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Sounds Like Winter – Sticks and Stones (2017)

Was the charity compilation “For the Bats volume II” is the reason that I became aware of Australian band Sounds Like Winter or was it the compilation “S.I.N.G.E.D. Volume 2” ? (Synthwave Industrial Noise Gothic Electronic Darkwave – Dark Alternative Music Bands from Australia and New Zealand)

The band is fronted by Ant Banister, a musician that has been active since the 80’s doing sound for The Mark of Cain, worked with electronic dance groups Boxcar and Severed Heads, helped establish the Clan Analogue label and collective, while in electronic acts Eidolon, Nanotech, Pempek, The Flow over a period of ten years or so.

His last act Lunar Module being synthpop, brought him back into the Goth/Alt scene again..

Sounds Like Winter started as a project between Ash Rothschild (nowdays with the band Panic Syndrome, he was replaced by guitarist Andi Lennon in 2013), Ryan Mortimer and Rob Finder in 2013 and their sound has roots in the Post-Punk period 1978-1983.

Shortly after they put the band together Ant Banister was invited to join them.

There were some line up changes and In 2016 they put out the album “Initiate” while in 2017 they return with their second album, “Sticks and Stones”.

“Sticks and Stones” has ten songs, full of the ingredients that will bring back the dark atmosphere of the 80’s.

The tribal rhythms, the chorus effect of the bass and the right dose of delay for the guitar…

My favorite tracks are two: “Television Dream” sounds raw, primitive and as dark as Nick Cave’s Birthday Party on the album “Prayers on Fire”.

The other track is titled “Gritar” and according to my humble opinion, it was made to become a dancefloor favorite for Goth clubs.

It has a catchy riff, a haunting guitar sound and stays with you long after it ends.

“Gritar” translates “Shout” in English and from what I hear Ant Banister is singing in Spanish…

I can’t say that “Sticks and Stones” is an album for everyone.

It is a must though, for people that love the darkest sounds of the 80’s, Goths, Bauhaus and post-punk fans.

Order your copy HERE

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New Zero God – Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac (22 MAY 2017)

After their third album, “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” and 7” single “Redemption”, both released last year, New Zero God return with a digital single titled “Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac“.

In 2006, Mike Pougounas, the singer of the bands The Flowers of Romance and Nexus, formed his current band, New Zero God in Athens, Greece.  They have releases through Greek and English record labels and, in the past, worked on a charity song with international musicians such as guitarist Will Crewdson (Αdam Ant, Johnette Napolitano, The Selecter, Rachel Stamp and others), singer/bass player Chris Tuke (Berlin Black, Screaming Banshee Aircrew), keyboard player Martin Birke (Genre Peak) to name but a few.

According to English music magazine Terrorizer New Zero God’s biography reads like the name-droppers guide to goth. The band’s pedigree is connected to legendary names such as The Mission and The Sisters Of Mercy, and in their present guise they have already scored support slots with Christian Death and The Legendary Pink Dots…”

The band’s intentions on “Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac” are crystal clear. New Zero God winks to punk rock as happened on the first album of the band, “Fun Is A Four Letter Word” but also flirt with industrial (a genre known to Pougounas from his days with Nexus).

This is what New Zero God like to label as “dark rock’n’roll”.

Last October, Pougounas stated on his interview for English magazine Louder Than War, that “Punk Rock was the main influence in my life. Not just musically but it made me think out of the box. When I was a kid it started with the music. But then, I found my own way of thinking. I believe this is what it was all about.”

“Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac” begins the odyssey by twisting the not-so-obvious ‘Panic Attack’ in its title. Lyrically there is a strong dose of humor with “Hell Bet on Me to Lose”, a song about decisions that we are forced to make. “Under the Radar” is about those who decide to live out of the system while “Shadow of Wealth” wonders if resistance is in vain…

The EP is produced by Babis Efthimiou, mastered by John Psimopoulos. while the remix of “Shadow of Wealth” was taken care of by the Greek electronica band Dark En Ciel.

Music and lyrics by Mike Pougounas.

Mike Pougounas – Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine

Babis Efthimou – Drums, Programming

Akis Nikolaidis – Guitars

Michalis Semertzoglou – Bass, Guitars


Keep up with New Zero God

Website | Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp


The Foreign Resort – She is Lost (19 April 2017)

The Foreign Resort previews ‘She Is Lost’ Single, Announces Canadian Tour

Danish post-punk trio The Foreign Resort release their new single ‘She is Lost’ on April 19. This is the first song from the band’s next full length album, marking a return to the analogue sound of their ‘New Frontiers’ album, only this time the sound is more minimalistic and with plenty of electronics and spacious drums to create a dreamy yet upbeat soundscape full of contrast. The release is timed with a 10-day Canadian tour and a performance in Toronto at the prestigious Canadian Music Week.

For lead singer Mikkel B. Jakobsen ‘She is Lost’ is a very personal song about what he sarcastically refers to as “the summer of love”: “It was one of the worst summers in my life. I came out strong on the other side, but this song was written partly when things were looking very bad and I was not doing the right things to get to a better place and partly when I had realized it was not just me who was the problem. Hence the title ‘She is Lost’.”

The band has also contributed the track ‘Skyline/Decay’ to ‘Alternative F?acts: A Shoegaze Resistance Compilation’. Curated by DKFM Shoegaze Radio, this involves shoegaze and dream pop artists in opposition to tyranny, and in support of civil liberties and women’s health. All proceeds from this compilation shall be split evenly between American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

The Foreign Resort are Denmark’s finest musical export of post-punk and dark new wave, led by singer and songwriter Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen. The band combines the shadowy mysticism of The Cure’s Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines glide over Steffan Petersen’s motorik bass and Morten Hansen’s powerful drumming, all while Mikkel’s taut and sincere vocal delivery demands your attention.

Having toured with The Raveonettes, A Place to Bury Strangers and Swervedriver, The Foreign Resort has also shared bills with bands like DIIV, The Soft Moon, The KVB, Slowdive, Minor Victories and, most recently, Cold CaveThey’ve also toured the USA relentlessly, addicted to the allure of America’s lost highways. Since 2010, the band has been rigorous in playing more than 400 shows across North America and Europe with performances at several festivals incl. SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany and now also Canadian Music Week 2017.

The band’s latest release ‘The American Dream’ was dubbed “post punk par excellence” by Deep Ground, with Slug Magazine saying this is “an EP that possesses a singular fault: It is not long enough”. The Foreign Resort’s 2014 album “New Frontiers” ranked among the year’s top albums at radio stations like WZBC Boston and KDHX St. Louis as well as numerous European and American blogs. With several music videos to their credit, there is no video for the new single ‘She is Lost’ yet, motivating the band to crowdsource their new video.


Written, composed and performed by:
Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen, Morten Hansen, Henrik Fischlein
Produced & mixed by The Foreign Resort
Engineered by The Foreign Resort & Bo Karlsson
Recorded at White Dwarf Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mastered by Chris Cline


APRIL 20 Toronto – Nightowl Club (Canadian Music Week)
APRIL 21 Ottawa – Bar Robo with ONFIILM & The City Gates
APRIL 23 Oshawa – The Atria with L’Autre Dame & Cyphier
APRIL 24 Peterborough – The Spill with Severed Feathers
APRIL 25 Montreal – Brasserie Beaubien with The City Gates & T R A C E S
APRIL 26 Guelph – Silence with Glass Apple Bonzai & Slutmother
APRIL 27  Windsor – Phog Lounge with Ethrelite & Foxhart Fishman
APRIL 28  London – The 488 Open Jam

APRIL 29 Sudbury – The Asylum

MAY 18  Aarhus, Denmark – Sway (with Dead Leaf Echo)

MAY 19  Odense, Denmark – Studenterhuset (with Dead Leaf Echo)
MAY 20  Copenhagen, Denmark – BB18 (with Dead Leaf Echo)
MAY 24  Leipzig, Germany – Bandhaus (with Dead Leaf Echo)
SEPT 26  Lübeck, Germany – Riders Cafe
SEPT 28  Sønderborg, Denmark – Black Spot
SEPT 29  Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell
SEPT 30  Prague, Czech Republic – TBC
NOV 3  Berlin, Germany – Bi Nuu (with She Past Away)
NOV 4  Lucerne, Switzerland – Sedel (with Rev Rev Rev)
Keep up with The Foreign Resort 

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Anima Triste – Anima Triste


by Nick Drivas


  1. Believe In Nothing
  2. All Of You
  3. Idiocracy
  4. Dirt
  5. Misery
  6. You Don’t Belong To The Stars
  7. The Last Days Of Our Youth
  8. Obliviate
  9. When Nightmares Are Most Alive
  10. Anima Triste

Release Date: October 2016

Click HERE for band page

Anima Triste are a darkwave post-punk band from Athens. They started out in 2014 and have been gigging around quite a bit. In October 2016 they managed to put out their debut album “Anima Triste“. By listening to their first full length effort you are confronted by their sheer force. What you get is a powerful outfit that has an immense sound. We’re talking about a band that has managed to put all their influences together and still keeping a fresh sound. The darkwave post-punk elements of their music, together with their dramatic theatrical flair, is what one can say is their trademark.

The opener “Believe In Nothing” features Mad Sad’s (vox) theatrical approach in the way he delivers the vocals. On “All Of You“, a track that can be considered a single since it has an official video made for it (see below), we start to get struck by Grego’s great guitar work. Here we see the band move in more coldwave areas which they adopt nicely into their sound. “Idiocracy” that follows is becoming something of a favorite. I was lucky to see them preform live in December when they were one of the supporting bands for the Garden Of Delight 25th Anniversary show. They blew the crowd away with a fantastic performance. They managed to deliver on stage the sound of the album perfectly, or on second thought, I think they managed to capture their live sound in the studio! The rhythm section, consisting of Jimmi C (drums) and Gus Black (bass) are a great duet together. Just right for an outfit that lurks in the darkwave post-punk genre. The brooding basslines in general really give the whole album its characteristic tone.

Tracks like “Dirt“, “You Don’t Belong To The Stars” and “The Last Days Of Our Youth” show a more punkier side of the band, whereas on slower tracks like “Misery” and “Obliviate” that feature Panos Tsekouras on theremin (giving an extra eerie feel to the atmosphere), we find the bands darker side. Melodic melancholy one can say, where you can hear loved elements from the past like those by the masters of the kind, The Cure, but delivered in a modern way sounding a bit like French coldwave band Soror Dolorosa. The album ends with “When Nightmares Are Most Alive” that sums up band’s sound climaxing with the eponymous “Anima Triste“. Thumping tribal drums, dark melodic guitar riffs and on the top of it all Mad Sad’s passionate vocal.

Its difficult nowadays to find a four piece guitar driven band that can offer something fresh at a time when anything post-punk has been revisited especially by those of a more minimal (synth driven) direction. Anima Triste manage this, and on record and on stage, with an album that seems to grow on you every time you listen to it.

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New Zero God and DJ Cruel Britannia FREE DOWNLOAD


New Zero God and DJ Cruel Britannia came together to record a cover version of a late ’70’s track.

The Motors were a British pub rock/new wave band formed in 1977.

Their biggest success was “Airport”, a number 4 UK hit in 1978.

Follow the link below to grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of the New Zero God feat. DJ Cruel Britannia cover.


Best wishes for a peaceful and happy ending to 2016.

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Klammer – Everything Depends Upon The King (Curious Fox Records 2016)

Post Punk influenced but forward looking band Klammer released the single “Everything Depends Upon The King” on 7″ vinyl on Curious Fox Records on Sept 5th, which will be exclusively available from Rough Trade shops.The track is taken from their eponymous 2nd album Klammer, which is available on Under Dogz Records.

Klammer 7 Single

“Everything Depends Upon The King” is a fast paced post Punk track made to be an instant hit.
Steve Lamacq has played the single several times on his BBC 6 Music show.

The Leeds based quartet put a contemporary twist on the post-punk attitude. Although there’s plenty of hooks in their songs, there’s a dark and edgy broodiness coursing through the sound of the band.

Klammer – Jordan Stead (Bass Guitar), Paul “Poss” Strickland (Vocals/Guitar), Steve Whitfield (Guitar/Vocals) – came to life in 2014, drawing from the members’ shared love for all things angular, dark, loud and melodic.

Their first album, “Auslane” came out in 2015 and was re-released along with “Klammer” in 2016 by West Yorkshire based record label Under Dogz Records.

They’ve shared stages with the likes of Richie Ramone, The Membranes, Art Brut, Department S and 999.

The band have just played to a sell out crowd at 100 Club in London with Penetration and will be out touring the UK and Ireland with Richie Ramone and his band through Nov and Dec ’16.

Keep up with Klammer
Website | Facebook


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Alice's Wicked Tea Party II
The date is edging closer and there’s just a few tickets remaining.  It’s almost time to once again fall down the rabbit hole into a mind-altering realm of music, magic, entertainment, and merriment.

Alice’s Wicked Tea Party II, The Alternative Live Music Festival, is brought to you by Wicked Spins Radio and the tireless efforts of Mr. Shaun Histed-Todd (Manager at [WSR Chatroom & ListenWSR @ Facebook], Event Organizer and Promoter at Klub Wicked, and Photographer/Digital Guru and Master at Shaun Histed-Todd -Photographer & Digital Illustrator. [Click HERE for our tribe4mian interview with Shaun, The Thirteen Questions.]

Alice’s Wicked Tea Party, or AWTP for short, is the grassroots independent festival where a weird, wild, and exotic mix of bands come together to create a tribal gathering of alternative genres from Post-Punk to Techno-Punk, Electronica to Industrial (EBM/Rock/Experimental), Edgy Rock N’ Roll to Garage Rock, Goth to Art Rock, Psych to Alt Rock.

This intimate festival is limited to 300-tickets and takes place over a two-day weekend starting on Friday, 3 June and ending on Saturday, 4 June, 2016.  It will be held at the Cross-Keys Inn in Wimborne, Dorset, UK, where you’ll find two main stages and a chill-out bar with food.  Located in the deep dark countryside, there will be lots of activities and stalls with alternative mainstream clothing and accessories to delight your fancy.  Weekend tickets cover both Friday and Saturday with FREE camping (limited live-in vehicle parking).  Day tickets are also available if you can’t make it for the whole weekend.

Video by Andy Russell, Mount Doom Films | Music by SICKNOTE, “We Is Tribe” with Doghouse [Jason Mark Walsh] on Vocals.

The festival offers an intimate experience and the opportunity for friends to gather, to meet new people, and offers the ability to mingle and socialize with the artists themselves.

Held in the grounds of the award-winning pub, The Cross Keys Inn (Holt Heath – Mannington – Wimborne – Dorset), this rural setting is easily accessible, being only 20 minutes from Poole or Bournemouth. The venue boasts two large fields, one for camping and one for the arena. The on-site pub offers great food and drinks, a beer garden, and outside catering… all of which makes this a perfect setting for a great relaxed family festival with a difference.

√   WHEN:  Friday, 3 June & Saturday, 4 June, 2016 – 3 PM till 12 AM UTC+01 

√   WHERE:  Cross Keys Inn BH21 7 Wimborne, Dorset, UK

☆ ☆ ☆ T I C K E T S ☆ ☆ ☆


√   2-Day Weekend Tickets may be purchased HERE through AWTP’s WeGotTickets page.

    £40 2-Day Weekend Ticket + Free Camping
    £20 1-Day Ticket
    £50 2-Day Weekend Ticket + Free Camping
    £25 1-Day Ticket
  • Children under 12 accompanied by an adult – FREE Admittance
  • No Dogs
  • No Campfires

√   1-Day Tickets:  If you are only able to make it for just one of the two days, you can support individual bands by purchasing day tickets from their personal ticket links below.  Just click on the band of your choosing and the link will bring you to their WeGotTickets page.

Friday Lineup & Band Ticket Link:

Department S – (Headline) 11:00 PM to Midnight

Deadcuts – 10:15 PM to 11:00 PM

Deviant UK – 9:30 PM to 10:15 PM

The Vultures – 8:45 PM to 9:30 PM

Doghouse – 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM

Mr Strange – 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM

Die Kur – 6:30 PM to 7:15  PM

Starsha Lee – 5:45 PM to 6:30 PM

Homes for the Elite – 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM

Smiling Skull Ring – 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM

PXR5 – 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM (*NOTE:  for PXR5 ticket sales, contact Sarge through his shop, Metal Fatigue, at the link provided.)

TBC – 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM

Gates open at 12 Noon with DJs until 2:00 PM

Saturday Lineup & Band Ticket Link:

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons – (Headline) 11:00 PM to Midnight

Global Citizen – 10:15 PM to 11:00 PM

Ayria – 9:30 PM to 10:15 PM

Inertia – 8:45 PM to 9:30 PM

Be My Enemy – 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM

Alter Red – 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM

The Underrunners – 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM

Flesh Eating Foundation – 5:45 PM to 6:30 PM

Luxury Stranger – 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM

anarchistwood – 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM

Nine Day Decline– 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM

Babal – 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM

Unstoppable Achievers – 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM

The Go Go Cult – 1:15 PM to 2:00 PM

Vain Galen – 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM

Kill the Colossi – 11:45 AM to 12:30 PM

Gates open at 11:00 AM with DJs to 11:45 AM.


See you all down the Rabbit Hole!

Alice’s Wicked Tea Party is an Independant DIY Festival and appreciates all support – tell your friends, please share the event, and keep the music alive!

More information can be found for up-to-date details and performers at:
AWTP Facebook Group Page
AWTP Facebook Event Page

For alternative lodging, maps, driving directions, and to learn a bit more about Dorset, click: