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Gary Numan – In Conversation

‪Via Gary Numan Official at Facebook:

tribe4mian - Gary Numan 2018-1031

I’m trying something new in January. Two intimate UK shows, no music, no light show, just me talking about my life, things I’ve done, things I hope to do, and answering questions of course. Tickets on sale Friday at 10 am.‬

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Eisbrecher to release Best Of Collection on Metropolis Records

On November 9, 2018, Metropolis Records will release ‘Ewiges Eis – 15 Jahre Eisbrecher,’ a 2 CD, 15 year best-of celebration of Eisbrecher that brings together the most beloved tracks from this powerhouse German band.

Emotional, honest and forthright, Eisbrecher forges delicately brutal music without compromises.

Heavy industrial guitar sounds, driving electro beats and distinctive vocals that are modern and danceable while simultaneously rejecting the usual Neue Deutsche Härte genre cliches.

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Kevin Haskins FOXES TV (FOXES Magazine 20 October 2018)

Bauhaus’ co-founder Kevin Haskins to Produce FOXES TV Music Show

Kevin Haskins, drummer and founding member of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail and his latest trio Poptone, has announced his involvement in an exciting new MTV-inspired television show.

Haskins just signed on as a music supervisor and producer for the new project, entitled FOXES Television, created by mother and son duo Tina and Julian de la Celle, founders of the rock ‘n’ roll music and men’s fashion-focused FOXES Magazine.

FOXES TV aims to fill a huge void, where once there was exciting music programming, such as The Tube and MTV, and also include men’s fashion. The aesthetic of FOXES Magazine will be placed firmly on the screen, showcasing new bands and men’s fashion, interviews, and behind the scenes footage with a very cinematic look.

The show has also engaged producer Orian Williams, who produced the BAFTA and CANNES winning film ‘Control’, directed by Anton Corbijn and detailing the life and times of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. Other noteable credits include ‘The Last Movie Star’ with Burt Reynolds and ‘England Is Mine’, a portrait of Morrissey and his early life in 1970s England.

The series would showcase the wide range of talent in both the music and fashion world. The two main sources of inspiration? The early inception of MTV, and Jim Jarmusch’s film ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’.

The show will revolve around an iconic duo, i.e. Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, pairing them up in conversation. The content around that conversation would include live sets with up-and-coming and already established bands, spotlights on fashion designers, as well as backstage features at fashion weeks and tour diaries with bands.

An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to help raise the needed budget to get the show off the ground. There are various “Perks” when donating certain amounts, and there is also a special one-time Bauhaus raffle with a few exclusive signed items by Kevin Haskins including: One small print of your choice and one large print of your choice from Kevin’s website, a signed copy of his new book ‘Bauhaus – Undead’, released via Cleopatra Records, and a signed Bauhaus tour laminate. Each raffle ticket is $10, so the more you contribute, the better your chances are to win! The four winners will be announced at 10pm Pacific time / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK time on Saturday, October 20.

Contribute at and spread the word. A benefit show will take place on October 20. Further details about where this will be happening and who is playing will be announced soon.

Keep up with Kevin Haskins
Facebook | Kevin Instagram | YouTube | Twitter Bauhaus- Undead website | Bauhaus – Undead instagram | Poptone | Press contact

Keep up with Foxes Magazine
Website | Indiegogo | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Tumblr

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Seasurfer – Vampires (Saint Marie Records 4th August 2018)

Seasurfer is the Hamburg-based band around songwriter & fuzz-reverb-lover Dirk Knight.

Today, Hamburg-singers Apolonia and Änni Bird and Englishman Steven Burrows (And AlsoThe Trees) on bass are in the band.

Back in the Nineties Dirk was in the so called “Heavenly Voices” scene with his former band Dark Orange on the German cult-label HYPERIUM, collaborating with the likes of Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins.

If their debut album Dive In , released in 2014 on Saint Marie, caused a stir in the shoegaze scene all around the world, their 2017’s sophomore Under the milky way… who cares, also on Saint Marie, is another piece of groundbreaking shoegaze.

The band supported the record with several club and festival shows in Germany that same year.

Their noisy and dreamy yet powerful sound, which Dirk himself dubbed “dream punk”, brought them huge acclaim amongst lovers of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins.

Over the years Seasurfer got to collaborate with members of Trespassers William , Whimsical, Jaguwar, Last Leaf Down and the
already mentioned Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins.

At the moment, Dirk is working with Kirlian Camera singer, Elena Alice Fossi from Italy/USA to release a two track single, also out in 2018 on Saint Marie.


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S T F U – YUM 1 & 2 (eLab Recordings 3 May 2018)

Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) & Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives) release sophomore S T F U double-album

Alternative electronic maverick producer Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind seminal alternative rock band Curve and electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO, once again joins forces with Preston Maddox of post-punk noise-rock band Bloody Knives for their second album under the moniker S T F U. This sophomore effort is actually a double serving of albums YUM 1 and YUM 2, complementary kin to one another. The duo released their debut LP ‘What We Want’ back in 2016.

S T F U creates music laced with unfolding hypnotic loops that gradually progress to uptempo electronics, trip-hop laden beats, lush noise entwined with shimmering synths, and Maddox’s hazy trance-like vocals. Preston Maddox says “YUM1 is more songy and YUM2 is more dancy, I like them both for different reasons, and kind of waver back and forth between them as far as which one is a favorite.”

“Working with Preston on all of the records we’ve made it’s without doubt the most painless and connected recordings I have made outside of my close family. It’s almost as if the records make themselves as in there was never any doubt or soul searching as to what it should, could or want to just was it’s own self from start to finish, we just made it happen,” says Dean Garcia.

“This album was an exchange of ideas that sink or swim, it’s an oddity, a seemingly disconnected process, but ends up being a most thrilling, fulfilling, connected and creative process for all, that sticks everyone like glue and only makes you want to do it all over again.”

Apart from his nearly 15-year history with Curve and his decade long project SPC ECO with daughter Rose Berlin, Dean Garcia has also toured the world several times and recorded multiple albums with such established artists as The Eurythmics, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Bryan Ferry, Sinead O’Connor and Ian Dury. His other projects include Blurred City LightsDas Bleep and M A D with Monty from Jesus & Mary Chain. Apart from Preston Maddox’s involvement in Bloody Knives and S T F U, he is also touring bass player for UK anarcho-punk band Conflict.

While their many commonalities and common circle of friends are what originally brought these two artists together, these two artists record and co-produce S T F U albums in two separate studios. London is now home for Dean Garcia, while Preston Maddox is based in Austin, Texas.

“This record shows the process and development of a focused and new sound that is more a combination of its parts rather than the sum of them. I was trying to push my vocals some to include more rhythm and focusing on tying phrases together that speed the phrase up at the end of it and create winding rhythms that circle in on themselves like a whirpool. More rhythmic and less lyrical. I’ve always wanted to make dance music but not EDM,” says Preston Maddox.

“I have a love for ground level recording and music, things made on instruments that are not good enough and recorded on whatever is affordable. Technology used beyond its intended purpose. Especially with early electronic music, as there was no blueprint then, no technological support, that was all dedicated to guitar rock then. Skinny Puppy and DJ Screw live in the same musical universe in my world, to me the degrees of separation there are quite small, the authenticity is what matters most.”

All S T F U releases are available exclusively via the band’s own Bandcamp.

Keep up with S T F U 
Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Press contact

Keep up with SPC ECO 
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Tumblr | Press contact

Keep up with Bloody Knives 
Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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Fruits de Mer Records goes to Glastonbury

Fruits de Mer Records will be celebrating its 10th birthday with a one-dayer at the King Arthur pub in Glastonbury on May 12th, with sets by: Tir na nOg, The Honey Pot, Magic Bus, Anton Barbeau, Mark McDowell and Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign.

There’ll also be a Fruits de Mer stall, packed with lots of good vinyl things available for the first time at the birthday gig (and quite possible not after that, depending how sales go), including:

Tir nan Org – a 7” lathe-cut featuring two newly-recorded tracks by Leo and Sonny.

One song is a re-work of ‘Hall Of Mirrors’, a song by Sweeney’s Men from 60s,, the other has lyrics taken from the book ‘Lud-in-the-Mist’, written by Hope Mirrlees in 1926! (cat no. Friends of the Fish 23 – approx. 90 copies are being cut)

Leo provides a little background on each track, and once you’ve read this you’ll be queueing for one of those lathe-cuts, for sure!:

“”About a year ago I became captivated by a live 1960s Scottish folk club version of Columbine by a 16 year old, Tarquin Bolton, on Audio Archives Records. After much fruitless Googling, I eventually discovered the lyrics were from a lost classic fantasy novel, Lud-in-the-Mist. It was written by Hope Mirrlees and published in 1926. The song is the tune that the youngsters in the story dance, trance like, after eating a mind altering fruit.”

Hall Of Mirrors is from the second Sweeney’s Men album, The Tracks Of Sweeney from ’69. Their line up then was Johnny Moynihan and Terry Woods, and the song is credited to them and Henry McCullough, who played with them briefly in the late 60s. This song is cited as their only foray into psychedelia; they were more known as a trad group. Sonny and I met Johnny on the Holyhead ferry a little while ago. We shared Johnny’s fiery potato cakes and Guinness…and a couple of tunes on the tin whistle, and he mentioned this song as being a seminal Sweeney’s Men song, though it is little known“.

Moonweevil – an LP + CD of new instrumental music from the man behind Cranium Pie (cat no. strange fish eleven – 160 LPs are being pressed)

Cranium Pie are a psychedelic prog band from the UK.
They have various vinyl releases with Fruits de Mer records, as well as appearances on some of the Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble LPs compiled by the Amorphous Androgynous.

Moonweevil is the solo work of Cranium Pie’s keyboard chappie in disguise…

Verticle Tide” is an LP of new recordings by Rob Appleton, who left the UK for Austria a couple of years ago and shows no signs of wanting to come back, so Cranium Pie are no more – at least for the time being. Rob has been working on instrumental library music and “Verticle Tide” is an extension of this work.

In FdM terms, it’s pretty ‘out there’, hence the strangefish catalogue number, but if you’ve heard the Cranium Pie Mechanism tapes, you’re going to love it.

It’s going to be ridiculously-limited, of course; FdM will have 100 copies at the 10th birthday party in Glastonbury on May 12th, with everything left going to the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival in Cardigan. Rob Appleton will have 50 copies – and that’s it

But Rob will also be selling the CD and downloads separately, so all is not lost.

The Honey Pot/Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign – cat no. tiny one – approx. 80 copies are being cut)

A split 5” lathe-cut from two of the bands playing the Fruits de Mer Records birthday gig, that makes up for its lack of size by being housed in a nifty metal tin – PiL eat yours hearts out…

But what about the music? Icarus Peel explains….

This song was written specifically for the Fruits de Mer celebration Concert in Glastonbury in May. It is a reflection on what we have seen and enjoyed at other similar events with the label and elsewhere. There is always a great meeting of old friends and acquaintances, all congregating from the corners of the world to enjoy their shared love of this music and those gatherings.

The Acid Reign have been put together in answer to all those lovely people who have said they would like to hear more guitar than we get in Honey Pot and Crystal Jacqueline recordings. There also seems to be a dearth of trios now, where are the modern Taste, Cream, Experience, Groundhogs etc…? And once we had come up with the name it had to happen. ‘Half Space’ is a basic bongo freak-out with the potential to maybe be lengthened at some point. Half Space is that condition when one is neither here nor there, slightly missing but nicely phased….

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Timothy Dark – Dark Day Afternoon (30 March 2018)

NYC’s Timothy Dark announces ‘Dark Day Afternoon’ EP, previews ‘She Put a Spell on Me’

New York-based artist Timothy Dark has announced his forthcoming EP ‘Dark Day Afternoon’, which is slated for release on March 30. This five-track offering is preceded by the release’s lead single ‘She Put a Spell on Me’. The EP was co-produced by Robb Torres and Timothy Dark for Darkseed Entertainment at Quartier General Studios in Los Angeles.

This release follows Dark’s latest album ‘The Last Days of Dark’, which was produced by longtime collaborator Dan “The Band’ Policar (Sean Paul, Raekwon The Chef). Two of the tracks ‘Unpatriotic’ feat. Stephanie Linn

and ‘The Future’ really made some waves in the face of the realities of Trump’s America.

“Christmas is a hard time for me, as my parents are no longer with me and I don’t know how to celebrate it anymore. So decided I was going to take a trip to LA just to get away. I went into my catalog and picked ‘She Put a Spell on Me’, jumped on the plane, and recorded most of the song in two days. On the third day I knew it needed a female vocal,” explains Timothy Dark.

“My friend Angie Atkinson had just moved to LA, so I called her and asked her what she was doing. She was chillin’ in her PJs so I asked her to come through and sing on the track. She said if I paid her Uber she would do it. By the grace of God, she lived on the same street as Robb’s studio so I saved a lot of money. She came in and knocked it out in about an hour and the rest was history.”

Dark’s expansive artistry encompasses politically charged hip-hop, buttery R&B, grimy rock, street savvy poetry, literature, non-dogmatic spirituality, and singer-songwriter style emotional intimacy. Previously described as “Michael Jackson’s band meets Inspectah Deck of WuTang meets the energy from Queens that made the Ramona’s play fast”, Timothy Dark’s music is rich, diverse and unpredictable.

“The new ‘Dark Day Afternoon’ EP pulls ample inspiration from Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Tears for Fears, The Cars and Elvis Presley. I spent years listening to their music, originally for sampling purposes. But I became a fan and couldn’t stop listening and learning from them all,” says Dark.

“Most people don’t know I have written pop songs for years. I just never released many of them because I loved rapping so much. But now that I have a band, it’s time to dig out the pop and alternative songs and let the world hear them. It’s time to let people know that I’m not just a rapper; I’m an all around songwriter. This EP is the beginning of all of that.”

Born in Harlem, Timothy Dark was raised in East Elmhurst, Queens and the South Bronx before the streets were sanitized. He learned how to survive amidst the violence and corruption of hard times New York. One of his most formative moments was his mother boldly placing him onstage during a James Brown concert and the Godfather of Soul shaking his hand. It has become a symbolic gesture on many levels with the feeling like, in that handshake, James Brown transferred an electricity that courses through Timothy to this day.

The emergence of hip-hop as an art form became a way to observe and experience and street life and turn it into something special as a solo artist and as a member of rap crews. He’s opened for Nas, Black Rob, and immersed himself in New York City’s thriving Antifolk scene, collaborating with such talents as Nellie Mckay and Nicole Atkins.

‘Dark Day Afternoon’ will be available on March 30 across digital stores and streaming platforms. Timothy Dark and The Indestructible Characters launch the EP that night at New York’s DROM (85 Avenue A), along with Liz Rees and Miss Represent. Their next show scheduled for April 14 with American Anymen, Crazy and the Brains, Phoebe Blue, Dolltits and Clinical Trials at Search Party Studios (71 Wave Avenue, Staten Island).


Lyrics and vocals by Timothy Dark
Female vocals by Angie Atkinson
Produced by Robb Torres and Timothy Dark for Darkseed Entertainment at Quartier General Studios, LA
Mastered by Ian Sefchick
Cover design by Leslie Walsh of Gifted Creative

LIVE DATES (as Timothy Dark and The Indestructible Characters)
March 30  New York – Album release show at DROM (85 Avenue A) with Liz Rees and Miss Represent
April 14  New York – Search Party Studios (71 Wave Avenue, Staten Island) with American Anymen, Phoebe Blue, Dolltits, Clinical Trials

Keep up with Timothy Dark
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube | iTunes | Spotify | Merch

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