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autumn – chandelier (Sett Records 23 March 2018)

Post-punk outfit *autumn* preview ‘Beginnings’ from coming ‘chandelier’ album
Chicago’s Sett Records to release the new LP from the Minneapolis-based trio
Chicago’s newly-formed Sett Records has announced the release of ‘chandelier’, the third full-length by Minneapolis-based trio autumn, who, in their 20 plus years, have always made a big sound. Ahead of that release and on the trail of their 3-track single ‘the fall’, released in November 2017, the new single ‘Beginnings’ is being previewed.

Autumn is Julie Plante (vocals), Jeff Leyda (bass), and Neil McKay (guitars). Forming in Minneapolis in 1994, autumn has always sought to create melodies that get the listener to feel something deeply, that have the ability to haunt you in some way after the fact. The band released two albums on Tess Records – ‘the hating tree’ (1996) and ‘return to the breath’ (1999), with accompanying tours in support of each album before taking an extended hiatus.
Time, and perhaps fortune, brought them back to the source, each looking to express that nameless feeling that drew them together so many years previous. In 2016, a plan was hatched, and they contacted producer William Faith (Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, The March Violets, The Bellwether Syndicate), who produced autumn’s debut album with the idea to bring the home team back together to produce something new, with a bit of old world charm.

‘chandelier’ is the band’s new14-song album, produced by William Faith and released on Sett Records. The album, collected from songs written and developed over a 20-year period, displays an impressive range of mood, style and atmosphere, with Neil McKay’s signature guitars laying melody after haunting melody over the top of Jeff Leyda’s solid and nuanced bass, while Julie Plante’s soaring vocals bind the entire work in place with a powerful lyrical narrative of love, loss, hope and resilience.

Kicking it all off is the uplifting ‘beginnings’ with its psych-pop flavored guitars and insistent beat as Plante’s vocals bring us into the moment: “and here is the only place I want to be, we are near to the earth now”. The album’s single ‘the fall’ shines as ever, delivering on the promise of the album it foreshadowed. ‘from under the waves’ brings a shift in mood and style as the band stretch out into minimal electronica, before ‘damage’ draws us back into that moment of dissolution, when two become one: “but now our dream’s come undone, crashing around me, here comes another one, till all the remains is a life in flame, what does it matter who is to blame?”

the piano and voice ‘just before the storm’ is perhaps the album’s most fragile moment, with Plante allowing herself great vulnerability in a tale of loss and moving on. Lyrics “all my progress comes undone with the sway of the pendulum, but my fears remain” provides a testament to picking yourself up and carrying on in ‘shadowgirl 2’, full of classic British alt-rock guitars and the push-and-pull tension of the bass and drums supporting the lyric to great effect;

‘my last confession’ sparkles with another burst of classic synths and retro-drum machine precision. ‘a vow worth keeping’ erupts with powerful rock guitar energy, adding yet another layer of sonic and stylistic depth to the album, before ‘chandelier’ brings us to the album’s close, at its lyrical zenith of gratitude and hope in the words “we’ll shine for all the world a living chandelier”.

“This release is about transition, both for the band’s sound as well as our personal lives; love, loss, hope.  The sound is more refined yet diverse in delivery styles.  It appears the band had a few more things left to say, and our voices seem a little more confident this time around,” says bassist Jeff Leyda.
Between the lost promises of summer and the bitter austerity of winter lives the time between; the shorter, pallid days, the dying leaves, the melancholic reflection of time as it passes… This pensive time between has been evoked and pondered in the words of poets ranging from Yeats to Keats, and once again it finds sublime expression in the lush, passionate, melodic, dark pop of autumn.
autumn ‘chandelier’ will be available on regular online stores and streaming platforms, including their own Bandcamp.

01 Beginnings
02 The Maiden’s Child
03 The Fall
04 Soulsong
05 At Summer’s End
06 From Under the Waves
07 Damage
08 Just Before the Storm
09 Shadow Girl 2
10 Away
11 White Light
12 My Last Confession
13 A Vow Worth Keeping
14 Chandelier


Julie Plante • Vocals
Jeff Leyda • Bass
Neil McKay • Guitars
All songs written by autumn, except “From Under The Waves” (written by Andrew Davies and autumn)
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by William Faith at Zone Zero Studio, Chicago, IL.
Mastered by Chad Blinman at The Eye Socket, Boston, MA.
Band Photography by Craig VanDerSchaegen.
Album Photography & Art Direction by Clovis IV.
Keep up with autumn
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Vandal Moon – Wild Insane (Starfield Music 20 April 2018)

Vandal Moon previews ‘Baby Sounds’ from coming ‘Wild Insane’ LP, produced by FM Attack

California-based duo Vandal Moon are gearing up for the release of their new album ‘Wild Insane’. Ahead of that, they are previewing the first single ‘Baby Sounds’.

‘Wild Insane’ is an 8-track offering loaded with dark and sweetly alluring pop tracks – a fab find for lost souls and soundtrack for the post-traumatic stress of simply being a citizen in the 21st century. The new album is rooted in post-punk and new wave, with gothic undertones of the early 80’s.

“I cover a lot of themes of alienation and dystopia on the record. We’re living through a dystopia right now. The internet is slowly killing us all with its incessant input, and I think we know it. But we’re so drawn to it, that we’ll be damned if we can’t convince ourselves otherwise. Myself included. I’m victim to our brave new world, and it came through on this record very naturally,” says Vandal Moon frontman Blake Voss.

“‘Baby Sounds’ is a song about an android that has awakened into full consciousness. In the process of learning to think for himself, he discovers that part of that is making decisions which can severely impact the lives of others. It’s about an robot struggling with thoughts of love, death, violence, seduction and mortality. At the same time it’s a metaphor for how the modern person maneuvers through society. How to wade through all the bullshit, and still be a positive human being.”

Driving and hypnotic, this electronic/post-punk album from Vandal Moon plays on the darker undertones of the early 80’s synth movement. With pop hook sensibilities, emotive vocals, and themes of gothic alienation, the California-based duo pulls from the atmospheres of The Cure, The Chameleons and Gary Numan.

This album was written and recorded by Blake Voss, produced and mixed by Shawn Ward (FM Attack), and mastered by Peter Maher (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, U2, Patti Smith, The Killers, Noel Gallagher). This record also features contributions from new romantic legend Logan Sky (Visage, Boy George), emerging synth-pop duo vverevvolf and vocalist Nicollette Vaughn (a.k.a. Nico), with guidance by electronic artist/producer Emika.

Blake Voss formed Vandal Moon in 2012 and, although he has collaborated with various artists over the years, it only recently morphed into a duo comprised of Voss (vocals, guitars, synthesizers and principal songwriter) and Jeremy Einsiedler (drum machines and synthesizers).

Based in Santa Cruz, they are big on synths, guitars, and drum machines. They are inspired by various acts of the new wave, post-punk, synthpop and darkwave scenes of the early 80’s, along with newer pop sounds, and particularly by such bands as The Cure, The Chameleons, New Order, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Blue Angel Lounge, Wax Idols, Kristin Kontrol, Drab Majesty, and Emika.  
Recently, Vandal Moon won a Synthy Award from Echosynthetic for his 2017 collaboration with The G on ‘Stars That Fade’ (from the ‘Cosmopolis’ album). He also contributed vocals and guitar for ‘Braindead’ on the new ‘Electric Blue’ album from vverevvolf.
Starfield Music was created by synthwave vanguard artist FM Attack(a.k.a. Shawn Ward), who has had great success pioneering a sound and helping to develop the synthwave scene. Following up the release of his own album ‘Stellar’ via this label, he is expanding upon that sound to take the music into new and different directions.

“The purpose behind developing Starfield Music, as a label, is to have a creative outlet to make music that isn’t generic or relegated to one specific genre or style. I want to feel free to take my music in any direction, and help other artists to do the same,” says Ward. “Since meeting Blake, I thought his music was the perfect sound for establishing the vision of ‘Starfield Music’ even further, and perhaps create something new while resurrecting some nostalgia from a lost and forgotten era.”

‘Wild Insane’ will be released across digital stores and streaming platforms on April 20, but will already be available for pre-order via Bandcamp as of March 9 with ‘Baby Sounds’ available for download immediately upon order.

1  Baby Sounds
2  Computer Love
3  Wild Insane
4  The Bomb (feat. vverevvolf)
5  Boy Drinks Girl (feat. Nicolette Vaughn)
6  Nevermore
7  Crying On The Dance Floor
8  The Light (feat. Logan Sky)
All songs written by Blake Voss.  © Vandal Moon 2018
All songs produced by Shawn Ward (FM Attack)
All songs mastered by Peter Maher
‘The Bomb’ featuring vverevvolf
‘Boy Drinks Girl’ featuring Nicollette Vaughn
‘The Light’ written by Blake Voss & Jeremy Einsiedler, featuring Logan Sky
Thanks to Emika for artistic direction
Keep up with Vandal Moon 

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Keep up with Starfield Music / FM Attack
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Mary and The Ram – The Cross (Anonymous Records 21 February 2018)

Mary and The Ram Unveil Video for Debut Single ‘The Cross’, Mixed by Legendary Producer John Fryer

British post-punk two-piece Mary And The Ram have unveiled the new video for ‘The Cross’, shot and directed in York by the duo’s frontman Kiran Tanna. It was produced by VIAPERFORMANCE with visuals designed by Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show. Tanna himself starts in the video, along with fashion model Gemma-Louise Keane.

“It’s a surreal and neon fever-dream; a vivid, drunken reflection of its creators. We wanted to create something extremely intimate. I decided to work one on one, with fashion model Gemma-Louise Keane. There was no crew and no cast involved in the final shoot… Only participants… Two bodies. Very little costume. Mostly skin. Surreal. Neon. Closeups. Full of occult sexuality. NSFW,” says Kiran Tanna.

“This document a process that we would participate in, ourselves: a coming together and a falling apart into something new. In this void, it remains an examination of the individual as a sexual, fragile, subject. Or something like that. I won’t talk much about the cube. Or the bodies. Or mist. At it’s heart it’s a lament… A eulogy. A cry. And, I think, an omen.”

‘The Cross’ is one of two tracks, along with b-side ‘The Dream’, presented as the duo’s debut single via Anonymous Records. Produced by the legendary John Fryer, who is credited for work with a massive number of seminal artists, including Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Love and Rockets, and Cocteau Twins, this new single delivers passionate, cathartic, concept driven electronic rock.

Based in York, Mary And The Ram is Kiran Tanna (The THING) on vocals, guitars, keys and programming) and drummer Dom Smith(Seep Away, The THING). Kiran’s background is mainly in dance, poetry and performance art, having founded the internationally-touring dance company VIAPerformance. Dom is involved in numerous musical projects and is also a potent force in the music community as editor of Soundsphere Magazine.

With influences that include Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Sisters of Mercy, The Dresden Dolls, Death From Above 1979 and Placebo, their love for these bands show through.”We’ve known each other for years,” says Kiran Tanna. “It took a few years for our schedules to align but eventually I started programming and playing synths with one of Dom’s existing bands – a far doomier act called The THING!  It wasn’t long until we realised that our shared love of old-school industrial, arty-punk and dark, gritty electronic rock needed another outlet.”

“There’s nothing new under the sun – but that’s part of the challenge. And ultimately it doesn’t matter. With Mary And The Ram we’re trying to find uncommon territory and to work there – to do something innovative if we can, and to make something that you can come back to over and over again – we hope – and each time find something new. We want you to feel. And we want to feel with you. In a room. Your room or ours. On stage. In the pit. Wherever. The increasing digitisation of our lives binds us more and more closely together… But in so many ways we are growing farther apart. This stuff comes from a place that is drifting and uncertain and perhaps a little doomed.”
‘The Cross’ is available via BandcampMary and The Ram also plans to release their debut EP later in 2018.


Vocals, guitars, programming by Kiran Tanna
Drums by Dom Smith
Produced by John Fryer

Art direction / design / cover artwork by Scot Greenwell of darC Artz

Keep up with Mary and The Ram 
Keep up with Anonymous Records
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

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Tiersman – Big Trouble (17 February 2018)

Big Trouble was recorded live on December 2nd, 2017, released digital only and launched on February 17th, 2018 at the Hotel Metropolitan in Adelaide

All songs written and performed by Tiersman recorded and Mixed by Justin Hermesand and mastered by Dav Byrne.

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia – Tiersman formed in early 2017 from members of Bronze Chariot, 99 Reasons Why, Damned Men and The New Mutiny.

Driving, heavy and chaotic post-hardcore with elements of doom.

Referred to as ‘stress rock’ by some.

Brooding and bludgeoning.

Tiersman are influenced by bands such as Breach, Pissed Jeans and Cancer Bats, whilst attempting to explore new ground and inject brutality,
with a lingering tongue in cheek swagger.

Tiersman explode in live performance, littering mess from their collective catharsises in mounds, whilst lyrically exploring everyday gripes and observations that challenge the hammering of the musical backdrop.

Big Trouble has received Adelaide local radio play since the release, and the launch on February 17th was to a capacity reached Hotel Metropolitan
band room.

On March 3rd, 2018 Tiersman will be supporting Melbourne’s Dead and Norway’s MoE at the Ed Castle in Adelaide.

Tiersman will be travelling to Melbourne for two shows on March 16th and 17th in support of the release of Big Trouble.

Order you copy HERE

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Japan Suicide – Santa Sangre (Unknown Pleasures Records 14 February 2018)

Japan Suicide Releases ‘Santa Sangre’ album via Unknown Pleasures Records

Alternative rockers Japan Suicide are releasing their long-awaited ‘Santa Sangre’ album via Unknown Pleasures Records on February 14.

This follows up the lead track ‘Circle’, the lyrics of which were inspired by Dave Eggers’ novel ‘The Circle’. The accompanying video was produced and directed by Francesco Brunotti with imagery similar to the film ‘The Wicker Man’, such as the procession and the sect, relating to the novel in a different way, transposing hi-tech dystopia into an ancient ritual.

Based in the central Italian city of Terni, Japan Suicide is a five-piece comprised of Stefano Bellerba (vocals, guitar), Leonardo Mori (synth), Matteo Luciani (bass), Saverio Paiella (guitar), and Daniele Cruccolini (drums). Formed in 2010, they united over their love of Joy Division, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Depeche Mode.

Their music is also strongly influenced by Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Japan, The Damned, Interpol, Suicide, CSI, CCCP, and Massimo Volume.

“We have finally produced our new album ‘Santa Sangre’, which was inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movie and Roberto Bolaño’s novel ‘2666’, all the while moving from echoes of British post-punk to a sound replete with more psychedelic and shoegaze textures,” says Stefano Bellerba. “This is a delicate, but necessary step for us: we tried to matchthe quality of our previous album ‘We Die in Such a Place’, while also adding new sounds from our past work in order to achieve a condensed powerful opera and, at the same time, a sound that is capable of achieving different listening levels.”

This album follows up the 2017 single ‘This Be The Verse’, released on the Dark Italia compilation ‘Sparkles in the Dark vol​.​4’, alongside The Soft Moon and many other cutting edge artists.
This is not the band’s first release through Unknown Pleasures Records. 2015 brought ‘We Die In Such a Place’, which stylistically combines the gloomy atmospheres so beloved by Japan Suicide with more aggressive sounds, followed by their 2016 release of the ‘1978’ EP via Darkitalia.

Their 2015 release led to the production of several videos, significant press attention at home, and also a sync licensing deal. While Japan Suicide has performed many gigs across Europe, in May 2018 they will venture to North America for their first Canada/ USA/ Mexico tour.

The ‘Santa Sangre’ album will be followed by a vinyl edition with a slightly different track list. More details will be announced at a later time, as well as live dates in Mexico and the U.S. west coast in May.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Busthard Studios
Artistic production by Giorgio Speranza
Guitar and voice by Stefano Bellerba
Bass and Microbrute on ‘Carcosa’ by Matteo Luciani
Synth, organ and drums programming by Leonardo Mori
Guitar and sampler by Saverio Paiella
Drums by Tommaso Sensidoni
Drums on ‘Rejoice’ by Daniele Cruccolini
Concept and music by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Lyrics by Roberto Bolaño, Dave Eggers, Cormac Mc Carthy, Cesare Pavese, Thomas Ligotti and Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective), and Javier Marias
Lyrics translation Sara Comploi. Artwork by Vash
Photos by Luca Sola
1  Santa Sangre
2  Circle
3  Dealer
4  El Ritual
5  Blown Away
6  For Every Flaw
7  Fate
8  Rejoice
9  Thus Bad Begins
10 Lost Daughter
11 Carcosa
Keep up with Japan Suicide 


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New Zero God – The Flowers of Romance Tribute (Remedy Live Club – Athens 9 February 2018)

After a great gig in Thessaloniki, New Zero God return to Athens for one more show of their tribute to The Flowers Of Romance.

The band is touring this year with a show dedicated to singer Mike Pougounas‘s former group, The Flowers Of Romance and their powerful, energy-filled and melodic music that run the gamut from punk to gothic to garage style rock.

The venue this time is Remedy Live Club and alternative rock band Struck By Neon will be the opening act.

New Zero God line up:
Mike Pougounas – vocals
Akis Nikolaidis – guitar
John Psimopoulos – drums
Michalis Semertzoglou – bass

DAMAGE: 7 beer or wine Incl.

Public Transit
ΗΣΑΠ: 250μ. από τον Σταθμό ΗΣΑΠ Νέο Ηράκλειο
ΟΑΣΑ: 500 ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ – ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑ, Στάση Γραμμής Α8, κάθε 30 λεπτά, από 24:30 έως 04:30

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Nostalgist – Disaffection (Nostalgium Directive, 30 March 2018)

Seattle’s Nostalgist presents ‘Present:Tense’ off forthcoming ‘Disaffection’ album

Post-punk outfit Nostalgist has announced their forthcoming album ‘Disaffection’, slated for vinyl and digital release in March. The six-track offering includes five original songs and a cover of ‘Texture’ from shoegaze legends Catherine Wheel‘s 1992 classic ‘Ferment’.

Already now, the Seattle-based band is previewing the lead track Present:Tense’ as a proper teaser of their new long-play.
Formed in 2012, Nostalgist is led by Asa Eisenhardt (vocals and guitar). ‘Disaffection’ follows ‘Of Loves and Days Ago’ (2015) and 2013’s ‘Monochromantic’ EP, which was engineered, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, King Woman, Tony Molina).
Recorded and mixed throughout 2016 and 2017, every track on ‘Disaffection’ features great contributions by renowned drummer Aesop Dekker (Khorada, Worm Ouroboros, Extremity, ex-Agalloch). More recently, in the fall of 2017, Alex Entrekin joined as the new drummer, building on Dekker’s crushing performances while bringing nuances and twists all his own. Monte McCleery (also of Seattle funeral doom outfit Un) is currently filling in on bass.
Nostalgist’s brand of heavy, ethereal post-punk is informed by bands like Lowlife, Slowdive, Lycia, Comsat Angels, The Chameleons, Killing Joke, Fields of the Nephilim, Hum, and Red House Painters.
“I was a few months into writing songs entirely on my own – something that I’d barely ever worked at before. I was also hurting, fresh off of the disintegration of an unstable and short-lived period of intimacy that never congealed into a relationship,” explains Asa Eisenhardt about lead track ‘Present:Tense’.
“The verses largely regard that time, and are my most stream-of-consciousness lyrics to date, though still couched in the grey dream imagery I’m always trying to evoke. The chorus, however, is really the essence of the tune: perseverance through hardship, while recognizing the weight and inevitability of heartache. ‘I will dream again’ is such a stupidly simple line, but the implied resolve is important.”
That prism of emotional openness continues a throughline from the band’s beginnings. Since its inception, Nostalgist’s sonic blend has been equal parts swirling riffs, expansive shoegaze atmospheres and airy post-punk isolation, combined with a romantic, self-questioning lyrical bent and cinematic themes. Lush layers of warm guitar fuzz and shimmering reverb interweave with melodic bass, intricate drums and evocative, determined vocals, tempering the music’s melancholy with just a slight sliver of hope.
Nostalgist crafts lush and powerfully intense distortion-laden dream rock riffs. A love of film noir, a sense of isolation and a decidedly romantic aesthetic shine through what are generally vulnerable lyrics. Eisenhardt’s talents in post-punk song-crafting are illuminated in the darkest moments with the warm, glowing embers of nebulous shoegaze.
The outfit’s latest output only further refines these sounds and ideas. “When writing ‘Disaffection,’ my sights were firmly set on creating a handful of focused, memorable songs that crystallized everything I’ve wanted Nostalgist to be, to the best and most thorough degree possible. It’s a mission statement on the direction of everything to come,” says Eisenhardt.
The ‘Disaffection’ album will be released on March 19 on vinyl and digitally on March 30 via the band’s own Nostalgium Directive label.


1. Pendulums
2. Smoldering Amber
3. Present:Tense
4. Petrichorale
5. Threshed At Dusk, Winnowed At Dawn
6. Texture

Asa Eisenhardt – vocals, guitar, bass, synth, arrangement, lyrics (except ‘Texture’)
Aesop Dekker – session drums
Instrumentals produced and engineered at Soundhouse, Studio Foster and Electric Wall by Evan Foster
Vocals produced and engineered at Studio Nels by Will Smith
Mixed by Evan Foster at Studio Foster
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx
Master lacquer cut by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering

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