Mosquito – Interlacing Eternity

(By Fondas Sumerson)

Back in 1998, German Goth Rock legends LOVE LIKE BLOOD released “Snakekiller“, after 3 monumental albums in a row.

With this record, they attempted to enter the realm of “Goth Metal” and present an album that would take goth Rock into the 90’s, adopting elements from the heavier sound that Paradise Lost & Tiamat had established through the years.

According to my opinion they were not quite successful in making an album that would be traditional goth rock in its conceprion and having a metal edge at the same time.

Twenty years later, MOSQUITO, a Greek goth band from Athens-Greece achieved exactly that!

Being in the scene for only 3 years, the newcomers caught the attention of Brazilian label Deepland Records which is proud to release their debut album “Interlacing Eternity“.

But let’s take it from the start… MOSQUITO’s sound is that of a traditional Rock band, without drum machines, electronic loops or any pre-recorded sounds. They use a bass guitar , 2 guitars, keyboards and real drums!

The highlight however, is Lupe‘s vocals.

He is one of the best vocalists in the Greek scene at the moment, with a deep imposing goth voice in the vein of Love Like Blood’s Yorck Eysel.

The great vocals are accompanied by a solid rythm section and an excellent pair of guitarists.

MOSQUITO choose not to follow the usual recipe of the typical Sisters of Mercy sound with an Eldrich-sounding singer.

Their music style is a mixture of old school German guitar oriented goth rock, heavily influenced from bands like Love Like Blood, Dronning Maud Land & Secret Discovery and the “Goth days” of Paradise Lost, Tiamat and Anathema.


The album includes songs that could become club hits like “indirect kiss” for instance, but most of their tracks do not follow a commercial dancefloor approach.

The band is not afraid to experiment…

This becomes obvious especially in the 3 last songs of the album (Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Interlacing Eternity) which are reminiscent of Like Blood’s and Dronning Maud Land’s Proggressive Goth Rock.

Concluding I feel the need to congratulate these youngsters for releasing an album like that in 2017, while the majority of musicians at their age are trying to sound modern and musically trendy!

This is just the beginning… Beware of MOSQUITO’s goth bite!

Buy “Interlacing Eternity” from the band HERE  
or from Deepland records


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Various Artists – Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm (Patetico Recordings 2017)

Patetico Recordings Releases ‘Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm’ to support Hurricane Victims  

‘Rock Back: Stronger Than the Storm’ is a disaster relief compilation in support of the victims of the recent devastations brought to bear by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Released by Philadelphia-based indie label Patetico Recordings, this initiative involved partnering with nearly 60 independent artists and several small indie labels around the globe, coming together in order to raise funds to aid those most in need. All money raised will go directly to the relief efforts.
The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is now among the top 10 all-time most active seasons on record. The damage caused by these three hurricanes is extensive and the need is great.
Over 50 artists from around the globe have come together, under the leadership of Patetico Recordings’ Tom Lugo, to share their talent to help those in need. There’s not a single filler track on this compilation and you’ll receive a sizeable return on your pledge so dig deep and share with those less fortunate and hard hit by these recent natural disasters. Andy Jossi of The Churchhill Garden, who is also featured on this compilation, contributed the cover artwork.
“We’re honored to be part of this relief effort – it’s the least we could to to help those people affected by these recent disasters. Please support this cause by donating generously, sharing the word and taking this music far and wide,” says Alexx Kretov of Canadian-Ukrainian dream-rock duo Ummagma.

“Whenever Tom Lugo reaches out to his musical family, you know it’s for a crucial and essential cause,” explains Dean Garcia, electronic maverick producer and founder of seminal shoegaze bands Curve and SPC ECO.

Laura Lacuzio of shoegaze powerhouse band Rev Rev Revcomments: “These are terrible disasters that took so many lives and left even more having to start from scratch… This compilation has brought together bands from all over the world united for a good cause, and we’re honoured to contribute with our music”.

The concept of the Rock Back compilation series was born in 2011, when disaster hit Japan and Tom Lugo, Patetico Recordings’ label owner, acted on his empathy for charitable causes and non-profit organizations by reaching out to the community of artists he has in his network. They collectively put together a compilation and the profits were donated to relief efforts. The response was overwhelming, over 100 artists from across the globe joined in the efforts. What was to be a single CD compilation grew into the 8-disc compilation ‘Rock Back for Japan’. The compilation series hit the top 10 Indie Rock releases on’s chart for several weeks, with certain volumes holding the number 1 spot.
Since then Patetico Recordings has released several benefit compilations, including ‘Rock Back: Animal Rescue’, ‘Rock Back for Ecuador’, ‘Rock Back for Haiti’, and ‘Rock for Nepal’.
‘Rock Back: Stronger Than the Storm’ is available now digitally on Patetico Recordings’ Bandcamp.
1. BNLX – Penny Drops (USA)
2. The Churchhill Garden – Breath feat. Ben Aylward (Switzerland )
3. Vibrissae – Incident Report (USA)
4. Chiaroscuro – Empty Apartment (USA)
5. BEATASTIC – Nothing Will Be The Same This Year (MWYDU remix) (UK)
6. Flamingo Chicks – Mountain Bunny (USA)
7. Fragile Tom – Removed From Fiction (Germany)
8. Lusterlit – Flight (USA)
9. Ummagma – Human Factor (Canada/Ukraine)
10. Whimsical – Beautiful Virtue (USA)
11. The Sorry Shop – Queen Of The North (Brazil)
12. Tomorrow Forever – Do You Feel What I Feel (Italy)
13. Dani Mari & Chris Miller – Emerald City (USA)
14. Remora – Sayme (USA)
15. Angel Falls – No Breeze (Long Version) (USA)
16. Creature in The Spiral – Anodyne (USA)
17. ArTLs – Eternity (USA)
18. Clustersun – The Whirling Dervish (Italy)
19. Gustavo Leyes – No Me Miras
20. Entre-Knobs – Xmas Not So Much (feat. Rob Boyd) (Argentina)
21. Cascadia Fault Line – Tide to the Moon (UK)
22. Distant Creatures – Faith (USA)
23. Blackpool Astronomy – In the Wake of the Night (USA)
24. Periscope – Green Onions (UK)
25. The Corrupting Sea – Horizon (USA)
26. Soft Skies Inc – Top of the Stars (USA)
27. NAX – Siguiendo a las estrellas (Argentina)
28. Alison Clancy – ET Phone Home (USA)
29. My Favourite Things – A Little Closer (USA)
30. Noise Cluster – Disasteriod KA (Italy)
31. Painted Mirror – Tell Me Maybe (USA)
32. Mint The Band – A Horror Story (USA)
33. New Zero God – Tarrot Card Reader (Greece)
34. New Nobility – Rebel Hero (Australia)
35. Bleach Bath – Shampoo (Canada)
36. Clarence Mayhew – Irma Judges You (USA)
37. Red Crickets – My Deviance (Finland)
38. Violentene – Denial (Canada/US)
39. The Question (eLaMoRTe) – Arian Rhod (mourning version) (Colombia)
40. Two Way Analog – Not Too Late (UK)
41. Sounds of Sputnik – Shades of the Cosmos (Russia)
42. The Skating Party – Strangled by Stars (USA)
43. The Raft – Glad I don’t know (UK)
44. Sana Obruent – Adumbra Lineamenta Satis Quieta (USA)
45. City of Dawn – Through Our Eyes (USA)
46. El Ultimo Espacio Identico – Dos meses (Argentina)
47. Parsons Rocket Project – Exit Launch (USA)
48. Lux’s Dream – Type 4 (France)
49. The Age of Colored Lizards – Wake Up (Norway)
50. Fir Cone Children – Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Germany)
51. Tiananmen – The sun remains (Guatemala)
52. The Blue Hour – Block the Sound (USA)
53. Rev Rev Rev – We Can But Dream (Italy)
54. Gr3g Hunt – Irma (USA)
55. Whyme – Toda tu vida en un dia (Mexico)
56. Panophonic – After the Storm (USA)

Compiled by Tom Lugo
Cover art by Andy Jossi

Keep up with Patetico Recordings 

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Mary Epworth – Elytral (Sunday Best Recordings, September 2017)

Elytral” is the second album of British singer-songwriter Mary Epworth.

Her first album, “Dream Life”, produced by Will Twynham, was released in 2012.

“Elytral”was produced by Thom Monahan (known for his works with Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Wild Nothing and others).

It is an odd work that takes the listener a trip to the cute electro universe that Epworth created.

Me Swimming” is the first single of the album, which gave an idea of the brave new album that would follow…

Building her sonic world, Epworth experiments a lot with blips and sounds, delay effects and reverbs taking away her sound from her previous album.

There are some great jewels here, sometimes mid tempo and sometimes slow ones but I find myself liking a lot the fast paced “Burned it Down”.

A very nice album

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Lionize – Nuclear Soul (The End Records, September 2017)

Lionize is a four piece hard rock band from Maryland that put out their fifth album in September 2017.

Their previous album “Jetpack Soundtrack” was produced by Jean-Paul Gaster, the drummer of Clutch and was released through Weathermaker Music, the record label that Clutch put together.

This is not the only connection to their fellow Maryland natives though.

The album opens with the charging Hammond Organ of Chris Brooks on “Darkest Timeline”, with the instrument adding a strong flavor to the personality of the band in general.

But the band is more than just a hard rock outfit.

They show their groovy side in tracks like “Election Year” and “Power Grid Blues”, they add a reggae comment with the “Mad Scientist of Sunshine”, they have the anthemic “Nuclear Soul” and the two great Blues tracks “Ain’t that a Shame” and “Let You Down”.

In the 11 tracks of “Nuclear Soul” there are lots of music styles, all of them making this album great and giving the listener some good time.


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Gary Numan – Savage (Songs From A Broken World) (BMG 2017)

Last time I saw Gary Numan on stage was 25 March 1996 at Bristol Colston Hall.

We were recording ”Brilliant Mistakes” at that period with Wayne Hussey on producer’s seat and sound engineer Steve Whitfield.

Colston Hall was one of the venues of Numan’s UK tour and as he is good friends with Wayne, it was a nice chance for them to catch up.

The show was great and when it was over, Gary, Wayne, Steve and me payed a visit to a local pub for a couple of beers.

Gary was in good mood and very friendly.

For some strange reason the logo of his 1996 The Premier Tour was the Greek letter Ψ so I asked him why he chose that as the tour logo …

He didn’t know it was a letter. It was just something he found while searching on the computer…

We all found it funny and we went on with our lives…

I was already attracted by industrial musicians and a couple of years later I would become a great fan of Nine Inch Nails.

Now this is where two parallel realities were met, as Nine Inch Nails covered “Metal” on Things Falling Apart, a cover of Gary Numan from his 1979 album “The Pleasure Principle”.

Sugarcubes had already used samples of Numan’s “Are Friends Electric” for their 2002 single “Freak Like Me” and finally, in 2009 Trent Reznor and Gary Numan teamed up following Numan’s live appearances at Nine Inch Nails’ farewell gigs.

I was of the impression that the legend was back as Nine Inch Nails had the full respect by all top artists such as David Bowie, The Cure etc

So, in 2017, Gary Numan, a hugely important musician with massive impact upon artists such as Trent Reznor, Marylin Manson and others, returns with his 21st studio album “Savage (Songs From A Broken World)”.

This concept album features 10 songs about a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world brought about by global warming.

Electro elements, industrial hits and blips and oriental inspired melodies, create a strong atmosphere, helping the composer pass his environmental message to the listener.

I enjoyed “Savage (Songs From A Broken World)” and I believe that if you like your Electro/Goth music well treated, you will love it too.

The great video of the track “My Name is Ruin” (with his 11 year old daughter Persia) gives an idea of the world which Numan describes, more or less, the world our children or grandchildren will have to live in if we continue destroying the planet…

Give it a try and I am sure you will be satisfied..

Numan was the special guest on Steve Jones’s radio show Jonesy’s Jukebox last September.

I found it to be interesting so I am posting the vid of the interview here…

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Equinox – It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin (Recordiau Prin 19 January 2018)

Equinox Announces Debut LP. First Single ‘Kiss” feat. Feral Five currently at BBC Recommends

Intense and acclaimed poet Equinox is releasing his powerful debut album, which features a remarkable range of artists. Each were invited to freely interpret his work and contribute music to surrounding his poems. The result is a genre-spanning release, from electro to funk, post-punk and cinematic electronica, all of which feature Equinox’s compelling Mancunian voice.

The list of collaborators is interesting, ranging from legends such asVince Clarke (Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yazoo) to hot current acts such as Deux Furieuses and Feral Five, as well as other top-notch artists from the independent scene, including Ceiling Demons, Rosie Bans, Snippet and Superhand.

The current lead single ‘Kiss’ featuring Feral Five now has the unprecedented honour of being chosen by Gideon Coe of BBC 6 Music as their recommended track of the week.  The choice is unusual for a virtually unknown act.  Already championed by fellow BBC hosts Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft, Shaun Keaveny, andRadcliffe & Maconie, this track has found itself very welcome in the spotlight.
The video for ‘Kiss’ was produced and directed by Jay Stansfield. Also a collaborator on the track ‘How It Is’, Jay is currently frontman of post-punk trio All Hail Hyena, having a varied musical career as a solo artist and with John Peel regulars tRANSELEMENt.
The poems featured on this album were recorded by Equinox, who then invited fourteen artists to freely interpret his work.  “The whole process took around eight months to complete and it was a constant feeling of surprise and delight to hear how the artists deciphered my work and pieced around their own arrangements,” explains Equinox.
The poetry of Equinox takes no prisoners, with subject matter ranging from male suicide to prostitution, but with equal amounts of undying love and devotion. Equinox isn’t just about poems, but instead stands to break down some misconceptions about the spoken word genre. The often hard-hitting deadpan will continue to be a source of interest.
1. Help Me Please (feat. Ashley Reaks)
2. Kiss (feat. Feral Five)
3. Goodbye (feat. Dementio13)
4. Sarah-Jayne (Aftermath) (feat. Ceiling Demons)
5. Somebody Too (feat. Rosie Bans)
6. Don’t Die On Me (feat. Snippet)
7. Goodnight Vienna (feat. Vince Clarke)
8. Sweet Rose (feat. Radio Europa)
9. Mule (feat. Nat Lyon)
10. Scream (feat. Pulco)
11. How It Is – JAYmiX (feat. Jay Stansfield)
12. Humankind (feat. deux furieuses)
13. Gone (feat. Superhand)
14. Belief (feat. Will Harris)
You can pre-order the album HERE
Keep up with Equinox 

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Broads – Field Theory (Humm Recordings 19 February 2018)

Norfolk-based electronic outfit Broads announce new album, Present first single ‘Climbs’

British electronic duo Broads have announced that they’ll be releasing their new album Field Theory’ in the new year.  But for now, they present the first single from that 11-track album, called  ‘Climbs’, which features mesmerizing vocals from Milly Hirst, who also co-wrote this track with band members James Ferguson and Mark Jennings.
Mainstays of the Norwich music scene, Broads deliver a variety of music – always delicious – ranging from synth-pop bliss to a hybrid fusion of genres straddling the divide between ambient drone, post-rock and shoegaze. Broads takes a fascinating approach with this album, tastefully showcasing completely different sides of their musical spectrum.

‘Climbs’ recalls Melody’s Echo Chamber and Broadcast, while ‘The Lecht’ brings to mind both Mogwai and Boards of Canada. ‘Mixed Ability Sequencing’ most strongly aligns with My Bloody Valentineand Slowdive, leaving you hanging with less than minute of pure guitar reverie, while ‘Habitats’ brings the duo delightfully close to New Orderterritory.
After several releases as a solo artist, James Ferguson says Broads’ dynamics started to change with the release of the ‘Hellas’ LP (Jan 2016), undergoing a kind of sonic breakthrough with Mark now joining James for live shows and co-writing one of its tracks ‘Soft Homo’ – the first time Broads had really arrived at their now-signature sound, marrying droning, lo-fi synths and slow build through repetition with straightforward electronics.

Broads started to perform more around Norwich and occasionally in Cambridge, Suffolk and London. By the time Broads released their split album ‘Local Closures’ with Mark’s other project EPIA, they were opening for Mercury Rev at the Norwich Arts Centre, followed soon after by Broads’ third album ‘Everything is Spinning, Nobody Is Actually In Charge’ (December 2016) with Mark and James once again co-writing.

Some very cool developments were happening for the duo, including work on a live soundtrack for the British Film Institute – composing for a sequence of archive film footage of rural/agricultural Norfolk scenes, and performing live in beautiful venues across the region – as well as a sold-out gig at the NAC with Plaid.

“Finding the balance between space and rich texture is something we’re really interested in, and hopefully something we’ve started to achieve on Field Theory,” explains James Ferguson. “The sound of the album is very much influenced by the recording environments and our geographical context as a whole – Norwich is kind of isolated, surrounded by expansive, flat landscapes and big skies.”

“For us, it’s a really big deal – our first record written as a 2-piece, and the first time we’ve had any sort of budget to spend,” says Mark Jennings. “We got support from Arts Council England to make everything happen and that has given us the chance to really take time over our writing, programming, editing and recording, and get some amazing people involved with making the record – especially Owen Turner (Magoo) who recorded quite a lot of it and mixed the whole thing.”

Apart from the geographic factor, Broads took inspiration from left field on this album – from road biking in the Scottish Highlands to news of George Romero’s death, Purity Ring’s second album and Unwound’s ‘New Plastic Ideas’, as well as lot of old sci-fi and horror movies.

Broads will release their ‘Field Theory’ album on February 16 with their album release party scheduled for February 15 at the Norwich Arts Centre.  For now, the first single ‘Climbs’ is available for download and the album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.
01. Toze
02. Climbs
03. Habitats
04. Lund
05. Us and the Buzzing
06. Romero
07. Let Me Take It From Here
08. Tiamat
09. Mixed Ability Sequencing
10. The Lecht
11. Built Calypso

Music by Broads (James Ferguson/Mark Jennings)

Lyrics on ‘Climbs’ by James Ferguson and Milly Hirst

Performed by James Ferguson and Mark Jennings, with help from Milly Hirst (vocals), Connie Chatwin (violin), Fifi Homan (cello), Joe Bear (drums), Stacy Gow (drums), Owen Turner (bass, horns) & FMSAO (electronics)

Produced by Broads & Owen Turner

Artwork by Paul Escott

Live Photos by Matt Tullett

Keep up with Broads 

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