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Neville & Sugary Staple – Rude Rebels (Cleopatra Records 28 September 2018)

Ska royalty Neville & Sugary Staple announce ‘Rude Rebels’ LP, preview ‘Rebel Down’ feat. Roddy Radiation (The Specials)

Ska royalty Neville and Sugary Staple have announced their new collaborative album ‘Rude Rebels’. It will be released via Cleopatra Records on both CD and special clear vinyl with black and white splatter in time for celebrations for the 40th Anniversary of 2Tone Records.

‘Rude Rebels’ is full of original upbeat music with vocal statements on life, fashion, love and morals, plus some smooth reggae vibes. It features brand new songs and recordings from Neville Staple, legendary singer and toaster of The Specials and co-founder of Fun Boy Three, and his partner-in-crime Sugary Staple, as well as former Specials’ guitarist Roddy Radiation (a.k.a. Roddy Byers).

With 2019 being the 40th Anniversary of The Specials and 2Tone Records, this is a timely release. This album follows Sugary Staple’s sold out ‘Rudegirl Sounds’ EP and Neville Staple’s ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ double album, also released via Cleopatra Records.

The Staples are a permanent fixture of the widely regarded and enormously active ska scene in the UK, performing regularly at both clubs and massive festivals. In the Neville Staple Band, who have been actively touring both at home and abroad, Sugary joins Neville Staple to front the band.

Sugary and Neville wrote and produced this rebel-lishious offering, alongside Tom Lowry (The Specials, Neville Staple, Spectrum) at Planet Studios in Coventry, which brings a super blend of punked up anthems, dancehall ska and sweet rebel reggae and bluebeat.

“The album was produced with our love of punk, ska, 2tone and reggae, which we mixed into an indulgent sub-culture blend. A bit like me,” says Sugary Staple.

“Working alongside Neville on the production was just perfect. He gets me, and he understands where I am at musically and about my promotion of women going for it, regardless of age and situation. We both still have something to say in our productions, while still creating a dancing beat or a sing-along vocal.”

Tracks like ‘Rebel Down’, ‘Way of Life’, ‘Be As One’ and ‘Original Rudegirl Sound’, are reminiscent of 1970’s & 80’s fun punky ska with 2Tone echoes, while ‘Tattoo King’ and their reworking of Stranger Cole’s ‘When I Call Your Name’ celebrates long-standing traditions of ska. Roddy Radiation features on three tracks – ‘Rebel Down’, ‘Way of Life’ and ‘Be As One’.

“I felt really free on this production. Having the freedom to be creative with someone on your wave-length is really refreshing for me. I love how we celebrate the great musical genres of my 40-year career. There’s a little taste of The Specials in there, a Clash type of punk vibe and even Trojan Records styles. We’ve been touring some of the songs and the fans have gone nuts for it. Great to have my buddy Roddy on board too,” says Neville Staple.

Apart from Roddy Byers’ excellent guitar arrangements by Roddy Byers (currently with the Skabillyy Rebels), a host of other musical professionals are involved, including the members of the Neville Staple Band (Joe Atkinson, Matty Bane, Steve ‘Sledge’ Armstrong, Spencer Hague, Billy Shinbone), Daddy ‘Nuff Lyrics’ Woody and Alvin ‘Horn-blower’ Davies.

As of September 28, the ‘Rude Rebels’ album will be available on both CD and special clear vinyl with black and white splatter. However, the album can already be pre-ordered digitally via Bandcamp and via Cleopatra Records directly.

1. Rebel Down
2. Tattoo King
3. When I Call Your Name
4. Boy (Dub Out)
5. Be As One
6. Wrong Shoes
7. Original Rudegirl Sound
8. Why Oh Why
9. Ska To The Beat
10. Dirty Little Liar
11. The Border
12. Way Of Life
13. Way I Love You
14. Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Aug 26    Winchester – Graze Festival
Sep 02    Coventry – Godiva Festival
Sep 07    Brighton – Concorde2
Sep 08    London – Alexandra Palace (with Toots and the Maytals)
Sep 15    Nottingham – Rock Against Racism
Sep 22    Minehead – Butlins
Sep 29    Ware – Drill Hall
Oct 06    Cardiff – The Globe
Oct 13    Norwich – Epic Studios
Oct 20   Chesterfield (TBA)
Nov 10    Bognor – Butlins
Nov 16    Llangollen – Sun Inn
Nov 17    Bristol – Fleece
Nov 23    Skamouth – DJ Party
Dec 01    Hastings – Black Market VIP
Dec 08   Devon (TBA)
Dec 21    Frome – Cheese & Grain
Dec 22    Swansea – The Garage

“Upbeat, infectious and utterly authentic.. imbued with a deep and genuine love of pop reggae and ska. Top ranking” – Daily Star Newspaper

‘My talented friends.. happy music, just what we need’ – Shane O’Connor, BBC Radio Coventry & Warks

“Stunning legacy and repertoire… all the spunk found in The Specials classic ‘Gangsters’ with more of a feel-good yet critical dose of The English Beat and The Special Beat… delivering the original sound of genuine 2 Tone ska” – Big Takeover Magazine

“Joy. Pure Joy… a testament to how much fun live music can be” – The National Student

“Better for artists of such calibre to release an album every ten years than a run-of-the-mill artist to release something often” – Ox Fanzine

“Nothing came close to the sensational Neville Staple Band who really got the party started and had the masses dancing along” – Exeter Express & Echo

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Neville Staple launches UK tour while denouncing violence causing grandson’s death

Neville Staple launches UK tour while denouncing violence causing grandson’s death

It’s with overwhelming sadness that Neville Staple has announced the death of his grandson Fidel, who was brutally stabbed to death this past weekend. Neville is well known as a founding member of The Specials and Fun Boy Three, not to mention his major role in 2Tone Records. Together with his wife Christine Sugary Staple, the Staples are a permanent fixture of the UK and International ska scene, performing regularly at both concert venues and massive festivals as the Neville Staple Band

Neville’s 21-year-old grandson Fidel Glasgow, son of his daughter Melanie, was rushed to hospital in a life-threatening condition after being stabbed in the stomach at the rear of Club M in Coventry. He later died in hospital. Not long after, another 23-year-old man was also found on Queen Victoria Road with stab injuries. Investigators are appealing that anybody witnessing what happened please come forward and contact Coventry police or Crimestoppers with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Neville Staple made the initial announcement on Facebook: “We are truly devastated to announce the heartbreaking loss of my grandson Fidel, who died today as a result of being attacked with a knife in the street. We want to thank the hospital staff and surgeons at UHCW University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, who battled all day to try and save him. Both my beautiful daughter Melanie and wife Christine Sugary, all the family and myself are still shocked by this tragedy, but would like to thank you all for the kindness and messages we have received.”

He later shared the following message: “Thank you for your messages of support during our personal tragedy. My wife Christine Sugary Staple and I have decided that our shows this week, in Coventry and Brighton, will go on and will be dedicated to our grandson Fidel and daughter Melanie (who asked that we still perform). We have the best fans in the World (through the Neville Staple Band, the Specials, Fun Boy Three & Sugary Staple), so we ask that you help us turn our pain into a message. Let’s show the young people that this knife trend has to stop! It has to STOP!!”

During Sunday’s performance at Coventry’s Godiva Festival, the Neville Staple Band sent a warning about knife crime before the band performed The Specials’ hit ‘A Message to You Rudy’, which was dedicated to Neville’s daughter and grandson. Just ahead of the song, Christine Sugary Staple stated, “Young people they have got to learn to give more love and stop the knife crime. It is just wrong. Knives take lives. If you want to have a fight, go on a football pitch or a rugby game, team on team and do it a sensible way, so you’ll still have a winner but no-one will die.”

She underlined: “We all need to do this together, it can’t be done by one person alone, by one politician alone, it is all of us, we need to take responsibility.”

This weekend was to kick off the Neville Staple Band’s UK tour, ahead of premiering Neville & Sugary Staple’s ‘Rebel Down’ featuring Roddy Radiation of The Specials, the lead track off their new forthcoming album ‘Rude Rebels’. The album will be released via Cleopatra Records in time for celebrations surrounding the 40th Anniversary of 2Tone Records.

Photo credits: 
Cover photo and photo with Fidel by S. Staple.
Neville Staple Band photo at Godiva Festival by Tony Moore
Black n white photos of Neville Staple by John Coles

Sep 02    Coventry – Godiva Festival
Sep 07    Brighton – Concorde2
Sep 08    London – Alexandra Palace (with Toots and the Maytals)
Sep 15    Nottingham – Rock Against Racism
Sep 22    Minehead – Butlins
Sep 29    Ware – Drill Hall
Oct 06    Cardiff – The Globe
Oct 13    Norwich – Epic Studios
Oct 20   Chesterfield (TBA)
Nov 10    Bognor – Butlins
Nov 16    Llangollen – Sun Inn
Nov 17    Bristol – Fleece
Nov 23    Skamouth – DJ Party
Dec 01    Hastings – Black Market VIP
Dec 08   Devon (TBA)
Dec 21    Frome – Cheese & Grain
Dec 22    Swansea – The Garage

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Sugary Staple and Neville Staple 3 Generations of Ska Tour & new single ‘When You Call My Name’ (5 April 2018)

3 Generations of Ska with The Neville Staple Band & Stranger Cole, Sugary Staple & The AC30s ~ Kicks off Thursday, April 5

The Neville Staple Band kicked off their ‘3 Generations of Ska’ tour with Stranger Cole, Sugary Staple and The AC30s on Thursday, April 5 in Glasgow, with these artists also playing with numerous support bands along the way. These nine dates present a great opportunity for music lovers to see several legends of ska music, spanning various age brackets, perform together on the same bill.
Neville Staple is credited with changing the face of pop music not only once but twice. His 40-year career in the music business is well documented from his 2Tone years onwards. We can trace this from the early days with his Jah Baddis Sound System, The Coventry Automatics, The Specials and Fun Boy Three, to The Special Beat and various other collaborations during his solo career from the 90s untiil the present day.
Following on from the 2009 The Specials reunion and his departure from the band in late 2012, Staple continues to be a forerunner of the ska movement, and continues to thrill audiences with new releases, touring and festival appearances worldwide. His highly celebrated album ‘The Return of Judge Roughneck’ was released in 2017 via Cleopatra Records to outstanding reviews.
This is the first time that the legendary Stranger Cole is sharing the tour stage with Neville Staple for a super double billing. Stranger Cole, a legendary artist from Jamaica, has written and produced some of the most iconic ska, rocksteady and reggae songs on the scene and has worked alongside other greats, such as Prince Buster and Ken Boothe. He has inspired generations of musicians, especially ska and 2Tone artists, including the Original Rude Boy Neville Staple.
Cole recently asked Neville’s wife Sugary Staple to do a reworking of his classic hit with Patsy Todd ‘When You Call My Name’. The duet by Sugary and Neville, which will be performed during the tour and will feature on their forthcoming album, is the project that first inspired this 3 Generations of Ska Tour. With The AC30s and Neville’s band providing an excellent jamboree of music through the decades, from the 1960s to present day, along with performances by other supporting bands, this tour is sure to be one of the year’s highlights for fans of ska and 2Tone, with punk, bluebeat and rocksteady infusions.

As one of the most versatile and long-lasting genres of music alive today, ska has derived from many influences and has stood the test of time with new many originators still taking to the stage worldwide, plus new young bands taking up the musical reigns. Get your stomping feet ready for a legendary and exclusive musical feast. Tickets and more detailed venue information can be obtained online at


APR 05  3 Generations of Ska – Glasgow, United Kingdom
APR 06  3 Generations of Ska – Liverpool, United Kingdom
APR 07  3 Generations of Ska – Sheffield, United Kingdom
APR 08  3 Generations of Ska – Oxford, United Kingdom
APR 12  O2 Academy Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom
APR 13  3 Generations of Ska – Birmingham, United Kingdom
APR 14  3 Generations of Ska – Islington, United Kingdom
APR 15  3 Generations of Ska – Bournemouth, United Kingdom
APR 19  3 Generations of Ska – MK11, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
APR 20  3 Generations of Ska at 2018 Skamouth – Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
MAY 04  Private Event, Leeds, United Kingdom
MAY 12  Brick & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
JUN 09  Stone Valley Festival South – Northaw, United Kingdom
JUN 22  Ashbourne Festival – Ashbourne, United Kingdom
JUN 30  Minety Festival – Minety, United Kingdom
JUL 21   2Tone Forever Festival – Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom
JUL 27   Butefest – Rothesay, United Kingdom
JUL 29   Fleur Fest – East Hagbourne, United Kingdom
AUG 04  REBELLION FESTIVAL – Blackpool, United Kingdom
AUG 10  Green Meadows Festival – Peterborough, United Kingdom
AUG 11  VW Whitenoise Festival – Thetford, United Kingdom
AUG 17  Rewind Festival South 2018 – Henley-On-Thames, United Kingdom
AUG 25  Camper Calling – Alcester, United Kingdom
AUG 26  Graze Festival – Winchester, United Kingdom
OCT 06  The Globe – Cardiff, United Kingdom
DEC 22  The Garage – Swansea, United Kingdom
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Neville Staple – Return of Judge Roughneck (Cleopatra Records / Practical Records 17 February 2017)

Original Rude Boy Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three) Announces New Album
On February 17, legendary Specials and Fun Boy Three founding member Neville Staple will be releasing his new studio album ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ via Cleopatra Records. This double LP features brilliant new re-workings of classic Jamaican cuts, some brand new material, and a few gems from Neville’s past, along with a bonus dub album offering serious bass-bin shaking mixes.

Known as The Original Rudeboy, Neville Staple is a Jamaican-born British singer credited with changing the face of pop music not only once but twice. His 35-year career in the music business is well documented, from the early days with The Coventry Automatics, The Specials and Fun Boy Three to collaboration with Ranking Roger in The Special Beat and various other collaborations during his solo career from the 90s until the present day.

About his musical legacy, Neville Staple comments: “The way we brought it was mixing Jamaican music with the English style, which was actually punk at the time. Now most people are into ska, they listen to all the people that we talked about that they might not have listened to before… This has happened again and again with the different waves of ska. I am hearing lots more young bands now also putting their own spin on ska – some with dance music and some with a rock beat. It’s all good. The music just makes you want to dance. Even when singing about tough times, every-day things or bad things, the beat and the rhythm makes you want to move!”

In 2004, Neville formed The Neville Staple Band, releasing the critically acclaimed album ‘The Rude Boy Returns’, with contributions from Clash guitarist Mick Jones and Damned drummer Rat Scabies, with Flipron’s Joe Atkinson on organ. The group also featured former members of the British ska band Bad Manners.
Following on from the 2009 Specials reunion and Neville’s departure from the band in late 2012, he continues to be a forerunner of the ska movement. The Neville Staple Band continually thrilling audiences, touring relentlessly and playing many festivals, including a headline slot on the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury Festival.
As Staple continues his critically acclaimed solo career path, ska’s reigning Rude Boy will be releasing ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ this month. His previous album ‘Ska Crazy’ was released in May 2014, featuring guest vocals from his wife Christine ‘Sugary’ Staple and long time friend, DJ and artist Daddy Woody.
The new album involves members of the Neville Staple Band and guest musicians, including violinist Jessy Greene (The Jayhawks, Geraldine Fibbers), producer Ed Rome and Neville’s wife Christine ‘Sugary’ Staple, who co-produced the album with Neville and Tom Lowry (Planet Studios) with Mike Bennett providing additional mastering. ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ will be available on both CD and in a special limited edition 2LP vinyl package!
Here Neville Staple recreates his famous Judge Roughneck character, who first emerged as part of the ‘Stupid Marriage’ song from The Specials’ debut album on 2 Tone Records. Be prepared for a super ride through classic Jamaican early reggae tunes, ska stomping rhythms and new tracks, fitting perfectly with echoes of 2 Tone and Bluebeat mixed with Trojan music styles. In Part 2 of the album, a full set of bonus dub remixes, takes you on a journey with atmospheric vibes, toasting fun and twisted song versions.
The lead track ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’ is a fun ska dance video filled with Judge Roughneck’s take on the world of politicians, bankers and bullies, along with dancing barristers and cocky jailbirds. Shot by Lee Cogswell and Daniel Thompson (production storyline & casting by Christine Sugary Staple, who also features here), the video is shot at various locations in the historic 2 Tone city of Coventry in the UK’s West Midlands. Ironically, the video was partially shot at the heritage building of the historic ‘Coventry County Court’ (now a restaurant called the Establishment), where Neville was once sentenced to borstal (a youth detention center), along with sites at Coventry University’s Moot Room, the local Council Chambers, St Mary’s Guildhall and the Belgrade Theatre.
Neville’s autobiography ‘The Original Rude Boy’ was published in the UK by Aurum Press in May 2009. This amazing story traces Neville’s interest in music in the early ‘60s to his relationship with Pete Waterman (record producer, songwriter, radio and club DJ, and television presenter) and his rise from hell into stardom.
The Neville Staple Band is playing shows all around the UK in late winter and spring in support of ‘Return of Judge Roughneck’, which will be available on Vinyl, CDiTunes and Bandcamp.
1. Return Of Judge Roughneck
2. Bangarang
3. Down My Street
4. Lunatics
5. Crime Don’t Pay
6. Gang Fever
7. Politician Man
8. Maga Dog
9. Run
10. Be Happy
11. Sweet Sensation
12. Enjoy Yourself (Ragtime Lounge Mix feat. Jessy Greene)
13. Maga Dub
14. Crime Dub
15. Roadblock (Slam Door Dub Mix by Ed Rome)
16. Dub Fever
17. Jah Baddis Dubplate
18. Dub Street
19. Bang Bang
20. Dub Crazy feat. Jessy Greene
21. Legal Dub
Feb 10 London, UK – Half Moon
Feb 11  Bedford, UK – Bedford Esquires
Feb 24 Plymouth, UK – The Hub
Feb 25 Coventry, UK – Rialto Reborn
Mar 03 Kilmarnock, UK – Bellfield Tavern
Mar 04 Middlesbrough, UK – The Longlands Club
Mar 24 Carlisle, UK – Old Firestation
Mar 25 Inverness, UK – The Ironworks
Apr 01 Looe, UK – Trelawne Manor Holiday Park
Apr 08 Swansea, UK – The Garage
Apr 22 Northampton, UK – The Roadmender w/ Don Letts
Apr 28 East Kilbride, UK – The Union
Apr 29 Skegness, UK – Skegness Scooter Rally
Jun 03 Hastings, UK – Seaside Treats Festival
Jul 08 Weston Super Mare, UK – Hazy Days Festival
Jul 15 Bridport, UK – Jurassic Fields Festival
Aug 05  Blackpool, UK – Rebellion Festival

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