed out guitar and rumbling percussion with masterful interplay that delivers hypnotic, dark, goth-tinged, psychedelia infused, shoegazing feedback laden post punk.

The new album, Manners, slides easily from cacophonous noise rock to raw, cold pulsing rhythms to driving dark anthems and back with effortless grace.

This album will street on February 22nd, 2019 and will be available on CD, limited edition vinyl and through all digital formats.

Click HERE for pre-orders

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Metropolis Records to release more classic Legendary Pink Dots albums!

Metropolis Records will be re-releasing another pair of classic albums by The Legendary Pink Dots!

This includes both The Golden Age, originally released in 1987, along with Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2) originally released in 1993.

Both of these remastered titles will be released on February 22nd, 2019 via all digital formats, compact disc and a special limited edition vinyl LP version.

Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)

The Legendary Pink Dots classic Malachai (Shadow Weaver part 2) is now presented in a 2018 Remastered version. “Malachai” is the second half of the “Shadow Weaver” project, recorded simultaneously with Shadow Weaver. Special guest for this one was Steve Stapleton (Nurse With Wound, Current 93). A tripped out, challenging dive into experimentalism and a favorite for fans of The Legendary Pink Dots.

01. Joey The Canary
02. Kingdom Of The Flies
03. Encore Une Fois/Wildlife Estate
04. Pavane
05. Window On The World
06. On The Boards
07. We Bring The Day
08. Paris 4AM

Click HERE to pre-order Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)

The Golden Age (2018 Remastered Edition)

Legendary Pink Dots classic The Golden Age is now presented in a 2018 Remastered version. 1988. Half of the 6 piece Legendary Pink Dots had quit after a long tour. Edward Kaspel & The Silverman were living in a caravan. It was never going to be a happy album, yet it remains a personal favorite for the 2 survivors of LPDs class of ’88. A masterful set of avant-garde, experimentalist melancholia.

01. Maniac
02. The Talent Contest
03. The More It Changes
04. Hotel Noir
05. Stille Nacht
06. The Month After
07. Lisa’s Seperation – The Golden Age
08. Black Castles
09. And Even The Vegetables Screamed – Regression
10. Black List
11. Methods
12. Our Lady Cervetori

Click HERE to pre-order The Golden Age (2018 Remastered Edition)

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The Sunday Blackout interview: Steve Whitfield from Klammer

Me and Steve Whitfield go many years back, in 1995 when I was recording the Flowers of Romance album “Brilliant Mistakes” at Wayne Hussey‘s studio in Bristol.

Wayne was the producer and Steve was the sound engineer.

He was also working with the Mission and was with the Cure before that.

Later he produced Terrorvision, Supercharger and many others.

Now, he is the guitarist of Leeds based quartet Klammer.

So we had some catching up to do.

The show was aired by the end of June. Click HERE to listen to it…

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