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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – August 27

the show !!!

Tonight on The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas, Mike will spin a number of bands from the Sacrosanct 2015 bill: Grooving in Green, Yabanci, Horror Vacui, Last Dusk, NU-N, The Last Cry, and Whispers in the Shadow. Also, a couple of tracks from the album Encompass that was released by the band Hamsas xiii, the first single from the Lazy Queen debut E.P. “Drift” and the latest single of Global Citizen.

More tracks from Siouxsie & the Banshees, the latest album of UK Decay, Die Laughing, Screen Vinyl Image, Siiiii, Exit Strategy, Gary Numan, Double Eyelid, She Wants Revenge, Agent Side Grinder, and Legend.

The show goes on air on Wicked Spins Radio at 7 PM UK | 2 PM EST/USA.
Each weekly show gets replayed Sat 8.00 am and Tuesday 11.00 pm UK GMT.

It goes again on air, every Saturday night at 10 (Pacific time) through KOWS 107.3 FM California, USA.

Click HERE to listen to last week’s show…

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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – 20 August (UK) + 22 August (USA)

The Blackout

Tonight on the Blackout Radio Show, Mike is playing numerous tracks from the compilation of underground artists from Australia & New Zealand, S.I.N.G.E.D vol. 2. Konqistador, Noveaux, Blackbreaks, The Dark Shadows and This Gentle Flow + Mike Pougounas. You can download this album for free. Click HERE for details.

Lots of Sacred Bones Records artists are also featured on this week’s show, such as: 13th Chime, Blank Dogs, Nice Face, Religious Knives, Slug Guts, and Led Es Est.

Old stuff from the 80’s: Cuddly Toys, Fay Ray, Shock Headed Peters, Mo-dettes, Get Smart!, 17 Pygmies, and many others…

The show goes on air on Wicked Spins Radio at 9 PM GR | 7 PM UK | 2 PM EST/USA.

Each weekly show gets replayed Sat 8.00 am and Tuesday 11.00 pm UK GMT.

It goes on air, every Saturday night at 10 (Pacific time) through KOWS 107.3 FM California, USA

If you’s like to listen to last week’s show please click HERE

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Trip Wire – Get In & Get Out


Trip Wire is Marty Schneider, Chris Woodward, Bill Hunt and Scott Johnson.

They are from San Francisco in the great state of California and make rock music in the best ways you can – in the Power Pop, Garage Rock, Indie Rock and Psych Rock style.

Their songs are short and catchy and they encourage you to listen and then move on to the next one as they do not jam.

I think you’ll like their Teenage Fanclub meets Jayhawks type sound.

Their album, “Get In & Get Out” was released June 15 2015 and you can order it from HERE.

tripwire head shot

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New Zero God – Zona Pericolosa

εξωφυλλο zona pericolosa


Recorded live at Ekidna (Modena, Italy) on Saturday 18 April 2015, New Zero God thought it would be nice to bring you a few sounds from their recent gig at Ekidna in Italy. Click HERE for all the details and your  FREE DOWNLOAD at Bandcamp.

FREE DOWNLOAD! The new EP from New Zero God, “Zona Pericolosa”, was recorded live in Italy on 18 April 2015. Write 0.00 on the “Buy Now” button to grab a copy. Of course, If you want to pay something, the band would be grateful. Either way, we hope you enjoy it!


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1919 are ready to rise again

The band, who gained cult status in the 1980s with singles such as “Cry Wolf”, are working on their first full-length studio album in over 30 years, which will be released as 3 limited edition vinyl EPs before its general release later this year.

Reformed by founding guitarist Mark Tighe, with drummer Stefan Khacheturian and new vocalist/bass player Rio Goldhammer, 1919 kicked up a storm with the video for their new song “Revenge”, coming seemingly out of the blue to the delight of fans new and old.

1919 was a year of massive change and desperate rebellion. The murder of Rosa Luxembourg, the mutiny of the French fleet in the Black Sea, the Churchill/Trotsky dual, general strikes in Belfast, Glasgow and other cities, the great red scare in America… I think it was the caved-in head of Mrs Fanny Sellins, Trade Union organiser, killed by Steel Trust gunmen in West Natrona, Pennsylvania, on August 26th, 1919, that really started my obsession with that year. After that it appeared at an alarming rate everywhere I looked…..1919.

The best 1919 image was Michael Biro’s famous worker poster of a naked giant of a man about to administer the most monumental hammer blow ever … Budapest; May Day 1919. Things were getting rather Fortean so it became the only contender for the band name. None of the other band members would get in the ring with it so that’s how we came by the name. My only regret is 1919 never being credited with having the most monumental Quiffs, post Billy Fury and pre Stray cats…

The band evolved late 1980’ with the sole aim of pounding out a rhythmic, menacing, atmospheric, sometimes bleak sound with hints of a dark melody. I had two Vox AC 30’s with the original blue speakers – apparently the dog’s bollocks – the sound I required was like vicious monsters jumping out of the speakers; aural beasts from Hades. There weren’t too many ingredients to the 1919 sound – if we couldn’t file it under EVIL it would not make it onto the set list. 1919 was four Northern souls desperately different in temperament but with a much focused musical vision, which Attila the Stockbroker once described as “Stockhausen on guitars with some long lost tribe on drums”. – Mark Tighe

In 1977, two teenagers are watching the Sex Pistols play in a Keighley nightclub. Sid Vicious is pretending to play bass just six-feet away and John Lydon taking some cough medicine before launching into Pretty Vacant. Then there is the Clash playing Leeds, supported by the Slits, early Adam and the Ants with Matthew Ashman on guitar, Siouxsie and the Banshees at Huddersfield Poly, and Throbbing Gristle at Wakefield. These bands were the early influences of Ian Tilleard – the original singer in 1919 – and Mark Tighe.

1919 Current Lineup (2015)Early incarnations of the band included Mark Manning (Zodiac Mindwarp) and Aky (Southern Death Cult) before settling as 1919, who were already right in the mix of a West Yorkshire scene that included New Model Army, Southern Death Cult, Sisters of Mercy, and The March Violets.

It all started with a white label promo, limited to 500 copies; Repulsion/Tear down these Walls. After sending a copy to John Peel marked “take it or leave it“, the legendary DJ travelled to Shipley and asked the band to do a session at Maida Vale studios. The Machine LP was heavily inspired by Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and the theme of alienation is prominent in the band’s oeuvre.

In spring 1983 – while 1919 were on tour promoting Cry WolfStefan Khacheturian was working on studio material with the band ICE, featuring original 1919 bass player Nick Hiles, who by now had been replaced with Steve Madden. Stefan started drumming in 1973, playing on his first 7” single in 1977, and after playing drums in various rock bands throughout the 1970s Khacheturian did his first tour of Europe in 1980. During the winter of 1979, Stefan met singer and guitarist Tony Jessuk from Leeds, England, and the pair wrote and recorded together from 1980. After touring in 1981, Stefan moved to London to work on ICE singles ”This is the world”, ”B Movie”, and ”London life” for 101/Arista records, at which point he had introduced to then-1919 bassist Nick.

After founding drummer Mick Reed left the band to form The Hive, Nick recommended they brought in Stefan as a replacement. In December 1983, Stefan Khacheturian was confirmed as the drummer in 1919. The band at this point though was taking a new direction musically, and – against all advice – changed their name to Another Cinema. Another Cinema signed again to Red Rhino Records; releasing “Hallucination Spires” (which hit number 11 in the indie charts) and later “Midnight Blue Oceans”.

The band always felt like outsiders, people liked to tag us with various movements but we were having none of it and remained outsiders looking in. Cry Wolf, the last single said it all “You got what you wanted, all cry wolf” so we split the band…

In 1986 Another Cinema called it a day and bassist Madden decided to go to London. Ian and Mark rehearsed and worked on tracks, eventually forming Zap Gun Virus. This band morphed into Slaughterhouse 5 before, and shortly afterwards, Tighe got sick of the music scene and disappeared – travelling first to Israel and then to Italy, before eventually returning to the UK. After a while the enthusiasm was rekindled, and in 1997 Tighe worked on a mini album entitled “Freaks Geeks and Sacred Monsters- The songs of Morton McReary” which again was picked up by Peel. After that, he drifted off once again; this time to customise and chop motorbikes, and build guitars under Zendog customs.

Khacheturian, meanwhile, having returned to dep’ and session work, had moved to California to work as part of a 3-piece band with guitarist Eduardo Mendez that would last for 7 years. In 2007, he moved to Australia to do drum clinics for the legendary Australian audio company RODE before returning to the UK on 2009.

In 2004, Tighe had been subject to renewed interest in 1919, and decided to pull together some musicians to test the water. Could this have been the re-birth of 1919? The mini-album Dark Temple was released and sold 2,000 copies, but though sales and reviews were good it had failed to morph into the 1919 rebirth that he had dreamed of. Tighe deleted the master files so it would be limited to those copies sold, before drifting off once more to a reclusive life in the West of Scotland; reading, walking, and producing a few bands.

I still dream of vicious monsters leaping out of the speakers, my trusty old Vox, the valves waiting to be red hot again, the smell of the burning dust, the crackles and then the German radio outbursts like long lost broadcasts from Berlin.

1919Since the release of “The Complete Collection” on Cherry Red in 2007, and with the emerging influence of social media, 1919 had had 200,000 streams on sites such as Last.FM through fan uploads alone. In 2014, Mark Tighe had the chance to pick up where he left off 30 years ago. January of this year had led to a chance encounter with Stefan Khacheturian. The two had not worked together since their time in 1919 and Another Cinema (collaborations in 1993, 1996, and 2003 had been attempted, though were short-lived or abandoned for a number of reasons), but within a week rehearsals had started. The result, they could both feel, was 1919.

But the final piece of the puzzle was still to fit, and after almost a year of auditioning singers and bass players, in walked Rio who could do both. As a description of Matty in Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting goes:

Hard on shoes, reducing clothes to threadbare status in no time at all. [His mother] was therefore not concerned when he grew into punk as he grew into adolescence. It seemed merely to be making a virtue out of necessity.”
It’s difficult not to think of Rio when reading this. From a young age, Rio developed obsession with lyrics and started working with glam punks Stiletto Farm, as well as the band that would later become PseudoNympho. Over a decade, Rio has recorded in several countries for different labels – with varying results – and released a smattering of records on his own Bunnysnot Records label. He also featured in the documentary Madder than a Full Moon Dog (2012) at the end of his time with Stiletto Farm.

Having cut his teeth on the Leeds underground, it is precisely this mixture of character traits and artistic direction – his lyrics smacking of the alienation closely associated with the original band – that made Rio a perfect misfit for the perpetual outsiders 1919; the man to breathe life into a band considered “one of the most overlooked bands of the early eighties.” (Gods and Alcoves)

And with that, 1919 were ready to rise again…

Their new album will be released in November 2015, and preceded by 3 limited edition vinyl EPs released from September 2015.

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Hot Glew – May I Come In?

hot glew head shot

May I Come In?” the debut album from Nashville’s Hot Glew is an enticing conglomeration of songs that show a wide variety of sounds and textures.

Headed by Nashville musician Brett Keller the songs take you on a beautiful journey through sonic landscapes that are coated with psychedelic traces and a dream like atmosphere.

From the trance inducing experimental opener “Take Em’ Back” to the cinematic shuffle of “Thinking Small“, “May I Come In?” is a unique and original record that is a brilliant expression of sounds and songwriting.

The album will be released by Custom Made Music as a limited edition cassette on Friday August 14th.

You can order the album HERE

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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – August 13

Lots of new releases this week on The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas. A track taken from the LP “Live at SpaceFest” by Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener (RIDE) (read about’em HERE) which was released last week. Something from the latest albums of: Chelsea Wolfe which is titled “Abyss”, Beach House’s “Depression Cherry”, Tame Impala’s “Currents”, “Reduce” by the Tiny Rockets, “Incurable Condition” by Terra (read about’em HERE), “Cada dia Es Asi” by Elora, and the single of the band Hot Glew from Nashville.

Plus old stuff from: The Eden House, Ash Code, Nexus, Ghost Dance, Peter Murphy, Waterglass, Gothic Girls, Public Service Broadcasting, Red Snapper, Fur Bible, The Shroud and Partly Faithful…

The show goes on air through Wicked Spins Radio  at 9 PM GR | 7 PM UK | 2 PM EST/USA every Thursday.

Each weekly show gets replayed through Wicked Spins Radio, Sat 8.00 am and Tuesday 11.00 pm UK GMT.

It goes on air, every Saturday night at 10 (Pacific time) through KOWS 107.3 FM California, USA.

You can listen to last week’s show HERE


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Debut EP for Terra

terra head shot

Post-punk/dark-wave band Terra will be embarking on a western Canadian tour summer 2015 in support of their debut four track EP Couldn’t Save This.

Recorded by producer Connor Robinson and mastered by acclaimed engineer John Golden, self- released 10” vinyl and cassettes via Shake! Records will be available summer 2015.

Terra’s musical style embodies rhythmic and dissonant sounds with an emphasis on catchy melodies and astute vocal phrasing. Drenched vocals, desolate lyrics, and dark disposition are complemented by an accessible pop sensibility that channels the post punk stylings of bands like The Cure, New Order, and Wire.

Hailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Terra includes: Chris Kessler (vocals/guitar), Brandon Saucier (bass), Quincy Phaff (drums) and Brayden Charlton (recently added on synth for touring line-up).

Terra has a knack for creating songs with equally compelling morose and melodic elements that leaves fans wanting more.

On top of playing with critically acclaimed bands such as Yukon Blonde and Fist City, Terra has previously played Electric Eye Music Festival (twice) and has three upcoming shows at Shake/Arama II.

Terra has received radio play on Edmonton’s CJSR and Lethbridge’s The Bridge and CKXU.

Terra will be recording their debut full length LP in the early fall of 2015.

Check their Bandcamp HERE

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Predator: Dark Ages

I enjoyed watching the other day a short movie titled “Predator: Dark Ages”.

When it was over I kept a note to myself to share it on Tribe4mian so… here it is.

As it is stated in the begining of it “It is a non profit fan film produced for entertainment purposes only” and I was quite amazed by its quality.


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Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener – Live at SpaceFest!

This weekend is a very big weekend for Poland residents, as British shoegaze legends RIDE play the country’s major OFFfest at midnight on Saturday, preceeded by Polish band Wilga at 4pm Friday. Both bands are part Pure Phase Ensemble 4, a very exciting project involving Mark Gardener of RIDE, Ray Dickaty (ex Spiritualized) and a handpicked group of musicians from Poland’s top indie groups.

Saturday August 8 is the official RELEASE for their LP Live at Spacefest!, which is the result of intensive week-long collaboration between these artists surrounding SpaceFest. Mark Gardener will be joining his fellow bandmates for the release event at the Nasiano Records booth at OFFfest.  Pure Phase Ensemble has previously featured Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Chris Olley (Six By Seven), Steve Hewitt (ex Placebo), and Jaime Harding (Marion).

Pure Phase Ensemble is an international music collective, created especially for the SpaceFest festival in Gdansk, which takes place annually in December and is organised by the Nasiono Association. The city of Gdansk plays host to this blossoming music festival each year in the first week of December, at which time numerous select musicians from Poland and abroad gather to take part in a special workshop series. They collectively compose a concert’s worth of music, which they then present live to the festival-goers. Each year, this unique performance is recorded live and subsequently released as an LP.
The programme for each workshop is jointly curated by Ray Dickaty, a British saxophonist improviser and former member of Spiritualized(1997-2002), and Karol Schwarz (KSAS), who also manages Nasiono Records. Along with these two key figures, every festival involves a new musical director – a legendary, internationally recognised musician, who is invited to co-curate the workshop.

pureDuring the latest SpaceFest, Mark Gardener, the frontman of celebrated shoegaze pioneers RIDE who also recently released an LP with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), occupied this seat of honour.  Past participants include Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Chris Olley (Six By Seven), Steve Hewitt (ex Placebo), and Jaime Harding (Marion).

“For me, this it interesting – it’s perfect because it reminds me in some ways of how some of the early Ride songs came together… I didn’t come in with a script, nor does Ray. There is no pre-work on this. It was just completely spontaneous,” explains Mark Gardener. “Sometimes music like that is good before things get thought about too much and worked on too much. That can kill the energy sometimes. Of course some things have got to be worked and developed, but in this scenario, with such little time and to get an interesting set together, I think it’s been good to keep it fresh and not over-worked.”

“The way we’ve arranged the music – for me, it starts off in a certain mood and goes through a tremendous amount of emotions and then returns to the familiar mood we started with at the beginning. It’s a perfect circle of music,” says Ray Dickaty.
Pure Phase Ensemble 4 ‘Live at SpaceFest!’ is currently available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify and the CD is also available on the Nasiono Records website. Demonstrating the international scope of this project, Canadian-Ukrainian dreampop duo Ummagma have also created an exclusive radio edit for one of the album’s lead tracks Happy Dancing Woman.
1. Intro                                      04:10
2. Morning Rise*                        08:03
3. Notatki**                               15:47
4. Zostan na noc***                    09:12
5. Peter Song*                           05:41
6. Doing My Head In***               03:32
7. Happy Dancing Woman***       08:37

TOTAL TIME:  55:01 minutes

All songs composed by Pure Phase Ensemble 4
Lyrics:  *Mark Gardener  **Karol Schwarz  ***Michal Pydo

Mark Gardener (Musical Director, Ride) – voice, guitar
Ray Dickaty (Musical Director) – saxophone, flute, korg monotribe
Jacek Rezner (Wilga) – drums
Kamil Hordyniec (Wilga) – bass
Michal Pydo (Hatifnats) – voice, guitar
Michal ‘Kostek’ Stolc (Cisza nocna) – synths, backing vocals
Karol Schwarz (KSAS) – guitar, voice, Korg monotribe, phase

Recorded by Tomek Wojakowski at Klub Zak, Gdansk

Mix, production, mastering: Karol Schwarz
Project supervision: Anna Szynwelska
Photos: Pawel Jozwiak
Artwork: Krzysztof Wronski

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