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Eagulls – S/T


Are you happy enough with the Savages‘ success? Do you feel vindicated when you see Editors to play sold out shows? But still something’s missing? Well, not really, Eagulls will take care of all your post-punk needs.

They were formed in 2010 in Leeds, released a single immediately (“Council Flat Blues“), and two years later a self-titled ep. Not only the NME and Pitchfork were aware from this brilliant new band, but also Steve Lamacq declared them his favorite band for 2013. And they open for Franz Ferdinand‘s UK tour.

Eagulls’ play what made English underground proud back in the eighties: 24 carat post-punk mainly influenced by Killing Joke, but you can also spot the early days of Cure, the raw power of Clash and some well-hidden moments of Warsaw. However, their sound is not nostalgic, it is fresh as a juicy fruit ready to be consumed.

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Pop Will Eat Itself – Watch the Bitch Blow (ep)


Believe it or not, the Poppies are around for about thirty years. Well, the name only, since Graham Crabb is the only remaining founding member. Far from their early grebo style, PWEI settled down to the industrial side of rock ‘n’ roll since “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos” which paved this way.

Following a disband, a reformation and a new name “Vileevils”, Crabb called Mary Byker (Apollo 440, Pigface), Tim Muddiman (Gary Numan’s guitarist), Jason Bowld (Pitchshifter, Killing Joke) and Davey Bennett from This Burning Age to give a hand for the band’s restoration. The result was an honest and loud album, “New Noise Designed By A Sadist“, released in 2011 and marked PWEI‘s comeback to the 21st century. 

Three years after, they strike back with “Watch the Bitch Blow” ep, where we meet the familiar industrial Poppie sound with even the margins full by their distorted guitars, synth lines and cheeky vocals. Although it is difficult to distinguish between any of the band’s songs, the main track of this ep as well as the remix of “Mask” are ideal before a Saturday night out.

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Blodwen – When Autumn Ends (ep)

Blodwen - When Autumn Ends - Artwork

Blodwen is a four-piece band coming from Indonesia. They have already released a debut album (“Black Symphony“) back in 2010, before two of the original members departed. However, two years later they were back again to release the five-track ep “When Autumn Leaves“.

Blodwen means “mountain white flower” in welsh, a name that points the orientation of their music: atmospheric epic metal with opera vocals by Bernice Nikki. Along with the folk and medieval scales which gifted guitarist Alexander Lexy follows, you get a dark yet impressionable combo free of senseless brutality and pretentious melancholy. Take for instance, “Blue Romance” a wonderful ballad which kicks off from Clannad’s soundscapes and develops into a theatrical epic, or the closing track “Riverfall” a power but delicate metal theme.

According to the rumors, they have started recording material for their next album. “When Autumn Ends” is an excellent appetizer, so we can’t wait for the main course!

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Voodoo Bible – Seven Deadly Sins

Voodoo Bible - Seven Deadly Sins - Artwork

Unpaired band names are common in rock culture from the jurassic Led Zeppelin to Marilyn Manson and beyond. But in the case of Voodoo Bible a fresh UK band with William Westwater of Fear Incorporated at the front, the name accurately represents the band’s mood. Hence, the seven deadly sins are treated rather violently in this album. A debut that gives the impression it was recorded in catacombs, abandoned slaughterhouses and ruined churches. Not bad at all for newcomers…

Seven Deadly Sins contains the full spectrum of deadly sins plus four “Hexperiments” in a blend of early dark industrial, abstract cyberpunk in the way of Clock DVA and recitation yet often theatrical vocals that transform their compositions to dangerously dark anthems. Raw, heretic, blasphemous, sarcastic, post apocalyptic, this album is equally competing early Christian Death recordings and it should be placed in the darkest ends of your cd collection.

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The Black Book, by Captain Swing

Rouska 1

Chaos, controversy, experimentation, finding one’s self in an endless sea of copycat cookie-cutter molds.  The late 70’s ushered in a new era in the world of music.  A period in music history that, to this day, thrives upon the rebellion against authority. Refusing to bow down to corporate mandates of how it’s supposed to be done.

And somewhere off the beaten path roamed a 16 year old who was about to take the world and put it exactly where he wanted it to be.  Right in the middle of the greatest musical revolution this one 16 year old with a penchant for release decided that Leeds, one of the most influential little spots on the planet, was about to be turned upside down.

The Black Book (The Life & Crimes of Richard Rouska) by Captain Swing

The Black Book (The Life & Crimes of Richard Rouska) by Captain Swing

The rest is history.  All bound up and neatly packaged between the covers of his latest release, “The Black Book (The Life & Crimes of Richard Rouska) by Captain Swing“.

Through the magic of the written word, Rouska takes an entire generational slice of life and reveals what it was like from day one.  The day the music world spun 360 degrees off its axis.  The day the Rouska Ethic would be born.

With a limited pressing of 250 hand-numbered editions, jam-packed with details, stories, and rarely seen (and some never-seen) photos, the birth of punk-rock, glam, and modernist revival are chronicled by one person who took the bull by the horns during the 80’s upheaval, making his own mark in the history of DIY non-conformist ethics.

Not available in any shops, you’ll have to take a spin by the 1977cc website for all the details, a few tidbits of history, and the golden-ticket order form.  It took all of a minute to place my own order and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.  It looks to be a great read as I live through what I missed out on the first time around.

Grab your own limited copy, HERE.

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Inkubus Sukkubus – Love Poltergeist

love poltergeist

by Fondas SumerSon

One of the most productive bands of the goth scene is back with a new album. One year after the brilliant “Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell”, Inkubus Sukkubus release their 16th official album, entitled “Love Poltergeist”. The band has a history of over 20 years, having developed their personal, trademark, sound, always indifferent to trends.

“Love Poltergeist” contributes a new dark spell to their pagan-rock legacy. In this album you can find almost everything, from goth rock dancefloor hits like “Fae Fire and Sacred Musk”, “At the heart of darkness” or the Crowley lyrically influenced “Do What Thou Wilt”, to beautiful acoustic ballads like “The Hungry Abyss”, “To Beast” or the medieval epic tune “Nemesis” and of course a few mid-tempo diamonds like “Lips of Love”, “Evil Men” (my personal favorite) or “Summerlands”. Last but not least, the title track of the album deserves a special mention as the male chorus (a bit unusual for the band) at the refrain works perfectly, adding a haunting touch to the dark atmosphere of the album.

The Inkies are still present in 2014 with a new release that will satisfy their fans and will not disappoint lovers of goth rock, for sure. Don’t pass this album by.

Buy it from HERE

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